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We had lunch at Outback in Greenwood SC today. We could have gotton better food at a hot dog cart. The steak in my wife's steak sandwich was full of fat. My daughter's wing's were so greasey she could not eat them. they tasted like they were re- fried. The blooming onion was awefull. I will never recommend outback to anyone and I will never go there again

I visited the Plant City Outback Steakhouse on May 2, 2011. It was my first visit to an Outback and I will never go again. The steak was so tough that it was inedible. I wrote a note on the credit card slip when I turned it in and paid my bill of $99.00. I followed this up with a phone call and was only able to talk to the Kitchen Manager whose excuse was he didn't cut his own meat. I was never able to contact the manager, he was always "coming in in 2 hours" or "he'll be in tomorrow". I eventually talked to a "manager on duty" who remembered my note and did nothing to try to fix my displeasure with Outback. I wrote a letter to that Outback and haven't received any reply. This is the letter I wrote: Outback Steakhouse Mr. Hines 1203 Townsgate Court Plant City, FL 33566 Mr. Hines, I visited your Outback Steakhouse on May 2, 2011. I ordered a porterhouse steak which turned out to be the most gristliest meat I ever tried to eat. Your waitress Samantha was very kind and helpful. After I returned home on May 5, 2011, I called your restaurant and talked to the kitchen manager, he said you don't cut your own meat and that you would be there in 2 hours. I called in 2 hous and a man said you would be there in one hour. I called back in one hour and talked to the manager on duty, she said you wouldn't be there till the next day. She also recalls the note I left on the Visa bill about the steak. This is the first time I visited an Outback Steakhouse and my last. The food was poor and customer service needs help. I will also send the corporate office this letter, once I find the address. I'm not after anything for this letter, I am just so disgusted with what large chain corporations come across as a good place to eat when they aren't. Sincerely, RPA

Posted a picture in fb and you guys keep deleting it. It shows the bill caddy stuffed down the waiters backside... disgusting!

We went to the Alphareta ga location last night . We have always loved Outback and it was so disappointing. I ordered the large filet and it was so tiny! My garlic mashed potatoes were cold and by the time iI got another order, the steak was cold. Then I discovered the steak was barely cooked and was.bloodty red. On top of it all, I never got a refill on my water. This wouldn't have been so bad , but my friend's son Got FOUR refills on His coke! When I finally got the server's attention we were already done with our meals. Of course the checks were wrong. Surprise, surprise. Service was slow. We got there at 7 pm and did 't get home til almst 10. There werelonely 4 of us and they only had a few tables to serve. Very disappointing!

Years ago, you were wonderful. Now, the steaks taste like you use sub-choice meat...Terrible.

My wife and i regularly dine at the San Jose location in Mandarin, FL. and the service has been outstanding along with the food. However, On Saturday May 7th, 2001 we were dinning at the restaurant and the manager, Mr. Brian Dolan was making round of the tables asking how are meals were and had we been at the restaurant before of which we stated, yes. At that time he offered us a drink due to our patronage and we accepted. Later, when our steak came which was to be medium and it came well done, to the point where it was difficult to eat, we mentioned it to the waitress, who was also very attentive. She offered to have the restaurant prepare another, which we turned down due to time constraints. When we recieved our bill to our surprise the bill had been taken care of and the bills stated Happy Mother's Day. I immeduately told the waitress that that was not necessary because we had eaten some of the steak and vegetables. I also spoke to the manager and told hime it was not necessary, however he insisted stating that they stand behind the quailty of the food served and thanked me our patronage. I have not see recieved that kind of customer service in a long time and because of that jesture I can quarantee I will return and not hesitate to recommend the restaurant to al my friends. I WOULD SAY THAT THE MANAGER AND WAITRESS WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SATISFY THEIR CUSTOMERS. Well done OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE.

My sister and I have been going to the Spring Hills Florida's Outback for awhile and Amanda at the bar is the BEST!! We always eat and drink a little there and always get carry out and one time..our carry out wasn't correct. We called and Amanda talked to us and told us that she would owe us a drink or appetizer the next time in. Well, we came in probably like another 3 weeks and Amanda--before we could say anything said she owed us....so she got us our appetizer. WHAT a wonderful, caring person..she enjoys her job and knows how to make people happy!! We always choose to go to the Spring Hill store because of her attention to detail. She is GREAT!! Give her a RAISE!!!

I am writing this letter to inform you about my recent visit to Outback on Henderson Blvd in Tampa. A few weeks ago my wife passed away and I took my kids (4) to what was their favorite restaurant. I have to admit that for this occasion I would have expected a warmer reception from your waiter who asked how our day was going. Unfortunately I informed him about our situation and thought nothing of it again. My kids who are big eaters ordered 3 New York Strips and I have to say it was probably the toughest piece of meat I ever had. We had a baked potato fully loaded and after going thru half of it l, it appeared it was not baked properly. I informed the waiter and asked if we could at least get new baked potatoes, but when I asked him he "sighed". I am not a big complainer, but he rudely stated that you already ate half of it. It's not like I was asking for free steaks, after all my kids ate them but complained afterwards due to having to wait all day thru a funeral etc. I am a bit disappointed but I did not feel like making a scene in front of the kids who at that point just wanted to leave. My entire bill with tip was right around $110 and felt that my money was better spent elsewhere.

My husband and I recently went to the Outback Steakhouse located in Branson Mo for an anniversary dinner. I love this location, because they are the only ones in this area that serve alligator tail. My husband and I settle in for a nice dinner only to be disappointed with the customer service. The waiter could barely speak English and brought my husband the wrong beverage to begin with. The rest of the meal went smoothly, except for the poor customer service. We finished our meal and went back to the hotel room and enjoyed the rest of our time in Branson. We decided oh well one bad experience wasn't going to keep us from returning. A couple of days later I went to balance my checkbook when...you guessed it...I was overcharged. We decided due to the poor customer service that we were not going to leave a tip, this is a rare occassion for us, but the service was horrible. Anyway I was balancing my checkbook when I noticed that the waiter had decided to give himself a nice $5.00 tip. Well I was irate and my husband was even more irate. How many times has this guy decided he deserved a tip and it just goes unnoticed??? I do believe that in the state of Missouri this is considered fraud. We contacted the manager and then the general manager for the location in Branson and he told us that he would refund the $5.00, however he'd looked through this particular waiters tickets for 2 weeks prior to this incident and there were no other discrepancies, basically saying nothing was going to be done! Can you imagine what would've happened if my checkbook had bounced due to this "self tipping waiter"!!!??? We've decided that we will NOT be returning to the location in Branson and will be contacting the main headquarters. It can not be allowed for waiters and waitresses to steal from their customers!!! So with this being said make sure you look at your ticket and your bank account closely to make sure you aren't being overcharged by a "self tipping waiter".

TY for overall pleasant dining experience & esp. for their appreciation for military VETS. I came by the last two Veteran's days for the free offering. Frank Maresso served 6 years in Army during Johnson administration.

The outback steakhouse in Southaven, MS is the worst ever. We get our food to go alot and its usually cold, or missing something 9 times out of 10. Do not go.

What a night....!!! We were going out with the family (8) to grab a bite to eat at Outback in Va. Beach Va that was a disaster....We got there right when they opened. We ordered creamy onion soup and the poor waitress said they only had enough soup for three cups which left three of us w/o soup...Then I ordered a sweet potato and the sweet waitress came back and said there were no more sweet potatoes ready and it would take 1 hour for the other sweet potatoes to be ready. uuurrgghhh..My 11 month old needed something to eat...By then our wonderful ITALIAN family was a little testy w/ the Outback not being ready so we told the sweet waitress to forget about it and the crappy manager came to talk with us and my Father-In-law was wondering why they opened up if they didn't have all the food ready...We left the Outback w/o anything to eat and the manager was no help whatsoever. Why in the heck didn't the manager oversee that the kitchen had all their ducks in a row b/f they opened...Not enough soup for our table and sweet potatoes would be 1 hour wait.....That is ridiculous and crazy to open w/o being prepared to serve customers dinner. I felt bad for the waitress that the manager and kitchen cooks were incompetent not to have everything together b/f they opened. We had very poor service and it wasn't the waitress fault......I would really like to know what are you going to do about this problem???

This Parkersburg WV outback is disgusting! First an employee past me in the restroom and walked past the soap and water, not washing and returned to the working area. Next a busboy cleaned the top of his shoes with a cleaning towel then immediately cleaned a table and breadboards with the same towel! Local health enforcement officials have been notified. Never again.

outback location pembroke pines, fl. waited 20 minutes before we were even approached. Restaurant was not crowded on Sunday around 3:30 pm. People around us compaining about the same, and also sending the food back. I ordered coconut shrimp, salad and baked potato. The shrimp were uncooked, I ate 2 and part of another. I complained and the manager said to me "why did you wait till you ate so many before complaining,"? I suppose he thought I was after a free meal. I said eating 2 shrimp is too many?? The first one was smaller and sort of cooked. I paid full price for my meal. I will not return to this restaurant. We have eaten there since they opened in the 80"s. Others were sending their food back and complaining about the long wait. How do I know ? I had nothing to do not even something to drink for over 20 min, so observed ;-) And to top it off I ate about 4 hours ago and now sick and cramps and you know what comes next and that's the truth.

I visited the Outback in Clarksville TN and I was very disappointed with my experience their. My server was very rude and she had a very nasty attitude. Her name was Jessica Lawson. I thought she was the most rude person I had ever met. She also was very dirty looking. I could not believe she was able to work looking the way she did. Needless to say that was my last visit!

I've tried to call Outback Headquarters, but I get "Enter the number found on the post card." I didn't receive a post card. I'm endeavoring to resolve a problem on your Outback Rewards Website regarding entering the TOTAL of our last visit re: Outback Rewards. I can enter the code number without complication, but when it asks for me to enter the amount of our recent visit, the REWARDS GALLERY covers up the place for me to enter the amount. It's SO-O-O incredibly frustrating trying to enter the amount. I've fought with this time and time again. I've been able to enter a few amounts, but most of the time, I have this same problem. HELP! PLEASE, give us a phone number to call to straighten this out, OR fix it on your website so that we can easily enter the amount without the REWARDS GALLERY covering up the allotted area for entering the amount. I LOVE OUTBACK, but HATE the REWARDS WEBSITE that Outback has designed for customers to enter the amounts of their visits. Hopefully, this frustrating error is not on purpose. Dave and Sherry Pillow, Florissant, MO 63031 (We visit the Hazelwood, MO Outback.)

After recently dining at the Outback in Holbrook, N.Y., I feel obligated to voice some concerns about the food we purchased there. My husband and I ordered the following: twin lobster tails and a beef and shrimp scampi dinner. No salad was offered with the beef and shrimp dinner. There were three very small shrimp and two slice of beef as well as about 1/2 cup mashed potatoes on the plate. There were two "sides" offered with the shrimp, so I asked for double vegetables as the two sides and was assured that was not a problem. The butter for the lobster tails was very cloudy and had an unusual taste. After dinner we ordered from the dessert menu, a slice of cheesecake which according to the menu was for two people and supposedly had 700-900 calories. The slice was about 1 inch thick at the widest part and would more accurately described as a sliver. When I asked the server, he said that everything was portioned according to calories. He mentioned our concern to the manager who offered to pay for the cheesecake. He offered several explanations about the portions of our meal but frankly, I feel that none of them really justified the amount we paid which was $55.00 including 1 iced tea and 1 small beer. If a person wants to eat the Outback's blooming onion or a big plate of those fries smothered in cheese, you will probably get your money and calories worth at this restaurant, but if you are looking for a quality meal, skip Outback. I know I will.

I need to talk to someone about my visit to outback steak house.please summitt me with a telephone number John May

this food was awful.quesdilla,4 of the Alice springs waflat hardly anything in them, not browned at all,aussie s cheese fries,large were completley cold and blooming onion was cold and we only live a mile away.This cost 54.00 and was the worst we have ever gotten from here.We order often and are very disapointed in it this time

I just saw your commercial about supporting our Troops, that's AWESOME!! Thanks for showing your support.

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