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Public storage is a rip off

Still waiting a month later for an overpayment refund.

Worst facility ever do not use public storage

They lie about their controlled air and it's hotter inside then outside and they keep raising rents for no reason and the rent is now extremely high when I pay for co trolled air which I am sweating a lot right now just standing in my unit


south Weymouth MA can rarely find a cart, the alarm system doesn't work as I have multiple units and login with one and open another and the alarm should sound. The office staff locks the customer bathroom so they wont have to clean it, and addressing anything in the office yields attitude with NO answers.


17 months at the Puyallup, Wa 512 location. Unit broke into and for two days no one noticed or did lock checks for the buildings. Pain in the rear as now two months later still waiting on insurance to pay for the items stolen. This was an inside building unit.

Filthy and Unkept

Every time I come to my storage unit, located at 4875 S. McCarran Blvd, in Reno, NV. The property is filthy and has not been spelt or cleaned in the interior hallways or exterior drives. I came here 2 weeks ago and there is a pile of junk that has been just sitting in my hallway for two weeks so now my concern is over my personal property. Management claims that they check on locks twice a day and they place a sticker on the lock, indicating the lock is secure. There are no stickers on my locks for months! They need to maintain their property for their customers. They certainly charge enough rent.

allowed a buyer of a auction to keep personal items

on Oct 10, 2013, in Plano, Tx. Unit C31 had to be put on auction. The buyer came a month later with a truck. loaded the truck with everything. and never returned the Family photo albums, Family pictures, year books of all 4 children 1st grade thru 12th grade, and family docs, which included...birth certificates, shot docs, and other personal issues. They never called us to let us know about our stuff.

Unsatisfied customer (poor service)

This company is very unprofessional. They do not comply with the hours of operation. Several times I have gone to my storage before closing hours and did not have access to my unit. If the hours of operation is from 6am to 9pm the doors to access my unit should not have been locked at 8:30pm. Its inconvenient, disrespectful and unfair. If I am paying for a service I should have full access to my unit within the hours of operation.

raising the rent

Got trapped into public storage by cheap move in... Don't fall for it.. They will constantly raise the rates on you.. I am on a limited budget and went there because they were affordable...its a scam...beware of you are on a budget... These non compassionate people will prey on the poor...boycott Public Storage. Sprinklers damaged my property..insurance that was mandatory will not pay for replacement of property...boycott Public storage..cut my locks while I was on a cross country trip,even though unit was paid in full... BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had storage on Arrow Highway in Montclair, CA and had nothing but problems with the staff. First of all, I was quoted a rate at move-in, them moved to a larger unit, was misquoted the rate yet again. I moved in at a rate of $165 for a 10X15, moved to a 10X20, and ended up paying an $204, when I was initially quoted a $4 difference between the two units, which should have been $169.00. I gave notice of vacating and left of the exact date I gave. Now they are charging me an extra prorated amount for one day because I didn't physically want into the office to tell them I had vacated. They won't take my payment over the phone = I have to personally walk in. Please be aware of the quotes that the staff give you at the Montclair store. For me = they were wrong on all occasions and cost me so much more.

Your storage company is the worst

I can not stand public storage. I have never seen a company who rips ppl off. I will be moving to cube smart & I'll let every one know what a crappy co. Y'all are. I've bought 3 locks because they have cut mine off.

Another bad review

Sleazy. I called a day in advance and made a reservation to store a car for 1 month. I was told there was a promotion and the total price would be $20 and this was guaranteed to be the total cost. I realize it's a low price and I certainly expected to pay more, but fine, a deal is a deal. I called a cab to meet me for a ride back to my house from the storage facility, had the car washed, a took precious time from a very busy day to get this done. Once all the paperwork was filled out I was informed thatr the total cost would be $40 or %50 (I don't remember which). I told Sheryl the agreement and confirmation was for $20. She said there was nothing she could do and I had to buy a proprietary lock - cylinder of some sort that I could then keep. I was angry but polite and said that violated our agreement and walked away. These people are pathetic and short sighted.

Worst Company EVER

This is the worst company ever. How can they take over a storage unit change the locks and it is your responsibility to get a locksmith to open your unit that you have been paying on.


this place adds money to the account-they have no idea what they are doing

Wow 1.2 to high

Amazingly nice staff until I discovered they broke into my storage stolen and damaged items. To date Public Storage has refused to assist with damages. Insist on small claims. The regional director and corporate staff didn't deny it's a problem nor denied it's there policy to do pulmonary inventory via video surveillance when you move in. I moved over $15,000.00 worth of inventory into my unit. $1000's stolen and damaged.


your company sucks making shure i write a review at all the sites i can so i can save as many people of been riped off by public storage

Outrageous Pricing

I'm a long time renter in Chicago since 2010, without missing a payment and never late. My rent has been raised 34 dollars in the last 5 months with no explanation, other than a customer service rep telling me "We can raise your rent whenever we feel like it, there's no limit" WOW. So I will be exiting as of this month. Thank you for the great relationship!

False Advertising. Advertise rates and then have no units of that size available. Offer introductory rates to lure new renters and hike rates for existing customers to offset revenue. POOR Can't contact District Managers - mailboxes always filled...

PS has stolen my property

PS on Carlson Blvd in Richmond, CA has stolen my property. They didn;t have an auction like they said they would.

Peggy and Orlando

Thanks the heavens for such Great amd friendly staff here in aventora 2940 188th location those two workers rock. Very professional and compitiant work staff. Store# 25750


I hope and pray that a Class Action Suit will be placed on Public Storage. The list is too long to note here.

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