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I can sum of OUTBACKS Free Steak ad campaign with a fre choice 4 letter words,but will stick with just one less offensive..It SUCKS..!! Coupons came today and really are a scam and totally useless to me....First they adversits a free steak DINNER...yeah...and thats all you get,a 6 oz steak...$4 extra for what they lead you to believe is included from the ads....They also show the Steak Dinner in ad as being $12.95 here in WA State...coupons are only worth $8.99....and now for the clincher...they tell you when you have to eat it..!! Mon thru Thur ONLY...really...Most of us go out on Fri-Sat nights.....and with us living over 1 hr away from closest Outback I really dont see the deal spending $20 in gas to get an $8.99 6oz steak on a night we would not go out on...and as they would hope,spend another $50-$60 to GET THAT STEAK.. Outback...YOU SUCK..!!! and your coupons just hit my trash can..!!!

I came onto this site to get the name and address of the corporate office to send a complaint which I will do, however in reading all the reviews I see that Outback has more complaints than compliments, so that says a lot. My worst meal ever was at Outback Steakhouse, 66 31st Ave San Mateo California (in the Shopping Mall). I had likewise seen the TV ads and went in for what I expected to be a good meal. I should have known something was wrong when the waiter told me the only way my steak can be cooked in medium...........what was brought to me I honestly thought was a "kid's plate".......the steak was tiny and only one quarter of an inch thick........the 3 shrimp were what normally goes into a prawn cocktail. I told the waiter it was the worst meal I had ever seen. This is absolutely false advertising, bad food, and a financial scam. Never again. Any self respecting Australian would laugh them off as even trying to call themselves Outback Steakhouse............I ask you!

Since somebody thought that it was a good idea to put a rub on your prime rib I have decided to take my business somewhere else. Your prime rib comes no where close to how it used to be. You have ruined the taste and tenderness of your meat. I have tried 3 (three) times since you have changed your prime rib; before making my decision to take my business somewhere else. I have enjoyed your prime rib at your Boardman, Ohio location since you opened and used to brag that your prime rib as being the best in the state. I can no longer do this and I am greatly disappointed.

we decided we would go to the steak house outback in vancouver mall it was a very big mistake we ordered steak and shrimp what a joke the steak was tough shrimp ice cold the mini baker potato cold it was very expensive and lousy my daughter ordered a hamburger they need to go to McDonald for lessons anyway the food was very bad we will tell uor friends about your steak house it sucks bill

I just wanted to give my sincere thanks to you for support our US Soldiers the way that you do. Not only do you provide the soldiers that are deployed with food however, when we went to your restaurant with our son, they were very thankful for his service and his meal was provided by the manager. So again thank you from the mother of a soldier who is currently deployed to Afganistan. Thank you Proud Mother of a 19D 10th Moutain Division US Army Soldier

I took my mom out for dinner.She got a fish and I got chicken on the barbie which I've had before and liked it. This time it tasted nothing like it use too and it was over cooked. I told the waitress ( she was very nice) and I was informed that they changed the way they cooked the food! How the heck was I to know that! I found out later that my moms food was not good either.(she didn't want to say anything after my food problem) They tried to make me another chicken but, it was not good either. They can count 2 more off their list,we won't be going back.It's sad that I feel like THEY DON"T CARE.

We visited the Outback Steakhouse on NW Highway and Meridian in Oklahoma City 9/2/2011 at 10:00 PM. We ordered a t-bone steak Pittsburg Style medium rare as I have every time we eat at this location. It came out raw and had no visible charcoal on the outside as requested. We had it sent back and got the same steak reheated and it was absolutely nasty tasting. The grilled shrimp was ice cold and obviously the original shrimp that was sent out on the previous plate. The bake potato was hot and fresh but was lonely sitting among the reheated t-bone steak and the ice cold grilles shrimp. We are regular customers at Outback and were blindsided by his visit. Is it even legal to take served food from a table and reserve it? Seems as though the Health Department should question this practice and Outbacks Corporate should nor allow this. Extremely disappointed frequent client.

Outback in Bloomington IL has got it together. I have been to at least 12 different Outbacks all throughout the states and by far, this is the best meal at an Outback that I have ever had. The service by the waitress Maggie was exceptional and the manager Duane was the most upbeat and personable manager that I have seen in a long time. If Outback and other businesses would hire people like Maggie and Duane, eating out would always be a great experience. Definitely recommend this Outback to everyone.

After I saw all claims around the world, I'm felling unmotived to claim to you. Looks like that your clients in any store are care such as animals or unimportant persons. I feel so sorry for your behavior, becouse in a specific store of you, in Brasil is worst. The guy cannot lunch or dine without wait more of 1hour...this store is into the Eldorado Shopping Center, sao paulo, brasil. I like a lot your beefs, burgers, blooming union and ambient, but I never wait for one hour for it.

I am dissatisfied with the way this Outback conducts business. This is the worst corporation I have ever worked for. Store #10715 305 N. Frontage Rd. New London, CT 06320 I'm a hard working employee and have been for several years. I don't appreciate proprietor Mark Duval undermining my work experiences and knowingly hire a fugitive to a higher position than I. Isn't that against the law?? I see this company doesn't do extensive background checks. Cause Number: D1DC09207121 Warrant for: GARCIA,JORDY ROBERT For Assistance Contact an attorney or bail bond company, or self surrender to the Travis County Sheriff's Office Bonding desk located at 509 W. 11th St., Austin, Texas. To report the whereabouts of a wanted person or to leave a tip you may call (512) 854-9769. Level Issue Date 8/9/2010 NCIC Charge Bail-Secured Bond Original Offense Cocaine-Possess Court 147TH DISTRICT COURT Bond Bail Remarks MANUFACTURE DELIVER CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 4-200G COCAINE FELONY*DC147  NO BOND  QE4118 SID/TX0076490578 TCIC/NCIC M352 Cause Number: D1DC09207122 Warrant for: GARCIA,JORDY ROBERT For Assistance Contact an attorney or bail bond company, or self surrender to the Travis County Sheriff's Office Bonding desk located at 509 W. 11th St., Austin, Texas. To report the whereabouts of a wanted person or to leave a tip you may call (512) 854-9769. Level Issue Date 8/9/2010 NCIC Charge Bail-Secured Bond Original Offense Cocaine-Possess Court 147TH DISTRICT COURT Bond Bail Remarks POSSESSION OF  CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 4-200G COCAINE FELONY*DC147  NO BOND  QE4118 SID/TX07649058 CE M352

Outback Steakhouse advertised their give away of 1 million free steak dinners starting last night at 9:01PM. I tried for 1-1/2 hours to get this coupon and the first time I connected at 9:02PM I was given a message that only one per household. I am the only one in my household and received this message. I continued to try and either received the same message or your system gave me an error message as you were not able to handle the number of people on-line for this coupon. As of this morning there are still coupons available in my area so I tried again - only to get the same message of one per household. Your system should have been set up to handle the demand especially after you posted this on facebook and advertised several times on TV after it went live. I am very disappointed with Outback Steakhouse!!!!!!!!!!

Outback Restaurants has the biggest fraud ever in allowing 3rd parties to offer "free gift certificate" at Outback Restaurants. It's a total scam, a waste of time and quite reprehensible. I have 25,000 fans worldwide and they will never eat at Outback again! Why? As a protest for their disingenuous manner in promoting what is otherwise a very enjoyable eating experience. In order to receive a "free" dinner for two at Outback, you will waste your time and money in having to take a stupid survey AND make at least two purchases for crap you don't want or need. Forewarned is forarmed! BTW The Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants employ the same scam in promoting their restaurants. CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!!

extremely disappointed that outback no longer has plain prime rib, it is herb roasted . I cannot stand the herbs and seasoning on the outside of the prime rib, it is like a funky black tar substance that i cannot eat. I resorted to cutting or scraping the seasoned herb crust off and eating the rest of the prime rib. Very disappointed that I cannot get a plain prime rib any more. I highly doubt it that I will be going back to the Outback.

I just went to Outback Steakhouse tonight for the first time, and it will be my last!. The service was horrible, and the food was salty and too small for the money that you pay for it. Since when do you pay $51.00 for two beers an appitizer and a main course??. There menue is very small and hardly had any veriaty and had absolutly no speacials to choose from, everything was at full price. The tables that they seated us in were small and cooped up with no room for anything but (if your lucky) two plate!. Today was 90 degrees with high humidity, and when they seated us they didnt even serve water (every resturaunt I have ever been to serves water). When it came time to pay, the waitress was nowhere to be found!. I would not recommend anyone to eat at this place, especially if you have not tried it, save yourself a $51.00 (plus) mistake!

I have ate at the Outback for many years. One of the reasons I like eating at the Outback is because they offer a gluten free menu. I have severe gluten alergies and love the gluten free menu options they offer. I recently visited the Outback on Merchant Dr in Knoxville, TN. The service was superb! I have never been greeted or treated so professional at an Outback before. This Outback also offers gluten free hamburger buns with the hamburger off the gluten free menu. I was so blown away to be able to eat a hamburger with an actual bun. I wish all Outbacks nationwide could offer this. I just know it would be a huge hit! There is a huge gluten free market and it is growing. They need to be ahead of the pack.

Not writing to complain. My family and I have never had any less than a memorable dining experience at Outback. I live in South Jersey and have one within a 10-15 minute drive. It is always busy and the wait has never been more than an hour max. My wife would like to know why the "Queensland Chicken" selection was discontinued. It was one of her favorites. Thank you for your time.

My Daughter worked for your company as of last night at 11pm. She worked out of your Montgomeryville restaurant in Pennsylvania for approximately 3 weeks. At the end of her shift, she was called in to her Manager Partner Matt Roegner who asked my Daughter to work on Sunday 7/31/2011 (the next day). My Daughter apologized to Matt, but she said that she would not be able to work the shift. At that time Matt Roegner to my Daughter that she was not needed to work for the Outback Steakhouse any longer and told her to collect her belongings. My Daughter called me and in hysterics, because of the un-lawful firing. I tried to contact the owner (Kevin Cross) to speak with him about the incident, but he has not returned my calls. Could someone from your establishment contact my Daughter to give her the real explanation of her firing. I hope that you do not condone this type of illegal action towards the workings in your company. Please let us know. Thanks

Well we also thought we could not have bad food here,but as the looks of things we did.The service was great,but the management was awlful.I have been going to outbacks in a lot of states from ohio to hi.And all I asked for specail season that uall put on fries and everything else.I have always asked for extra on the side because I like to add extra to everything (salad,steak,and fries).The management would not let her bring any out on the side witch was very lame(what happen to costomer being right).Its not like I was asking for anything free I would of paid for it I told them.The manager still said no,but I was with new people eating with us.So didn't want to ask for anything else.I wanted are staek and other food to be good.But I guess it wasn't going to happen either.So please somebody train this manager how to treat people.I will not go back to goldsboro NC outback till I know that U have new or trained manager Very sad Jim 8594662569 Please call back when u fix or email..papijim3@hotmail.com Would like to go back but not with this manager

On the evening of 23 July 2011, my wife and I took our daughter to the Outback in Vienna West Virginia for her 20th Birthday dinner. My family and I have always enjoyed going to the Outback and have frequented the restaurant, both locally and when traveling, often with our family and friends and have enjoyed a good meal and service. On this particular evening it was not the case. The service was bad, the quality of the food was extremely poor, but the worst part of the evening was we only received two of the three meals we ordered. In my lifetime I have visited restaurants where the food and service was not the best but I have NEVER not been served. When the manager finally came to our table, the only thing she was willing to do to right the problem was not to charge us for the meal we did not receive. The entire staff involved, the waitress, the server, and the manager had an “I don’t care” attitude. The whole evening was ruined on our daughters 20th Birthday. We will never go to an Outback again.

Springfield PA Outback...I have eaten there several times and enjoyed it! Recent visits, however were not as enjoyable. I could see the service was going downhill. My husband & I went last night and it was absolutely THEEE WORST SERVICE EVER!!! I was and still am very disappointed. Took 3 different servers and over 1/2 hour to finally get served. Our original server came to us only once during our dining and that was to give us our check. The 'Manager'(?) stood by the kitchen door and never once walked around nor would he acknowledge my wave - he knew there was a problem but chose to ignore us like our server. hmmmm...Real disppointment. OK ... bye-bye Outback, HELLO Texas Roadhouse!!! And I will be sure to post to FaceBook.

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