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I am writing regarding your St. Mary's, Ga. location. You have recently undergone management changes which were long overdue,which is wonderful. My issue is with past and present management regarding minimum wage laws and your wait staff.You pay normal waitress minimum wage as do other restaurants in the area, my issue is that there are no dine in customers due to the filthy booth upholstry, warped wood paneling bowing off the wall and black mold on most of your wall paper and wood work.I would not dine in and would assume that these problems are apparent to other customers as well which is why dine in sales are so low.There might be 4-8 dine in tickets a night leaving $8-$20.00 in tips for the waitress. The wait staff are instructed to claim tips to bring them to minimum wage rather than claim the actual figure. If they claim the actual figure the mgmt. changes them at the end of the week to avoid paying them the difference to bring them to minimum wage. This as you know is ILLEGAL !!! You are open to a class action law suit and fines by the Government. You at the least owe the waitstaff back pay for the amount to bring them to minimum wage for hours worked. How can a corporation promote such grossly negligent federal hourly wage fraud?!!!!

My ratings aren't for the service it is because of the manager. My mother has worked as a delivery driver for 23 years at the same Pizza Hut. My sister has also worked for the same Pizza Hut for many years too. They helped make it what it is or what it ever has been. Their reward for this: they bring in a manager who is not a nice person and says family should never work together even though they have worked there for years and have always worked together fine, as past managers can tell you. The manager cuts their hours so my mother is only working like 3 hours a day and my sister has to work 6 days a week just to get her hours in. When my niece, who is a waitress there too tell her that grandma can't make it on that when they had recently built a house and had house payments, the manager said, "Then maybe she should sell her house." In my opinion this reflects on Pizza Hut as being a not family-oriented place to go to. And now she is trying to set my sister up as a thief when everyone that knows her knows that there is no way my sister would do that, including any past manager. Pizza Hut has been her life for many years and she has put so much into her work. But this woman will do whatever she has to so she can get her way. Well I am telling everyone now that if you ever go to Ottawa, Kansas, to stay as far away from Pizza Hut as you can because the manager here is a heartless person. My mother got fired for saying a cuss word,DAMN, even though most all of them cuss there. In my opinion this was senseless and put a 65 year old woman jobless that probably won't be able to get another job and she worked hard for them.

The RGM at the Pizza Hut in Lafayette, La on St.Landry St. , Curtlynn Christmas is totally disrespectful and doesn't have any idea how to treat people. She has the nastiest attitude ever! She shouldnt have a job there especially as manager because she is totally rude. The employees there also say how Christmas is rude and treats themlike total garbage! Something needs to be done she has to go !

Recently, I have written a complaint as noted above. I have talked to the corporate branch on 2 or 3 occassions. I was told that I would receive a call in 3-5 working days. Have I received a call back? NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Also, I was told that I would receive a call on Monday, 09/13/10. Did I get the call? No. I will call today and try again. This has completely added "insult to injury." Not giving up until satisfaction is granted. Now ordering pizza from Dominoe's and Pappa Johns.

Pizza hut in edgewater md...terrible customer service..waited over an hour for my phone in order...pizzas were cold...they didn't have my breadsticks ready..ask for money back..manager was total D bag!!!

On 9/7/10 I placed an order at a new Pizza Hut location in the area. I placed my order over the phone. I ordered Lasagna, and an extra order of breadsticks. My husband picked up our order, and after getting it at home, I noticed I was given the Chicken, which I hate!! I called Pizza Hut back to note their mistake, only to be told that they didn't have any Lasagna. I asked why I wasn't told this over the phone when I placed my order, instead of being sent something different. I was then asked why I didn't like the chicken!! I told them I could not eat chicken, like it was any of his business anyway!! I finally agreed to get the Pasta Marinara, which was terrible!! I WANTED LASAGNA!!!!!!!! Your employees should be informed of what is available when an order is placed!!!

store # 703105 i ordered three of those big pizzas that are almost 2 ft and an order of two honey bbq wings and two orders of mild wings and three ranch dressings . well my pizza was cold my wings he dropped on the ground and gave them to me and did not bring the ranch did not offer to get me a new order of wings and took twenty mins to get the ranch to me i mean if i wanted cold pizza i would have i complained to the store manager about it and he is going to refund my money back to me in two to three days but i doubt it will see if they dont thiss wont be the last time i complain call me crazy but when you order pizza i think it should be hot

On Sept. 3rd, 2010, at 6pm, an order was placed at our local Pizza Hut. A party had been planned for the evening and while eating one piece of the pizza, I experienced a piece of fuzz with hair in one of the pieces of pizza I was eating. I phoned the manager and requested a refund for the orders that were replaced. He only replaced the pizza that I had bitten into. I was very dissatisfied and have emailed the corporate office 3 times with no response of this occurrence. What is it going to take to get a response? I will not order from Pizza Hut again.

Talking about poor customer service. Where do I start, from the time i was cut short trying to explain my situation or where I was mislead and given false information. I am reffering to the 2153 american blvd in orlando location. You guys should be embarresed of yourselves. I don't care if you make $7 an hour, you can't put a dollar amount on common courtesy!!!! My number is 954-657-3123 to anyone who works for pizza hut that cares enough to give me a call. Needless to say that's the last i order from you


Last night I ordered the "Big Italy". The driver asked me to notice the green paper stapled to the receipt & take the survey. The "Big Italy" is advertised as $12.00 with 3 toppings. I took the survey & when given the message box I wrote: "WTF is the $2.50 "CONVENIENCE FEE"? I understand we are all experiencing tough times economically & Pizza Hut is no exception - you've had to make major adjustments to the portions etc. to stay competitive & make a profit. The "Big Italy" "LOOKS" big - but it's hardly more than a medium pizza. I'm not surprised by that. I am however really upset with Pizza Hut over the "convenience fee" bull crap. THAT'S a surprise - the $12.00 pizza turned into a $15.34 pizza. It's advertised as with 3 toppings so I EXPECTED $12.00 + tax. Here in Florida that would come to $12.84. It's not the drivers fault so I tipped him - no problem. So for $18.00 I got a medium 3 topping pizza magically presented in an oval shape that looks BIG. I won't be recommending that to anyone." It's my fault for not asking for a total price. I noticed later at the bottom of the receipt "Driver gratuity not included". Bye-Bye Pizza Hut

They served my pizza pie on a cracked dish, were trying to clean the filthy floor with a broom while i was eating, employees wear filthy aprons, flies all over, dirty tables it may me disgusted just to see that filith in the place.

i went into the pizza hut in blackfoot idaho and received the worst care possible. last week i ordered a italian pizza when we got it home it was burnt to a crisp event the cheese was burnt we called and complained and they did at this time put a $12 credit on my account, so we decided to give them another chance BIG MISTAKE we ordered a $12 pizza with pepperoni sausage bacon mushrooms and olives plus a order of cheese sticks, when we got home the pizza had NO BACON OR SAUSAGE very little pepperoni and the cheese sticks had cinnamon taste to them, we called and complained again and the employeee refused to give me the corporate offices number so i decided to come the web site. i will no longer use this pizza hut and will be telling people i know of the terrible service and pizza we received please contact me with an explanation for this kind of customer service i would think in this economy you need all the customers you can get but you have certainly lost this one lrednour8@yahoo.com

The worst pizza I have ever had. I will never purchase any thing from pizza hut again!

I went to the Pizza Hut 006895 on Hwy 64 east Boise City. OK 73933. Phone number 580-544-2528. The date was 09/02/2010. I went in there about 1940Hours and I was not greated at first. Then this palto ~fag it~ approached me and said do you want it for here or take out. I then said I dont know now. He said seat yourself. This persons name was Uriel. Anyways I was tired and hungry because I was working all day since early this morning. I waited and waited for about 20mins and after this other couple waited along time to get their order in he still did not bring them any of their drinks. He still to that point did not ask me what I wanted to drink. He took the menus that the other people had and threw them at me. They were hitting each other with them in their heads. I asked him what was the hold up. He said to me " If you don't like it, then you can leave". I then requested to speak to the store manager. Uriel told me he is the manager. I said to him your tag says Crew Member. Then he said she is not here now. I said you need to call her then. He then said what ever to me and put his hand up to me. I ate at the place before earlier in the spring/ summer time and it was great service then. Well the manager came up and she explained the were short staffed. I advised her that he was bad for business. She asked me what she can do for me. I was so mad at this Uriel guy that I had looked up the corporate phone number for Pizza Hut and asked the manager if that was the number and she advised it was. Other people walked out as well. I then walked out. Because of Uriel and the way that he treated me, I will no longer eat at any Pizza Hut ever again, unless they FIRE him for the way he treated his customers tonight. I told the manager that she lost business because of Uriel. Also apparently they lost 8 people and they were short staffed. 2 cooks, 1 drive thru which in my opinon she had no clue on what to do then Uriel tryingbto run drive thru take orders and ring peoples orders out and do the to-go orders. What a messed up Pizza Hut.

Oberlin Ohio Pizza hut sucks!!! The server is rude touches her mouth picks up glasses with her fingers in them. I have had this server more than once and I have had friends and family that has had the same issues. Oh not to mention that I gagged on my pizza because it was still doughie in the middle. Oh and I didn't even get what I ordered. Please fix this so I don't have to drive out of my way to the location in medina.

The employee I ordered over the phone said I could not get a $10.00 pizza when I ordered the same pizza from the same location 2 weeks ago. Please Take Care Of This Issue Thank You

I recently called in a order to the Pizza Hut on Eastchase and 30 in Fort Worth Tx and the people there are very rude and not customer friendly. I ordered a pizza and some hot wings. I asked the rep for the smallest order of hot wings that they sold and she stated that the smallest order was a 14 piece. So not working at Pizza Hut I said again that I wanted the smallest order of wings. So then the pizza finally arrives and I call the store again after looking online and seeing that it wasnt the smallest order they had and asked to speak to the mgr. The manager was speaking in the background and said that she was not getting on the phone bc she didnt have time for that. So the rep that was on the phone said that she couldnt give me nothing free. I then stated to her that I didnt ask for nothing free what I asked for was the smallest order of wings and I do know that it dont cost $11. So then she states that she needs to have the entire order brought back and that she will fix it and send it back out. Not caring that it is 9:00pm and my family needs to eat bc we just got home from work and have to return in the am. So then I asked her why cant she just take what was messed up and fix it and redeliver it. The manager then stated in the background "do you want it or not". This is not the way to treat your customers. I have plenty of connections and will be telling others abt the experience and take my business else where. People need to realize that if it werent for us customers then they wouldnt have a job.

I would like to share with you and everyone that I know about what happen at the Pizza Hut in Pittsfield IL on Saturday between 5:00 and 5:30. We went to Pizza Hut for my daughters 9th birthday supper and we had just gotten her a new puppy that cost $150.00 because her dog got hit by a car back in February. She really wanted another puppy so we got it for her. Not even an hour before getting to Pizza Hut and 3 of the emplyees had stolen her puppy that we didn't have an hour yet.One of the emplyee throw the puppy in a car with the window up { which we had her in the shade with water} later we found out that one of employee throw the puppy in the manager's car. we did get the puppy back but had to take her to the vet due to her having a marks from being throw in the car as she didn't have any marks before this happen. NO ONE ask if the puppy belong to someone in the Pizza Hut. They just stole a little 9 year old girl's birthday present " her new puppy" Sorry in my book that is the lowest thing anyone could do. SO PLEASE KEEP IN MIND WHEN VISITNG piZZA HUT IN PITTSFIELD IL TO LOCK YOUR CARS AND TRY TO SIT BY A WINDOW SO YOU CAN WATCH YOUR CAR! You near know what they MIGHT steal next!! thank you Pizza Hut in Pittsfield IL for ruining my little girls 9th birthday!

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