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I work at the outback in missoula montana and my proprietor Robert Smith continuously abuses illegal narcotics after hours at our restaurant. These are highly addictive narcotics. I personally witnessed him snort cocaine in the kitchen while he thought nobody could see him. I was very frightened while witnessing this and feel I should let his superiors.

March 7, 2011 648pm Outback ruined my birthday, March 7, 2011. My husband and I have been going to Outback for at least 20 yrs+. I went to Outback for my Birthday March 7th, 2011. 1st problem no draft beer, it was broken. We were served our salads first,never received our onion and that is the reason why I go there.The server forgot our Blooming onion. Someone came to our table to offer is a free blooming onion which I wanted for my birthday, but never received because the server FORGOT to put the order in. Our New York steaks came so over seasoned with such hot spices, I had 1 bite and I could not eat my steak. I had my birthday dinner ruined by Outback and I will NEVER eat there again. I paid for the dinner and left. Don't eat at Outback in Port Charlotte, Florida. They ruined my Birthday Dinner. Sincerely yours, Patti Pezet PS. I want my money refunded. I do not want any coupons to return to Outback. I will never eat there again, so look up this ticket order6017-70061-02131 941.276.8202

WARNING!!!!! DON'T EVER fill out an Outback restaurant survey!!!!! Trusting Outback, we did just this and now we are inundated with every kind of junk email imaginable, 200-250 DAILY! What a BIG FAT MESS!

What an experience. The waitress set down with us twice. Then my food was cold. Sent the fries back and before they could resurface, finished our meal. Then right befor our food arrived order another five dollar beer. Fifteen minutes latter the waitress came by and gave me WATER, stating problem at the bar. Anyway. 50 dollars latter I'm pissed. Many other restaurants in town. O'Charlies never treats me like a chump.

Your store in Irving Texas has some of the best staff I have ever seen. On February 23,2011 my husband and I came there for dinner. We had eaten there the previous week and the service was okay at best nothing great. Last night was the total opposite! Our server Carrie was one of the best servers I have ever dealt with. She took the time to explain the red white and blue specials which our previous server never did. She was very friendly, pleasant, and did not make us feel like a bother or nuisance to her as we came close to closing. Our food was delivered in a timely manner and was delicious! Another pleasant difference was management presence was evident. You have an exceptional staff and last nights experience was a wonderful end to a very bad daym

"Bad service by No service" The Bellingham Outback Steak House is a playground and is managed by kids. My family and I walked in and stood at the entrance for ten minutes while the waitress's had their group conversation. After two minutes of waiving my hand to get someones attention, we finally thought everything from this point would be okay. Not! The hostess approached us with a discussed look on her face, as if we did something wrong; go figure! I'm guessing, we interrupted a serious conversation, we were left at our table for a half an hour without service. NO SERVICE! Can you imagine? At least the hostess smiled when we decided to leave. Look out for the YouTube video. Yes, did record it all on my mini video camera. First, I will call corporate office and see what they want to do with this, and then I will make my move. Not a pretty site for Outback.

Dear writers. I do live in Brazil and the treatment you get here is wonderfull. They treat you like king and queen. If you want to have a nice meal at Outback...come to Brazil.

My wife and I are were celebrating our 6 year anniversary this past weekend (2/12/11) and decided to go to Outback Steakhouse. Upon arriving we walk through the doors where there were two host people holding the secondary doors open for us. We walk up to the hostess at the podium and she asked if we had called ahead to which I reply no. She then tells us that we must sign in with one of the two host persons at the door, who failed to mention this as we walked in. No big deal, so we move on. As we sign in one of the host persons kindly tells us if any of the booths at the bar open up we can sit there without a wait as it is first come first serve. We find a seat right away and let the host know. We then place our orders and enjoy a couple of drinks. After a few minutes the table or booth next to ours gets taken and about a minute or two later they order well after us. Then after about 30 minutes we notice that we have no food (our main entrée’s not the appetizer). Before we can ask our waitress the table or booth next to ours (the ones that arrived after us) gets their food. We kindly ask our waitress what is taking so long with our food, and she respectfully apologizes and says she will check on it. About 30 seconds after she leaves another waiter brings our food. Again no problem, until my wife notices that the plates are mixed up as far as what we ordered. Mine, which was a rib eye and bake potato w/veggies and extra order of 3 grilled shrimp came with the wrong shrimp, but my wife’s order (sirloin with shrimp combo) appears to have my shrimp. A manager (I believe…?) immediately comes to our table and apologizes for the wait. At this point my wife asked her about the shrimp and as she does this cuts into her steak which she ordered well done and surprise, surprise its medium. The “manager” then apologizes and takes the plate back…so now our anniversary dinner has become a solo dinner for me while I wait for my wife’s dinner. They do bring it back right away but at this point my shrimp is cold and so is my potato. The “manager” then offers to take off our appetizer due to the mishap. We accepted no problem. The only thing is this. This was my second visit to your establishment and twice now we have had some kind of mishap. Don’t get me wrong. the waitress and “manager” handled everything fine, but our anniversary dinner was pretty much not up to par. I do not believe we will ever visit your establishment again. I am sorry but as the saying goes … “fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me.” It is just not worth it to me when there are clearly other alternatives to go to as far as dining experiences are concerned.

This may take me a little bit to write. My partner and I stopped at Outback, in Crystal River, Florida. We had just left the hospital where a family member had just gone through a major surgery and had a stroke on the operating table.The seater led us to our table and there we sat for 10 min. waiting to get service. The waitress finally showed up and took our drink order. When she returned, she practically threw our drinks on the table and wondered off. We were already talking about the service when she came back to get our orders. I had the chicken and let me tell you if Outback wants to run a better rest. they should check out the service at "Alexander's", in Tampa Fl. Great food, great service. There menu at Outback sucks. We waited 30 mins. for our food, we were just ready to walk out. My chicken and the rest of the food on our plates was cold. We were very upset and spoke with the manager. He gave us free meal tickets. We thought this was a one time thing so we took them, with there apology. A few weeks later, we went to another Outback in Tampa, Fl. Again the service and the food was poor, We agreed, we would never go back to Outback, there service and there food sucks,

Hello, My name is Brad Brower and I wanted to share information about my recent experience at the Outback location on Bethel Rd. in Columbus, OH. On Sunday, January 30th around 8:15pm my girlfriend and I dined at this location and were less than impressed. My girlfriend suggested that we dine at outback, as it is one of her favorite places to eat and I agreed. When we ordered our drinks I ordered a 22 oz Sam Adams Nobel Pils, when the server returned with my girlfriends beer, he kindly told me they were changing the keg and that it would be just a moment. About 5-6 minutes later a young blonde lady in a black shirt(assuming a manager) brought a 10 oz beer to our table and informed me that they were out of this specific beer due to cleaning the lines of the keg(information that is irrelevant to an empty keg) and informed me that this is all that was left, and she will adjust the price accordingly. At first taste of the beer, I could easily tell the beer was way past its prime, and skunked. I told our server and he promptly took the beer away and got me a Newcastle in a bottle. Next, when the food arrived, I was taken aback by the quality. I ordered a ny strip 14 0z with a side of scallops medium rare, with green beans and a baked potato with no sour cream. My girlfriend ordered the prime rib, with a side salad and mashed potatoes. My strip, was literally gray on the outside, with out a single char mark on the steak, leading me to believe that the steak was cooked in a broiler, or perhaps even a microwave. The green beans were rubbery, with the scallops and baked potato being the only saving grace of my meal. My girlfriend's prime rib could be likened to shoe leather. It was remarkably chewy and the mashed potatoes were obviously microwaved. I wanted to say something while we were at the restaurant, yet my girlfriend who is a physician just finished working a 24 hour on-call shift (very tired)and she did not want to bother with it, yet I felt it necessary to voice my concerns. I understand that quality of food should be held at the highest regard in your restaurant to ensure repeat business but I believe you failed. I manage a fine dining restaurant in Dublin and I do understand that every kitchen has an off night every now and then but our food quality was unacceptable. For a steak house to produce a steak that goes out to a table, appearing to never have touched grill blows my mind. While my girlfriend raves about your restaurant and how she has been numerous times to this location, she agreed that the food was at best poor. The only bright spot of our dining experience was our server Mike. He was attentive, polite, knowledgeable, and quick. He provided the right amount of service, yet he was not intrusive. Even though our food was poor, I knew that it had absolutely nothing to do with him, justifying a 40% tip of 20 on a $50.64 bill. I rarely take time to complain about restaurants, we usually just do not go back, but since the food was this bad, I felt it was necessary to let the proper individuals know. Brad Brower

Five us visited Outback two nights ago....the prices are extremely high and it is rare we get to eat at an estblishment such as Outback, so we were excited. Well, there is no other way to put it...the food sucked! The prime rib was absolutely tasteless and tough...NEVER in my life have I had a tough prime rib, and the steaks were tough and chewy. The server did a very good job, it certainly was not his fault. I have read some of the comments and it looks like there are many complaints about the quality of the food! You would think top management would get tired of bad reviews! But like so many other large corporations, it's all about the money. We spent 110.00 and left unhappy. I learn from my mistakes, so will never step foot inside Outback again. People, don't waste your hard earned money on poor quality food!

OMG...I just went on this website to find out where I needed to write feedback about our experience and was shocked to see how many people have had a bad meal/experience at your resturants. Well to anyone reading this your not alone, our meal in Cancun was the worst I have had in my life not to mention the bad service. Dont waste not only your time but your money there!!!!!!! I will be following up with another letter in details to corporate.

WORST RESTAURANT EVER. I have attempted to eat at this restaurant three times, on two occasions I finally got up and walked out. On Friday January 17 my husband and I went to the Outback in Salem Oregon. The wait was 20-30 minutes so we waited in the bar. After more than an hour the bartender went to find out what the holdup was, only to find that the hostess had never called our name. They sat us promptly and said that they would have the manager come speak with us. 15 minutes later the waitress came to take our order but we never saw the manager. After another THIRTY MINUTES of waiting for our meal we finally walked out. This restaurant has the worst service I've ever experienced. At least when I go to Roadhouse I know I'll be fed. Outback and all of it's employees should be mortified by their own incompetence. I will NEVER recommend this restaurant to anyone I know, and have written a lengthy review in the Oregonian newspaper as to my terrible experiences here. Shame on you.

I was an employee at outback steak house ive been working there at least a month i was a dish washer there in turnersville NJ OLA SIMPSON is the perpritor there I just found out to day that im no longer needed. I m so upset because i was sick for 2days with viral infection that my dr.told me to stay home i told them what was going on. vito the kitchen manger told me that it was ok get some rest bring the dr.s note when i return I told him ok. he said no problem that was thursday 1/20/2011 I called them back today 1/22/2011 to tell them i was going to bring my paper work from the dr.s today thats when OLA SIMPON said that he filled my place that not needed I feel disrespected right now about that and the other situations that happened to me at this so called restaurant its funny how thing work ive been work there 4 at least a month still have not even got issued my pay not only that i was working with out no paper work the day I got there he put in the dishes and told me that if ill fill out the information tomarrow I started dec 30, 2010 a 3pm i did not fill out my paper work on 1/3/2011 you do the math. So. went to get my pay check on 1/18/2011 he told me he did not have my check he did not put me on payroll . He will have it for me 1/21/ 2011 its now 1/22/2011 At 12:45 pm. he says when he looks for it he will call me. I a 800.00 rent that needs to be paid 200.00 electric bill that needs to be paid and food for my 2 children this is unacceptable, disrespectful, and degrading. so if you do work at outback steak house i hope you dont get sick they'll throw you in with trash . If you have any qustions you can reach me at stillstanding2day@gmail.com thankyou

I have "unsubscribed" from your emails numerous times and still get them daily-the gift card offer? Whether it be spam or from your establishment I want them to stop, period. I do not eat at the Outback due to several horrid experiences and dealing w/ the spam is just adding to the reason why I will not go back. Calling your "customer service" line only leads to a survey that I have no desire to waste time on. Now that you've received this notice, any further contact is harassment and I will report you to the BBB. If you want my email then reply to this note w/ ACCURATE contact info where I can actually talk to a human and not the automated system. I would like to add that nowhere, ever, have I signed up to get these emails and this is my last request to unsubscribe me. I start filing complaints next.

I had the worst dinner ever at the Outback Steakhouse in Commerce GA. My friend and I went to sit at the bar to order dinner and the bartender never greeted us. When she finally came to greet us about twenty minutes later, she rudely asked us what we wanted to drink. I told her we were eating and wanted dinner menus. She never came back. I reached over the counter and got menus myself. She finally came back to give us drinks, and took a long time to make our drinks. I had to tell you we were ready to order and she was very rude. I have never have been treated like this at a restaurant before. She didnt say a word to us when she was taking our order. My friend that I met at the restaurant had to tell her that we needed our drinks. I ordered a kid steak medium and we recieved our food 40 minutes later. Once I got my dinner plate, my steak was ROCK HARD and my side was cold. I didnt touch it. I pushed it to the middle of the bar and she came by and took my plate of food, threw it in the trash and walked away. She clearly knew I was VERY unhappy about my steak. My drink was empty after that and she never asked if I would like another. She put my bill infront of us and walked away. My friend order a drink and his glass was broken, she did not make him a new one. She just poured it in a new glass, there could have been glass in his drink. WHAT IF HE DRANK A PIECE OF GLASS? Also, she was yelling across the bar at other Outbackers that she was going to murder people!!!!! THIS WAS THW WORST DINNER I HAVE EVER HAD. I WILL NEVER COME BACK! I WILL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE I HAD AT THE OUTBACK IN COMMERCE. I hope everyone I tell will never dine at this Outback! I live near this Outback and have dinner here very often. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THERE!!!!

I,m writing this letter for the poor taste in words.And what I percivied to be racially motivated.At 6450 Wickham Rd Melbourne Fl ,32940, My wife and I went out to diner on ,29 Dec 2010. This outback is always busy, So we decided to set at one of the booth in the bar section. The waitress was a lady by the name of Victoria.She was doing a fine job with the service until it came time for me to pay for our meal, That,s when everything went bad. The total of my bill was about $60.00 . As I handed Victoris my credit card , she ask for my identification which I thought was ok at first, I did,nt see her do this any of the other customer, But is still gave her my ID. This is were, I was taken back , She say to me I need to make sure you are,nt a scoundel. Out of the fifty years I,ve been living, I have ever felt so little. First of all I was not brief that Outback has the SCOUNDEL POLICE in ther waiter staff. Second when I bring to the manger attention, He tries to explain what he felt her intention were. I don,t understand how he would know what,s in her heart, And I,m not either!! But my wife and I were very offended by her statement. The manger ask what he could do, He did take down my name and address, And stated he would send me something in the mail.It been over two weeks and I don,t live very far for the location same area code.So that way you get this letter. Word do matter , By the way I,m a DOD POLICE OFFICER. And tip her very well anyway, I showed grace to her even,when she disrepect me and my wife.She never know who she is serving, My point is to her, to serve and not try to JUDGE who she is serving.

I've been going to the out back steak house in Mesquite tx for well over 10 years. The quality of service and the way the food is prepared has really been taking a turn for the worse in the last 3 or 4 years. When Walter was the proprioter owner you couldn't ask for a better guy. He cared about not only his employees but his customers as well. You could always find Walter in the kitchin cooking or making sure everything was just right. When Walter left Doug came in and really did a great job. But when Doug left and Theresa came in, that's when everything took a turn for the worse. The service is very bad, the food is no where the same as it was. When I used to get a chopped blue cheese salad 10 years ago it was always fresh and big and good. Now it looks like it was made 2 days ago and they give you half of what it was. When I question the salad they always say they'll bring you some more if you want more. If they did it right the first time you wouldn't have to ask the 2nd time. The steaks are never cooked the way you want them. We always eat at the bar and the reason why I keep going back is because a big group of us have been meeting there every Tues.and Friday night. Not all of us make it every week but alot of us do, so I overlooked alot of things. But last night something happened between 2 employees and I that I'll never forget. My girlfriend and I were at the bar when one of the bartenders and another outback employee who had been at a tail gate party,later came in to the restaurant. A few of us were still there having a drink when one of the employees started picking at me but I blew it off because he had been drinking and was very intoxicated. But he kept on and on so I asked him to quit. Then he started saying F... you to me and wouldn't stop staring at me so I got up and told him I was sick of him picking at me and we both started yelling at each other. Then the manager came out and asked me to leave and never come back...When I asked what about him she responded... He's my employee and you need to leave. The manager knew he was drunk but allowed him to stay. You know, I'm a long time customer and to get treated the way I did last night was very wrong and I'll never go back to the outback steak house again and I'm very seriously thinking about taking legal action. There were plenty of witnesses that saw what happened. If an employee is off the clock and has been drinking, the employees should never be allowed to come in to and do what he did. I will be writing a formal letter to the corporate office to let them know what happened and that I'm very seriously thinking about taking legal action if something is not done about this. I will not let this one slide...... Frank Cervera

On my husband’s birthday, December 18, 2010, we decided to keep the tradition. Unfortunately, this time the whole meal was a huge let down. Allow me to elaborate: 1. Somehow the salad was not crispy and the blue-cheese dressing had the texture of paste which turned the salad into a wilted lump… a disgusting cheese ball. 2. Our medium-rear steak in appearance was dry and mealy in texture. 3. The baked potatoes’ skin was dry and blistery and the inside dry and brown in color. Too long in the oven? 4. Apparently the waiters were assigned to too many tables as it was difficult to obtain help.

3 times now = I am out!!!!! (Bad experiences at Outback) 1. Ellicott City, MD location – ‘background’ music so loud, we had to leave 2. Canton, MD location – service was so slow that we got up and left 3. Owings Mills, MD location on tonight = On tonight, a lady friend and I had dinner at the Owings Mills, MD Outback Restaurant. We were having a grand time until my food arrived. My $19.00 steak was so small that it looked like a ¼ pounder sans the toppings and roll. My $11.00 lobster tail should’ve been labeled as a ‘Mini Tail’. My sautéed onions were ‘crunchy’ – never ever endured that experience before. And those 3 items were not overly delicious!! (But, the potatoes, lobster topping, and bread were great). But, our biggest grievance of the evening was caused by our server, Rachel. Every time she stopped by our table, she would rudely / abruptly interrupt our conversation. No ‘excuse me’ – just impolitely interjecting her questions. Although I’ve endured 3 bad experiences at Outback Restaurants, the servers are usually very well mannered. Suggest that you retrain the Owings Mills staff as to how NOT to be so rude. {No, I did not confront Rachel or ask to speak to the manager. We just wanted to get out of there - which we did in great haste!!} TYVM

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