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The customer service is the worst in the world by far. Everyone is ghetto and don't speak proper english. I have never heard of a delivery service that doesn't bring food to your front door.

So this past Friday I called in a orde for pickup at 8pm on the dot theysaid it would be ready In 30 mins. So I go to pick it upand say it will be another 5 mins so I wait and wait 15 mins more I go in the store and calmly ask for my food ad they cant seem to find it. So after and hour of waiting I finally getmu food and the manager Tanya gives me a 20.00 credit. My food came to 26 and some change hhhhhmmm wierd. So anyway I order pasta tonight and after 30 mins they call me and say they are out if the pasta for the night WTF ? So again I speak with the manager Tanya and she remebers me. And says what can she do to fix the problem?I ask for 2 pizzas She said she will put a rush on them 30 mons later they show up. I still have the driver a full tip at that point it is 9 pm. Now 11 pm the same manager Tanya calls me to make sure everything was ok. I told her thank you for waking me up, I have to work at 6 am. This is the pizzahut located In the parkway shopping center off of Lynhavenn parkway in Virginia Beach VA. I just called the corporate # let's see if I get a call back.

Your advertisement is misleading: Any Pizza. Any Size. Now Just $10. Don’t Miss Out. Only at Pizza Hut is a joke. I order from our Lexington Ave. Pizza Hut in Mansfield, Ohio and they only honor up to four topping and your ad says any topping. I always have to argue about this and get nowhere.

i went to our local pizza hut lastnight to place an order,after i finally was waited on and paid for the order the man told me that it would take about 30 to 40 min.it was very hot inside the place so i deceided to ask them to deliver the pizza to my house thats when all hell broke lose.I might add that my family and I have been eating at this place for at least 20 years, the man told me that he could not change my order to delivery from pickup after i paid for it.He ask the manager to talk to me ,the manager was very rude and told me the same thing.I asked him why and he just said that the rules,so i asked him to refund my money.He got loud and called me curse words and asked me to wait outside,Ithen asked him for my money again and he told me to leave,I said that i would leave but i wanted the money now.He told one of the employees to call the police and told me never to come back again,finally after more yelling and cursing he gave me a refund this pizza hut is located in nicholasville,ky.I well never eat there again and nether well my family and friends

Hi my name is Rachelle and I live in Pompano Beach, FL and the past three times I have tried to call and order from the Pizza Hut on sample road in pompano I have called well before closing time and they do not answerthe phone!!! I called all the pizza huts around to see if there hours changed or if they suddenly changed there phone number bu no I had the correct phone number and they should be open four other pizza huts told me. I love your pizza so I ordered from a different one and traveled 20 mins because I couldn't get it delivered! And the first time this was ok. But by the third time I'm writing this. I don't understand why they have a scheduled time to close but just quit answering the phone I am in a band and we eat pizza religously but I'm not going to travel across town anymore! Please email me if u decide to talk to someone at the pizza hut on sample road in pompano beach Florida ! Fortunate-fool@live.com. Thanks, rachelle

How would you like to go into a local pizza hut and you are with family who are in from out of state and have really great service but when you go tonpay for your meal the store manager and some other employee who I didn't get her name, are so high they almost knock you down with the smell of pot! I was so upset and my husband and I grabed our kids and out out of state family and left. We didn't even wait for our change. It was so strong!! I am going to contact someone on this because this is uncalled for.

hello i have order from you louisiana store many of time and they always miss up my order whats the promble if they cant get it right the first time then i think we should have some one in there who can take ordes and do it right this is bull

The location in Cleburne is awlful. Flies by the hordes. Only one person taking orders cleaning tables and answer phone. For the past four times I had to clean my own table and get my own drinks. Very dirty tables and floor. I am notifying the Texas dept of health and the city.

Your Store On Georgia Ave NW Washington DC Is By Far The Worst!!! The Employees Are Terrible, and Their Attitudes Are Even Worst!! Then The Driver Takes A Whole Hour and a Half To Deliver My Pizza but Doesn't Have Change For a $20!!! OMG, I'm Disgusted With Them, You Have Got To Get Better Staff! I Work In Retail Myself and Their Customer Service Skills Are Horrible!!!! Please Fix This Soon, Pizza Hut Is My Favorite Pizza!

Ok so im really up set right now not only did my order came delivered wrong on 5/22/2010 but when i called the store they said there was no manager there and that i would have to call back Tuesday after the holiday, no offense to any gay people but this guy who acted like a girl was suppose to be the manager his name was Christopher or so he said. i explained that i paid for a pan pizza supreme with extra mushrooms and i got half cheese and half something called Hawaiian, i said that the person that took my order that day was incompetent and he said i was disrespecting him thats when i got furious! i said if your a store manager how can you tell me im disrespecting you i have an opinion about the person that was there cause they didnt have my order right but in the middle of me talking he kept on cutting me off and telling me that i didnt come up on the system he can barely repeat the word "incompetent" and said that i needed to let him talk and i yes of course as soon as im done trying to explain what happened he said mam im doing you a favor. i said a favor? sweet heart i paid for a pizza i had to throw away your not doing me a favor your doing your job! and he replied with mam can you stop talking cause we are wasting time... i can not believe this guy is a manager and at the end he asked me for my address 4 times! and said again that he was not suppose to send me anything free! how is it free if i didnt get what i wanted. i want someone to call me back and this will be the last time i order from you guys, there is so many other pizza places, i would think that with the way the economy is you would want to keep your customers not mistreat them and make them go to the competition. my number is 786 291 7876 by the way i work for the Miami Herald and i really dont want to put an article about this so i hope i get a call back and i want Christopher to apologize he was rude and made me feel as if my money wasnt important and as if he was wasting his time with me since he said that him self!!!

From about March had problems with Pizza Hut so much that I too am going over to your competion and they don't have good pizza but I REFUSE to spend any more money on pizza that's not the way I called and ordered it. And to be made to feel like I was trying to steal was too much. Last night was the last straw the driver did not have change and instead of giving me the pizza for 16.00 he charged me 17.00 the pizza was (16.23). if I could give Pizza Hut minus stars I would give them. Even the General Mgr was no better but i guess that par for the course. The mgr Gloria wasn't any better. The order takers were good and all the driver except the one I had last night. Store number # 312020, on the North side of Houston. I am done, and I don't need a call or email me!

I don't usually go to pizza hut but I decided to because it was write there. The service was horrible. First while the cashier was taking my order she was laughing, playing, and talking to her co-workers while she was talking to me. What made it even worst was the manager was standing right next to her doing the same thing. Than I asked if they still had the five dollar pizzas she told me no than five min later I saw her giving the pizza I asked if they had to another customer. This was the worst service ever and I will never n my life go back. I rate pizza hut a 1 poor because of there poor service

I walked in for a carry-out and was told I needed to give a number. I just wanted a pizza,I was going to hang out there to get it, I even had to wait for the cashier to count their till before taking my order which is fine, if i could have subsequently ordered the pizza but no I had to give my number, so I left then called to get the corporate number but was given a bogus one instead. I am really upset, I just wanted some pizza and wings.The Pizza Hut on pigeon pass in Moreno Vally is the place that demands a number, no other pizza place I have been to does that! Why do you do that Pizza Hut?!

smith's 4/18/10 I am writing to you do to your attitudes of some of your staff. They wanted to argue with me regarding your special that says ANY PIZZA and Topings for $10.00. I have ordered this before from same location a month ago and the person who took my order was fabulos..But this time he wanted to argue with me about 1.50 charge..anyway after 5 min. on the phone he took my order correctly. now I am worried if the pizza is going to be messed up or who knows what else.!!! I almost hung up and went to your competetor Papa johns. you need to teach your staff that customer service is what keeps your repeat business and keep them having a job!!!! I am a ex Pizza Hut employee and I tell you that I had that attitude from the Pizza Hut staff just like that. They are the most miserable low life staff I ever encountered in my entire life. I had been bullied and harassed with the manager encouraging all of that and finally I got fired. Customers LOVED me becasue I was always good to them and make sure their orders were not messed up. But because they are low life they hire low life their CS will always SUCK.

The delivery service in Topeka, Kansas, will not receive a good impression report from my uncle when he returns to Scotland next week. My mother and uncle are in their 80's and decided to order a pizza. Everyone, including my husband and I, told them Pizza Hut was the best. Mom had never ordered for deliver before so I did it for her. I was told the pizza would be delivered in 55 minutes. An hour and a half later, she received a call saying the delivery person went to the wrong residence, which happened to be on the opposite side of town from her house. The individual I ordered from repeated the address and and phone number to me and still somehow managed to screw it up. Mom was told another pizza would be made and would be delivered soon to the correct adddress. This was at approximately 7 p.m. Three house later, no phone call, no pizza. The next day, my sister-in-law visited the Pizza Hut in North Topeka, where mom lives, and received a free pizza. Needless to say, good pizza or not, this will be the last time my family orders from Pizza Hut and I will be happy to share this bad experience with anyone who will listen. I would appreciate someone contacting me so I am sure this was read: Jbroeyes@aol.com

Hi, my latest experience was with a delivery from store 023580 in district hgts md. It was THE worst pizza I've ever gotten. I called the store, only to be told by someone named Juanita, whosaid she was the Mgr tonght, that you'all changed the cup sizes. Please take my advice and bring back the pizza that I love. I shall NEVER buy another of my favorite pizza until you do. You cannot save money on ingrediants if WE don't buy your product. I hate to say this, but Ireally wanted to go on Facebook and begin a boycott. I love this product that much. Also, it did not help that the employee Juanita had such a bad attitude. Irequested that somone return to my home and pick that stuff back up. And finally You all need a better way for loyal customers to contact you. I need a telephone # The employees say to go online. Ityped this on my cell phone. By the way, I,m 50 years old, and this is not easy! I do expect to hear from someone. Rford3204@aol.com

I called to order a couple of the large supreme pizzas that are currently advertized, nationaly, at $10.00 each. I was told they do not honor the offer. Why do they carry the Pizza Hut name if they are not going to honor the promotions? It might seem like a little thing to you, but if I say something! I do it! We went to a compeditor and probably will continue to do so, at least in this town.

Usually my rating would be a 5 because I do like your pizza especially the stuff crust, but ever since all the Pizza Huts in the Rio Grande Valley changed to Bistro my rating went down. You see, one of my favorite Pizza Hut dishes was the Primavera. Hmmm...so good! But now NO ONE has it on their menu anymore. Usually I would not have made such a big fuss but I am now 5 month pregnant and have been CRAVING this dish FOREVER!!! My hubby, bless his soul, has been calling all the Pizza Hut's in our city and neighboring cities but no luck. Is there any Pizza Hut here in the Valley that still has this item? Please let me know at nb_46@yahoo.com. Thanks. Much appreciated.

Gentalman,I have a great pizza item I would like to offer you.Pizza Hut would be the first to introduce it to the public.I guarentee you increased sales.If you are interested please contact me.

I am writing to you do to your attitudes of some of your staff. They wanted to argue with me regarding your special that says ANY PIZZA and Topings for $10.00. I have ordered this before from same location a month ago and the person who took my order was fabulos..But this time he wanted to argue with me about 1.50 charge..anyway after 5 min. on the phone he took my order correctly. now I am worried if the pizza is going to be messed up or who knows what else.!!! I almost hung up and went to your competetor Papa johns. you need to teach your staff that customer service is what keeps your repeat business and keep them having a job!!!!

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