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Sunday October 24, 2010 I decide to go shopping with my 24 month old. I stop at Spirit Halloween on Monroe in Sylvania, Oh. As I Were leaving they stop my baby and I at the door accusing me of stealing out of their store by one of the employee saying she was watching me. she escorted me back into to the store when the police arrived an checked my purse in front of custmers in front of the store there were no items found that belongs to Spirit Halloween.The manager was the only cashier witness the whole thing.I never received an apology as I was escorted out of the store.I WAS EMBARRESSED ,HUMILIATED AND HURT. I will never patronize at Spirit Halloween again.

Worst halloween company ever im never buying anything from this company again tthey dont ship your goods in tyme n end up getting em after hallloween... This company sucks your better off at party city or etc.

Spirit Halloween has the worst customer service of any store I have ever entountered. The maanagers are rude and completey unprofessional. If this place doesn't straighten up they're act the only store people will be going to get costumes will be Target and Walmart where the customer is actually important!

I ordered my costume from Spirit Halloween online store,, and requested expedited shipping. have not recd my costume yet for Halloween party I had to go tonite. this is ridiculous and frustrating.. how can they be running a Halloween costume store when they don't deliver the goods.. i am never never going to be getting my costume from them and will tell all my friends about this, so none of them have to go through this ever.

If they had a 0 star rating I would have chosen that. I purchase a costume for my daughter last week, at the Vestal NY location. We had a halloween party on Saturday, the costume did not even last one night, it was made of nylon and ran like a stocking. I took it back today to exchange it. The store manager "Paul" was rude and hostile before I even had a chance to speak and refused to exchange it. I wasn't asking for a refund only a simple exchange of obviously damaged goods. A costume should last more than one wearing. He then asked an employee to escort me out of the store!! Party City stands by the merchandise they sell, I will NEVER walk into any spirit store again. Oh, and after my ordeal I attemted to call the Corporate office several times and was unable to speak to a person ater repeated trys. Shoppers beware!

I purchased a wig from the Spirit Halloween store in Newport News, Virginia - only to find out a week later when I finally opened the package that the wig was falling apart. If you touched the wig, large chunks of hair would be left in your hands. I called and spoke to an Assistant Manager who assured me that I could come in and exchange the wig for something else. Having no use for other Halloween items I found a friend who was going to stop in and purchase a costume. So I sent her with my wig - so she could exchange it for what she needed. When she got to the check out - her exchange was denied. I called the store and spoke to the same Assistant Manager who said there was nothing he could do. He asked the Store Manager who pretty much said that I was out of luck. After researching online I found a note on the Spirit Halloween Website that stated that customers can return items withing 21 days of their purchase as long as it is unused and in it's orignial packaging. Also, the State of VA requires that a merchant refund a consumer for product purchased that is defective. I called the store back and spoke to the Store Manager (Jaclyn) who insisted that I could only exchange the item and that she was doing me a favor by letting me do that. After I told her about the 21 day return policy on their website and the VA State Law. She said that I was rude and if I came in she would give me my money back. Then...she hung up on me!

this is the worst customer service i have ever seen in my life Hi i live in las vegas i orderd my kids costume on oct 8th and still havent seen it , after several trys to speak with the coustomer service manager SHANATRIA G after being lied to and ducked and dodged for 2 weeks i thougt i would start letting pepole know how poor of service i recived after my debit card was already chared for the product THANKS

I walked in to the Sherman Texas store today, with my son, to purchase several items he needed for tonight. I was stopped at the door and told that purses were not allowed. Ridiculous! I am 47 years old, not some punk kid walking into that store to steal. And if I did want to steal, I wouldn't need a purse to do it. Do they ask men to leave their wallets at the door? Is this a company policy or just the extremely poor management on this one stores part? Offended? Yes, I was! Seriously now, do you want to exclude an entire section of the population from shopping in the store? Because without the purse, there is no cash. I walked out, spent my money elsewhere and fully intend to be sure that everyone I can tell will not step foot in there and be treated so rudely!

I attempted to Purchase a Halloween costume at the Sherman Tx location, but upon walking in the door I was accosted by an employe who would not let me enter the store w/my 5x8 inch shoulder bag. I have never in my life been told I couldn't go into a place of business where I had every intention of spending my money if I didn't leave my personal belongings unattended in my vehicle... I can tell you this, party city doesn't have rules to discriminate against women entering their store. When I explained to the employe that my bag was the size of a wallet, and that even at that I didn't feel comfortable leaving it in the car, he told me that I could leave, and then he blocked my access through the door... This is a very sexist, and unprofessional way of conducting business.

Walking into Spirit Halloween store in Monroe, MI made me sick to my stomach. There display of evil possessed dead babies is there ideal of a good halloween joke. I am a mother of a child that passed and this made me very upset while I was in the store. I went up to the register and asked to talk to a manager. The assistant manager just waved me off when I said something about the display. I understand that Halloween is Halloween but dead babies should not be a part of it. I have asked all my friends and family to boycott your stores.

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