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This is the worst corporation ive come across in a long while, they refused my card put me on hold for 20 min called back, went through the process again and it ended in the same result. what a joke, considering I tip big, thats the last time I use there number ever again.

Taking too long to get my order

My friend and I ordered pizza around 8:06 the pizza got her around 9:30. My friend lives less than a mile from here. Yesterday she oredered boneless wings and was told it would be 40 minutes. She gave them 45 minutes and went up to the store and waited 15 more minutes before she got her wings... I'm no longer ordering pizza after the poor survives my friend and I have gotten.

Just ordered my pizza horrible horrible job my pizza was raw the only thing cooked on the pizza was the cheese …HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Worst pizza ever ….never again ..ONE star for the delivery guy being nice

4 times is not the charm

We have gone to the Oregon City restaurant 4 times now and all of the times have been awful. The tomatoes are smushy even though we say to put them on the side, the delivery was almost an hour and half late and the pizza was cold. We had 2 different times the order wasn't even right. I tried to call them but they didn't answer their phones. I am done!


Horrible, requested a pan pizza with light sauce, driving 10 minutes home I realized that it was an under cooked handtossed with extra sauce. Not worth the $10, the $2.00 totinos pizza is way way better then this pizza

Terrible servies & horrible manager in Bolingbrook Pizza Hut location

I never like to go back Pizza Hut location in Bolingbrook 60440 me & my husband went there to give order for vegetarian large pizza then we left from their came back after 15 minutes we pick up pizza wend home and start eating I pic up a slize and I found meat in that slize this same thing happen two time with us then we got so made and we went back to the Pizza Hut we were made so we told them why is the same thing happen again then the manager was so rude like always. I notice that twice he is a horrible manager I don't understand why that man still there as a manager they need to do something abt him pls..we never go bake to that location........

worst pizza

pizza hut quality is decreasing day by day and their quantity too.. worst experience couple of times


Your add depicting children behaving without any control and there parents advocating such bad behavior, is sicking.

worst Service in America

Pizza Hut store 02768 is the worst plce I ordered from. I ordered a pizza at 5:08pm and the pizza did not get there until 7:00pm. By that time our tenant meeting was just about over. But once I opened the box of pizza, I noticed that my order was incorrect. I ordered cheese and vegetable pizza and they gave me pepperoni and meat lovers pizza. The bad part about it is that I was in the room with a lot of people who do not eat pork. When I called back the manager cursed me out and hung up on me

Tonight I ordered the new big box with 3 medium 1 toppings. When the delivery guy came he didn't have change. So he said he had to go get change and he would bring the pizza back. Well when he returned our pizza was cold. We were very disappointed.

Pizza Hut in London, Kentucky

My sister has my vehicle today & I'm here without transportation with a sickish child who stayed home. Well, I call to order pizza at 11:45 & am told it will be 45 minutes. I wait until 1:00 (75 minutes AFTER placing my order) to call back & check on my order when it had not been delivered. I'm told the driver had just left. Another forty five minutes later, I call back to check to see if he was lost. Nope. They no longer deliver this far out -- that they only deliver within a 4 mile radius. I "googled" directions -- I am exactly 2.2 miles from this Pizza Hut. I will not be doing business with them again.

Horrible service

I submitted a review ti your survey website but nobody bothered to contact me about my experience. I went to your location on 60 anf ames in omaha last week to pick up a pizza and it was supposed to be ready at 713 pm. I got there at 735 and was told to wait. I didnt get my pizza until 5minutes to 8. When i finally got home my pizza was burnt and had the wrong toppings. Horrible service was also encoubtered. Bad customer care, horrible food, out of napkins and cheese, and food not ready on time. Never going to a pizza hut again... especially not for superbowl party.

freezing while eating

i was at pizza hut in leominster ma i guess they had a pipe break earlier in the few weeks and it wasn,t fixed we ate the pizza they had available for the buffet and was it cold in there i hop they get it fixed shortley,a lot of customers were walking in and walking out after the boy working there suggested why it was so cold there

Uncomfortably cold inside business

Dined in with friends and could not take coats off. Unreasonably cold inside. Waitress said thermostat said 62% inside. Manager refused to turn on heat and would not come to our table. Night time lady manager. Ocala fl on east hwy 40 aka east silver springs blvd. We have pronto pizza, little ceasar, dominoes, hungrey howie close by so why would I go back to pizza hut? Never again.

Gross practice in Watertown WI

My husband and I went inside to order a pizza to go. As we waited for the pizza, a server went over to the buffet, picked up a spatula, scraped some fallen food from the counter of the buffet and then put the spatula back on to the tray that still had pizza on it. Then I saw the cook who was making up pasta trays, pick up the cooked pasta with his bare hands and put it in the tray and when he was making pizzas he did not wear gloves, He walked over to the sink to put dishes in the sink, he was touching his hat and his coat and then walked back over where the toppings were and put his bare hands back in the cheese. Someone is going to get sick from there. We'll NEVER go back there.

Lost of our Pizza Hut

I doubt this would even get to corporate, but I have an issue with losing our Pizza Hut on Kent Island, MD. I have grown up with a Pizza Hut and even saved my change when I was little to order a large on a day I was off middle school. When I was little I my parents would order Pizza Hut every Friday and I would look forward to it every week. I got married 3 years ago and we were keeping the tradition. On Kent Island every Friday and now you have lost the franchise. The closest Pizza Hut is across a bridge which I have to pay $6 to cross since you also closed the centerville store. I have so many memories of of having birthday parties and enjoying pizza hut pizza growing up. All I want is to have it back to Kent Island or close enough to order. Please let meno know if this would be possible. Thank you for your time. Adam

Horrible service

I HATE To complain but Today I ordered pizza and waited an hour before calling and asking if the pizza had come. They said the pizza already left and would be here in a couple minutes. 20 minutes roll by and the pizza still hadn't arrived so I called back and a guy said the pizza just left...when the pizza came it was cold. I called back and asked to speak to the manager. She said she would send another pizza and would be here in 20 minutes. An hour and a half later I still am waiting for this pizza. Now i have to go to work so what am i supposed to do? Pizza hut you have FAILED miserably! Thank you for the horrible service. (pizza hut eldridge md) smh If there were negatitive 10 stars you would have it

Poor Service

It was FRiday night, arrived at 8:00 pm we were seated but we did not get attended to about 9:00 pm @ 9:30 we recieved our sampler we did not get any forks or napkins by the time the pizza came which was deformed my grandchildren no longer hungry. My lasnaga was cold and where we sat the next table was piled with dirty dishes, napkins, cups and spray bottle which is used to clean the table. We spoke to the manager, she did nothing whatsoever. The quality of service was really poor "F+". This happen in Guayam, Puerto Rico.

horrible service in crofton pizza hut

I placed an order the food came incorrect the delivery guy was so rudeness yelling at me because i wanted to check my order i let it slide so eventually when my corrected order comes its opend not closed I dnt know what he could have . Done to my food. I talk to the manager he did nothing and ignored me I'm am very unhappy nd want to talk to someone higher than he is.

What a joke

Waited 1.5 hours for pizza. Once it arrived the wings were not cooked, pizza toppings wrong and burned cheese. Spoke to manager she said they would send us new order. 1.5 hours later -still no pizza. Seriously? 3 hours and no pizza

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