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so so

I worked in the Latrobe location. wasn't bad. I am currently trying to find a way to get my W 2. The customers always complained about sizes and prices to which I agree.


The Oakpark heights, MN location had terrible management I would never work or shop there or suggest anyone else should either. Deserves negative star rating, it wouldn't let me not put A star.

worst manager

Couldn't take my purse to inside to shop got kicked out the store Manager was very rude.

never buying anything there again

I had bought many costumes from there before and have always had a problem. This year I have a skin infection + a rash from the costume.

Maybe I got lucky

I've worked for Spirit since September. I've met great people, and had a lot of fun. Yes Its stressful at times as an assistant but my managers have all been excellent as well as my other coworkers apart from a few bad seeds. I've had no issues except with a pay check which was solved. Spirit is a great place to work for me. I'm thankful for the experience.

Not Fair!

I will never return to Spirit Halloween because of their awful return policy! I was very unhappy with my costume and figured just like any store I would be able to return it but I could not! It was a waste of money and will never shop at this store again!

Worst Customer service.

Columbus Georgia, Worst Manager ever. Rude and very unpleasant. Second year to "TRY" and return something. She would not return it. It was in original package and I have the receipt from Friday! I was told it comes out of her bonus and shes not returning it! Last year they sold me mis matched sizes and would not switch them out. Never again. The manager should be fired.

I'm done

I have worked for this company for a month and when I was hired I was informed if I worked my butt off I would be promoted to assistant manager in a week. While that never happened someone who only wanted a part time job got to be assistant manager and is absolutely terrible for the job on top of not wanting it she screamed at me in the middle of the store for helping a customer who also happened to be a friend of mine because I was supposed to be in the dressing room yet another job i was not hired to do and I had it in my mind that the girl that was hired to do it was standing right in front of the dressing room while I was helping my friend.

I placed an order for a latex mask and it has been 24 days and I still have not received it. Tracking says it is in process but spirits web site says I don't have an order with them. They took my money and gave me a conformation number but I haven't seen the mask. Pretty Sh#*#y if you ask me. The service is less than poor.

Worked out fine

I worked at the Rock Hill, SC Store. Had a great time. Manager was A1 and staff was great to work with. Just wish I could get more hours.

worst DM ever

I work in the east bay I have worked for SPirit since 1999. I have never met someone so unprofessional. First she talks about other employees which is a huge no no she also is very dishonest she hired me in a spot and took it away gave it someone who has never worked for the company. She thinks i wouldnt contact the hr department but i am and will.

Nothing but trash

they hired me in august. didnt work till september and i called a few times. got into a fight with my lazy no good white trash assistant manager and still no w2 fourm....

No W2 and its April!!

I worked in the PA store and was treated horribly. I've called the corp office to find out where I can get my W-2 and was told it was online, but the address didn't work! Do ANYONE know how I can get my W-2??!!

horrible company

I worked as a store manager for one season, horrible company, very disorganized and upper management is disrespectful. I will never shop with spirit again. Still waiting to receive my W2, figures corporate would be just as bad as their stores .

just horrible

No W2s and when I switched to the toy store the manager was very rude and disrespectful to the employees as well as the customers. Just an awful experience as a whole.


i think its bull i asked assistant manager to help me get my w2 i was told we i started it would be mailed to my home, it wasnt. i asked how do i find it online and pam the district manager is unhelpful! thanks for the help!


Very disorganized. Would forget to tell me the changes for my start time. I would receive text messages at 1am when I was already in bed. Worked very hard and the employees with the bad attitudes were taken over to the Christmas store. I'm glad I have a 'real' job now. I'd never work for them again I'm still waiting for my damn W2 forms. I guess I have to call them and tell them the law says it should have been postmarked by 1/31 and not whenver they get around to it. I'm sure the corporate office is just as disorganized as the rest of the organization.


1 star! When I started at Spirit Halloween I didn't know what to expect but I definitely needed a job. I was glad to find one but man it was the worst job I have ever had. Endless hours for minimum wage and I was the only one who ever worked! Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise stolen and the employees were the worst of the worst with no prior experience in cashiering and yet they are the ones in charge of cashiering so they bail because there is no leadership! It was a complete joke I was worked to the bone carrying in thousands of boxes into the store in 100+ degrees. The managers were nice enough but so thats the only reason I gave a 1 star. At least they were semi-dependable aside from always being late to work and early to leave


I worked at the colonie store in New York for about 3-4 weeks. I had a rough experience ! NEVER will I EVER refer someone to work there. My first day was horrible. Worked a 9 hour shift with NO breaks. & had to unload a truck with 900 pieces on it. Took us forever to finish. But I bit my toungue and continued to work hard. a few weeks had went on and the manager Dee Dee had told me " I think your slow but I believe cashier will be your thing when we open " !!!! that ticked me off. and I never went back never put in a 2 weeks notice and never told her . And its hard to work with people that have absolutely no clue on what they are doing. She was new and I give her that much but everytime vinny came around she told us to act like we are doing something look busy.

Awesome work experience

I worked at the Loveland store in CO this year and it was amazing. Started out as just a team member and was an assistant manager when the stores opened after build out. I loved the people I worked with and the general insanity that builds around Halloween. Never had a problem with anything.

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