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I dined in at the Outback in Burlington,NC its very unorganized and dirty. The silverware was not cleaned and the employees weren't polite as expected. You could hear yelling from the managers in the back when the employees aren't don't anything.


After waiting for over an hour, two breads and a onion...no food. We told the waitress just make it to go. After 10 minutes comes out with our doggie bag minus our lobster. 15 minutes later...lobster. Is not the waitress fault. Severally understaffed. Merrillville Indiana. So long outback.

Outback Idaho Falls restaurant

Went to dine at the Outback in Idaho Falls, ID, wanting the steak and lobster special advertised on television. We were told they do not honor specials promoted by corporate Outback restaurant. Felt duped and left. Ate at Sizzlers.

Bring this item back

Please bring back the Cyclone pasta, it was my favorite and now with it gone I don't ever feel like going to Outback.


I took my wife to Outback on Valentines Day and never will I go back again. They rushed us like we were in a fast food res. The food was terrible, we ordered the 2 for 1 dinner $49.95 they had to take my steak back twice. The worst restaurant expierance I have ever had.. You need to address this with the Puente Hills store in California on Azusa ave.

Crab stuffed shrimp

I wanted to first say I love outback it is my favorite place to eat in the world. I can eat outback 7 days a week if I can afford it. Lol. But anyway I was wondering what happened to the crab stuffed shrimp? That was one of the best appetizers ever along with the blooming onion. Just curious on what happened to it and why? Thanks for the greatest place in the world to eat!!!!!!!!

Why did you close the westend in Nashville Tennesse ! Now we have to drive thirty min. To go to another Outback could you please open another in west Nashville.

Unsatisfied with new management

In terre haute IN, It's obvious it's under new management and we are VERY unsatisfied!!! Service is crappy from managers and service is suffering!! Miss how great our experiences were! May not be returning to this location !!!

Hours of operation

If outback says it closes at ten then I should be able to walk in up until 10 pm, if I come in at 9:50, the doors should not be locked! Beaufort SC has a way of doing that!


Employees at Outback Steakhouse can get head of the line if you know someone who works there at the fultondale steakhouse


I would not even give them a star we are there last night it was the worst dining experience of my life! $60+ for cold air billowing on us, cold food, and the most horrid " lobster" if that's what you call it EVER!!!# blech!


Served a roach along with our bread loaf in Texarkana on 1/25/14


I love outback i go as much as i can i signed up for the rewards and have been saving up my points. I go there one day to check my account and it has been deleted. I had no warnings of any kind that it would be deleted. This is unfair and i would like to know why and would like my account reinstated. Im a loyal customer but this was wrong in every way to a customer

terrible food. not once but 3 times. new (owner) or else he is a manager posing as an owner promished to send me gift card after my takeout was not edible. this is the Trinity florida location. my neighbors have also had very bad exjperiences. never received anything. used to be my favorite place to go, but never again. at least ten others I know of have also had complaints.

las vegas

Plz have reg menu items on strip ie wedge salaad and baked potatoe soup. also rice side 4 fish, french dressing, and the bloomin onion was really greasy, mayb fresh grease or bake it. ty!

tv ad rip off in claifornia

9.99 tv ad not honored in california / lame excuse why we were being charged 12.99 instead of 9.99 / not sure but i think that is false advertising

outback gift cards

why do maine stores sell Outback gift cards when there r no restaurants in the maine area....i have a 25.00 gift card i cannot use in maine because there r no outback restaurants or any other affiliated restaurants with this card...please help

Food Item Request

I would like to request that you please bring back the crab cakes, the scallops and PLEASE keep the bread pudding as a permanent dessert choice.

Paul Wanland

My friends and I are at the Outback, Ft. Laud. FL 33308 location every Sat. We have been served at the bar, at a table and greeted at the door by your extremely versitle, pleasant and professional employee, Paul Wanland. You have very pleasant employees, but it should be noted that Paul goes beyond the realm of his each position.


I dont know what to say. Ive never written a review because ive never been treated so poorly. Party of 2 and we were there for 2 hours. Not drinking alcohol.. just to eat and leave. They forgot out appetizer. . Food was beyond cold.. and when we said something about it the waiter got the manager and he said "I guess we could get you guys a dessert to share". Never offered to get us warm food or anything. The kicker was, it was as dead as ive ever seen the place. Absolutely disgusted at the service and food. Btw we were at the davenport ia location.

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