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I placed an ordered @ the pizza hut off of Pat Booker Universal city, Texas 210-658-5481 And the manager on duty on Saturday Oct. 16, 2010 around 330pm, I think his name was Dave I'm so in an uproar!!!!! I can't even remember his name. I placed a order they got my order wrong. After THEY! got my order wrong he wanted to charge my card again $2.17 wow! you messed that order up. So I cancelled the order, he hangs up in my face. I then checked my bank account called back and told him my money was not in my account, he said "It voids out after the order is cancelled." then I hear click, he hangs up in my face a second time, so now I am screaming mad!!!! I called back and let him have it. Pizza Hut in Universal City Tx. I have had bad customer service before, but this manager has the WORST! customer service by far and this reflects the owners and CEO etc..Business decision to even have a man like that to represent your business especially the customer service end. The customers are the ones that keep your business going and to be treated like that is disgusting. I blame everyone at PIZZA HUT and question YOUR characters for even hiring such a DISRECPTFUL! man... SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

Terrible idea to launch a fancy "order online" website that doesn't work, gives wrong prices, and does not provide a way to contact the administrators of the website. I wasted more time goofing around with the broken website than it would have taken to pick up the phone and call my order in. Net result: lost revenue for Pizza Hut because I will take my business elsewhere.

i got a large pizza and you could not eat it, it tast so bad . i have got many many pizza from there and they was nothing wrong with them. you can email me ar firetruck7@verizon.net my wife said she was very up set, thanks

I am writing to you to say that the Alva, Oklahoma 580-327-2430 is the worst pizza hut I have ever been to. They do not honor any of the specials they advertise and charge you out the ass for some soggy greasy pizza. thank you and please do something.


Your Pizza Hut restaurant at 7106 Minstrel Way, Unit 6 Columbia, MD 21045 needs to shut close. The pizzas that has been delivered to me has been burnt, not hot (cool) I can almost WALK to the damn restaurant!!!!!!!!! The store manager that I spoke to on October 06, 2010 needs a reality check. He was rude, failed to understand ny questions, gave me comments about "something". He is a damn fool. I was so upset after speaking with this idiot, I started to go to the restaurant and WAIT until someone in MANAGEMENT WITH A BRAIN, could answer my questions about the service. This resaturant also has children serving customers at their "all you ceat..buffet" Duinr the buffet, the pizza is cool and not how. They KEEP the pizza on the buffet for well over an hour, the SAME PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!! iF pIZZA hUT KEEPS THIS STORE MANAGER AND STAFF WORKING....THEN THERE ARE BIGGER FOOLS IN UPPER MANAGEMENT WITH PIZZA HUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes the Pizza Hut in Jackson,Ga, the ladies that are in charge are poorly running the store they do their employee very bad.and it is very bad when a person in management walks out because the other ones in management are very rude to the other employee and I think someone needs to check this store out. and firing their employee for no reason and talking to them like they are nothing.The one in management that walked out was asking the other one that was over him in management a question and she told him to deal with it and I don't have time to fool with it. Thanks

I usually love Pizza Hut but last night 10/3 we ordered pizza and it took 2 hours to get to us and we only live down the road. The person who took my order told me 40 min.When I called after and hour and a half he told me the guy just left and that they were backed up because of the football game. Well another 1/2 passed and I called and and got a machine saying they were closed and when I tried to leave a message the mailbox was full. So I guess everybody was complaing. When the pizza got there it was cold. This was the Pizza Hut in Delran NJ.I was very dissapointed. Plus when I ordered they were out of cheesesticks. If the employees can't take on all the business maybe you should think about getting more employees.I doubt they were really closed at 8pm. They probobly turned on the machine because they didn't want to here the complaints. Very bad customer service. We should have gotten a discount on the cold pizza I had to put in the oven after we waited 2 hours for it.

I was very disappointed to see a Pizza Hut commercial stating that people didn't like math. In advertising, a misplaced comment or testimonial can be very damaging. When a very popular eating establishment refers to a truly necessary skill to success in life, it just reiterates what children may already be feeling frustration over. If a child struggles with math or is having a bad year and sees that 'no one likes math' on a popular advertisement it can send the wrong message. I hope that Pizza Hut corporate sees that this was an inappropriate step by their advertising department and makes necessary changes.

i just went into a pizza hut on gratiot 25240 in roseville mi and he did not watch his hands while making my pizza when i asked him for my money back and he threw it at me and yelled at me

First off I would like to say that is there was any rating less than one this experience would def. get it. My family and I placed an order online and got a phone call back saying the card didn't go through which was fine so we reordered our food over the phone with a different card and was told the order had gone through and would be delivered in 45mins. Well after an hour goes by we call back to the TN call center to see what is going on and why we had not received our food that was placed over an hour ago and was told would arrive in a specific time frame. Well after speaking to the so called "Supervisor on Duty" we were rudely spoken to and told that the second order was never placed and then he proceeded to tell us that we shouldn't have give them a bad card which is none of his business but the card that was given the first time is secured and cant be used on internet ordering. I then asked him if he could give us some kind of discount due to the fact that the lady who said she placed the second order with a different card didn't but the order through. He proceeded to tell me that he wasn't going to give us any discount and that we could replace the order. I would like to let pizza hut know that as of what has happened to me tonight I nor and of my family ever order through pizza hut again unless something is done to fix this matter, and thanks to Anthony at the call center in TN my 2 year old son and 1 1/2 year old nephew have to eat cereal for dinner after waiting well over an hour and NOTHING was done.

pizza with hair rude employes they dont care of costumers worst pizza place in spring tx zip code 77379 spring cypress delivery guy was a jerk

we ordered a pizza over the phone and when the pizza arrive the pizza had a hair we call for our money back the supervisor start playing dumb like she don't hear what we where saying and when the delivery guy came back he start acting like a jerk we never go back to buy an other pizza from pizza hut

our family had visited pizza hut at vadodara, gujarat, INDIA.while having our meal we serveal times asked for a glass of water but none of them responed,they all were busy in gossip. Is that what for we pay?

This is to address Pizza Hut's retarded policy of forbidding their employees from protecting themselves via concealed weapons. If a person gets the legal permit and works what is probably considered the most dangerous job in America (pizza delivery), then your policy should not be to make them sitting ducks. Shame on you Pizza Hut. I will never buy from you again!!!!!

I ordered a pizza for lunch 9/30/2010 I called our local branch which is accross the parking lot at 11:35 am at 12:05 I called to check the status I was told driver left about 5 mins later driver tells me it will be 10-15 min longer I said ok at 12:25 I call store and was told driver did leave early and that supervor Linda did not know where driver was. I told Linda I do not want a pizza that he has been driving around with for over 30 mins and she said sorry. Linda did not offer to make a new hot pizza so I canceled my order. At 12:45 driver calls and said he has a pizza for delivery I told him I canceled order 15mins ago and he said ok and hung up, since he called my personal cell numberI checked the parking lot he still was not there. I have never has a problem before as a matter of fact I live close and this is the store we always get our pizza from. I was terrible since the three of us ( employees ) has to scramble to find something for lunch since lunch was now over. I did a review on line to the store and gave supervisor Linda the drivers cell phone number so that she can call and see where he is at. Uniontown is not that big. I am hopeing to get some satififaction from the store if not there are atleast 10 other pizza shops and I know Papa Johns also delivers even though their pizza is not as good as our local pizza hut.

This Pizza Hut in Huber Hights Ohio on state route 202. Looks like it need to be wash down with a hose of a fire truck. IT is dark inside and need so brighting up . I have so friends that will not eat in this Pizza hut .

If you have a problem paying the convenience fee you should pick the order up yourself. Not just that, If you don't want to tip the driver for delivering the pizza to you .... You should pick it up yourself. They don't work as drivers for their health. They have to use their own vehicle and pay for their own gas. This goes for delivery at every restaurant. You should also remember to tip your waitress when going to a restaurant. If you don't want to... Then eat at a fast food restaurant and wait on yourself.

Hello I am concerned with the recent letter from Pizza Hut La Raza Pizza Inc WingStreet -Donna Bridgewater Human Resource Manager- personal opinion of a homeless shelter to be placed in Irvington Indianapolis Indiana. I believe she does not own a home in Irvington and the misuse of the Pizza Hut LaRaza Pizza, Inc. letter head stationary is unacceptable , which leads us to believe that this corporation with all employees is backing this shelter. This sounds like more of a personal preference for this Donna Bridgewater. We as home owners in Irvington do not care to have any part of pizza hut make decision for our neighborhood or community. As they have used letter head stationary to voice their opinion for what is good for our community. If you could help me with this unacceptable action I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks

Gentleman your pizza hut franchise @ 105 clear creek Killeen TX must be must miserable in your whole empire, it look like your corporation is rationing the vegetables and meat for your toppings, it is the worst pizza that I have ever seen it tasted terrible, specialy when I order a supreme pizza I can count two pieces of your toppings in every slice. Honestly I dont realy know how in the hell your company is still in buissness.

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