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Hi, I'writing from Guayaquil (Ecuador) I will like to complain about the poor cistomer service in one of yours restaurants here( Adress:AV victor Emilio Estrada,Guayaquil, Ecuador) I ordered 1 familiar bacon and mushrooms pizza, and recivied the mipzza with almost the half of the sauce and very cold! I called to the restaurant and requested de cancelation of the order and asked to cancel my cc voucher, the Supervisor (was a woman) she did not tell me:We apologize for the inconvinience or any other thing that is usually used in this situations. She just told me :ok. And hung up the phone!!!!!!!! I'am very upsed for this sitation. Finbally when the pizza guy came over to give me back my voucher and i returned the pizza, i showed him the pizza and he told me: the personel there are new!! So, as they are new, they are supposed to have this terrible customer service???? I don't think so. I took a picture from the pizza, ther's anyway i can send it to you?

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