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Bloody wings

I ordered wings and a pizza from Arvada co pizza hutt location my wings were undercooked and I bit in it and they were cometely raw I almost lost it... I am pissed because when I called to get my money back all they did was bring me more wings!!!! Um after I ate a raw chicken wing the last thing I wanted was another order cometely disgusting

My family and I dined in at Pizza Hut in stigler, Oklahoma this past Friday and witnessed a heated dispute between an older lady (possibly a manager) and a pregnant waitress. F-bombs were exchanged, even a few slaps! My 3 year old heard the cussing. We will never go back. This isn't the first bad experience we have had there. The management needs serious help!! This restaurant has the worst reputation in town.

Complaint of Manager

I was going to order 81 pizzas for a celebration we are having for tomorrow. I called to talk to him about the big order. Instead of talking to me he had the lady that answered relay messages to me she tried to help but not a good job he did not want to help or even want too. It seemed that he did not want a large order. I will make sure that we do not order from that Pizza Hut again for a company functions.

Fuck Your Pizza

The worse customer service is terrible; no accountability for their error nor going above and beyond to make an error right. Never again will I spend my hard earned cash at pizzahut, you guys suck!

I went to the pizza hut in Omaha Ne on 60th and Ames. They are very uniformed. The manager if she was a manager. Had a t-shirt on with a non appopraite word on it. I called to see if my card was going to be charged if i order on line because I have a quick order account. They told me no. THen I get to the store and I had to pay. THey forgot my wings. when i called they rushed to the door to get me out of the store. I was not pleased with this or the employees. Plus one she did not have a hat or a hair net on.


Horrible experience. This is the second time it has taken over two hours to get a pizza delivered on a Monday night, after regular dinner hours.

worst customer service ever

tried to order just pizzas and keep getting dropped transfer after transfer use to work there after my 9 to 5 still the same

Refused delivery

I live in Midland Texas between THREE pizza huts the Furthest Being 1.8 miles away the Closest is Less than a mile away. All three refused to deliver to my home saying I was not in there delivery area. REALLY! I called all three stores twice And got the same answer. LOOKS LIKE ITS GOING TO BE A DOMINO's NIGHT.

bad service

I called the call center which is stupid to order my pizza at 9:26 it's now 11:10pm still no pizza. The call center lady keep telling me that her manager will return my call but he never called. Y when u call the west lake Houston Pkwy location in Houston Texas u can't call the location direct. No one can tell me when my pizza will be here. I just called again to ask for a refund and I still can't get a manger to return my call. Never again


http://americanoverlook.com/m/article.php?id=19944 Did this actually happen and has corrective action been taken on the employee that did this?

New BBQ Chicken pizza

Am wondering how much taste testing you did on this pizza? When I ordered this for the first time....how much BBQ sauce are they suppose to put on there? It was quite a bit and soggy.... The red onions should of been very thin rings, not big chunks. The chicken, bacon and crust were great. So I was just wondering if this was just something that happens or is it because it is just a new pizza.

hair in food

Order pizza for carry out and a long black hair in cheese and crust Second time this has happened..Really....but when dine in the pizza and service is great

No cook pizza

Doesn't listen to customer when placing order, you tell them to cook it well they don't cook it hardly!,


This is the worst pizza Ive ever had. When or if you call customer service, they act like it is a privilege to be eating their pizza.

Charlevoix, Michigan

I will probably never order from this establishment again... very disappointed. ..


ordered on pizza it took 4 phone calls to lost delivery drivers and 2 hrs and they screwed up my order buy putting it in as cash then told me my card was declined bad customer service this was at the hampstead md location never going back ever

Man cutting/serving pizzain sleeveless t-shirt while scratching ear with gloved hand! Seriously?'!!

My family and I visited the Pizza Hut in Bolivar, Tn today and our experience was terrible! There was a young black man in the kitchen preparing and cutting pizza in a sleeveless tank top while touching a female coworker on her breast and scratching his ear! Seriously? There was no toilet tissue or hand towels in the restroom and the tables were all dirty when we came in! Unbelievable! I have a picture of the guy in his t-shirt. Is this dress code ok with your corporate policy?

Ordered pizza online never received pizza 3 hours later still no pizza have emailed receipt call the Pizza Hut 7 times and no one answers. Pauls valley oklahoma Pizza Hut Tuesday night at 817 pm

Best pizza

Recently ate at Pizza Hut I must say the best pizza eaten ever! Service was amazing. Atmosphere fantastic. Best dining experience #in probably 20 years. Not to mention the fantastic price. Extremely please keep up the good work.

Pizza Hut

we need a Pizza Hut in Manette, Wa never was a pizza Hut would give jobs out. Put it up by Subway restaurant.

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