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I called to order the 10 day special and the guy who took order said they don't sell it...then I called corporate c.s and they vouched that all stores don't carry. now I am Madd!!! say limted or participating store on the commercial...#THATSALL

Want to increase your sales? Get a better website. I've ordered pizza and pasta for delivery a thousand times, but I recently found out there are many items available that are not listed on your outdated website. How about a complete menu online? While at work, we placed a Pizza Hut order, and the girls were ordering stuff I had never heard of. i.e. great sandwiches I tried to contact P.H. on the main website,,, after 30 minutes of hassles & no success, I went to corporate. Please update your website. Meanwhile, I'll go by the store for a menu.

I went to the pizza hut ,in Fulton Missouri,and waited 2 hours,for a Extra Lg,Big Itlay,and Med .cheese bread,I waited 2 hours for pizza and seen the worst pizza hut in my life,the guy,was making pizzas and was stacked up,with them coming out of the oven,alot was burnt,abd people seen the results,of getting their product,and i called, to the store and said i got a pizza,that was over charged for and no sauce,plus i waited 2,hours for it,seen many people walk out,because of service,and product was terrible,called store and was told the manager would call back ,and no,call back,wats the deal,!

I was appalled to learn that my local Pizza Hut only pays their drivers $4.25 per hour and don't give all of the delivery charge to their drivers (which is a hefty $2.50). How are these poor folks supposed to make a living not even getting paid minimum wage? Is that even legal? I did some research and learned that a company named CFL Pizza LLC is beind this move, not the actual Pizza Hut company. There was a recent change over it seems, a large central Florida purchase. Pizza Hut corporate should look into this. Does Pizza Hut really want this going on at the franchisee level? Again, CFL Pizza LLC, central Florida, paying drivers $4.25, and taking the vast majority of the $2.50 delivery charge. Another customer lost in Florida.

Billy-bob,why do you tear your ride up,and put gas in your car and deliver pizza,for 4 dollars and hour,if ,my pizza takes an hour to get around the corner or my house,i wouldn't tip,1/2 hour,i would,tip nicely ,its people like you,to complain,find a job,like a cab driver,make real money !george_mendes47@yahoo.com

Hi im in Decatur, Georgia & i ordered a pizza by phone on Nov 3rd. 1st there is a commercial for the large pizza up to 3toppings for $10, and if you want a specialty pizza its $2 more. Not only is it on the commercials but i have coupons that says the same thing but this particular Pizza Hut didn't want to accept neither one. My coupon experation date was for 11/27/2010. The reason on why they couldn't take the coupond is because somebody went into the system and change it from being $2 more to being $3 more for a specialty pizza and if they change it they will get in trouble so they would weather get yelled at by customer then to satify customer. 2nd after placing my order which was very simple (large meatlovers and a single order of cheese bread)about 5min later a driver called me to report that they was out of cheese bread. Now if u can put cheese on my breaded pizza why you can't make me some cheese bread? But that is what he called back for but by then i had already sent someone out to go get the pizza with the exact change, so i said well since i can't get my cheese bread then can i get a personal pizza for the same price i would have paid for my cheese bread and they kept telling me no which was only about $4 difference. Then i asked to speak with a manager and the manager said that that was not true and she don't know why they told me that not knowing at that momment that they called me not i called them. I just didnt understand at that momment what was going on in that pizza hut location. 3rd, at the time of ordering i did sa i wanted it to be a delevery and i had my son placing the order so after he place the order and told me it was going to be a hour to 2 hour for delivery and a $2.50 delivery charge, i told him to call back and say we will pick it up and to take the charge off. I was paying with a credit card that they charged when i placed my order the 1st time with delivery then they charged it again when i got there to pick up the pizza without giving me my reciept for the volded order then the reciept they gave me was for the 1st charge i never got a reciept for the 2nd charge. 4th, When i called this morning to make a complaint about lastnight i got the run around big time. I was advised that it will b 3 to 5 bussiness days till my money get back on my card when what they should have done was just kept the 1st charge and just gave me cash for the difference so now i have to hold out on bills because my money is not in my account and not one time did any one say sorry or show any feelings on what happened lastnight. I could have just gone to another pizza hut but i try to support my neighborhood and their bussniesses but after lastnight i will stick to using Papa Johns for services because they know how to please there customers. Hope yall know how to get it right going thru all this in one night is not exceptable.

We recently visited one of our local pizza huts in Phoenix, Az at the carefree hwy location and were treated very poorly by the manager named Brad. As a business profesional its very sad to see and encounter such a rude person behind the counter labeled as a manager. Our pizza was ordered 60 MIN before we arrived and he began to shun our actions for running late and proceded to curse at us because we were confused that they threw it away. Good job headquaters for having such a steller employee behind your counter to run your business ..

I order more then 2 times a week and last night was the worst experience i have ever had.... They were 30 minutes last, the pasta was burnt and cold, also there were no dang bread sticks... which makes no sence then some so called supervisor has the you know what to tell me that that can not be right because we talked to the manger 3 separate times which was a butt face lie.... i talked to him once and told him the pasta arrived.... last time I ever go there last time..... you lost a customer for life... i am pro-testing this....

I worked at a Pizza Hut in Ohio, and it is the worst Pizza Hut to work at. We were a small store, with no inside restaurant. We just dealt with pick-ups and deliveries. Reading some of the complaints on here, I realize how some of you are frustrated but as a former Pizza Hut employee we have to follow company policies and not give out free discounts just because you don't read the fine print. Stuff Crust is a specialty and therefore costs more. Medium pizzas are $8.00 for 3 toppings, Larges are $10, and X-Larges are $12.00. We can't take off the charges anyhow! Only managers can get into the computers to discount something, and even if we could; we wouldn't. We're not taking dollars out of our pockets to feed you, or risk our jobs. If you have a problem paying the $2.50 for delivery, simply pick it up yourself. I am in no way defending the company, but sometimes it really is the people not the company. I've been to many decent pizza huts but unfortunately mine was not. Anyways, the problem I had is that I was very good worker, never had a customer complaint, was never late or took off work early and never took off sick days. But, one week I found out I was pregnant, being fully aware that I had to tell my managers, my manager Kelly was like "OH great!" in a less enthused manor. Now, of course she couldn't fire me for that, because that'd be discrimination right? I also told her, that a few places would be calling asking for a good reference so I can get a second job. Definitely needed since I have a little one on the way. And, she says in a snotty attitude, "Well, if you're going to walk off now - you might as well quit. I need people who are looking to be here for a long time," while trying to calmly explain that I just need more money, she turned her back and walked away. The trouble came weeks later, when I my health started to deteriorate. I started to become increasingly sick, and obtained a fever of 101.7 - so I called into work - scheduled to work at 2pm, I called at 9:30 as early as the managers get there. Now, the first manager said "Call back at noon, so I can get the schedules straight," she was our main manager so I couldn't argue. So, I did as she requested and called back, now the manager was Kelly. Oh great. I told her that I was getting sick continuously, and her first remark is "That's because you're pregnant" in a snappy tone. I had to also tell her that I had a fever of 101.7, and she still wanted me to come in! Telling her that I could barely get out of bed, she said that I was required to bring in a doctor's note. Where am I suppose to get a doctor's note on Saturday? I said "Ok, I'll get you one as soon as I can," she then said that if I called off today (Saturday), I would not be allowed to return to work tomorrow (Sunday), or any other day until I brought in a doctor's note stating when I could return to work. It was Monday morning that I had to be taken to the ER. I was very bad off, and the doctor's said I was lucky to come in when I did. I was given an IV to rehydrate me, a brace for my wrist which I had tendinitis and carpel tunnel, and antibiotics that are used to treat, H1n1, MRSA (staff infections), or a string of other bad viruses that don't go away from general antibiotics. I was also told that my pregnancy was not doing well and that I needed to get a ultrasound asap. I had the ER doctor write me out a medical note, and the next day (since I was released very late) and I still was not feeling well.. I took it in. It was Kelly who greeted me with her snobby attitude. I handed her the doctor's note and she barely glanced at it and said, "We have a problem. You no longer work here," I was surprised, and yet not surprised because I heard from a few co-workers that she was trying to fire me (All over asking for a good reference so I could get a second job!) I go "Excuse me? You asked for a doctor's note, and I gave you one." she shoved the paper back at me and said "You're fired because of a no-call, no show Sunday." I was in complete shock. "You said not to come in, why would I call?" she then rambled on about how I said I would call her and let her know, and I never said such a thing. So I said in front of my friend who was with me, helping me do my errands. "No. You said that I couldn't come in Sunday until I brought you a doctor's note, I just got out of the hospital and here's your note." She just gave me a quick snort and didn't even bother replying - she then turned and walked away. My friend is there as a witness to her basic omission and why would I bother getting a doctor's note when I know that a no-call, no-show is immediate termination? I was told by a manager to NOT come in the next day. Why would I call back? When I was already told not to come in? The economy is horrible and I have a baby on the way. Now, I have no job, no insurance. I know I was fired because I was pregnant and sick and because of personal grudge. That is discrimination and it is illegal. Why would anyone eat at a pizza hut where managers are encouraging sick employees into coming to work when they possibly have h1n1, mrsa or some other very bad contagious illness? DO NOT eat at the pizza hut on Russel in Sidney, Ohio. You could get seriously ill by the staff. FIRE Kelly for discrimination. I'm not looking for a hand out pizza-hut, I don't want to take this to court but I have a lawyer and I will if the situation is not rectified. I just want a steady job for me and my family. Thanks. Jennifer J.

I used to love pizza hut until I realized how terrible the service was! Every time I go to or call pizza hut on macdade blvd in pa they mess up my order they are rude on the phone and change their hours depending on wether or not the employees have plans that night because one will say they are open until 11 one will say 12 and one will say 1145. Terrible service.

JUST A TIP FOR SOME PEOPLE.... if your pizza is 13.53, dont ask fro 47 cents and be mad when the driver does not have it. the driver does not need to carry change around so a cheap prick like you can get pennies back. those drivers make 4 DOLLARS AN HOUR!!!!! if you tip less than 3 dollars, you dont need to order delivery. at a restaurant, you should tip because they handle your food. for a deliver driver, you should tip, because they know where you live. HAVE YOU EVER NOT TIPPED ANYBODY AND 3 DAYS LATER YOU HAD A FLAT TIRE???? its because that driver knows where you live, so make sure you... .....GIVE A TIP

The Charlottesville, VA Pizza Hut - Where do I begin? If I could go less than one star that is where they would rate. It was a Tuesday - not a busy day of the week. I placed the order on-line at 4:10pm. We received part of the order at 6:00pm and another portion at 7:40P.M. We never did receive the entire order. It was frustrating to say the least...needless to say, they lost our business.

I called in an order they said 20mins it will be ready ok so I give them 30mins just in case.Why when I got there they dont knw anything about the order. Now I have to wait another 20mins because the Manager lost the order. This is not the first time this has happend.Love the pizza Hate the service. 10/25/10 Location Park Row and Collins in Arlington TX 76010 THIS STORE NEEDS AN AUDIT ON SERVICE ASAP!!!!

No Stars actually! On 10/23/2010 @5:26 ordered a med pizza from store #023012. The pizza was dry,no taste and simular to chewing on taseless card board. We had the same experience the last time we ordered a takeout from this store. This will be our last. What ever happened to your quality?????? These pizza's were the worst we have ever eaten! I would like my money back. Thank you. Roy Weeks


your store in aurora needs to change its add and get my sons phone number off. My son called and the manager was rude and cussed him out. Maybe I should send you my bills. For every one out there stop eating this junk stop gitting home delivery. And make your own pizza at home. its easy to do and you get just what you want

During some travel this past winter we visited your Pizza Hut in Frederickburg, VA. We ordered two of your pasta dishes. We waited around 40 minutes when the waitress came to tell us we would have our food shortly. We them waited about another 30 minutes so I went to the counter to inquire. She then said it would be 10 to 15 minutes so we promptly left the restaurant. The entire experience was very un- professional. I felt compelled to let you know since this will effect your business down the road if it continues. We also had the sme experience in Daytona Beach several years ago and did not contact anyone. I can assure you that we are not usually disatified at our eating out experiences but this was truly unbelievable. Kathy Raco 605 Cambridge Dr. Presto, PA 15142 724 693-8792

Your store in Jeffersonville, Indiana (on East 10th Street) is ABSOLUTELY the VERY BEST!!! The staff is professional, uniforms, etc. are crisp, clean, etc. Yet they maintain the "human factor"...they are VERY courteous, they LISTEN, do ALL they can do to get your order correct. They are EXCELLENT ALL AROUND!!!!!!!!!! I have been both in store and taken advantage of their delivery service...even with the drivers/deliverers the "service" is the same. Deliveries are VERY accurate!!! Can't say that I could find a better example of TOP-NOTCH representatives for your company and just as GOOD human beings. I had been ordering from another restaurant...but these FINE folks have won our family back : ) They DESERVE any and ALL "kudos" that your company can give to these VERY EXCELLENT folks!!!!!! Don't forget to give your EXCEPTIONAL employees a RAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was not too suprised to see all of these negative emails to pizza hut. One of the main problems is that the employees are not being treated well. Along with that comes terrible customer service. Wouldn't you think a large business would know the number one way to customer satisfaction is through employee satisfaction? Whether it is a corporate owned store or a franchise...I would think pizza hut corporate would care enough about the quality of their name to make sure that all restaurants with pizza hut name treat people right. One franchise in florida just lowered the driver wage to 4.25 per hour and are forcing those same drivers to claim their tips to make up to minimum wage. This is 3 dollars below minimum wage and 3 dollars less per hour than what these employees signed up for. Not only that...they charge a 2.50 delivery charge and the driver only recieves .86 of that. Most people think this is gratuity. So the driver will go out on a 10 mile delivery...get a minimal tip or none and have not even made minimum wage. This is unfair to the driver and to the customer. As a customer, shame on Pizza Hut for expecting their customers to make sure their employees are making minimum wage!! Even if they do make up to 10 dollars per hour tips plus hourly...how much do you think it costs to run a car up and down the road...gas, tires, brakes, insurance, car payment, oil changes...etc. SHAME ON YOU PIZZA HUT!

My carryout order was not fulfilled in a timely manner. The pizza I received was not what I ordered and the service was unacceptable. Later contacted the store mgmt and the response I received was not nearly what I expected from mgmt. The manager seemed distracted and careless of my concern and was quick to end the call... In fact, she hung up on be while I was speaking. Very disappointing. If Customer service is important, this will go unnoticed and without disciplinary action.

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