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Last week (7/11/11) we visited the Outback in Islamorada where we experienced the worst service and food. My sister and I both ordered the shrimp en fuego. Yes, we were aware it would be spicey. It was so spicey that neither of us could eat it. Keep in mind we eat Thai food and were expecting "spicey" but the spices in the pasta were truly overwhelming. When we told the waitress (when she finally returned) she reminded us it was spicey but did get the manager. The manager arrived to tell us that the pasta was supposed to be spicey. We explained that the spices exessive and he reluctantly agreed to bring another dish for each of us. When he returned he explained that NO spices had been added to our new dishes "since, clearly we could not handle spices." So our new pasta dishes were simply a milky sauce. We have now returned to Orlando and deliberately went to the Outback on Lake Underhill road. We ordered the shrimp en fuego. It was delicious! Spicey but still edible and you were able to taste the other ingredients...not just the spicey stuff. Sorry Islamorada your management, service and chef were out of line and lost customers as we return to Islamorada often.

Wichita - N Rock Rd (316) 634-6500 2020 N. Rock Road, Wichita, KS 67206 Worst steak I've had since Western sizzler steak house closed down. The T bone steaks were tough and chewy. Way to much fat and they put to much salt on it. Horrid steak. It's very obvious that Outback has reduced the quality of the meat they are now serving. I sent my horrid T Bone back for a sirloin, and it wasn't good. We're not going back to Outback Steak house.

went to outback in okemos for a takeout of just three bake potaoes took more than ten minutes because they had a large party all you have to do is go to the warmer to grab the taters i was a server for thirteen years i know the drill this place is basicalliy a joke

I went to Outback Steakhouse in Palm Coast, Florida; and, we had an unfortunate greeting from the waitress that was handling the bar area. I had called and spoke to the owner/proprieter of the restaurant and I was told that he would come in from his vacation and wait of my table. I was not willing to go to back and receive my comp meal/dining experince but my husband talked me into going again. Well, the entire night the experience was as horrible as the weeks prior and I still had to pay for my meal! Seriously, disgusted and will never go back! I did not think they deserved even a 1 star rating!

A few months ago I called the Cape Coral Outback for call ahead seating for 9 people. The girl flat out told me that I should just go somewhere else. I e-mailed the manager and when she replied she told me to contact her at my "earliest covinnace". I thought really why not spell check. I e-mailed her back and asked how I was supposed to take her seriously when she can't take the time to spell correctly and I felt she should be contacting me. I never heard back from her. Well on July 8th my friend asked to go there for her birthday dinner. The food was terrible!!!! Then there was a drunk table swearing a lot and nobody said anything to them. When I finally asked the guy to be quiet he got angry and started making rude comments about my four month old who was sleeping the entire time. Then to top all that off the server told me he charged the wrong bill to my card. The manager told him to write down my card number to fix later. I was charged more than double my bill. The server took my receipt so I have nothing.

I would like to say that I enjoy Outback Steakhouse and enjoy every experience. Outback is a wonderful place that is full of friendly people, great food, and excellent service. I am mostly praising the one in Rockford, IL on East State St. I have never had one single problem when visiting the restaurant. So many workers are willing to help to make sure that you are satisfied throughout the entire meal. I feel that if at any place you have a bad experience it may be worth it to try again. Or perhaps, try it at another location. I love Outback Steakhouse!!!

My wife and i recently went to OB on The Old Road in Santa Clarita California and had a weird experience. The food was fine but the service was terrible! Our waiter's name was Ryan and he was a lot more interested in flirting with the blonde bartender than he was taking care of us!! He took his time coming over to greet us because he was flirting with her, taking our order because he was flirting with her, He never checked on us because he was too busy putting the moves on her, and even when it was time for the check he took his sweet time because he couldn't pull himself away from her. It just seamed more like a nightclub to him than a job!! He didn't look like he was in his 20's so you would think he would be more serious about his job but i guess not! We'll go back to OB because I like the food but If he is my waiter I will ask for another one immediately!!!

I got a ad on my e_ mail For a free Dinner And to enter for a 500. card ,and it would not take my email and yet they were on my email .Angel Shives@ aol.com So what go?

Outback has been advertising for streak and snow crab dinner for $13.99. I visited the Irvine, California restaurant and this offer was not available. Is this a misleading advertising which is a violation. So beware and don't go to this restaurant.

My husband. daughter, husband and two small children, ages 8 and 4 went of vacation in Rapid City South Dakota. We decided to visit the Outback Steakhouse and had to leave the restaurant. The waitress brought my husband a salad and the dressing dish had something in it. He asked for another and that also had something in it. He refused the salad and the waitress proceeded to become angry. She grabbed the dish from the table and spilled it all over me. My husband then became angry and the waitress then threw a pitcher of tea across the room and getting others sitting at the other tables. While screamming out, " Have a nice "F" day." We then began to leave the restaurant, and the manager came over to apologize and asked what he could do. She then approached the manager and my husband screaming. We have never been treated so poorly and will never return to an Outback Steakhouse again. My grandchildren were very upset and shakened. I would hope this waitress was released from her position.

Tonight my son and I visited the Outback Steakhouse on Harris Blvd in Charlotte NC and received no to poor service. we sat and waited for over twenty minutes for services for over twenty minutes and it never happened. We watched countless waitress and waiters walk past our table, look to see we still had menu and proceeded to take the order of people who arrived after us. After realizing no one was going to take our order,we asked one of the waiters to get a manager for us. We met the manager at the hostess booth. He asked the problem and we explained the amount of time we had been waiting. He appeared not to believe us until I mentioned a conversation we had heeard him having with another patron who arrived after us, and his comment was "wow you have been here that long." He offered us a complimentary appertizer at the bar ( my son is a teenager) and procceded to explain how he was going to chew the hostess out for messing things up. We declined the complimentary appertizer because we were not given an apology and the best he could do in terms of making amends was sit a minor at the bar. In fact, the manager made little to no effort to convince us to stay. Ultimately, the manager is responsible for the resturant and patrons should not have to hear how he deals with internal matters, since we have no way of knowing wheter he actually does it or not. Needless to say we will never visit the Outback Steakhouse in the University Area in Charlotte, NC. It is very unfortunate that the manager did not realize our money spend anywhere and that unsatisfied customers equate to loss revenue for the company since we tend to tell other potential customers about our bad experiences.

I just sent my second letter to outback with a complaint and still no response back! I am totally disgusted and dissatisfied with the lack of empathy or concern regarding this matter. I chose to dine at the Outback on Sunday, June 6th and I was highly disappointed. My daughters who are visiting from out of state wanted to go to Carrabas but I talked everyone into how great the outback would be. To start with, the waitress set down a steak knife with bread directly in front of a baby in a high chair! Then she did not bus our table after appetizers. When she brought our dinner my daughter had to ask her to please remove the dirty dishes. She also did not bring the food at once and we had to wait for enough silverware after the food was delivered. To top things off, she dropped a dirty steak knife on my shoulder and dress and never had the courtesy to apologize. My new dress which I just purchased in St. Augustine is now ruined with a small tear. Also, all of us were extremely hot in your restaurant. I asked a waiter who claimed to also be a manager to check on the AC as we were all very uncomfortable and he said he would take care of it. Needless to say, it never got any cooler. I was miserable holding my long hair up in one hand while trying to eat with the other! The food was medioka and it cost me over $100 for 7 of us to dine there that evening. I'm very upset knowing that I could have gone to Carraba's and received excellent service and food and enjoyed a nice comfortable atmosphere!

My wife and I enjoy dining at Outback steak house both at home in Naples and when on the road. Recently while in Lumberton NC we had our diner come out undercooked we were quickly visited by the manager Natalie Harper who explained breaking in new kitchen help was most likely why. She did not look to make silly excuses or attempt to make us feel uncomfortable. We were compensated for what happened but that was not what we expected or requested, in fact it was our waitress who alerted the manager about our rack of lamb dinners being under cooked. We left happy and content and even if not compensated it would not have prevented us from remaining Outback customers.

I had a terrible experience at outback just now. The outback in San Marcos, Tx had given me a plain prime rib without asking me the option of seasonings and it tasted horrendous. I had one bite and did not touch it. The waitress did not even give the gratuity of taking off of my check. Also, I know that a manager is supposed to come talk to a customer when they are not satisfied with their mean, yet no manager was in site. That's the last time I'll ever give outback my business.

Called on Father's Day for the call ahead seating. Haven't been in awhile so asked how that worked. Mentioned to John, at the Kings Island location in Ohio if we were to put in out name now? Then John stated that they are full seating up thru 8pm, I asked him that I needed to ask my husband if that was alright, and by the time I went to address John he HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!!! What kind of service is that... WOW, family night out on Father's Day and we were hung up on, on purpose....... Never in my life will I ever try to eat at an Outback Steakhouse because customers I guess mean nothing to those who work at that location... Thanks a lot for nothing.....

I have to say that I just moved from Plano to McKinney Texas a month ago. I do not have an Outback that I like to go to except for the one in Plano off 15th St. I have tried others but it seems that this is the most convenient. I have traveled across the nation eating at different outback establishments and I come to find that most of them are all operating on the same system. However, this particular one in Plano Texas just doesn't get it. I have numerous problems with them and as a customer I have continued to go because I love the food. However the service really sucks and half the time they make the food wrong. I have used the website to complain only to get a tin of cookies in the mail after I spend well over $65 for the meal. I think that someone needs to go to this location and fix it. It has changed management staff many times and since the franchise owner who sold it years ago moved to Arkansas it has never been the same. Please do something about this because its just not good business to do things the way they do it

u guys are the new WHITE CASTLES of the steak house chain. i went there three times and u couldnt get it rite.ur restruants suck, and ur future looks dim. u dont get what u pay 4.nasty tough stakes grizzly, just sub standard, i also have the receipts 2 prove my experence. ur chain will b gone sooooooooooon.

It was our 10th anniversary, and our first visit to Outback. It will also be our last. We were seated near a very busy kitchen, and got to hear "corner" quite frequently. My husband had the ribeye, cooked medium. When he got it , it was obviously medium rare, barely warm in the middle and very sinewy and hard to eat. I ordered the 6oz. sirloin and three lobster tails. The steak was smaller than a deck of cards, and tough as shoe leather, obviously overcooked. I ate a small portion of the steak. The lobster was a joke! One tail had a small portion, the size and texure of a small rubber band, and the other two weren't much better, very tough and no flavor. The garlic mashed potatoes were like nothing I've ever had before-horrible! The presentaion was lacking, no parsley, orange slice, etc. on the plate. We shared a dessert, this being the best part of our meal. Our server, Addie, was wonderful, very attentive, polite, and we tipped her 20%. We did not complain because we don't like to ever send anything back to the kitchen. I was very dissappointed with our anniversary dinner, and will never patronize this establishment again.

Dear OutBack, We have eaten at a couple of your resurant!But my husband and I live in Loveland,Ohio and stumbled on this GEM of a store of your's one Saturday and we were forever hooked it is in Mason,Ohio nestled off interstate 71 barely know it's there. If you do not get there before 4:00 PM on Friday and Saturday night plan to wait a long time for seating. Not because there slow! because they are that packed and they are that GOOD!!! They have a outside porch where you can sit and wait or eat. The waiter and waiter's are very nice they are on top of everything everbody helping everybody.If our waiter is busy with another table someone else while delivery our salad,drinks,or food so we don't have to wait. When we go out to dinner there is know other place for us. We came from across town to go there!!! You should be proud of this one. Sincerely, John&Margie Zistler

We go to Outback, regularly.  Recently we too a couple that was visiting and this we brought a friend, all ordering our usual, the Fillet.  We were encourage to try the "fire food grill".  This was a complete disappointment in the taste and we had to send it back for being overbooked.  Don't get be wrong, WE LOVE OUTBACK!  But the fact is that we spend thousands of dollars with Outback every year.  If your going to make a change, please have an incentive.  Spending I've a $100 per meal to try something strongly encourage by your waitresses, is a pricey blow to patrons.  Very disappointed.  Perhaps you could  let people order what they want and bring out samples to tastes.  In this economy, to feel like you've thrown away a couple of a hundred dollars, just leaves a really bad take in your month.  I'm afraid we won't be back for a little while. Mrs Lee

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