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Robert Pecci Dang Huong4:10 pm My wife and I ordered at the Thousand Oaks, CA dinner for two. We asked for med.+ My wife received her steak well++ and she was unable to eat more than 20%. My Prime rib was fine but had so much fat. When we left, I fet very sad for my wife and spoke to the owner. He asked me why I did not tell them prior but I am not a man who like to cause trouble and just paid the bill. The owner was kind and told me he would not charge my wife the next time we came and gave me his business card but doing such would make me feel I am just looking for a free meal so I thanked him but told him no thanks. When I returned home I went to the outback website to tell them how kind the owner was to offer this but none of the numbers for the Corp. office numbers were valid. I ordered prime rib and my wife a steak, both med. + My prime was perfect but my wifes steak was so obver cooked, I would guess well ++ . I also saw you can join online to earn points so I followed the directions and added the receipt number. The site said I would receive 500 points just to enter but now 12 days later, I have not receive the points for our dinner. I give up and anyone who wishes to take my 500 points is welcome to them. My email is robertmichaelpecci@yahoo.com and the password is 1111. I hope someone can make use of my points and that outback will oneday take it serious and add the aditional points I should have received for the dinnder for two. If outback questions you for me to give my points, have them contact me and I will have them transfer the points to your account. Last, I recomend if you want your steak med. order it just under med. and it should come out correct, if not that can cook it a bit more to your liking but if you order it med. and it is over cooked, your out of luck.

A disgusting ROACH ran across our table. The episode has completely turned me off from ever eating a meal at the Outback ever again. My husband killed it and showed it to the manager who didn't blink an eye but said he saw a customer fling something and it hit me in the head (I felt it too) however, it was not a customer, it was the BUSBOY. I asked the manager why he didn't move us if he saw the kid fling the ROACH into our booth --- all he said was I'm sorry, I'm sorry....we got the hell out of there never to return. We feel violated and treated poorly by the manager. He acted like it was an everyday occurrence which really set me off.

I recently visited the Outback in Trinity, Florida. I had the worst Prime Rib that I have ever had. My friend ordered a 20 oz prime rib as well. The quality of meat is horrible. Very fatty. Served to us raw, and I mean raw, not medium well. We sent it back at which time it was thrown on the grill and seasoned (very salty). I mean to say IT WAS HORRIBLE! The manager was not very sympathetic over the ordeal either. If I were Outback, I would be ashamed of serving the quality of mean that is being served.

I had the worst steak experience at your restaurant on Cass Street several weeks ago. (You can tell I'm still angry!) I first ordered a New York Cut. I knew there were two sizes and I ordered the smaller one. Obviously, of course, I knew it would be smaller, but I wasn't prepared. The steak was roughly 2/16 of an inch and was so highly seasoned, I could not eat it and sent it back. (This is the only time in my life that I've sent something back!) Another steak was sent out. It as so grizzly, I could only eat half of it. Also, it had a strange taste to it and I suspected it was grass fed steak. Of course the manager was very apologetic when I complained (she was very sweet, as was the waitress) but no effort was made to placate me. I used to think Outback was a good place for steak, but this is the second time I've had a bad steak here. The first time, I had a rib eye steak, and it, too, was grizzly, and I couldn't eat half to a third of it. I'm not being critical of the manager at this restaurant; what I'm very angry about is the quality of meat that is being served. Whoever is doing the ordering of meat is the one at fault. Your steaks are not cheap. I'm willing to pay the price, but...as a steak house, you should serve good steak. Next time, if I ever come to your place again, I will only order a hamburger!

The provider "Chris Curtin" of The Outback Steak House on West Board Street Richmond, Va 23294 (804-527-0583. Working with Chris Curtin is a living hell, you give him all you got and he'll still treat you like crap!! Its like damn if I do, and damn if I don't! The reason why I say "damn if I do and damn if I don't" is because I'm an American, I've seen people come and go, and the reason why the wait staff go, not only for school purposes..They just go because his attitude sucks. He treat the El Sobadors just fine and he treats the Americans like crap! The El Sobadors will say "Thats not my job!" and everythings okay.If the Americans say "thats not my job" we would be fired, he caters to the El Sobadors AGAIN. And again if we would have said that we wouldn't have a job. There has been Benjamin that is a drunk threw out the years that is a heavy dinker that comes to work when the hell he wants to come, he goes to rehad and comes back and forth...BUT he still has his job, among others,. Chris Curtin has illegaly have had El Sobadors working for him in the pass, I don't know the status of that now, but I've been there and saw. Oh lets talk about the fight that Chris Curtin and Curtis had, about 3 or 4 months ago. The corporate doesn't know anything about that. Curtis told "Chris Curtin"...."Don't tough me no god damn more or I will F you up", they were face to face in the window, customers could hear them in the dining room yelling at each other back and forth constantly! Nobody didn't say anything about that! wait staff heard all that, cooks on line heard it to but Chris Curtin suppose to be Chris Curtin as a provider, now the changes has been made, hes running scared and because he's fake. Bacause all hes doing is looking out for himself, he doesn't care about his employees.

I have had several bad expierences at the Kenniwick Washington Outback Steakhouse and they don't live up to their promises either. I you send something back they never return to your table. If you ever get ahold of Corporte office they pass you back to the store and then they make more promises. It's a big run a round and nothing ever happens

My husband and I went to Outback Steakhouse in Myrtle Beach, SC on Hwy 501 on Saturday night, 9/11/10 and I would not recommend this resturant to anyone! The service was sorry and the steak I ordered medium well came out bloody. It started out that the waitress brought me an ice water and my husband an ice tea. We placed our order and that was the last time we seen our regular waitress. Then when my steak came out it was bloody and I requested it to be medium done. Well another waitress came by and I told her about it. She took it back to the kitchen and when she brought it back it was so done and dry I could not eat it. Well then we decided we would like something to drink and after finally getting one of the girls at the welcome desk to get us something to drink, they brought my husband an ice tea! I never got another glass of water. This place was not busy and the service was sorry. This meail cost us $52.00 and frankly I should have never paid for it.

I had the worse steak I have ever tasted at an outback restaurant in omha. This is the second time I've had a New York cut at your restaurant, and both times it was so tough I could barely eat it!. Tonight I ordered a smaller new york cut. It was so thin/small I couldn't believe it and it was so salted, I had to send it back (Now let me tell you, I've never sent back food, and we eat out three times a week!) The second steak was so tough, I couldn't eat most of it. And it did not taste good. It tasted like it might have been a grass fed beef.

My wife and I receintly dinned at the Outback on University blvd in Sarasota Fl...we eat there regularly and in the past it was always superb... on 8/27/10 that all changed We arrived a little after 8pm and there was no one to greet us....really strange the hostess at the podeum was absorbed in reading something we looked at her she kept reading so we sat ourselves at the bar area.....I've been eating at outbacks for over 20 yrs and never saw this.....anyway our server was Matt nice guy we ordered wings for appetizer when they came out they were so greasy we brought this to Matts attention and he said oh they are like that....strange never were before...my wife ordered the terriaki skewers medium rare and I ordered the outback special RARE and I always say really rare......well my wifes order came our rare and mine came out medium...another server brought out the meals...when Matt got back to us and we advised him of the problem it was getting late...Christian the mgr came by....saw the steak asked if I wanted to get another one but I had seen sometimes what happens when you send food back so we just tried to eat it...after a couple of more cuts into the outback special I got the outback grissle ....man this is not "Just like you want it" .....anyway I sent an email on Monday about this but never heard back so I thought I would try again....I would have put my "CODE" on the "MYOUTBACKREWARDS" form but the first 4 nrs are unreadable the last ones are 70081-22183.. if that helps..... goday mate. Phone 941 554 4636 or cell 804 873 3642

My recent visit to the Outback was located in Boardman, Ohio in August 2010. It was a horrible experience. I understand that sometimes orders get messed up but having a waitress "Shannon" who acts like she is 5 years of age is what truly made the experience horrible. The manager tried to have the order fixed but once again it was incorrect. The waitress decided to totally ignore the fact that I was even sitting there. She would refill everyone's drinks but mine and at the end of the meal asked everybody (but me mind you) if they needed a take out box. When I spoke up and told her a I needed a box she acted like she didn't hear me and she came back with the box; however, handed it to somebody else at the table. She is a very poor waitress and shouldn't have a job as a waitress in any establishment. Because of this incident I don't think I will ever go back.

Outback rewards program is a farce and trying to reach corporate office is even worse. I've had no luck on the phone or the internet trying to tell them their give- away programs are flawed by invalid code and need to be fixed. So I quit trying.

I have never ever been dissatistified with an Outback before. They are great in NY,NJ, Florida Etc. Except the one in Newport News Virginia the one on Jefferson Ave. The service was poor. We were served a blooming onion with no plates or silverware. We were given old bread which the server took back and retried to serve it to us toasted. No ketchup bottle for a party of five just a little dish because they no longer give customers bottles of the red sauce. I asked for well done and please don't burn it. Instead I received the burnt one. The 6oz steak was really 2oz very sad. No steak fries just Micky D style fries. The server re filled everyones drink except mine. So sad for him I was the one paying. The manager came by and took the plate away and later came back with a well done steak and ice cold fries. Thank you Newport News VA. Outback for the worst dining experience ever.

Both my husband and I go to Outback alot and we love the food there & everyone there is very friendly but.......recently we went to Outback for happy hour, we were seated in the dining room area and our waiter asked us if we were ready to order dinner, I told him we were only there to have drinks & pupu's and he said okay. When we got our bill it was $68.00 we had 3 drinks & 3 appetizers, I paid the bill and left. When we got home I questioned my husband about the bill, I told him arent drinks & appetizers suppose to be 1/2 off? I called Outback and spoke to the manager there, low & behold he told me if we don't say that we are there for happy hour they are going to seat us in the dining room area & charge us regular prices. I told him I did mention it to our waiter that we were only having drinks & pupu's isn't that enough, he just rambled off saying that it was kinda our fault for not saying we were there for "Happy Hour".....all in all if you are there for happy hour say it loud & clear!

Just went to the local Outback in Palm Coast Fl for a dinner, after a long day. My wife and I have always had good food and ok service at this facility. We ordered and the waitress came back by and asked if we were ready to order. We told her that we already ordered, and she oh yea sorry. We waited for our two Queensland salads and asked the waitress if she could check on the order, she said it will be right out. We had waited 45 minutes and asked the waitress for out bill on the one ice tea. She gave us the bill for the entire meal. We inquired as to why we were having to pay for food never received. She said we would have to wait for the manager. Manager shows up as asks what the problem is. We said we never received food and were tired of waiting and wanted to go somewhere to get something to eat. she said let me check, she is gone for 10 minutes. Said that she could get us a to go order if we wanted. We asked for the bill on the tea, she disappears again. We left 5 dollars on the table and will never return to that restaurant again. Sad to lose good customers . We went next door to Fridays and had a adequate meal, but witnessed good management. Patron had a problem with an item on the plate, and manager took care of problem without question. This makes a good restaurant, "How you handle Problems" Outback needs a little work on that in Palm Coast Florida

I took my family to the Outback Steakhouse in Jamison Pa. for a birthday celebration. I ordered one of the new dinners named shrimp scampi and filet. The shrimp scampi consisted of three of the smallest shrimp I ever saw on a dinner plate and the filet consisted of two very thin slivers of meat that were not even tender. This dinner was $14.95 and I would have done better going to one of the fast food restaurants in the area. I tried calling corporate but the telephone has been busy for days. I think they keep it off hook. I don't think they want to hear the many complaints over the telephone. Never Again will I go there and it would be wise to tell your friends and relatives to avoid the chain.

I signed up for the My OutBack Rewards and was promised a printable coupon for a free Aussie-Tizer. When I received the email I was not able to print or view the coupon. Thank you OutBack!

Last night we walked down to the Outback in North Seattle for a late dinner. Service was very slow and they weren't very busy. My fiance ordered the fish & chips and I just had a couple of side dishes. I work for a seafood company and boy was I disappointed in the look & awful taste of your dish. Who makes fish & chips in the NW out of tilapia - yuck? They looked barely bigger than nuggets and not a typical portion for fish & chips. He asked me to taste & I spit out in my napkin as it tasted RANCID. They took the dish back, apologized and didn't charge us. After the long wait, he wasn't going to reorder something else. My garlic mashed potatoes didn't seem to have any garlic flavor and looked gray in color. What has happened to your restaurant?

Our Outback Steakhouse located in Saint George, Utah, and has very good service and food quality. One BIG complaint is the new Rewards Points Program. I've become a new member in June 2010 and our location didn't know about this points program. The Steakhouse # 4514, 250 N Red Cliffs Dr. #40, St. George, Utah, 435-674-7788. I've not received the appropriate points for our dinning, and have sent several messages to the points program customer service with no return response. I'm wondering about the the honesty of this new "Rewards Points Program"? I'm not impressed with their not responding to my concerns. I also did not get to print out the "FREE APPETIZER Coupon" as promised, after signing up for their points program. I have made enough complaints about this issue and NOW I expect corporate to respond.

We would like for Outback SteakHouses in Florida to "text us" with specials of the week. We always have our cell phones with us and other restaurants are doing that now. Could you please set up text messaging so that you could send us message for a free blooming onion to our cell phone screen with a purchase of a meal, or a free desert when we purchase the super outbacker steak and lobster. At other restaurants, all we have to do is show our cell phone screen to receive the offer.Please contact us at mcoppage@cfl.rr.com and we will tell you how to get it done. Thanks. Mike and Sherri...mcoppage@cfl.rr.com

the store ia am talking about is the one in bristol va the store manager is leeann cash she does not watch her employees they do what ever they want

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