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I am very sad to say that Pizza Hut buys their cheese from a company called Leprino Foods who is guilty of very horrendous acts towards cows... Such as... "cows being viciously beaten, whipped with chains, and stabbed with screwdrivers, injured cows left to suffer without proper veterinary care, and workers dragging and painfully shocking "downer" cows who were too weak to even stand up on their own. " The only way for Leprino foods to be stopped is for popular pizza companies to stop buying from such suppliers. The only way Pizza Hut will take this into consideration , is if we stop eating there until they either use a cruelty free cheese supplier or they themselves make Leprino change the way they treat their animals! They need a voice too!!!

terrible pizza

We once again tried the E 26th St Pizza Hut in SF SD. Didn't think the could ruin yet another pizza. It was burnt (thin crust) and so over cooked the meat was tough. Place is never clean and front doors have pealing paint. Pizza Hut in the same town on E 10th is great. Owner of first one needs to stop by his business and see who is in charge and fire them... Never going back to it again.

pizza hut

We have so much problem with pizza hut and after so many time we order from them they mess up are order and we like to get a free pizza from them.

pizza hut

We have so much problem with pizza hut and see what you can do about it.thank you


I would like to know why you make your waitress carry there tips over from one day to anther day they work.....say they work a Friday night and make 20.00 in tips and the next shift they work they make 15.00 in tips and you make them claim they made 18.75 in tips when they only made 15.00 in tips they have to claim 3.75 more then they made and the next time they work they made 10.00 in tips and they had to claim 18.75 that's 8.75 they didn't make in tips


We ordered a pizza at 945pm. We just got home from vacation and drove 10hrs with a 16mo old. We were tired and once he was down we just wanted to eat and be done. Well now it is 1105pm and still no pizza. No one will answer a phone. My husband just left to go to the store and see if someone is still there. Oh and our account was already charged! I will be calling the corporate number in the morning. Needless to say, we will NOT be ordering from you again!

Bottom of Blake Shelton's boot

Your commercial of the bacon cheese stuffed crust with Blake Shelton sitting there with the bottom of his boot 2 inches away from the pizza is not very appetizing. That commercial just sucks. It is gross to see that pizza with the bottom of his boot 2 inches away from the pizza.


Tried to order a pizza at the wharton TX location. They said it would take over an hour and a half to deliver the order.....are you serious!!!! Get real what has happened to customer service??? Time to call someone else

Placed a order online 3 pizza @7.99 each, one cheese pizza ($8.00) and double order of Baked Cinnamon Sticks with icing - double order and Chocolate. I had everything in the order right, but some how the price changed. They charged me $14.00 per pizza. I know it my fault for not looking at my final bill. BUT NOW WILL NEVER,NEVER ORDER ONLINE! and most likely never order fro Pizza Nut!


I called to place an order and they wouldn't allow me to order and receive the price for the special without me hanging up and ordering online. I think that is ultimately ridiculous!! Also when I went to pick up my pizza there were several cars in front of me. If an persons pizza is not ready they should have that person put up and have the worker bring it out when it is ready to avoid a long line in the pick up window. I have been very unimpressed with Pizza Hut for some time. I have heard rumors that when they are closing the managers lock the doors and allow everyone in there to drink alcohol. Not very professional!

Awful employees

I recently visited the Pizza Hut in brockport ny and the guy that waited on my party was ever so rude and his favorite word was "nope" even for something as small as our drinks in which we wanted to order the flavored lemonades he told us they didn't have them (which were listed on the menu) this wouldn't be such a big deal except later in our regrettable meal (should have just left) we over heard him taking another table'a order in which they also ordered the flavored lemonades and all of a sudden they indeed had them... This was our first time visiting Pizza Hut in awhile and our first time at this location and there are too many other good pizza places in NY with friendly staff to ever return here. This will be my family's last Pizza Hut experience

No service

I had so many product quality problems. But recently I ordered a pizza and was told due to them not being able to satisfy my needs they would no longer deliver to me. The manager told me it was due to my problems in the past. Well got a call back and now shes telling me it was over a broken door in which is a security door. One of the past delivery drivers was rude to my niece. And the recent delivery man i had said he showed us the pizza when in fact he only met us at the bottom security door. It as pushed to the side and i had taken a pic of it. So the main reason they do not want to deliver is because they do not want to call and let me know they are on their way. It needs new management . I am allergic to onions and the past has been horrible. I will no longer carry business with pizza hut. They do not care about their customers at all.

no pizzahut 4 me

tried to get a cookie delivered on 8-30-14 from your alliance ohio store and was told theres a $10.00 minimum for delivery so i said i would buy 2 cookies @$9.98 and the manager said no. i really like some of your products but will not purchase anything from pizzahut again! it would have been over $10.00 with tip & delivery no business from me or my family again sorry

Oakdale la

I called in a order to Pizza Hut in Oakdale. When I went to pick it up the site of the kitchen made me sick. From the register I could see dirty dishes every where, a huge trash can over flowing to the floor and food all over the floor by the register. Also the area where the pizza is prepared was filthy. The salad bar at this location has already been shut down because it was a health violation. Why is it so hard to get this restaurant cleaned up?


love pizza hut, just wanted to let people at corporate know.

can't get on-line access

I can't figure out why EVERY TIME you offer a good on-line special I try to order but am NEVER able to get a screen to come up to order. But when the online special is not longer offered, I can immediately get a screen to order a pizza !!! What gives with that???

Lost order for 3rd time

Placed online order at 642pm. Called at 7 to verify it was ready. Was told it was. Get there 10 min later nobody can find my pizza This is the 3rd time this has happened at this Pizza Hut in FOREST MS!!! It it horrible and everybody there is rude and acts like they have a 5th grade education

Employee Discrimination

Never will i spend my hard earned cash at a Pizza Hut Restaurant again!! I witnessed the store manager discriminate another employee because of their race on more than one occasion. I even talked to this employee and told them they did not have to take this but they are so afraid of losing their job that they haven't spoken up about it. I was told that their District Manager doesn't care about any of the employees or the store for that matter and trust me you can tell.. This store has gone to the dumps. Evergreen, Alabama is a small town and word gets around if something doesn't happen and i mean soon there will not be a Pizza Hut here any longer....

Horrible pizza

I am very upset on spending my hard earned money to buy crappy pizza it was dry terrible crust and tasted like it had sat for hours I would rather go get a hot and ready from little ceasers. This is not the first time this has happened from this location (waterford,mi. On Walton and sashabaw rd)


i order a large pizza and a medium pizza and a order of 16 wings and all the brought was the medium pizza and the wings

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