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wrong charges, way over

after advising the hostess that I would pay for the teams drinks (25 players) and 10 parents, i was charged 180 dollars. I have been calling them to fix the issue and they keep hanging up on me.

not happy with you

we had order a meat lovers pizza quess what we didn't get what we order cause it didn't have any cheese and bacon on it when we call we were told they couldn't help it if it wasn;t on there truck delivery but you will be charge for a meat lovers pizza .Poor excuse when there is a Winn Dixie just a mile away I quess there won't be any cheese pizzas sold today why even open doors.

cheezy business

I wonder why i cant order a beer,Have you noticed how old the interior in this pizza restaurant, obviously they dont care

manager assault employer

I arrjved at pizza in olive branch for the buffet the manager was cursing out a employee they got into a fist fight and it looked like a customer had to drag the employee out while the manager was cursing i will never go back and he had the nerve to ask me what i was looking at.

lutz fl

I ordered a dinner box they forgot my wings and the pizza all the chesse n toppings were sliding off the pizza. I called to complain they said they will send me wings a new pizza 30 min later I only get the wings :(

Pizza Hut gift cars

i live in Puerto Rico and i got a pizza hut gift card ,i went to yauco plaza PR and they didint accept the gift card ,also telling me in a wrong way to go to other place to useit cz they didnt know where i got that card from!

crappy pizza

ordered a cheese lovers and a pepperoni with xtra cheese. Greasy nasty so-called pizza. Even our dogs wouldn't eat it. Extra cheese? yeah, right.

quit delivering

after 20 years of having pizza Hut delivering to us they have decided that they will no longer deliver here we are within 5 miles of the restaurant ...Pizza Hut has lost a very big customer

I was billed one amount but.my credit card was charged more

Voorhees new jersey. I want my money refunded. I can't believe this is still happening after This was exposed in the media. My address 437 hill ave. Lindenwold nj. I placed an order for the 10.00 pizza box and a 20 oz. Pepsi. They charged me 37.45 on december 22nd.

Problem with website

You have a fairly new store located on Tiny Town Road in Clarksville, TN. For some reason your website will not identify that address. It makes it impossible to order online in response to online deals only. I spoke to the store and they said it was nothing they could do about it, that it was controlled by corporate headquarters. So I am informing you that you should check it out.

Pizza Hut on Ella and Airtex

The worker at this pizza Hut are the worst I have ever seem they are not professional and have attitudes with there customers

can't get order right

My girlfriend and I ordered wings and cheesy bread....45 mins later the delivery guy shows up with 2 pepperoni pizza and garlic bread...called back and 55 mins later they give us cheesy bread with the wrong kind of wings?? I wouldn't recommend going there of u want the right order....


Had a coupon for large specialty pizza 11.95, by the time I paid delivery charge, that said it might be charge, & the tip it was 19.00 & it was dry, with no sauce, & not very good! I will not be ordering another one!

Corporate needs to take notice

The primary reviews on this corporate page are negative. Mine is as well, to a degree. At the Branson location on the Parkway, and no salad bar, okay, so I got the buffet and a bowl of salad will set you back another $2! What?! Since when is there an add'l chrg for lettuce? Also, it's the lunch hour and only 3 pizzas out? Surroundings Are nice enough though. Won't choose this one again though. Corporate, it's time to take notice of the "comments", there are plenty Of other pizza choices around.

Trash is everywhere outside

The location at 2630 Manhattan Blvd, Harvey, LA (New Orleans) does not contain their trash. There is a small undeveloped area behind the store and it is ALWAYS littered with Pizza Hut debris. Employees too lazy to do the right thing. I have spoken with one of many managers who have come and gone and he admitted that was a major problem with employees. I can provide pictures even

Bad customer service and bad restaurant

I wanted to be able to speak to a corporate customer service and there is no option for that. I went to a Pizza Hut in Kenton ohio on 12-5-14 it was disorganized and was not clean service was terrible had to get up Get My own drinks. The salad bar was out of a lot of items and was dirty and items were mixed with each other. I told the management nothing was done to correct The situation. This make me want to never go back to a Pizza Hut again.

I'm so sad!

I'm so disappointed! I can't believe you discontinued the p'zone! Why! They were so good! I don't understand why you would discontinue such a good product. Every time I went in they were going out the door like hot cakes! That makes even less sense than shutting down your in-store seating/dining! I'm still distressed over that. Are you just beginning to phase out Pizza Hut altogether? So sad.

Not Good

First of all the call center got my pizza wrong. Thin crust instead of pan. Then toppings were over cooked. They made me two new pizzas but the guy answering the phone was snippy and I won't ever buy from Pizza Hut again

Pissed off

Just reading the reviews Looks like you all have been crappy for years. I know the store in Perryton Tx is. I don't know how you all keep the doors open as much pizza as you give away. But I have decided good help is as hard to find as good pizza. Will try the local joint pizza dueo

Very Upset

I ordered a pizza from the Bloomington,IL store on South Main st. I called the store after a hour wait. They told me it was on its way. At the second hour I called again and they told me they cancelled my order because they were to busy . Totally bogus I have the kids that were waiting for dinner for two hours to find out it wasn't even coming.

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