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Im Sorry to say this was the worst meal Ive had in long time first i ordered steak and crab leg they where out then i ordered steak well got it back raw and fatty my husband pork was raw sent both meals back second steak 6oz and had 3oz of fat manager came by after dinner was done told him and showed him all the fat and asked if id like another steak after my husband finished his meal never even offered a dessert for the poor dinner waiter never came back to check on are dinner i work in a very busy bakery Grampas bakery in dania fl i would have never let a customer leave that unsatisfied very poor managament and service.

I had seen the ad on local TV for steak and lobster for $14.95. Three of us went to the Outback in Chico, CA, and were told the steak and lobster would be $18.95 "because everything is CA is more expensive." We still ordered it, and were extemely disappointed in the lobster which was about the size of a jumbo shrimp in edible size. It was so small it could not possibly be cooked properly and was extremly tough. Frankly, we were suprised that lobster that small was legal to catch. We will not patronize the Outback again. False advertising and bad food.

On Friday, April 16,2010, a dear friend and I went to the Outback in Daly City, CA. It was happy hour and I asked the waitress, if the drinks I ordered were the happy hour price ($4.00), she said yes. When our bill arrived I noticed we'e been charged an amount significanlty more than four dollars. The waitress, who was rude, called the manager who made things right. My complaint is about the server. We had an incident with her in March, when the bill was presented and I said we were overcharged. The March menu listed the price of the drinks at $3.99, I was pointing out that we were charged a lot more. Her response was:"I'll give you back your three pennies!" I then showed her the bill and she realized we had been grossly overcharged!The manager adjusted the bill. This server should be fired! She has poor communication skills, a lack of understanding about customer care, and a very poor attitude. We will no longer spend our money at that Outback and I will contact my friends and suggest they do the same. I do not expect a reply as it seems Outback doesn't care about customers!

I am writing to express my total dissatisfaction with the dinner we had at the Old Bridge Outback last night. I took my son for his 25th birthday as my family of 4 have been celebrating birthdays at this location SINCE IT OPENED. First, we ordered French Onion soup, and some other kind of onion soup was brought to us. The waiter never advised us you no longer have French Onion soup. I ordered shrimp scampi/filet and was just amazed at what was brought to me. 3 tiny shrimp with 3 tiny pieces of filet and NO garlic potatoes for $15.95. Totally unacceptable! We will not be going to the Outback at the Old Bridge NJ nor any other location in the future and I am advising everyone I know of the portions that are now being given. The night cost me $160 and I left the restaurant hungry. I think it is a shame that in these hard economic times that the Outback has lowered themselves to cheating people with higher prices and less food. Totally dissatisfied and I reiterate...will no longer be going to the Outback in for dinner. I have also tried to send this as a general comment on another Outback site and it comes back saying my e-mail address in invalid....they don't want to hear it! Barbara Liberty P.S. I also would like to have a reply to this!

My husband and I just had an o.k. dinner at Outback at St Lucie West , FL.  Upon leaving the restaurant, we observed a small dog in a van with Ga. plates that was panting heavily and howling.  My husband and I went to check on the dog, and it was obviously distressed. It had a cataract covering one eye completely.  I went inside to ask the hostess to locate the owner. She said, " Oh yes, we've had other complaints obout that dog."  She said she would notify mgmt and would take care of it.  Later, I went back in and the hostess looked shocked to see me.  She had not taken care of it!  I asked if I could locate the owner on my own and she said the mgr would have to approve.  I asked to see the mgr.  No one showed up. Then the hostess said I could go table to table to find the owner, which I proceeded to do.  The owner said ASPCA had been called on them before, and I should mind my own business...should have followed my gut instinct and taken the dog.  At least the owners dinner was totally disrupted. Maybe they will learn from this, but I doubt it.  I know what I learned from this. OUTBACK DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANIMALS, AND I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!

To whom it may concern, I was watching TV and saw Outbacks commerical with lobster tails and steak and it looked so good. I couldnt wait for my husband to take me out to Outback. Well yesterday Sunday April 11,2010 we went with another couple and was seated and didnt get the special menu until we asked the waitness for one. First of all the price was not the same as advertied on TV. It was $16.95 opposed to $14.95 on tv. In addition you had to pay $2.75 for a salad. Both my friend and I ordered the extra salad. Both husbands ordered Victorias steak. When the food arrived I was so disappointed in portion size and the lobster tail was so dried out and chewy. I asked the waitress why it looked so good on tv and not in person. She laughed and said its always that way. Well anyway the bill came out to $84.95 and it wasnt worth it. Outback wont see us anymore. and we only drank water. The resturant was kind of empty for a sunday at 4:30. I would like to get a portion of food that I am paying for. The outback rest that we went to was at Route 130 in Hamilton , N.J. Yours truly Barbara Garajuso P.S. I would appreciate a reply to this letter

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