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you guys food is excellent but i have one thing that could be improved. You rarely serve your creamy onion soup and it is the best thing on your menu. WHY NOT OFFER THIS ALL OF THE TIME>>>>>A very popular item yet you dont offer it often in many of your locations.

While on vacation in surf city sc, we tried the outback steakhouse. We were so happy with everything, from the time we were seated to the time we checked out. Our waitress Jennifer was fabulous. The food was delicious. We spoke to the manager on the way out and he was pleasant and was happy to hear from us. This was a nice experience.

It has come to my attention that your corporation has sent jobs to other countries and it breaks my heart because your restaurants have been on our top ten list for many years, especially Outback. We will no longer patronize your restaurants because we believe that American jobs should be kept in America. You probably don't give a darn how we feel but want you to know that we have seven children with families and 17 grandchildren who will soon have families of their own. We have relatives in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Florida. In time we will put a dent in your profits. Sincerely, Shirley M. Vonderheide - America First Bradenton, Florida

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against the propietor of the Outback locaton in Glendale AZ on 55Ave. and Bell Rd. The Friday before father's day my father asked to go to Outback for his father's day dinner. On Sunday, early afternoon, I called in to make reservations. Marci told me they do not accept reservations but I could put my name down for the time we would be arriving and we would have a 20 to 30 minute wait after we arrived since they were busy. I agreed and put my name down for 4:30. At 3:15 when I realized my parents would be late; I called back to see if I could move my name to 5:00. Marci (who claims never took my second call)said yes that would not be a problem. We checked in at the hostess stand at 3 minutes to 5:00. I was told it would be an hour wait. I asked about the 20 to 30 minute wait for the call ahead time of 5:00. One of the hostesses looked at the paper and said "oh yeah. You will have a 20 to 30 minute wait". We sat right next to the hostess stand for the next hour and a half watching them sit everyone that came after us. When we got up to ask when we would be sat we were told "your will be sat at 5:45, we are just clearing the table". At 6:00 when we asked again we were told that we would be next. At 6:30 we were finally sat. The entire time we sat waiting we were never approached be any one explaining the situation or to appologize. As is turns out Marci never changed my name from 4:30 to 5:00 and we were treated as a walk in but were lied to by the hostesses and marci when we signed in that are name was down for a call ahead time. By the time we were sat the item my son and I ordered was out! Only when I asked to speak to the manager did some one appologize to us. Monday I thought I was emailing a complaint to coporate headquarters: I was actually emailing it to Marci at her location. After several emails back and forth the only thing she is telling me it "they were very busy that day." I'm sorry, but that is no excuse for treating us as she did. Marci is, and runs her restraunt unprofessional and is giving the good mane of Outback a bad image. While we were sitting there we observed her hostesses drinking and eating from bags of food sitting on a table beside the hostess stand. None were dressed nice and one had her bra showing and slippers on her feet! We would never had waited that long to be served at any restraunt. There are way too many restraunts in my area to take reservations, accomidate large parties(six), and sit us in a reasonable amount of time. Also, my father emailed a complaint also. He accidentally emailed it to the Paradise Valley location here in AZ. In less than 15 minutes after sending off his email the maneger/ owner of that location personally appologizing and extreamly upset that some one had experienced such a bad expeirence at his restraunt. They all realized the mistake in location but that manager still appologized for the mistreatment at Marci's restraunt! He also forwarded my father's email to Marci. I will never go to that Outback location again as long as Marci is there and running it in such a unprofessional manner. Unfourtunatly since the other Outback locations are much farther away from my house, It will be a rare occation before I get to an Outback restraunt. Which is really too bad as I really do like your restraunts.


I just wanted to let corporate know about a manager at the Cedar Rapids Outback. His name is Ryan and he is very rude to the employees and make a big fuss if anyone needs he help. Most of the time if he is not gossiping with the hosts, he is making very hurtful remarks to other employees about the other employees. He is never open and willing to help if there is a problem that needs to be taken care of and he loses his temper easily. I do not feel as though he is a proper manager and I am extremely concerned that he will truly cause some damage. I hope this helps, and I really hope something is done about this.

Today was my second time eating at Outback Steakhouse. The first time was June 2009. The first time the steak was so tough i could not cut it. On today my birthday 6/14 I called in an order for three burgers. I have a $25.00 gift card. The manager (at the Germantown, Maryland location) came out and said the gift card was not activated and told me to call the 888 phone number on the back of the card. She said I would be able to speak with somebody about the problem. When I checked the balance and activation it said the card was activated on May 2, 2020 and there is $25.00 balance on remaining on the card. There was no option to speak with a live person. The manager in store was not helpful a little bit. She just brushed me off. With the call the number on back of the card. She new I had already did this, because she listened to the message about my card activity. Outback need to get it together. I am not happy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This restaurant needs to be shut down! The managers have no respect for employees, the kitchen is so dirty that the employees cannot even use the urine stained employee bathrooms! The doors dont even lock! The best is that if as an employee you do use the guest restroom, you get fired! Jim Barber is the most sexist man I know who treats employees unfairly.. Not only will my family and friends not ever eat at this Outback, but I strongly urge everyone else to boycott this Restaurant. Jim the proprietor has no business running a restaurant with his controlling, sexist and illegal terms of employment! If any others feel strongly that they were wrongfully terminated or harrassed while working at this location, please step up. This must be put to a stop.

Call corporate office and speak to Ben Drenan's predecessor. No One will listen to this web forum..trust me, I am management at Bennigans.........we never listened either......call corporate and tell them~!!!

I went to the Outback on the island of Oahu while I was on vacation with my niece and sister. Althoug hmy sister did not eat, my niece and I were giddy with the ecitment of yummy food. HOWEVER, the net day we were both almost hospitalized with HORRIFIC food posoning. Not only did it suck away 2 days of my tropical vacation, with all the costs accumulating, it made my Austistic niece violently throw up and diareah. It was sad to see her in pain and unable to epress herself. My pain was minutes from being hospitalized. DO NOT GO TO THAT OUTBACK!!!

Outback in Brighton MI is a horrible place to work. The manager is sleeping with an employee (he is married) and every aspect of the place he runs is unethical. Treating people with major disrespect and horrible favoritism happens daily. Nice people never last but if your willing to sleep, cheat, and lie your way to the top then it is the place to work. Whenever this manager (Brentt) has been confronted on his unethical behavior he takes you in his office and scream (literly) and yells at you then tells you how it is going to play out if you take the information to anyone higher then him. It always ends with you getting fired and made a mockery of. It is disgusting that this can go on. This manager has had multiple complaints but corporate office seems to agree with his actions. Eating there to me seems like condoning this behavior. I would suggest never eating there until this business culture is confronted.

We recently had a very bad experience and filled out a complaint online. This was in the Merrillville, IN., Outback. We did not know if the complaint would just go back to the Merrillville store and be swept under the rug. If at all possible, can someone at the Corporate office please contact me if they received this complaint? Thanks.

Please Please ENLARGE the image of the Curbside Menu on the website. It's ridiculously small and not very clear. If you want to promote your business hire a better webmaster. Geesh. Also the link to "contact us" on this corporate page is broken. Am looking forward to trying Outback Food for the very first time. My friend got her magnifier out and we are ordering the blue cheese pecan salad. Ga Day!

Yesterday my Son took me to the Outback for my birthday and when we arrived there were at least 9 employees waiting at the door to seat us..............Well it was another half hour before we saw a waitress......... went to the wash room where I slipped on the wet floor hit my head on the urnil hurt my jaw, neck tail bone and hip............I was all wet and there was NO SOAP at all in the wash room to clean up............I returned to my table and waited a half hour for our meal that was only so so..........About half way through the meal the manager finaly showed up to tell me he just put some soap in the mens room..........A little late don't you think?......And by the way our waitress never ever came back until she brought the check...........I was so pissed off by that time I had my meal put in a box payed the bill and left!!!!!!!!!!!! By he way I found all the waitress they were in a back corner shooting the S#$%^ Worst B-Day meal I ever had. Wm. R. Kent West Bloomfield, Mi. Outback 8/15/10

We have always had good service and delicious meals at Outback. The BEST experience was recently at the Outback on Ridge/Fetzner Road, Rochester, NY, on a very busy Mother's Day. We had a reservation for 6 at 5:15. We were seated at 5:25. After receiving cocktails and ordering, we were just conversing and catching up when we realized the table next to us sat down after us, and were almost finished with their meals. We hadn't been served yet. We lost track of time. Just then, the two managers came over and apologized that there system didn't work and they lost our order in the kitchen and that they should be up very shortly. They offered us a free round of drinks, a shrimp appetizer and a blooming onion appetizer, on top of paying for 1/2 hour our meals. We took them up on a couple drinks, shrimp and paying for 1/2 the meal. This was incredibly generous and we were all thrilled. Dinner was served promptly -- delicious. KUDOS goes to those to Managers!!

To Management: CC:keep in touch site CC:formal written letter to headquarters. I would like to comment on a recent/and first use of curbside services. As someone who use to live in the Danbury area, my family of 4 would vist weekely, since moving we still vist several time a month because we enjoy this eatery very much. We appreciate good food at reasonable prices, and more then that we have never had a bad experience here. My family was recently devestated by a fire that kept our father in hospitals and rehab for over a month, his first week out he wanted nothing more then a steak. Even though the hotel he is currently staying is next to a steakhouse I recommended trying out the curbside from Danbury, CT. Outback. I have never used your online service beforeand at first was in love with the detail of the site! However from the actual experience I will never do so again. We ordered a 10oz ribeye as well as a 14oz ribeye, 3 everything potatoes, 2 salads, a soda, and silverware. We were given a pick up time of 7:04. I timed it to the tee, because my father would be alone for that time and can not stand on his own two legs. I went up to pay and was first asked if I was even sure I ordered with them even though I had my order info as they could not find it for over 5mins. After paying I was told it would be right out. After waiting 15 mins. (not happy but reasonable) I asked the girl who was coming out to cars about my order. After saying she would check I waited another 10 mins. before asking the young man who also stared coming out to cars, explaining that now it has been almost 30mins. since my desginated time and I had someone disabled waiting for me. At that point it took only another 5 mins...however we took the bag and ran so to speak. Once back at the hotel we open the bag to find one order perfect. 10 ribeye rare w/ dressed pot & salad. However the second order of a 14 ribeye med-rare was a small sirlion cooked well done, it was awful. The dressed pot & extra side order of dressed pot. were thrown togather on top of it. The side salad was the chopped blue cheese pecan, that had no blue cheese on it. The soda was not given, so I had nothing to wash down a well done steak that was suppose to be med-rare. Now I know some people like theirs well, but when you order a med-rare all you can do is choke down a well done steak, not to even touch on how much sirloin is my very least favorite steak! Also there was no silverwear included when I did say yes I would like 3 sets, when offered, so that we had to go to the front desk of our hotel and ask if there was any extra that they might have, since we did not stop to get any as we beleived it to be in the order. I understand my order was placed on a weekend evening and that they were extreamly busy, however I will never order online because of this again. It is my intention with thiss contact to make those in managment aware of the "bugs" with the online system. It is not only unfair to your customers it is also unfair to your staff. From those who take the orders to those who cook it to those who have to bring it out. If there is no way to modify a standard pick up time, then you should set the site up so that a location can disable the online order center due to overwhelming orders and ask that you call in your order for an appropriate pick up time, or something else, if you have a better idea. Also I would like to point out to management that allowing customers to exit through that cubby hole of a 'curbside'station is unfair to your staff. The staff I obsereved were running ragged, and there were customers piling out through that little space then lingering in the walkway that your staff is trying to manuver. It really was riduclous, and I commend your staff, I have waiteressed before and I know the "rules" and I think in that postion I would have told at least one customer I witnessed to MOVE! I would also like to make a point that the staff I personally encountered, while being extreamly busy, overwhelmed, and I beleive abused by other customers because of this situation, they were still polite and curteous to myself. I will frquent your site only to see if any modifiacation have been made, but currently I would not use this service again nor would I recommend it as it stands now! I also politly request a reply to this letter. Sincerly, Lisa Hardisty

I would just like to offer that today I posted a "letter" here as well as the same word for word " letter" to the contact us site site at the Danbury Ct. location, I was commenting on. While my experience was not the best it was the first out of at least 100 that were always on point, from service, to quality, to price. This particular occassion I blame the online system for my less then perect experience. The point of this repost is to let others who have posted know that I recieved a response from the manager of that location the same day, only a few hours later. I am ever so happy with this location and manager for being on top of things, but more importantly for his desire to hear me out. I imagine it is easier to hear a complaint when the customer doen't start off with verbal abuse and threats of never frequenting the establishment again, and promising that every person they have ever known in there whole life will hear about this, but this man did not know how I would respond when he took the time to call....because of this and so many positive experience with Outback, Danbury, CT...I will continue to frequent the establishment and reccommend them to friends and family!!!! Thank you Manager Kevin

I have eaten in your restaurants in several cities accross the U S of A and tonights experience was by far the worst ever. It is six o'clock in the evening and they don't have your order, give me a break. This experience was at your location on I-35 in Desoto, Texas. At first great then the real place came into view, our waiter brought our beverages and took our order, no problem, big joke, 40 minutes later he comes out to tell us that they were out of baked potatoes not to happy but we agreed to sweet potato, surprise they were out of them also, he didn't even come to tell us this someone else was sent. We asked for the manager and she attempted to place blame everywhere except where it belonged and that is with her. If you manage a business YOU are responsible for all goings on with employees doing their job not just saying your a manager when in reality you are SUPPOSED to know that all areas are handled properly or else you should resign your position.Three of us went there to have a nice steak dinner and ended up with the biggest mess ever. If your employees there do not want or desire to give customer service then they should leave. I have truthfully had better service and more caring managers in a fast food business. Just remember that for every complaint you receive the others are telling others and soon it escalates and the entire company suffers. Would I recommend this establishment to others not on your life. Outback is normally a good place to dine but this one will suffer dearly under the current way of doing business. By the way I'm not someone who has not dealt in food service I have and believe me the customer doesn't give a hoot about your reasoning or placing blame, as in any job if it's not right you should have a grip on it and if you can't you're not qualified to manage.

Outback Steakhouse has wonderful customer service. I have never been able to go to a restaurant and be treated as if I were the Queen of England. Every server that approached my table was very kind and courteous. Everyone seemed to truly care that my experience was nothing short of spectacular. Everyone who is writing their reviews above clearly do not seem to know how to act in a restaurant. Manners are also needed when wanting good customer service. Servers know how to treat a customer is the customer knows how to treat a server. I will never doubt that Outback may have their few bumps in the road throughout their large company, who doesn't? I will always choose Outback first when choosing a restaurant to eat at.

I am writing this letter due to the poor qualities that this location continues to how me. I eat at Outback often, as I am a manager right across the parking lot for a business. I even get the kids who work for me to order as well. Everything went fine for quite a while until this new delivery girl was hired. Now anytime I go there and pick up my order from her something is wrong, the first time it happened the Proprietor assured me it would never happen and again and he was sorry for her attitude and that action would be taken. Well, low and behold, today I place my order as I normally do, Tassie's grilled not fried, and they come out friend after she gives me an attitude again, I say its bull and I want my money back because I said I’m not taking the unless they are grilled. With an attitude she told me, "Oh you'll get your money back, but I’m getting my manager" So the Proprietor, Adam Pappas, comes out and says, "YEAH GIVE HIM HIS MONEY BACK, HERE IS YOUR MONEY SINCE WE CANT SERVE YOU ANY MORE" well, sorry but, THAT IS NO WAY TO TREAT A CONSTANT CUSTOMER, I HAD FRIENDS IN THERE AND FOR HIM TO TRY AND EMBARRASS ME LIKE THAT IS BULL****, I DONT CARE IF YOU DONT LIKE MY LANGUAGE, BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS. UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT THIS, I WILL CONTINUE TO CALL AND SEND EMAILS. THE WAY I WAS TREATED TONIGHT WAS IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM ACCEPTABLE. I WAS WRONGED BY THE PROPRIETOR AND BY THE SNOB NOSED TAKE OUT GIRL, "ASHLEY" TONIGHT, AND SOMETHING BETTER BE DONE. WHAT CHAIN WOULD WANT SOMEONE LIKE THAT WORKING FOR THEM? I WILL BE AWAITING A REPLY TO THIS THREAD. Thanks. This was the Outback Steakhouse in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, 08234

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