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Spent $111 to buy a Halloween costume & accessories 10/24/11 & 10/26/11 from 2 different stores (Alamonte Springs & Pensacola, FL) and was assured I could return the items if unused. No comment was given as to the last day of returns/exchanges at either place. On my receipt, it states, "We will gladly accept refunds & exchanges up to 10/31 as long as the item is resalable (sic), in its original package & it is accompanied by a receipt of purchase." I changed my idea about my costume- the items were never worn or even taken out of the package- but when I arrived today (10/31) to return them, I was told yesterday was the last day. The notification on the receipt was misleading- leading consumers to believe that they could return items including today (10/31). If the intent was that 10/30 be the last day for returns/exchanges, both the employees should have been made aware and told (they were not, per the Spirit Store manager in Pensacola, Sue Spencer- who said she got an e-mail that morning from Tony Detzi, Sr VP of Spirit Halloween saying absolutely NO refunds/exchanges were to be done the 31st & she didn't know about the 30th being the last day until a week or so beforehand, at which time she told her employees to let the customers know), and the receipt comment clearly state "Last day for returns/exchanges is 10/30." In my time at the store dealing with this issue, no less than 6 people also entered to try to return/exchange their items. Attempts to contact the Corporate HQ have been ineffectual- people either get the 'brush off' or the 'company line' with no efforts to resolve this issue and retain future business.

Sherman Texas Spirit Halloween is a joke!!! I purchased 2 costumes for my cchildren and went back 10/30/11 to get something for myself. I changed my mind and was going to return it morning of 10/31/11. I spoke with Jermey Bullock who claimed to be an assistant manager. He told me the owner "John" had changed his mind and would not be doing any refunds as it showed on my receipt. I never even opened the package. You can not just change your mind when it states clearly on my receipt I have the right to return. I was told to call 1-800costume...which is a joke. they stated they have nothing to do with it. After that I was forwarded to 609-645-3300 which is also a joke. It was either busy or I was sent from one recording to another. I will definitly spread the word to as many folks as possible. Just go to Party City..they have same costumes for same price and a larger selection.

Zero stars. Purchased 1 tube of scar makeup for $5.99 yesterday, ended up not going to dress up today. Went to the location in Murfreesboro, TN where it was bought from to return it. On the receipt it said you can return by 10-31. When I walked in and talked to a cashier, she said that she couldn't return it. I asked why, she said that they were going to be able to but then corporate called and said they weren't going to be doing refunds today. It said it on the receipt that I could. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!

i will never buy anything at any spirit halloween store.i purchased a costume at the location of davie in florida..i was unable to wear the costume because the whole entire week we had thunderstorms and floods so i was stuck at home so the only thing i got to do was try it on.on the 31st i went to return it because the reciept said it was the last day for any returns or exchanges at the store the lady told me no i then spoke to a so call manager sara which was so rude and was telling me she can only exchange it i then asked for corporate # and told me go home and get it from the website.once i left the store i called the location in sunrise,fl i spoke to a guy named robert who said was the manager he told me no aswell and i got very upset and explained my self again then he stated ok come in and i will do something for you then he tells me oh no sorry if you would of purchased it at my store i could do something so you have to go back to davie.i was then very furious because not only was i wasting gas but my time as well.so i called corporate and that was a waste of my time too because everyone kept giving me different #s and telling me something different.so i finally got the correct # but then all of the options had a busy tone when i finally got through someone and i explained myself all i was told was "i apologize let me take your name # and the store # and someone will call you back" its been about about 2 hrs and im still waiting for a call back!!! i am so disapointed with spirit halloween IF THE RECEIPT SAYS SOMETHING THEN THATS WHAT SHOULD BE DONE.AND IF ONE MANAGER IS ABLE TO DO SOMETHING THEN ALL THE OTHER MANAGERS SHOULD HAVE THE SAME AUTHORITY..NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THE MANAGER WHO WAS ABOUT TO HELP ME SAID HE EVEN ACCEPTED A RETURN TODAY THE 31ST OF A COSTUME THAT SMELLED LIKE STRAIGHT UP FOOD BUT MINE IS BRAND NEW AND NOBODY CAN HELP ME!!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE...

My receipt says that they take returns up until 10/31. Today is 10/31. I never wore the costume and it has not even been taken out of its package because my halloween plans fell through. They refused to take my costume back. $57 dollars down the drain. I am livid. I also have been on the phone with "customer service" for almost an hour waiting to speak to someone. I am livid.

wHERE IS THE 0 rating? I bought 2 items from the Store in Killeen, TX. Found out that 1 item doesnt work and the second item was the wrong product. The next day of 31 Oct 2011 I went back to the store in order to return the products for a refund. All of a sudden they posted a hand written note on the BACK of the front door, that they were NOT doing refunds. The reciept has refund will be accpted UP TO THE 31st Of Oct 2011. The District Mansge Kevin Lancaster stated that the receipt did state the 31st was INCLUDED, key word Included, so they did not have to make a refund. He called the police on me and the police agreed with the service but said there was nothing he could do. I informed the police officer all I wanted was to speak to the reginial manager and that Keven the disctrict manager would not let me speak to anyone, The officer was finnaly able to obtain a contact # which was 1 800 customes. Guess what it was a toll free number for order products online, The Customer service gave me a corporate # to call 609-645-3300 Guess what it was a fake number. This place is only active during Halloween, But refuse to help anyone. They refused to give refunds. They are out just o make money and fck the customers. Now I have all the information, names of manger, district mansger and am filling a small claims law suit according to the Police, I can file these charges and try to get a refund!!!

I went to the POP UP store on E street in San Bernadino and The purchasing went Great!! An hour after I bought the Female pirate costume along with the boots and accessories and Costume pieces for my husband. I received a call telling me the party happening tomorrow was cancelled, I immediately called Spirits ( a young woman answered) and I explained what had happened and also let her know that nothing had been taken out of the packages. She apologized about the party being cancelled and told me to bring everything back and there wouldn't be any problem. The minute I walk to the door a guy blocked the way and ask " What? Are you returning something? " I told him Yes and he rolled his eyes and said Get in line. As I approached the girl at the register(she had rang me up early) She made a face and said Go stand over there( pointing at the other cashier). When it came to my turn the girl grabbed the bag and started pulling things out and said 1. Im only taking a few items back. 2. You better have a reciept or your not getting refunded for anything. She then proceeded to tell me that I was stuck with the boots. I explained that they hadnt been used you could see the bottoms of the boots were in perfect condition. She also told me that my packages with gloves and fishnet nylons (still factory sealed) would not be refunded. The mohawk wig still completely sealed and she said nope you are getting the money back on this either. Her "manager" came over and said "whats the problem" She looked at him and said " She wants to return stuff" He looked at the receipt and said "Are you the owner of this credit card? and I told him"Yes". I ask why couldnt things in sealed packages with the Spirits logo be returned and he said thats just the way it is. I looked around for signs stating that UNused and Unsealed item couldnt be returned but there wasnt a single sign. The girl didnt want to give me any receipts for the return items or even my original receipt. I will never ever shop at spirits again.

I was sexually harassed in the Brunswick, OH store by a manager who said that the costume showed off my small package.

today i called the Spirit Halloween store in Natick , mass. i was calling on behalf of a friend who works there. my friends phone was shut off and she had no way of contacting the manager, she asked me to call for her, so i did. when i spoke to the manager he was very rude and disrespectful toward me. He even hung up on me as i was telling him that she was sick. This manager puts his employees outside in the cold in Halloween costumes and refuses to allow them time to warm up every hour or so. I am disgusted with the way this store is run and i as a military individual do not appreciate the way in which he spoke to me. he was unprofessional and rude in ways that anger me. DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE.

I went to a spirit store in bossier La I bought a wig I took it home and opened it up and the blue streak fell off of it and the wig was balled up and terrible looking so I went back up there to take it back they said it was to damaged I tries to tell him that's how I got it but they didn't listen and thy wouldn't give me my money or a exchange on it then I called to complain the store owner and the manager were rude as hell to me!!!!! Do not buy anything from the spirit store in bowser louisiana

I went to spirit to purchase a costume so I wanted to try two on. I go to the fitting room where I am informed I can only take one at a time. I am okay with this I understand rules. When I finished trying the costumes on I asked for the first one the store manager told me its already put back in place. When I asked why he said "you didn't say you wanted it." To what I replied in a normal toned voice" I thought you were holding them until I finished." To what he yelled at me " if you don't like it leave the store!" I was shocked and embsrrased. This is the store manager talking to a customer like this. The yelling was totally uncalled for. Never will I go back to that store party city is way better. Their employees are customer friendly

I went into spirit halloween in mirina del ray and I never been to a store like this my daughter was trying find a costume and she could only try on 3 costumes how is she suposted to find one that gots that is BS i will never go to this store again I was gonna buy 6 costumes and because of that they lost all my business.

worst customer service ever... i called and got no answer except hours which the store is supposed to be open. I called back and got nothing, called back again and nothing except some clerk who was rude... called back again, no one spoke until clerk said he was going to hang up on me if I kept yelling. I was yelling because he was not saying a damn thing so I thought that he could not hear me. worst store ever.

The first time I ever went into my local store I noticed there were way too many employees working. It is a very small location and very hard to mave around in as it is, most of the employees were sitting around talking to large groups of theirs friends. I noticed that there was a bad odor to the store as well. Then I was shocked to find out my husband applied for a job there. He was hired and I found out that an older women who needed help using the register the evening I was there was actually the mananger. This company is awful. They treat my husband like a slave promising him a promotion, as if that means anything. It is a seasonal store so what if he gets a promotion. He works everday, all day, even if he's not on the schedule. They don't allow you to return costumes or any other merchandise, don't even try. I know that just from being in the store when people have tried. They charge way too much for what they have there anyway. Make your own costume, or rent one, or go somewhere cheaper. Check around. This is not the place you want to go. I use to be a fan, but this just an all around awful place.

Worst customer service EVER! I agree, if there was an option for a 0 star rating, I would have chosen that. Came into the San Bernardino, CA location this morning for a return. I was proactive the night before and called the store to see what time they would open. The girl told me 10am. I knew I would be in the area this morning and wanted to time things so I could make my return before heading home. I parked out front at about 9:50am. At 10am, I watched another couple walk up to the door. The manager allowed an employee in but told the couple they weren't open yet because they were waiting for another employee to come in before they could open. The couple told me the manager told them she would open "later" and that they were leaving. I got out of my car, knocked on the door and the manager answered. SABRINA informed me that she couldn't open by law until her other employee got there. I asked what time that would be and she said she didn't know. I told her the sign says 10am, that I called the night before and was given a 10am opening time for today AND that I had scheduled things this morning so that I could handle my return and go home. I told her she was wasting my gas if I have to go home and come back. She said there was nothing she could do. Not once did she apologize for the inconvenience. She gave me a "matter of fact" attitude and I ended up telling her she was very rude. She became very defensive. I asked her how long was I going go have to wait. She told me her employee had just got there. I asked again how long....5 min or an hour. Since she had told the previous couple "later" and allowed them to leave, I figured it was going to be some time. She laughed at me and said her employee was there so a couple min. She also said if I had a problem, I could call corporate. Trust me, I will ; )

I went into a Spirit Halloween store today with my 2 year old to find a spiderman costume. I was disgusted by their dead baby display and all of the other horrible bloody images you are bombarded with upon entry. I suggested to the manager that they make a separate entrance for the kid's costumes and to place an 18 and up sign for the extremely graphic material in the rest of the store. The manager and employees basically smiled and laughed it off. I will be boycotting this store from now on and I will also suggest to my friends and family that they do the same. It's fun to be scared but children do not need to have images of mangled bodies and dead babies in their heads! I wish I had never entered the store in the first place. I highly recommend that the people who created this store consider families and children in their next design plan, if they want their business to succeed.

Plainville CT Store. My husband and I love checking out the halloween stores, so we go to all the Spirit Halloween shops theres a lot in CT. Never had any problems with ANY of them besides this one. We saw a fog machine it was about 80 bucks...we kept deciding and go backing and fourth wether or not we wanted to get it since we already had one. but this one was suppose to be a low lying fog machine...so we brought it up to the register and asked the cashier up there ift we could return this incase there was a problem with it...or anything... he assured us we could was 100%!!!! positive. so we purchased it along with many other halloween things. later that night we wanted to see how it worked it worked it didnt stay low to the ground but i mean hey it worked. later onn again after it warmed up more we tried again and it just didnt work it was just not what we had expected well with the impression we could return items by 10/31 and the recipet says u can return items as long as u have your reciept we couldnt get back THAT week. we both work were both busy and so we went the following week SHE WOULD NOT RETURN IT she was rude and said it was used and not resellable...NO SHITTTT it doesnt work. how the hell are u suppose to know if something works or not if u dont try it?!!!> its not like we were returning EVERYTHING on our reciept it was one item we spent ALOT of money that day. we ended up having to just leave the store because he would not let me return it NOR would she let us speak with her district manager. very unproffesional. very rude. they have the same shit at spirit halloween anyways at target or walmart for HALF the price anyways.

This company is purely greed driven and can care less about its customers they only care about your money..I watched a Store Manager get demoted for being 23 years old and replaced by a much older woman that had no clue how to perform her required tasks which in the end the girl who was replaced had to do all her work for her with a 6 dollar an hour pay cut when she called corporate they told her they understood how she felt and would help her so they fired her the next day I quit on the spot as soon as they told me they let her go this is a shady company with no support for its employees and should be closed down for unfair labor code violations. DO NOT SHOP SPIRIT

I applied for work there through the halloween season, and was denied employment because I have type 2 diabetes and because I was pregnant at the time! No one in my family or friends will be returning to the store or any of its sub stores...

I was an employee for spirit in fairfield ca.. The manager was a really nice lady willing to make a deal for you to purchase and accepts returns. The product on the other hand is all made in china cheap and way overpriced. The employees I worked with were all polite with the customers. We had a seriously high theft problem but we allowed purses in the store. Just sealed the costume packages better. I'd say rent a better quality costume.

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