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Friends got together for dinner, 2nd time in a row a bad experience, the waitress was great the food was awful, the salmon was dry and chewy, so was the prime rib, we sent back the food and came back just as bad. If I could rate you a zero I would. Either the quality of the food you purchase is old or the cook has no idea how to cook

Not what it used to be..

I thought maybe the problem was our location in Montgomery, AL. Reading the reviews, apparently not since it seems like they are having problems everywhere. Noticed that overall the restaurant has been declining. Ate there one night, they seated us and gave our menus, then when we ordered said they were out of prime rib and had been out since 6:30--it was 8:30 or 9:00. Why did they not tell us when seating us. We went on Sunday and they said it would be a "wait". My husband asked why since about 2/3 of the tables were empty. They said half of the restaurant was closed due to not having enough servers and the other servers were waiting on large parties. Guess they do not want any business. I'm finished with OB.

Whats going on?

We have been going to Outback Steakhouse in Herndon VA, 150 Elden St. 100, for sometime now. The last two visits I'm unhappy about! My husband, myself, and our son usually go together. A couple of wks ago we had dinner at Outback, I had a steak, salad, with white potato. I wanted butter and sour cream on the side. What I got was a sweet potato with sour cream. This past Saturday, the 11th, the service was awful, we had been there for 1 1/2 hours. My son instead of cinnamon for his sweet potato he got brown sugar. To top off the evening our waitress keep saying to my husband "put me in your pocket and take me home" and then, several times (4) "take me home with you". At first who cares, and it didn't start to bother me until on our way home. She was blonde, ponytail, with heavy eye make-up, if your interested. We won't be going back anytime soon, if at all!


I ordered prime rib and was assured by the waiter it was available. A few minutes later he told me the kitchen manager failed to begin the cooking process in a timely manner so it wasn't ready. The sides were not delivered with the entrees and the apples were rotten and had seeds in them. Really disappointing, bad experience.


The service was poor went to outback last night 10/16/2013 the waitress was very bad me and my wife ordered food shrimp & scallops and a salad i ordered 9 oz filet and salad and fries they bought my salad and no salad for my wife ask were my wifes salad was it was house salad it took 10 minutes to get the salad never ask if we wood like more bread or refill on drinks never ask if every thing was ok

one angry woman

after a bad experience with my sister (who is wheelchair bound) in okemos michigan outback steakhouse, i wrote review-they were kind enough to write an apology and gave me 2 free sirloi dinners and buy one get one free bloomin' onion. i had to call because thie was only good in michigan and i was there to visit with her. called customer service and spoke with a very nice woman who transferred these to tablemates where i could have one of the dinners on my travel to north carolina. called ahead and made sure they participated, when i got there a week later they said i had not called - they did not participate - etc etc very rude and i will call customer service again. going to florida with same sister in november - please - don't make me come to your corporate office

Never again!!!

Arrived at restaurant. Was told it would be 15-20 minutes to be seated but waited 30 minutes. Watched several groups that arrived after us get seated before us. There were several empy tables visible from waiting area but they did'nt seat our party of 2. We asked about the problem and host said "all those groups were call aheads." This is after our last visit to OutBack that we had to change our order 3 times because our waitress kept coming back stating they were out of certain items. This was Outback's last chance. Never again!!

Suggestion / request

Could you or someone look into opening an Outback Steakhouse in downtown Orlando? Either downtown or in the area just south called SODO.

Bloomin Onion

My all time favorite thing was allways the Bloomin onion. This year we ordered this 4 times, in 4diffdrent Restaurants, thinking it might just be the Restaurant that prepares the Bloomin onion wrong, after the fourth try we gave up. We even talked to the Managers about how bad the onions were, nothing like they use to be, just burnt, greasy breadding with a small amount of onion, all Managers Apolegized and assured us that the receipe has not changed. So, why is it so awefull now???

Dissatisfied Customer

It took 1hour 30 minutes to be seated. People were seated continually before my party of 7. When I complained the hostess asked if my party of 7 adults could squeeze into a booth. I asked to be seated in 2 booths. The waiter never refilled our drinks. Terrible service. We arrived at 6:50 PM and left at 9:30 PM. So very furious Proprietor Katherine Conners West Monroe, LA.

sad restaurant

went to the Outback in WB-Pa the kitchen needs an overhaul and taught to cook,food was terribleand long wait time,why the food isn't even worth eating,after you wait an hour and a half,wouldnt feed it to my dog.

wings bloody

went to s. Fla ave location in lakeland fl and ordered to go. my wings were bloody. just gross and unsafe. didn't want to return them just give more coupons to go back? no thanks 3 rd time with bad experience

Multiple consistent problems at Outback in Owings Mills, MD. Main meals don't come out together, missing items on salad and have to ask them to bring the dressing after salad is served. Have to ask other waiters to refill water. When told manager didn't seem to care, just said "i will talk to the waitress".


The food was COLD, DRY, too salty! I will never go back! They never answer you when you call them! not a steak house!!

crazy proprietor scott mccully

on wednesday(07/31/13) between 6-7pm my family and i order diner at 1670 newport blvd,costa mesa ca92627.my drink is hot chocolate it comes with no cream.to waitress,please put cream on it,minutes later i get same slice like butter on top of the drink.i asked what this is,answer,we don't have cream. i ask for the manager ,the proprietor shows up.i tell him , it is laze not to have normal things in the kitchen.he was very upset with my remark and moved his face four inch away from my face,he is telling me , he is not laze and i am not allowed to say that.he tells me i am not allowed to talk and if i don't like it , i can go away.here is my 14 year old child and wife and listening to his behaving .we left and find a better place to eat,at home. home is one block away.we often eat at this place,no more.in the last half year this place goes down on all levels.the behaving of the owner is not a good advertising for australia and his people , i am australien , i feel terrible .

Not Pleased

I am stationed in Jacksonville NC. I usually love Outback. My husband recently deployed, so it was just me and my son to celebrate his 3d birthday. All he wanted to eat on his Birthday was Outback. On July 21, 2013 I ordered the salmon, cocnut shrimp, soup, sweet potato and bread. when i arrived, all the food was cold. to make matters worse, the salmon was not crispy like it usually is. it was not cooked to perfection, and the skin was a bit gooey. my son wouldnt touch it, so we ended up throwing it all away and ordered pizza instead.

Server Steals from Customer

My wife and I had dinner at the Arlington Virginia Outback. We paid the bill using a Gift Card from our daughter. We later discovered that the server ran our Gift Card down to a 0 balance and stole the rest of our money. The manager agreed that the money was stolen but took no action against the guilty server. Apparently, stealing from a customer's Gift Card is OK with Outback. The server should have been fired and procecuted.

1st time at Outback

Tough. Steak. Could. Have Replaced. The sole. Of my shoes. And. Prices. Are. High. This. Was our first and probably last try at this restaurant. I mentioned. The problem to a manager. She offered us a free appetizer next. Time.....no thanks,

Missed opportunity

Had dinner tonight, the eve that Kate Middleton gave birth, and was so surprised at the lack of acknowledgement. Alcohol sales were predicted to go up $100 million today in England in celebration. You guys missed an opportunity to make dinner at Outback fun for a change.

horrible experience

called ahead to save a table for 6 people. 3 got there early and were seated at the table. Us 3 got there a couple minutes later, gave the hostess? our name and were seated on the other side of the restaurant, not even knowing the other 3 were seated on the other side. My son in finally came looking for us after he noticed my car in the parking lot. So we were at different tables for 15 minutes thanks to the hostess. Brought us one loaf of bread for 6 people. Drinks were a joke. One person had 3 ice teas and got charged for 3 ice teas. Fish and chips were awful. potato patty under the fillet was burnt. I even wrote the restaurant manager/owner and he never even had the descency to acknowledge my letter. So Outback in Medford, Oregon you are never going to get another penny out of me! I think $157.00 was probably worth the lesson. This visit was on July 1st.

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