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recently moved to Louisiana from Texas and worked at the River ridge location, payment is terrible i worked her for about the last couple weeks and i still have yet to be paid i can not get ahold of any of my managers and i try the corporate office and "mary lou" never answers the mother effin phone i took this job as a way to get some quick cash and that was an awful idea stay away from this as a jbo NEVER will i work here..

Losing business

I am baffled that i'm not the only one that was at the New Hartford, NY store and saw a manager degrading an employee. It was a bigger woman yelling at 2 girls and she was the District Manager none the less! Not only should she be ashamed but so should the company for not knowing who you're hiring or keeping tabs on them.

the absolutely worst company to work for

My manager here at the harlingen. TX store was the absolutely worst manager ever I asked for my address to be changed so I could revive my last check and she never changed it so now I am with out money and I called her to see what she could do to fix it and she said she was in Mexico are you serious well I filed a complaint with wages and hours so hopefully I can get my pay check never work for them the have no professionalism all they hire are immature kids

Employee abuse

I was in a store in New Hartford, NY, the manager was degrading the employee who tried to continue to smile but was obviously ready to cry. Do you not screen these managers for mental illness? You do not treat people like dirt. Your employees should be treasured so that they will want to perform their job well. I will never shop their again and I will facebook my 1000+ friend and tell them to do the same. Shame on you corporate, it seems by the look of the other comments you need to pay attention to what is going on in your business. I have 6 kids, that is several hundred dollars you lose per year just from me, wait until I open my big mouth!


I asked if an item I was buying was returnable and was told it was. When I tried to return it, I was told it was not returnable but could be exchanged. When I tried to exchange the $50 item for a $13 item, I was told I would have to pay the $13. They could only do an exchange for $50 or more. Finally, the manager did the exchange and charged the additional $37 to a charity. The bottom line is they made no money and lost a customer. A crazy way to do business.

keisha at downers grove,il

Keisha the " manager" rude and would not help me find the so called 30% off coupon. Kept saying all she knows is that coupon is under spirithalloween.com. i had my smart phone with and asked her yo show me where info for coupon was on site...again..all she knowd its out there on site. So, if your a manager shouldnt you know this info? She also had her computer up with coupon on screen but couldnt or wouldnt tell me how to find coupon...and said she cant help me anymore...and asked next person in line to come up!

worse store ever

I went to spirit Halloween today with my sister and the staff were extremely rude. I was most surprise by the rudeness of the manager she looked and seemed miserable. My sister dropped her money in the store and asked the manager if she has seen it the manager said no so my sister made a comment about how if someone did find it they wouldn't turn it in. The manager then stepped in my sisters face yelled at her about how she knew her employees for months (the store was only opened for 21 days) and they wouldn't steal and kept yelling . My sister asked for corporate number the manager said she doesn't have to give anything to my sister. The issue got so bad the cops had to be called along with corporate. Wouldn't shop here again. Love the store but they need better staff


I don't know what I expected really when I was hired in September 2012 to work in the Albany Ny location. Within a short two month span, we went through three managers. The first one quit wwithin the first two weeks. Our second manager was fired for being accused of stealing. Also, one of the assistant managers was fired for stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. I took the first job I could get as I needed something right away. if you can get something better I recommend it unless you want to work with trashy people in a bootleg store


I was an assistant manager at one of the many locations I absolutely loved it but my problem was the manager they had me working under was rude and cracked really hard under pressure smh so everyone should know where it went from there a total fail but all in all it was a great experience and I would at any giving day work for this company again

Avoid Working Here

I worked for Spirit this past season; to say it was a joke would be an understatement. Opening managers were rarely on time to open the store, the treatment of the staff was inexcusable, the computer systems would fail on a daily basis, and there was no professionalism or integrity. I know that this was a seasonal job, but even so a workplace should offer the best experience for not only it's customer base, but it's employees as well. They haven't sent us any w2 forms so we can complete our taxes, and getting any response from their corporate office is a joke. Avoid this place if you're thinking about picking up a seasonal job. The only reason this gets one star is because the discount wasn't too bad.


Wow I have worked in a lot of places in my life but none were as disappointing as working for Spirit Halloween, The problem started when I complained to manager that on of her assistant managers was swearing like a truck driver. I told the assistant to watch what he said when he started swearing in front of a minor employee. He did not stop so I complained to manager. she ignored the complaint so I took it to the district manager who also ignored. the issue. Finally, the straw that broke the camel's back was when they did not follow state law for Sunday time and half employment.

one good apple

I guess i was one of the lucky ones cuz id go to work saying i love my job and meant it. i got the good apple for sure. ya there was a couple snags but my manager, dist manager, and other co workers where the best i could have asked for. Yes i was an assistant manager. my time with spirit halloween was awesome. i do agree how much a pitty it is to see all the damaged or defective or even the costumes that they just didnt want to sell anymore get destroyed when they really could have been sent to a charity for next year and probably could have gotten a tax rightoff for it. my store was in santee ca thanks for a great season tina and jeremy <3 jenn


I worked for spirit this year in washington state. i loved most of the people that i worked with and the other assistant managers and my manager. it is a bit of a shady place to work though. if you are buying any animatronics make sure that they work before you take them from the store! if buying a costume make sure that you try it on!!! returns are hard to do. the district manager that we had was a JOKE!!! She spent more time chasing after employees, and catered to the managers that had their noses in her butt. She and other managers screwed their workers and some of the only good managers that she had. Another problem that I have that customers do not know about is all the waste!!! All costumes that will not be packed up and offered next year are destroyed instead of being donated to the children's hospital or local charity.

Terrible customer service

Purchased animated zombie day after halloween last year, never opened until this Halloween. Called customer service 4 times in a 1 mth period. Starting with 1st agent who assured me replacement would be sent and to email him receipt/picture of zombie w/box, I never received response. Placed calls 3 more times and talked with different agents who assured me they would respond, I never received a response. Last straw, I placed call again today, spoke with same agent I talked to on 2nd call and now she says, sorry charlie! CS agent said I should have opened to see if item worked, as I said to her that would have been great, but, I assume their items do work and it was stored until this year's use. Why did it take 4 phone calls over 1 month to be told no refund or replacement, when I was originally assured I would receive replacement, I even told 1st agent a refund would be sufficient. Terrible customer service, now I'm out $100.00 for an item that doesn't even work. I will NEVER purchase from Spirit/Spencer gifts after this incident.

0 stars would what I would give if possible. Went in the Sherman Tax store last night. 10/26/12. It was close to closing time but I had about 15 mins to shop. The first thing I hear is the Manager yelling from the back that the store will close in 5 minutes and eighther we need to get our purchases to the counter or leave. Really you want my money and your going to be rude about it. How unprofessional. I know its a seasonal store and all but please at least hire people that have some sense of customer service.10 of us just left our things and walked out. I was spending a couple hundred dollars. I took my business elsewhere .

Worst service ever!! Last year and this year I have spent $3500.00 at Spirit Halloween. This year I got an item which turned out to be defective. With tax the item was $138.23. They refuse to refund my money saying they do not do refunds from stores, if I purchased it online then they would do a refund. Stupid! It is the same company but have different policies for refunds. It would seem to me that a loyal client like myself who spends significant amounts of money at their store would be treated with a bit more respect and consideration. Their business sense is crazy, they have now lost a client who will never spend another dime at their company or any of their affiliates.

Worst customer service EVER!they sell used and broken items for full price and wont let u exchange. Rudest manager in Lodi CA store laughed in our face that all sales are final.

(If there was a way to put 0 stars I would have) My wife worked for the Spirit location in Ledgewood, NJ. She was always called in to work at odd times on her days off and always did. Many times having to work out the details of getting the kids watched on the fly as she was running out the door. Recently she had an opportunity to change career paths and was told by Kim the manager that if she was going to go to this interview the following day then she should just leave and would be fired. This company is pathetic. This is a seasonal position that many people take because of a love for this "holiday." Not because this is their chosen career path. To punish an employee that has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions prior to this is unacceptable. Really?? She would have only missed an hour of her shift, and there are always 4 other lackies there that could have covered that time if they were actually pushed to work. Not to mention the whole time my wife worked for the store she was always working her butt off. While others slacked she would be doing double duty. Mentioned earlier in the posts someone said that employees were worked like dogs...that is an understatement they are worked and treated worse than dogs. My wife would work 7 & 8 hour shifts and not even get time to use the restroom. She was expected to be at her station all day with no breaks. This company really needs to do a complete checkup from the neck up and figure out how to hire good managers. Find decent people that know how to work with and treat employees the right way, even if that means doing a complete overhaul of former staff. DO NOT SHOP AT OR WORK FOR SPIRIT HALLOWEEN!!!

Just visited your store at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Ga.... Both sales persons were so rude, I left and would never visit the store again... What a pathetic excuse for store personnel.....My rating of (1) star is not accurate... I would not give any stars and would encourage anyone to shop elsewhere...

The Halloween decoration exhibited at your stores is very disturbing. Zombie babies are not something to be shown to kids.

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