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My husband an I went to have dinner at Pizza Hut located on4822 St. Hwy 30 Amsterdam New York 12010 on August 10, 2010. We were so disgusted with the appearance of the restaurant. The silverware was dirty, seats were filthy, the containers that hold the sugar's were caked with food and so sticky, the shakers for the parm cheese and hot pepper flakes were just about empty, the wooden boarder around the booths were sticky and covered with food, the curtains were half on and half off, the salad bar was maybe half full. When we went to pay our check I noticed several spatulas on the floor behind the counter I was completely disgusted. The restaurant was not busy at all and several of the employees were just standing around... I didn't even dare use the restroom. My husband and I will never go there again...

Hello,first of all I would love to see pizza hut be the first Major Pizza company try Ground Turkey on some of their pizza's seeing that people are eating more healthier,also Turkey Pepporoni and Turkey Sauages.These are some ideas I hope u guy's take in consideration.Thanks

I think the start of the call center when calling in an order was the dumbest idea yet. I have called several times to place an order and on one occasion my order was placed with the wrong pizza hut. It was sent to another town. This time I placed my order and it was sent to the right place but I was told that the order would be ready in 25 min. and not only was it not ready it had just been sent to our pizza hut. Now I get to wait another 25 min. for it and drive back across town to pick it up. Next time this happens I will cancel my order and you can throw it away.

I Order a 10 pizza beef the pizza was nasty also i order some wing the wing were so nasty that i just left they were to hard to even eat i will never eat at Pizza Hut again because that was $20 down the drain

we had a pizza (large mushroom onion hambuger) last night and their was not enough on that pizza for a small. their did not seem to be any cheese or tomato sauce. i know that that a big pizza is only $10 but i would be glad to pay more for a pizza hut pizza like we got in the past. we will not buy any more pizzas from pizza hut. we will buy a frozen pizza and cook it our self, it will be better. pizza hut will soon be a thing of the past like other store that thought they could serve what ever they wanted and keep on going. so long pizza hut i can't say it been nice.

I am a disabled veteran & the primary care-giver for my grandson. We live alone & there are many times that I am unable to stand in order to fix our evening meal. I have ordered delivery many times from the Pizza Hut here in Monticello, AR. On this date I was refused delivery service even though deliveries have been made to my home before. I had to find someone to go & pick up our order for us. When speaking to staff they informed me that my house was too far away to deliver to, even though they have delivered here several times before. This will be the last $32.00 that I will ever spend with Pizza Hut in this area. There are 2 more pizza places that I can use.

Please bring back the big new yorker pizza its deliciouse

I ordered a pizza from the coors and central pizza hut in Albuquerque New Mexico, while i was staying at a hotel, my boyfriend had over $80.00 in his hand when he opened the door to pay the driver the bill of just over $20.00 , the money was a little out of order, and my boyfriend (not thinking) gave the driver all the money to get the amount of the bill and the driver took off as quickly as possible and when he turned around and gave me the money back there was only $48.00 in his hand shorting him a $20.00 bill, so i called the pizza hut and told them the situation they put me on hold for a long time and then a girl came on the phone and told me that she was going to print out all info from register to give to manager, and then put me on hold again, then girl sounded between 18-21 yrs old very young voice, she said her name was Leandra and that she was the manager and was going to call me back as soon as her driver came back to the pizza hut, when i did get a phone call back it was someone named Michael and he said that his driver said that we only gave him $25 and that his driver would not llie about something like that but maybe my boyfriend would. and he didn't know what to tell me about the situation, he then hung up on me, Never going there again, and they should all lose their jobs for being so dishonest.

Okay, my complaint is not with service but in a different area. I live in Biloxi,Mississippi and I just recently lost my job where I'd worked for over 3 years. I saw two positions with D'Iberville Pizza Hut that I qualify for who have sent me emails saying that can't hire me because I'm over qualified! I'm out of work, that store needs someone for this position and if they would've at least called me and looked at my resume, they'd know I could do it. Apparently it's that they can't pay me what I use to get paid... okay and I've accepted that fact...otherwise why would I have bothered applying for the job? I'm tough, open minded, fun to work with, have a 'lead by example' attitude and can do the job! I just left a message with someone's voice mail at a corporate office in regards to this and I'm hoping I get a response soon. Next step, is to go to the EEOC and complain about some of these companies for discrimination due to my age maybe? Or my qualifications? Or what? I'll ask them and find out why businesses do this to people. AMERICANS NEED WORK, YOUR COMPANY HAS POSITIONS TO BE FILLED, GIVE ME A JOB THEN! Also I think sometimes that the managers at these places are too young and immature to totally understand and to do great customer service! Someone please respond! my email is: aprilknight43@hotmail.com

Hi I would like to complain regarding those DISGUSTING BAKED BUFFALO WINGS they sell in pizza hut at 5262 PEARL RD PARMA, OH, 44129 they are nasty and I try to talk to them to see if there's any way they can start selling the wing street wings like they sell at the other pizza huts and they say they can't do that so thanks to them I had to take a couple buses to a pizza hut that does not sell does nasty baked wings and ended up in a hospital because I have epileptic seizures since I was a kid and had a bad seizure and got hit by a drunk driver and that all could have been avoided if only they were selling the real wings from the begining so I would appreciated if some one can tell this pizza hut to please start selling the Wingstreet NON BAKED Wings. July 16, 2010

The store on University Drive in Durham NC needs to be trained in how to make pizza and bread sticks. I know the economy is bad and business all over is cutting corners to save a dollar. But scheming on toppings that I pay extra money to get is ridiculous. For the second time I ordered the combo for lunch which includes a personal pan and bread sticks w/ drink. The pizza has 6 slices of pepperoni on it and there is hardly any cheese at all on the bread sticks that they charged me extra money for. I specifically asked the when ordering the bread sticks w/ cheese to make sure they actually had my money worth on them. And of course they didn’t and to mention they were nearly burnt. I have taken a picture and would love an email addressee to send them to.

Hi last night 7/14/2010 I called three pizza huts in the surrounding area of Van Nuys to have pizza delievered, each place told me they do NOT deliever to 13351 Burbank Blvd, Van Nuys, Calif 91401. Funny there is one in a short driving distance. It was hot out, we didn't want to go out after working all day. So we ended up disappointed, went out to Greco's in Sherman Oaks less than a mile away and ate out. I am truly disappointed in Pizza Hut. We are upright citizens, have been doing life awhile and it's ashame that there are flyers in our doors every other day and pizza hut will not be compliant.


Customer service at pizza hut in santa fe NM at the santa fe place is not there. I thougt any pizza for 10.00 I guess it is only regular pizzas. Last time I go to pizza hut. I saw the manager eating wings right in front of customers. How wrong is that? When you hire people maybe you should give them I class in customer service. Boycott pizza hut!

i am trying to search online for a way to contact your corporate headquarters and I stumbled on this site. I am not from the USA but I want to complain my very bad experience in one of your pizza hut branches here in the Philippines. the branch is located in glorietta 4, makati city, Philippines. The incident was very alarming since there was a small cockroach on the iced tea that my daughter already drank. we were asking for an iced tea refill then we saw this cockroach inside the glass. the manager immediately took the glass with cockroach and hid it. she didn't even apologized, what she just said is we won't pay for all the refillable iced tea that we ordered. before that incident we already asked for an iced tea refill 3 times to different personnel but no one bothered to refill it. our other orders also took a while to be served so we canceled those orders. i hope you can do something about this.

We went to the Hut today in Forest City, Iowa. We had seen the ads for any size pizza $10.99. They would not honor that ad and said that only the medium pizza would be at that price. What's going on here? Can't we believe the ads that we see? I don't feel that this is fair and we need to know the reason why this happened.

I ordered 2 pizzas last night (Friday) and they were without ANY sauce and we asked for EXTRA EXTRA sauce. They were also burnt! I called and the woman said "We can remake & redeliver them but you will have to pay $2.50 for a delivery fee". I told her I wasn't paying a dime for something they messed up. So basically she got upset and hung up the phone after I went on about not ordering burnt pizza. I was in shock that she was treating me like this. And, she was the MANAGER! Her name was Jasmine Jackson. It's the Tucker, GA location off Hugh Howell. Needless to say, I never got new pizzas and paid $26 for something we coudln't even eat. I tried to call a 2nd time and she passed the phone off to an employee that had just arrived on his shift. He was rude by saying "Well, I'm not delivering the pizzas for free". That's when I had to hang up b/c I realized they did NOT care and weren't going to do anything. By that point, I was scared the pizzas would have been tapered with or spit on. Sad.. 3rd time pizzas have been wrong from that location and there's even a note under our name how we like the sauce.

Ok, see the irony here is that every review I've read thus far depicts the consumer contacting someone on a Corporate level and/or still continuing to not obtain any response whatsoever. My experience happened just days ago and to be blatantly honest, I'm still infuriated. Upon arriving an hour and a 1/2 late w/ a cold pizza that was promised w/in 20 minutes, I contacted the local restaurant (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) and obtained $25 credit when speaking w/ a manager. Less than a wk later, I went to order the pizza and OF COURSE, it'd be too much like normal to NOT experience a hassle for the promised credit. I went over the credit amount and had to pay for extra items out of pocket and while I was fully aware of this, I went to give the delivery guy $ and upon handing me back some wrinkled one's from the $20 I'd given him previously, I was informed that he was instructed by management NOT TO CARRY CHANGE!!!!?!?!?! If that's the case and he's the ONLY delivery guy, he's making some pretty hefty commission! Once I phoned the local restaurant I was made aware that this was NOT the case and said delivery guy was forced to return to my place of residence to supply me my monies alongside a letter of apology. A moment ago, I contacted a Corporate # for Pizza Hut and was greeted by someone in Texas, mind you I'm in Southern California. She, in her sarcastic Southern accent, informed me that Pizza Hut's are all independently (yet Corporately owned), meaning that while your experiences may vary, you are left to contact and resolve the issue w/ one specific location for your region. <<<SIMPLY PATHETIC!>>> W/ that stated, I inquired on how to obtain a # to the Corporate office w/in my region and she of all people, recommended I go online or contact the same office that was giving me the problem in the 1st place. SMH (Shaking my head). How effin' dumb is that?! Pizza Hut, GET IT TOGETHER!

LISTEN UP! RATING IS 0 stars, BEYOND POOR! 1st of all, the ad/signs for any pizza, topping, crust for $10.00 is a lie! False advertising. Stuffed Crust cost $2.00 more! We went to the Pizza Hut in Nampa ID on the Nampa Boulevard. Outside looks like a dump. INSIDE: Well there was ONE waitress-for whatever reason, We do not blame her for the service as she was only the one. There was a busted seat bench when you sat down. We had to WALK UP over and over and ask for drink refills. We ordered 2 lunch specials and one to go. We waited and waited-they brought the to-go one 1st??? Which will obviously be cold when it arrives at home. We then got breadsticks and 45 min later our small pan pizza's arrive. My son hates black olives and this was covered in them, he did not order this pizza! It took another 30 min for another pizza! The salad bar looked old and out of things, I asked the waitress for more broccoli and beets, She said, THERE IS NONE! What is up with that??? I cannot tell you how poorly managed and disgusting this Pizza Hut is. And the bathrooms, oh my gosh, good thing the sign is on the men's as the woman's sign is missing. To get to the toilet you have to navigate around the baby changing table and it is folded up, A large person could never get to the toilet. Toilet is filthy gross dirty, rings and stains, sink gross and no paper towels, dark and dirty, walls all stain with with water marks and stains running down walls. SOOO GROSS!!! this pizza hut gets our vote for being the biggest DUMP ever and we will NOT return until it is fixed and remodeled. What is more frustrating is this happened a few weeks back and I e-mailed this complaint to the website listed in the store, you know where you CAN... ha ha, win $1,000 for your opinions and to this day have not received any contact back from Pizza Hut Corporate Office!! Do you not care how your Restaurants are run? Very frustrated that paying customers should even have to complain at this magnitude. Speaking of paying, the waitress did give us a 20% discount...IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FREE!

I just saw one of your T.V. advertisements stating any size any topping any crust for 10.00 yet I ordered 2 large pizza with stuffed crust and was charged 1.50 extra I feel that is false advertisement and because of this I will no longer order from pizza hut. If there is a diclosure on the advertisement that states stuffed crust not included most people dont read that plus in small letters you need to state that in your advertisement.

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