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Missing great employee

My husband and I are cutomers at the Outback in Martinsburg, WV. After going there recently, we noticed one of the employees was not there, Dion, the bartender. We have always enjoyed his service and were sad and upset to hear that he was "let go"??? I think this was a mistake on the part of someone???? and we wanted to let someone in your company know about it...unhappy customer

Excellent Management Skill for excellent customer service

I was a customer in Gonzales LA location. The food was delayed and the steak was not cooked well. Fortunately, the manager, server, and the supervisor managed the situation very well. I can feel the good team work in this condition. The manager decided to give me a free dinner which was totally unexpected. I told my friends that I would go back the same restaurant because they made me feel very important for them. Excellent management skills and customer service. I praise for their decision making skills. The food was fine and I had a happy dining experience for this Outback.

Service unacceptable

My husband and I have eat at the Outback frequently (Edmond on Broadway). However, on January 10, 2014 the service was horrible. We had to ask for everything from silverware, bread, and refills. The last. Had trouble bringing our check when we were ready to leave. Why waiting one of the waitstaff threw a towel from the back in the kitchen and landed on me and then the table. We told the waitress and she did not know how that could happen as I handed her the white towel. Time--Jan. 10 at 6:00 pm.

Delicious Crab Cakes

Hello, I'm a frequent and dedicated customer of the Outback in Roseville Michigan and have a very deep passion for your Crab Cakes. Problem is I've been waiting patiently for your restaurant to bring them back. I have not had the pleasure of eating them for over a year now. Your restaurant make the BEST Crab Cakes I've ever taste. I've been to a few top rated restaurants in my state and none of them make Crab Cakes as succulent as your establishment. PLEASE PLEASE bring them back and put them on your menu permanently. Thank You:))

Harrisonburg VA, Arrived at 2pm to a half empty restaurant, we were told they could seat a party of 8 due to lack of staff.... We decided to wait and watched as 5 parties of 2-3 were admitted and seated immediately. After a 45 minute wait we finally were seated, but the service was very slow, we have never had this type of experience at an outback before and will certainly remember this one. Dine at your own risk

Very Unprofessional

So we called the outback in mobile alabama form 45 minutes away and asked when did they stop taking guest and was told 9:30 twice so we drive there to be told they had already stopped taking guest at 8:30...And The Manager Brett Was So Unprofessional at His Job...

Integrity Issue

Visited the Outback in Gastonia, NC last night. The waiter tried to keep the remaining balance on my Gift Card. When questioned, he claimed he thought I was leaving him that for a tip. We placed cash in the folder for his tip. We will not return. This was extremely dishonest. Beware!!!

Poor operations gonzales la

Has to be the worse service, atmosphere and food i have ever had. No manager to be found, all waiters walking around with frowns having to appolagize for cold food, long waits and poor service. My last time going to the outback.

Bad Service

I have seen through out the years how food and service has been deteriorating. Last night was it, POOR Service, food bad. NEVER again going back.


Poor service, food served COLD, dirty tables never cleared for an hour, Manager spent better part of the hour socializing than managing, I'll never go back to the Falls Outback on SW 136 Street.


McAllen,Texas location

just terrible

Just terrible, the manager is an idiot, the service was soo slow, I even saw a roach, the ladies room was just disgusting, I would never send my worst enemies to outback, just horrible.


Just terrible, I would never eat there again, sunny isles fl

manager service

asheville nc outback experience has always been good but last visit food was cold. manager RICK came to table to apologize bc the steamer was m were compensaessing up...our meal and desserts were redone and we were compensated nicely with fresh crab legs plus more!!! including coupon on next visit. corp should have more managers like him! i will absolutely return again and again

Poor service

The service was horrible. We waited at least 15 mins for someone to even take our drink order. Then upon waiting on our food to come out I waited another 5 mins for steak sauce. Overall the service SUCKS!!!! Never again

Clarksville manager AWFUL

I was in my local Outback Steakhouse the other day when the manager, Stephanie Jones was so rude to an employee she started to cry. This woman was hateful to her employees in front of customers. She talks to them like they are worthless and I would never allow anyone to talk to me or my child like that. How horrible. She should be removed immediately. She is ruining the reputation of your brand! Please do something.

Lack of detail concerning credit card

I took my husband to Outback on his birthday this week on 11/27/13 and when the waiter brough our bill there was a misunderstanding about a alcoholic beverage purchase and then the bartender came out took our bill and corrected that item. However today we discovered our credit card was missing and realized that Outback never returned out credit card. Thus we canceled our credit card due to fraud concerns. Then we called the outback manager at store 1016 and they had our card there. My husband drove there to pick it up and the manager never apologized or offered a free meal....nothing. I think this is very inconsiderate of your company. If you do not make this situation right with a gift card, then we may not return to your business.

Our dining experience

Food good if you like dry over cooked Tilapia and a lukewarm burger. Had to wait over one hour for our dinner.

Poor Service food fair

Two years ago in your Bremerton Wa location we had Bad Service and food per dollar was bad. Went in this Friday Same Same. You pay $20.00 plus for dinner you Fail. Not Going Back


My first visit to outback was amazing. It was in Charlotte NC in May of 2012. My steak was perfect and so was everything else. Yesterday, 11/17/2013, my fiancé and I went to the outback in winston salem right off of Hanes mall blvd. IT. WAS. AWFUL! We sat in the bar area and I could hear the cooks/waitors in the kitchen screaming. Our waitress came by our table twice during the entire meal and when she took our order, she never asked if we wanted our steaks wood fire grilled or classic.. When our food came out my ribeye was THIN very thin and over half of it was composed of fat. I ordered my steak well done and the half I ate at the restaurant was well done but when I went to cut my steak the next day it was bright pink! The cooks clearly don't know how to cook meat consistently. I will not ever return to that outback. It was awful.

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