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New Store

Would like a Pizza Hut in this town Manette, there is know restaurant. for pizza in this area please come soon in 2014.

Rogersville, AL PH

The food is great as always. I live 3 miles from the store's front door.Twice they have delivered to my house and three times they have refused saying it is outside their delivery area. Tonight the man that answered the phone said they have a new ...More

Credit Policy

Be careful if you get a credit towards a future purchase. I had a $20 credit and bought a $12 pizza. No one bothered to tell me you have to use all of the credit at once. My other $8 of credit went 'poof'!

Hit and run

I order 2 meat lovers pizzas, got 2 vegetable pizza, call they corrected my order, but their delivery driver decided to scratch my son's freshly $1600.paint job(3 day old). I called to complain and all I got was the run around. VERY POOR SERVICE.

Pizza Going Down Hill

The meat lovers had a few crumbles of meat don't know if it was sausage or beef and few circles of peperoni and a lot green olives that I added. The cheese lovers crust was full of air an I thought it was suppose too have a different type of sauce

Pizza Hut or Not??

The Pizza Hut in Mountain Home, Arkansas doesn't honor the chains promotions. I don't care if they are a franchised location or not, if they are gonna call themselves Pizza Hut they should have to honor the promotions. I will be going to Little Ceasars tonight.

poor pizza

I will never order from this location again...very little toppings for a all meat pizza

I need to speak with a supervisor over the Baton Rouge area is there a Phone number or an address.

poor attitude of manager chris

i call in for a medium pizza all the way with plates and cheese when they get to hotel 4 cheesees and no plates call back and chris had attitude issue and hung up on me and i recall again an it get worse so here i am dont let chris be manager and be in charge because his skills are horrible for the company here it is 1 hour later no plates or a recipt liberal ks carry out pizza hut 008593


I love your pizza, but when you start adding fees on to the delivery then I need to stop getting pizza's from you. I order 2 pizzas that was 2 for 10.00 and it came up to 25.00, because of delivery fees. Please fix this and I will stay with pizza hut. Thankyou.


I am not here to complain but was thinking what if you put a red box in your store and rented movies with pizza? just think'in.

lehigh acres,fl pizza hut

help! someone from corp. needs to look in at this pizza hut, and find out what is going on with the franchise owners. this place has gone down hill lately. 2 to 3 hour delivery time. they hang up on when call to find out why pizza is so late. even the call center says they can't help either. whats up pizza hut.

Horrible place

The pizza hut in Howell New Jersey is a horrible place to eat I will never order or eat from that place again. The place is dirty, filthy, and unsanitary.... and when you go to sit, the tables are dirty with food from the people that may have had the table before. The service is poor and the food is usually lukewarm....Pizza Hut will never get a dime of my money again!!!!

The City Of St Croix Falls, WI , with a population 2250 really needs a Pizza Hut. We have no decent restaurant. We are located on Hwy 8, 45 miles from the twin cities and is definitely a tourist area both summer and winter. Please give it a thought. Thank YKou

bad service

Hello I love pizza hut ok but the pizza hut on murfreeboro rd. In Nashville tn always are rude on the phone in my pizza is always wrong. Please do something about this thanks

store is dirty and food not cooked well not cooked all the way

Poor service not clean hole in floor cover with a carpet . Food was not cooked all the way checken wing bloody pizza doug half raw . Not the first time . But is the last for the desoto mo. Store for me . Over and over I have given them a chance NO MORE .

Horrible management

Worked for one of the franchises in southern California and the management was vicious. I was fired due to a bogus charge. The manager at that site was a bully. Plus he skimped on merchandise at the customers expense to save on inventory.


CARDS. your box taste better then your so called pizza. You should give it up. I remember when you opened the first Pizza Hut. In Wichita Kansas. On east Kellogg.The best ever,now you are the worst. do us a favor .close them down. Thank you.

Poor work environment

I worked for Pizza Hut and my store manager was the worst head manager I have ever worked for. she is very unprofessional!! She talks about her employees to all the staff. This franchise is the worst to work for!!!

Charge to deliver but wont deliver

Placed a delivery order... Got call they were out of desert I ordered.. Said that was fine, just order main order... Got call back saying order was too small? Even though they charged to deliver? Didn't refund my order at all....

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