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Terrible service

I placed my order online which provided me with a pick up time for 6:20pm arrived at the lactation a couple min after. It is now 6:55pm and still have not got 16 wings i orders. The phones have not stoped ringing and there has been at least 3 complains about wrong orders since i been here!!!! This is unreal

Lake Charles Louisiana

Cocky manager and can not get a order out on the time they give to customers, it's not even a delivery- carry out. I don't feel like waiting on day on pizza. Manager wants to argue about resolving the issue but nothing is never dkne! Will never go back!!!!

Horrible Delivery Service

Honestly Pizza Hut doesn't deserve having one star. I ordered pizza almost 2 hours ago and it never arrived. When I called the store, the woman that answered told me she doesn't have control of the drivers! Wth?! This is my LAST time ordering from Pizza Hut

Online coupon code works everywhere but here

Online coupon code ONLG9 stopped working for NO reason here in the Houston, TX area, yet it works everywhere outside of Texas that I can see. It's a coupon code for $9 anything pizza as in as little or as MANY toppings as you want for only $9, carryout only! so why Pizza Hut, did you STOP this coupon in the Houston area and throughout Texas? Bring it beck, as I won't buy from you ANYMORE unless you DO!

Pizza price increases

I have been a customer for MANY years. The Pizza Hut franchises normally offer a great value. The recent price increases FAR outstrip inflation! Had been getting a large pizza for 10 dollars for a long time- a great value- a few months ago the price increased to 11- OK prices go up, I get it! Then the last one was $13.99... hmmmmm Last night it was $15.99!!!?? With tax $17.15. I realize this is not the employees' fault- but a 60 percent price hike is too much to swallow. (pun intended) I must regretfully inform you- You have lost a customer!

Late delivery and cold pizza

Made a on-line order at 13:38 on Aug 17th 2014. recieved a e-mail saying should be delivered around 14:23. At 14.45 I called the local number and after getting the run around was told the girl had allready left. At 15:07 she pulled up. When asked why it was so late so acted like ????you. My wife asked her if it was still hot she said yell and got mad when my wife asked to check then. They was luke warm. Both pizza's were thin crust and were cold and tasted like cardboard. I have been buying your pizza's for many years however will thing hard before buying again if this is the service we can expect. Will wait for your before filing a complaint with the BBB


Tahlequah Oklahoma's store has been heading down hill and u guys need to do something about it. My last order I got a cheesy bite pizza and breadsticks. Breadsticks didn't have ANY seasoning on them nor did the cheese bites. Their cheesy bite pizza always looks very sad with hardly any cheese in the bite?! Today I wanted to try again and their phone has been busy for an hour!!! It's 2014 and they don't even offer online orders? Come on Pizza Hut. Get up and start caring again.

Poor customer service

My kids and I went to Pizza Hut on the Homer Rd in Minden, LA on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. There were only two other customers at a table when we arrived. A server came to our table to take our drink order. After about 15 minutes, she still had not returned. An older white couple and a young white couple showed up, separately. The next thing I know the white employee at the counter is calling back an order for the older couple. The server who took our drink order still had not returned to bring out drinks nor our order. My kids and I got up and left...never to return again. I never had service like this before there. I USED to be a big Pizza Hut fan. Not anymore.

Very Bad Service

The pizza hut in north battleford Saskatchewan Canada is the worst pizza hut I have ever dealt with. firstly they can't seem to put people on the phone that can speak English. then when my wife comes, their equipment would not read the gift card and the manager wanted her to pay for the full meal and then contact you to solve the problem. when she said no he finally found a unit that read the card. At first they said there was $6 left on the card. my wife challenged that and then they admitted there was $11 on the card. I am fed up and will go to another pizza place from here on and will make sure that all my contacts on facebook know of my experience.


Ordered a cheesy bites pizza from the store in Lebanon Mo. Not only was it late but, the pizza looked as if it had been tossed into the box and was scattered everywhere. Tried to call th store three different times and no one answered, I even let it ring once like 12 times:( I also called corporate and was on hold for 6 mins and still no answer. Definitely wasn't worth my 23$.

67th and indian school

Placed my order at 5:05pm, my order was suppose to be delivered at 5:47pm, called 5:57pm they said they only had one driver, called again at 6:32pm now they have 2 driver but i still didn't have my order. I call again at 6:58pm and they tell me the driver is right down the street takes him another 10 min to get here. My pizza taste old and the fries are stale i don't even dare taste the pasta or wings now. What do i do?

Better place your order at sunrise

I ordered a pizza on line at my local Pizza Hut located in Oakland Park FL. The computer issued me my confirmation and my pick up time at the store. I arrived there on time and was told to pay for my pizza and it would be ready in about 40 min or so from the time I paid for it. I waited an additional 48 min and so did tons of other customers and staff could have cared less. This location always has this problem and it never changes. Is there any standards that Pizza Hut has for their franchises?????I guess not!

Oh Oh.. a typo

First... we love Pizza Hut! Second... on the little hand out that says: WIN $1,000 cash daily ! in the smaller print in the middle... "with a combinded value..." oops Simple spell check would have found that... DOH!

I have been living in Sweetwater and have even worked at this Pizza Hut. Since Delores left (old manager) 4 years ago u cannot get a pizza in under 2.5 hours. When u try to call and find out they unplug the phones. The delivery guy has said that they have screwed up every order they have gotten tonite. Sweetwater tx is a small town it takes 10-15 mins to get anywhere here. This is the first time I tried Pizza Hut. In almost a year because of it. I can see nothing has changed. Horrible horrible horrible. Ok so they finally called n I'm getting my order free but didn't know what drinks I even had. After 2.5 hours did u really think I would pay for it? Someone needs to do some rehiring here.

Horrible pizza

I had ordered from the pizza hut in Dallas Ga and it was the worst pizza I had ever had. I had already left a complaint on their website over a month ago with no response. I had paid for extra cheese on my pizza and several pieces had no cheese at all on them. This is not how you run a company, you contact your customers back when they have an issue. I have pictures of the pizza, just in case anyone at corporate cares,, I'm sure they don't. What a POS company

Removal of the buffet for lunch

I was shocked to find out that your lunch buffet is no more. I usually go to the pizza Hut in Fairborn Ohio. I work at Wright Patterson AF Base. We have a short lunch break. I walked in and walked out when I found out the buffet was discontinued. What kind of stupid Ida was this? Are you NUTS? I guarantee that you will lose a lot of business. I and many others are very dissatisfied with your decision. Now I lunch elsewhere.

web site

I could not order a pizza on line they wanted more info about me than my credit card company

new "hand tossed" pizza

I used to love your hand tossed pizza. We got it all the time. The "new hand tossed" that you are advertising is not nearly as good. Why try to change the wheel? 'The "new hand tossed" tastes like the Mia's only not as good. Please go back to the original hand tossed.

I didnt ask for hair in my pizza!

I ask for a replacement for my pizza and the manager acted very ignorant she wanted to come get them and see the hair in them first before they could be replaced lol good customer service. Tiny town road clarksville tn.

I called to place an order after working a 15 hour shift. The wait time was 1 1/2 hours. Carry out was 30 minutes, so I threw my shoes back on and headed there. I waited 10 minutes before someone even said hello. I had three different people ask me what the name on the order was. One of the girls asked me twice if I needed help. Yeah. You just asked me two seconds ago. I work in the food industry and they were eating food where the food was prepped, no gloves, and no hats. The girls played with their hair every 5 seconds. This store needs help. I love pizza hut but after that experience I'm nof going back any time soon.

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