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Not An American Resteraunt

For the last two years I have been eating at Subway and noticing that it's service and quality have declined drasticly. They have signs up with the wrong pricing and when you say something the manager acts like sorry about your luck. They are stingy with their meats and vegetables and when it comes to customer service this place is the worst!! No sweet tea at lunch time and Foreigners are taking these places over. When you call corporate to report, they hang up on you. Never will visit again.

Food and service

Chicken salad sandwich was great. When will you bring it back? Service for the most part was great. Young people were very friendly. I was a regular for the chicken salad sandwich. The only thing I found distasteful was there was an employee who was short and a little overweight thus her clothing was on my food. I had to point it out to her. After that I asked to have another person serve. I would think she would be smart enough to move the sandwich forward to avoid contact. I frequent the store in anderson, Indiana on Broadway. There are different people there now, but I don go as often. Please bring back the chicken salad sandwich.

Food poisening.

PS-- The phone number posted has noone (NO answer at all after ours like Taco Bell and most others do,-where we can leave a message for their Corporate Offices. Pretty poor company this Subway is.


This sight is not affiliated with Subway Corporate Office?? Then what is the point?? I just won't be back to eat at Subway ever again. The only way to get you to listen is when it hits your bank account.

Addison Oaks NF walk

Your company sucks don't sponsor a fund raiser that you can't send enough food to feed everyone. Our team raised almost $8000.00 and some of our team had nothing to eat after the walk. I will never eat at subway again. The staff told us you didn't send enough to feed everyone about 30 to 40 people had nothing to eat. Really your company doesn't make enough money or what.


09/18/2014 To: Corporate Office of Subway Sandwiches and Salads 1902 N. Campus Ave. Ste J, Upland Ca 91784 From: Mary Basurto Re: 2450 E Main St #A, League City TX location. Good evening, I’m very upset of the way your evening manager handle me and this issue. Thank you,

never have any tuna

they never have tuna fish. the girl say they are out at 10;a.m. and she went to go out to get it. she said it's not a demand in this part of the African American culture. love tuna and must travel to Crestwood, Alabama where they always have fresh tuna. the employee is too lazy to prepare it!

rude treatment

Went to subway in Church Point Louisiana on Main St. and the fill in manager and Indian gentlemen was so rude it was unreal. Mad cause he had to make sandwich and I went back on two more trips and received same treatment so I ask an employee why this guy is so rude and the employee said alot of people complain about him. I will give my business somewhere else from now on.

Bad Business #33930

Store #33930 My family visited a Subway store in Bowling Green, Virginia on September 2, 2014. We ordered a kid's meal. We were only given a sandwich, no milk or fruit like other stores. The employees informed us that the owners are longer selling kid's meals with normal included items. They are trying to make more money, so they charge in additional $2.10 for a meal making the kid's meal over $5.00 dollars. The employees stated that they must do this to keep their jobs. In addition, many complaints have been made with the on duty staff. I am going to submit this to our local TV station investigative team. They are giving Subway a bad name and someone needs to correct this. Bad for business!

Subway 35115

I have been to many subways all over tulsa area but today I went into in Gleenpool ok I ordered a footling Han sandwich the lady (kandi) helping me was very friendly and fast! And was a great person to talk to while I waited for my sandwich to be toasted! I never even knew there was a subway inside of this Walmart but now that I know I will will be coming back !


Store25067 I've really enjoy subway , even I was an assistant manager at a subway in Layton Utah. I have been to the store in Chandler many many times I have been yelled at and the other day on eight 2614 young girl sneezed she said she sneezed into her shirt she still had her gloves on but you know when you sneeze it spreads. We will never go back to that subway again we will go to the firehouse from now on we are very displeased.i ask her if she was going to changer her gloves she said no, she was very rude

Poor Service

I was recently at the Subway in Perkasie, Pa and arrived a few minutes before closing. I was ignored by the associate for at least a minute. Finally the guy working approached me and said, "nothing like waiting until the last minute." I apologized and said, "I don't want to put you out". The guy snarled at me and said ,"whatever, what do you want.?" I said, "don't worry about it" and left. Worst customer service ever.


The subway in easley is the worst subway ever they do not keep it one hundred percent clean,the floors are dirty,stationary where u prep is not clean like it should be i saw a few people sitting on it. I refuse to come back in there or eat there every again

No Answer from Corporate

The number above is bs. I called it, but it just rang 10 times and hung up on me.

Call in order

Mississippi Subway in Love's store I20 exit 47B. I called in a order for 4 foot long sandwishes at 12:30 pm in Sunday Aug 3, 2014. Lady took my order and told me it would be done at 1 pm. I came into store and was egnored. Had to say excuse me but I called in an order is it done? No we haven't even started it. I had no time to wait. That is why I called it in. Thanks ladies. I spent my money some where else. From Texas.

Jared's Weight Loss

I love, LOVE, Subway, but your commercial about Jared losing weight eating your sandwiches PLUS soda, PLUS chips, is a LIE and we all know it. I had more respect for your company than this. I'm very disappointed in your irresponsible commercial.

Horrible service

Centerville TX Subway Bad and slow service always,,I have been working in Centerville for 9 years and every now and then I go to Subway thinking there going to change but they don't service is always bad very slow. nobody in my office will go there because of that they better hope they keep getting Hwy I-45 traffic.

228 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53203

I work down and visited this subway for lunch. I was shocked and appalled by one of the employee's, a sandwich maker (younger, about 5'10", thin, caucasian), was making sandwiches wearing a sleeve-less t-shirt. I believe he was also wearing basketball shorts. I am trying to figure out if this typically acceptable dress for this store. If this is not acceptable dress, please communicated with this store. Personally, that was a sickening sight. That is why I and my friend left the store and will probably never go back.

Where are all the Americans

All of the Subways here in Lafayette,la. are owned by Indians that do not understand English well and are not polite and the food is horrible!!! All of the American workers here are being replaced by these Indians that are very rude and stingy!! Nothing against them are any culture just do not like seeing an American francise( I thought) turned sour. I've been a loyal customer for years because of the great food and service, now nobody greets you at the door when you walk in and the food is not the same. I will be at Quiznos for now because apparently corporate office only cares about money not loyal customers:(

Rude Manager

The Subway restaurant located on H Street NW, Washington, DC-the manager there is one of rudest persons I have ever met. First of they are very fast and dont give you time to even think about what kind of sandwich you want. Then the manger is always on the register-never want to accept coupons from the Sunday flyer--until you mention that you will report him to corporate--then he takes the coupon-- and he never gives out a receipt--sometimes the receipt have free food on them and he never hands them out. He takes that part off so you wont get your free food. The other people in that restaurant are pretty friendly, its just that mean manager.

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