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Poor Customer Service and Management

Went to the Durham NC location to dine out on Mother's Day. Called ahead for seating accomodation. Advised us about an hr wait time. Arrived at restaurant at that time and still a 30 min wait. Came back and now another 20 min wait. Told then that another 10 min wait. Told then another 40 min wait. All told this from the restaurant manager. I get serviced and the food was ridiculous. I refuse to dine here again and everyone I know feels the same!!!

don't order lobster

My wife and I have eaten at outback steak house in Torrance CA twice the time we both got the steak and "lobster " special? The steak was good not great just good. The so called lobsters (barely the legal size allowed by fish and game) and doubt they were but anyways they were mushy and nasty so we sent them back! The second attempt was a little bit better. Last week my wife and I gave it another try she was smart and didn't get the "lobster" but when I'm in the mood for lobster and steak I order it. My teriaki steak was good but instead of lobster they served me what I swear were prawns or a prawn cut in half. Went spent $75 on two dinners and two sodas. We got the raw end of the deal. And when I talked to the manager his response was" if they were lobster wed have to charge you more". Not the way to run a restaurant!

Horrible Customer Service

There was an issue at a local restaurant here in Tucson and the matter was taken to corporate where they did absolutely NOTHING. I will never eat there again, I will tell everyone how bad this company is all the way up the chain.


Me and my wife went into outback steakhouse in hot springs arkansas. The managers were not doin there job. the servers was alittle rasict to me and my wife. And i waitd 50 mins for a bloomin onion

drink machine

my family and i use to go to every month until they took out the walla bee darned machine :( worse thing they ever did, EVERYONE WANTS IT BACK ! ! ! ! if they wernt selling them enough then they should have advertised more about it or named it something else. Fresno ca

adding points for rewards

Almost without fail, when I try to add points online for "rewards" with the code from my receipt, they are rejected. This causes me to have to scan my receipts, PDF them, and reply to their rejection notice. It's happened SO frequently that I believe it is set up purposely this way. Outback seems to want to make the offer of rewards, but they don't want to deliver. Shame on Outback!!! Otherwise, I love the food and the service is good at the Thousand Oaks, CA restaurant.

Went for a nice lunch at the S. Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL location. The waitress came to our table, barely spoke, took our order and left. Got our drinks, then nothing for quiet a while. Finally, the salads were brought, one was wrong, had to be sent back and redone. No bread. Ask passing server and they brought us bread. Steaks came. Again, just set down and left. No refills, no condiments. Had to get up and find someone to get more tea. Likewise, to get catsup. Compained to some one, didn't introduce himself, but said he would "take care it." We ask for napkins, twice. Everytime she passed the table her nose was in the air and she would not acklowlege us in any way. WHAT HAD WE DONE? WHO KNOWS? Ask for the bill, paid in full, in cash and walked out the door. Needless to say, no tip. Waitress actually ran out the door after us saying we still owed a dollar. Ask her to count it again. This was the worst lunch we have every had. Too bad, I can see wy this Lakeland, FL restaruant is nearly empty. I wish I had paid more attention to that before we went in.


I have previously sent emails regarding a situation that we incurred on a recent visit to the Stuart, FL. site. There was an advertisement for $10.00 or of the steak and lobster dinner which was $14.99. We were offered the choice of 3 salads, and ordered the chopped. We were not advised there was an additional fee for this item. When we received our bill, we were surprised that our bill was $50. #. The waitress informed us we had ordered the filet and lobster - I showed her, when ordering, the picture I assumed was the $14.99 special. She advised it wasn't and we ordered the filet. - my point is , if the chopped salad is additional and if there is an ad showing the special - it should be more pointed out to the customer. Thank you for listening to my saga.

Good Service Bad presentation

My wife and I went to Out Back Steakhouse in Hendersonville, Tn. last night 4/12/2013. Ordered Prime rib 8 oz. and Lobster.Prime rib was cooked to perfection but was only 1/4 inch thick.This is NOT the way to present a steak to a customer.Neither I nor my wife will order that dish again, we may not go to outback again. A customer was across the floor from us in a booth, he sent his steak back because of the same reason. If you condone this insult to your customers, you may notice a severe drop in the return customer rate. This equals a severe reduced income for the restaurant, which is not good business sense.


I went to Outback Steakhouse and was overcharged on my card.I called the Manager and he did not seem concerned at all. Nor did he try yo help me. I was very upset being that I was from out of town and needed the receipt for work to turn in. They really need better Managers and people working for them that do not steal people money.

corporate customer service

Corporate customer service people are brusque, unfriendly, and terse. My call was not greeted with "hello" or any greeting. The customer service person did not greet me with her name, nor ask how she could help me Basically she told me my comments concerning their "online ordering process" were incorrect. Not a customer friendly group.

I work for outback for 13 years. I was let go on march 20 ,they said it was business,nothing personal. What's wrong with this picture


Visited Outback in Carrollwood last week and will not return until we are sure the restaurant has had an extensive cleaning. The spaces between the booths and walls were filthy as was the floor. It was an uncomfortable feeling and we were anxious to leave.

Bar Tenders

I am over the outback on Point meadows road in Jacksonville, one or two of the bartenders have been around for more than 5 years they insist on giving free drinks to their school buddys while trying to out the regulars. Service has gone down hill since they have a new owner! wont be going back anytime soon....

Waste of $$ and Time

I took my wife for her B-Day and was a BAD choice. We ordered dinner and a bottle of wine. we got a bloomin onion which was fried in old oil (tasted burnt) The salad that was ordered chopped came out in large pieces the waitress said oh!! they made it wrong period. When our steaks and mashed potatos came out my wife's filet was maybe a 1/2 to 3/4 flat. my was the right size. both of our potatos where luke to cool temp. I asked them to pls take my plate and just replace the potatos my wife didn't want to bother with them she just didn't at them. After about 3-4 minutes I got my plate with the steak on it back!!!!!

North canton store (the strip)

Had made a complaint never heard back from anyone!!!! :(. I'm guessing my business is not that important!!! Sad I use to be such a fan guess ill be going else where !


We're really glad that we had a gift card because it was pretty much a big disappointment. The french fries my husband had with his very dry chicken breast sandwich were horrible looking on the plate. There were very few decent sized ones, almost all were pieces. I got 2 sides and soup so that we wouldn't go over our $25. The French onion soup was good, but too little too late, we were shocked to see over $5.00 for it! He wanted it as a side with his sandwich for $2.99! The iced tea wasn't sweetened much at all. All in all, terrible meal!! Never again, even with a gift card, we'll give it away first! What is the problem there??

Bad experience

% us went to the Outback in Springfield Mo on Glennstone. I will not speak for our friends only my wife and I. My food had to be sent back to be reheated by the time I got it back my fries were cold. They were on a seperate plate because the did not bring them when they brought my steak. For the price we paid we should have received better service. Very diapointed reall put a damper on the whole evening. Will not give them a second chance.

Review of Outback

First visit and last. Went to your restaurant to take advantage of two specials you had advertised. Steak 9.90/Steak and lobster 14.90 We were charged 12.90 and 18.90. The food and service were very good except the steak in both cases had so much gristle it was unbearable. Bait and switch and small print advertising should be dis-continued or people who use it should be out of business. Enough said............


I have eaten at Outbacks for years. Good overall meal at mid tier price. The local restaurant in New Smyrna Beach is pathetic. We use to order out every week or two as we live here. Almost every week there was food left out of our order. These weren't complicated orders just for two or occasionally four people. I would call Jason, Jeremy or Evan and explain the issue. They apologized and put me on there screwup list. It would happen again, and again. Tonight it happened again left out baked potato and was only for two people. Its totally a lack of management locally and from the top. Personally think the original owners have made their money and have lost interest in the business. Maybe its at their golf course or somewhere else. Ashame but I will promise you they will not be around much longer unless someone takes over the restaurant chain that cares about the business.

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