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If I could give you zero stars I would. I called to let you know that you have a resturant in VA running with no AC in the middle of a heatwave with temps in the 100 range and employees working in unsafe health conditions. These employees are wearing thick black jeans with two shirts and they are told not to fan themselves in front of the customers so it wont appear hot. Guess what the customers already know it's hot. When I called to let you know I was told I would be called back in 24 to 48 hours. Shame on you for not providing better service to your customers and your employees.

Had dinner on Friday, July 19th at Tukwila, WA outback with family & friends and the prime rib was tasteless and the drink glass was served hot on the bottom and warm on top. Was suppossed to be cold. I have been a loyal outback supporter over the years and have observed the quality of the food continue to decline. What a business does not want to hear is I will not return. The quality of the meal is a bad investment for the price.

I am so highly disappointed in the Outback in Plymouth Mtg. for such a busy restaurant it is sooo ungodly hot in there we could not even finish our meals. You can't tell me that with the amount of money this establishment is making they can't get an air conditioning system that cools a building of that size. We always go in on Sundays especially on our way home from the shore; well let me tell you by the time our entrees came yesterday we asked to box them to go. We suffered through the bloomin onion and salads but that was all we could handle. Also, it is horrible those poor servers are dressed like they are going to a funeral with long sleeves and pants in such over bearing conditions as this heat in there. It is going to be in the high 90's this week and if I worked there I'd be calling out...who wants to see a server coming to their tables with sweat dripping from their farheads. Get the AC fixed Plymouth so we can continue to dine at our favorite steakhouse, otherwise we will be stopping somewhere else at least till its cool again.

Three strikes your out!!!

I have gone to the Newport/Costa Mesa now 3 times. Each time it was something. I am originally from Michigan and our Outback is awesome!!! Never had issues like this. Order sizes of the cheese fries, salad and shrimp were so small. It is a total outrage and a real eye awakener that I can't eat at my favorite Steakhouse anymore in Cali. They should be ashamed of their service(lack of), cleanliness and food. It was horrid!!!!

Lost Credit Card

I had lunch at the Bedford, NH Outback today. Everything was going well until I paid the check with a credit card and included the tablemates card as well. When the server returned the paper work for my signature, the credit card was missing. A frantic search ensued. The manager came to the table, apologizing profusely. Our party waited for 20 minutes amid protestations that the card was nowhere to be found. At the end of this futile search, the manager gave us his card! Any good restaurant manger should and would have at least offered us dessert for our inconvenience...not that we wanted it, but please, at least make the effort to defuse this frustrating situation. He gives us his card. And what are we to do with it? I hope that people in the corporate office read these reviews. It would certainly behoove them. Perhaps they might also consult the Ritz Management Training Program. It would surely help.


I took my friend to outback in Vero Beach, Florida yesterday. I should have known that this was a mistake since I vowed never to ever go to Outback again. The TV advertising on the Flights dinners swayed me good judgement again. We both ordered the 3 piece Flight Outback Special since the Victoria Filet was $10 more at $28.95 each. The first bite cause by dentures to op out of my mouth. The chef had to go out of his way to find a "steak" with so much grizzle and fat. Anyone should drive to Palm Bay Florida (19 miles) and go to Texas Roadhouse Grill and get the filet over rice at $18.95. You cannot convince me that outback does not have some "tie in" with the worst meat supplier in the world. Your meat is probably kangaroo. Why not do everyone a favor and close this empty restaurant or open as a Texas Roadhouse.


Went in to outback on the wet loop in Bellaire Texas we were, seated and aftert15 minutes asked the hostess I f some one was going to serve us . She said she would find some one. another 5 minutes went by and still no service I asked for the mgr and he came out of the kitchen with a apron on and I explained to him what happed and then he tried to wait on us but already too late> I could have understand slow service if the restaurant was busy but 3pm on 4th ofJuly no customers.If when they cleared the table next to us and someone would have said be with you in a minute that would have worked but no communication what so ever was ever said so in summary I will not be back

Not happy

Completely disappointed and disgusted wtih the food and service at the outback location in Edison NJ, even reached out to headquarters and still no response since June - horrible NEVER GOING BACK TO OUTBACK AGAIN! Food was all bones, no drinks, dead flies on the table and window sill ...completely horrible experiance

Bad food and managers

food was cold and found mold on my bread i ate in Out back in Chelsea New York and the management had very bad attitudes and were very disrepectful new management plz

terrible steak

Past two times we been to Outback ,the food has been horrible, first time got appetizers and they were greasy and cold, this last time had to send a steak back 3 times to try to get it cooked medium and it came out extra rare every time. This was my Fathers day gift and I went home hungry. We have given up on this new management, it is not pleasant and cooking has gone way downhill.

We Will Never Eat at Outback Again

Went to Irvine, CA location a few months ago. Salad wilted, tired. Spoke to manager a few days later. Said they received bad delivery. Took friends (part of 4) last weekend. Steaks were thin, tough. We were embarrassed for our guests. This is the same steak we have ordered for years. Looking at the comments on this website, appears Outback has a lot of problems.

Cake pops

I ordered the carrot cake cake pops. Before I ordered the cake pops I asked the waitress if it had any chocolate she said no it's cream cheese icing on the outside. It wasnt until later when I was sick that I realized there was chocolate. I informed the assistant manager who didn't know how to handle the situation she just kept nodding her head. Town center ft. Myers Florida


As Outback you should have some control over your franchises pricing. The Buena Park CA location sure does not represent the brand like other locations I visit on the road. Now I see why this location is empty.

I will no longer eat at Outback! Not because of the food or service but because of the "Rewards" program. Almost every time I enter the required code and subtotal, it is rejected. I then send them an email explaining the rejections and they give my the credit. BUT, enough is enough! I am through with Outback!


Lost my order, then brought a meal out when everyone else was done and it was wrong, person at table spoke up to manager serving the late dish that not only did my meal get lost that is was wrong when i finially got it..The manager made every excuse (which was not needed) and was rude about it!!!!!!. Asked for a to go plates immediatley and check they brought out to go plates but it was 35 minutes and still no check........Worse service and Management I have ever seen. Does not deserve a rating

Bad Steak / Customer Service

Fl Mall location has cooks that can't even get a steak right, the manager also needs training on cooking proper steaks. What a joke the call themselves a steakhouse. They undercooked my steak then threw it on the grill again to try to correct the temperature, all it got them was an upset customer and a steak that was uneatable, then the manager butterflied my steak and insulted my intelligence by telling me this was not butterflied it was a thiner or different cut, well not what I ordered, you have one less customer as a result and I would never recommend that location


Just got your shrimp scallops and mahi mahi. .. 3 shrimp 2 scallops and a 3"×4" piece of mahi. 17$ I'd get more food in a happy meal. Very dissapointed. Will never go back to to Outback again. This was in Royal Palm Fl


I am not rating my local resteraunt, I am mad because you offer free coupons and after 3 surveys ad a tool bar I did not want, I still can not get a coupon. This to me is fraudulant advertisng.!


My family and I had dinner at the 20 W Shoreline Dr Long Beach,CA and we are extremely pleased with the service . The Manager Kristin Villalobos was attentive we notice that she was approaching all the tables to make sure that everybody was pleased ,when she approached us she had a great attitude . Now a days it's hard to find a restaurant offers that kind of service , We can't wait to go back again. Where we can feel at home


Took 20 minutes before anyone helped us at all in chandler, Arizona. Then a lovely girl helped us

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