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I worked for spirit for 6 yr this year when i applied there was no reply at all when i went in person the manager for the houston stores would not talk to me because my manager of 6 years and myself are still good friends. the new manager cant keep her mind on her job because she is to busy trying to stay out of jail she has went 2 time this season , for domestic violance and 1 time for D W I she is a liar and a b---h she uses people and then lets them go for no reason she has the personality of a rattle snake i guess thats why all her employes are family. her husband has to be responsiable for her 2 children under the age of 3. so she can stay in houston and him in austin. the owner of the store worships her makes u wonder why all the stores opened late this year. i pray for rachael that carma gets her and the store loses its profits. then maybe cory will realizes who used him and took advantage of him so be ware rickie theres a man eater on the loose but dont worry its not him she wants its the moneyand security.so good luck houston u will need it

I too worked at the State College location for the 2011 season and the employee who posted previously about ivette is NOT exaggerating by any means! What I can not understand is how this woman has managed to wiggle her way into being asked to come back year after year. She hired me last season as an Assistant Mgr....only when I came in to fill out my formal paperwork I was then informed that all that was actually available was a basic associate position and that only 20hrs per week would be guaranteed. When I accepted the job and started working she actually got pissy with me when I showed her up (unintentionally mind you) and worked as hard, if not harder, than the college age employees. The thing about only hiring gay men is not quite true. We had two males who weren't gay...but she worked them like dogs. One of whom had worked with her the previous season and had been promised one of the two assistant manager positions but who was clearly not cut out for it, was blamed for anything and everything that went wrong....especially things he was not responsible for. The other a college student with no previous retail experience whatsoever, slacked, chit-chatted with her girlfriends and gave discounts to non-employees. I was the one employee the store manager knew she could rely on to pick-up shifts, work longer hours, or come in early to cover. She knew I'd work hard and not back down to Ivette. When we were finished tearing our stores down we were told those of us who had stayed would all be welcomed back this (2012) season. When I went to interview it was clear my being "welcome back" was not the case. I was not offered even an associate position, let alone the assistant manager position I had applied for yet again. Ivette knew I saw through her BS and lies. I sent an email to Hr regarding her behavior and as we see she's back at her old tricks yet again! How this beast manages to save her job is beyond me. She is a liar, a bully, vulgar, unprofessional, practices nepotism, favoritism, harassment and exploits her employees at every chance. The previous poster is in no way exaggerating the extreme behavior of this District Manager. I have never worked for such a disorganized company in all my 45yrs.

chicago northwest suburbs stores. The supervisor over works you 7 days a week 15 hours a day yells complains if you want to leave or take lunch or break. Employee having sexual affairs in and out of the stores. Major sexual Harassment between everyone and nothing being done. There is no help from upper management of any sort. labor board will be called and a lawyer. Stay far away from any of these stores to work or buy. They should have o stars Rating.

wow. worked here and was treated so bad. you cant even get ahold of human resources if there is something wrong. sad sad company

I've been liookng for a post like this forever (and a day)

THANK YOU!!! Valerie. Maya Cunningham here in Peekskill, NY. I felt the Lord leading my huasbnd and I to pass out tracts with candy to the children that live in our neighborhood. Thank you for these attractive, easy, eye catching (free) tracts. I have some high quality glossy paper that I will print them on.Many Blessings,Maya Cunningham

I worked for spirt for a whole 3 days be for realizing this place was just Horrible! Its a matter of kissing the managers and assistant managers ass! I was accused of saying something about one that was never said! I was so pissed I walked out! Dont work for this company unless you want to kiss someones ass all day!!! Pueblo Colorado

I worked for spirit halloween in state collage pa and it was horrible. The district manager ivette gonzalles is the meanest person in the worldand she works her employees till they drop quite litterally because we had two employees end up in the er with exhaution and dehydration. She calls her employees stupid and talks behind their backs. She only hires females and gay guys because shes a butch. She changes our times on our time cards to make it look like we worked less than we did. She is never wrong in her eyes so even if you do exactly as she says and she dosent like it your the one getting introuble. She swears infront of customers and pisses off the truck drivers and contractors. She fired a girl for being off sick even with a doc note. She told one employee when he came in on his day off for his check that if he didn't stay and work that day she would make sure he only gets 4 hours a week for the rest of the season....this woman needs fired!! Several employees made complaints about her to kelly east the reagonal manager but nothing was done to ivette but the employee who first contacted hr was drove to quitting.

I worked at spirit last fall and I worked very hard. The set up of the store was very labor intensive. I thought everything was fine and then out of the blue I got written up for forgetting to have the manager search my purse before I went on break. I couldn't leave it in my car like other employees because I don't drive. I am ADHD and I was out of my meds and waiting for a new prescription so I was a little forgetful. But I accepted my write up and didn't repeat my mistake again. A couple weeks later they called me into the office and told me that corporate told them to fire me. As far as I know you can't punish someone for the same mistake twice. The write up was the punishment and since I didn't repeat my mistake twice that should have been the end of it. I told them I had Adhd and had run out of my adderall but they didn't care. There are very few jobs available in my town and they seriously hurt my chances of getting another job in retail.I could tell that the manager didn't want to fire me but the corporate douchbags made her.

this was the worst store i ever worked for!!!the dsm for the north brunswick store wanted to have sex with all da employees....once u didnt accept gifts or acknowledged him, he would fire you....they would sell cutomers broken costumes and accessories and always had problems with the pay roll!!!i hate them!!!!

Horrible! I worked at spirit in Bloomington il for a few months on the last day another girl and I should have received our last check we did not it took us a whole month to finally get it well I did the other girl still has not reviewed hers and it's now almost Christmas time! The managers that don't actually work at the stores are horrible Barb Gorski the zone manager or whatever they call her has been playin games and not returning phone calls concerning the pay. This is a horrible place to work if you plan on getting paid then you better find a new job because it will take months! I think the labor board is definitley going to be receiving a call. And award for worst employers ever goes to... Spirit!! Congrats! You suck as a business!

I see alot of negative comments but thank GOD my store was nothing like that. Infact, I went in every day and loved the employees and they seemed to love me and were very helpfull. I am actually writing on behalf of something completely different that not many pple may know about but if ur going to deal with halloween items, u really should get it right. I recently bought the BORIS KARLOFF frankenstein's monster and I love it but on the box it says Frankenstein and not its monster. Frankenstein, to those who dont know this, was the DR. and not the MONSTER. please get it right if ur selling such things as this. thank u

Presently seeking a lawyer for employment issues regarding Spirit Halloween. Yes they are terrible employers, and as a company in whole. I was there for two days before I was falsely let go. I recommend everyone seek a lawyer that has dealings with this company. Remember everyone you have to be legally paid the next business day after termination but look it up for your state. all states are different. there are penalties for alot of things. always check your laws regarding employment

0 stars. i worked at a store in arizona. it was my first job and i was the best employee possible. not bragging at all, i was the only one who did anything! the staff would sit in large groups chatting while i was on the floor doing everything, fitting room hepling customers, i had to continuously go up to the register asking employees to help me, (if u work the fitting room ur not supposed to leave it ) but customers were asking me where things were and the ppl behind the register were telling them to ask me... during opening and closing the manager would listen to thier phone music and make me do everything... when it came to promoting someone, i even asked for it, and they promoted someone who ALWAYS needs help on the register and asks the same question every 2 hours because she is dumb. they also screwed me over with my pay. not supposed to take a lunch untill after u have worked "over 5 hours" i am scheduled 6 so i go and take a lunch, then they make me leave early to "save payroll" so i worked 4 hours and only get paid for 3.5 such bull, i will never work here again or shop here, they suck. oh and the manager was SO unproffesional, would yell at employees infront of everyone including customers, be proffesional and take them alone to the side you dumb twat

you have got to be kidding me right now WHAT THE HECK.... i was on hold for an hour waiting to speak to an agent, and the first thing i ask, is this spirit corporate and he tells me to HOLD!! OMG ARE U KIDDING ME??????????? AND WOW HE JUST HUNG UP ON ME.... after having me on hold... the only thing i asked or even said was "is this spirit corporate" wow.... you guys are horrible

I agree with everyone that Spirit is a horrible store. I worked there for about a month before I quit. The managers that they hire are incompetent and have no reason being in that position. Now to avoid from being considered racist I will not mention the store managers race except that it was not caucasion, and the only reason I mention this is because everyone who was either treated horribly or fired to make room for the managers friends who were also the same race as her. If anything I would say that she was racist. Anyway another problem with this company is that they completely skipped paying me for two weeks that I worked and have so far not been co-operative in paying me. I also agree that the prices are a joke and I have seen the same exact costumes in other stores such as Walmart for half the price. Now I hate to disagree with anyone about this company, but I do half to say that the return policy is not in the wrong. If it says up to a certain date that means you can only return up to that date not on it. Also would you honestly expect a Halloween store to take stuff back on Halloween. Just because somebody brings back a costume in the original packing does not mean they have not used it already. Lots of places do trick or treating on different days and the company would lose money. You have to think about it from the businesses point of view. Also for the lady who was complaining about the decor of the store what do you expect from a Halloween store its not Santa's play land it is supposed to be scary plus they have to display the stuff in order to sell it and to expect them to put a separate entrance in is just crazy, they rent the buildings out and do honestly think they would pay to put in another entrance or that the buildings owners would allow it.

this was my first year working at spirit halloween and it was a disaster.The owner is not a bussiness person,Connie thompson,kept us short staffed,fired people just because they couldnt work doubles,was very rude and treated employees like they was nothing.When it came down final days our crew was up for 3 days straight because connie wanted us after the big 50% sale had to get everything ready for inventory checkoff then the next morning after inventory we had to begin packing everything into boxes, to get ready for the truck coming the next day,so we ran out of boxes and she bought 100.00 worth and when we run out she told us to go get some out of dumpsters she wasnt buying anymore,after being up all nite packing the truck came we still wasnt done but we had to load truck by hand no handtrucks nothing to help us we loaded 581 boxes,then we had to after truck was loaded to load a uhaul with all walls,hframes,everything left in store,so we didnt get to goto sleep for 2 days and some didnt take a break or nap for 3 days,but connie wanted everything done plus clean up within that time limit with 6 people we got it done but we was exhausted badly,then now she isnt wanting to pay those who she fired because they could not work doubles she stated she wasnt paying them at all,and she is not paying us she said if she did she only pay 300 hours split between 6 people,that was wrong ill never work for her again,nor a spirit store.I agree with u all about the return policy they need to get thier information straight and stick to it.I am going to labor board now she is going to learn one way or another and be professional we stuck with her thru hard times and now she disrespects us like that well she will see we mean bussiness.....

An employee for Spirit in California. Manager and fellow employees were wonderful to work with and made it fun. I feel I must defend the staff a little, since we got a lot of heat on Halloween and after about the return policy. It is very understandable how confusing the terminology on the bottom of the reciepts were because it was in "lawyer lingo", and said "UP to 10/31". Common sense dictates that quote to include Halloween itself but due to past court cases, what it actually means is "UP to but not including 10/31". Our entire staff was confused by this as well, since there was no clarification by corporate until 7pm the night before Halloween. We had a lot of upset customers and we were very polite to each of them in explaining the situation. Exchanges were allowed on Halloween but not returns and when we tried to process a return to see what would happen that feature of the register was turned off. It was a horrible feeling to keep having to give the bad news to customer after customer and try to appease them with no luck and no way to direct them to someone who could help them. I sincerely hope Corporate fixes their lingo at the bottom of the recipt for next year, because they put their employees in a really really really bad situation. Hopefully, this information can help people out in the future. I feel bad that so many customers had bad customer service at some locations but please remember, each store is different. I know our store went above and beyond what was called for to help customers out with returns and exchanges for faulty merchandise as well as costume ideas since a few of us had done costuming before as a personal hobby. I really hope the World of Warcraft kid who was working on his costume who kept coming to the store to ask me for ideas and help had an awesome costume, he was a blast to talk to. I probably won't work for this company again.

Had the same return problem in FL everyone is talking of. Spoke to my bank, filled out a form, charged it back. Corporate was a joke. Also call FL Attorney General's office and filed a complaint through Dept of Agriculture Consumer Protection. It took 2 minutes to fill out the online form. DO IT AS WELL to put an end to this fraudulent scam of a business.

Spirit Halloween is Edgewater, MD is a complete joke! Never Again! They need to stick to their promise regarding returns.

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