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lousy service

I went to the Marion Ohio store today to buy lumber. I went to the value section, which I go to several times a month, to get what I needed and the rack was empty. Above the rack their was a whole pallet of the wood that I could clearly see that I needed. I asked for it to be brought down so I could select from it. A " manager" Travis refused to bring it down and was EXTREMELY rude. I can say I will never step back into that store again. I usually spend 2-300 dollars there a month. I will now go to lowes or home depot for my needs. I am willing to pay the extra to be treated like a customer should be.

Gill casher at Long Grove

Gill is an outstanding frendly person. He allways respects people and always tries to help. I hope he get the recognition he deserves.

Store is ok, usually get help when I need it. However My job requires I use an American Express card to purchase needed supplies. Since you do not accept that card I'm forced to go to Lowes or Home Depot. There are only nine of us who travel in my company for work and probably spend apporx. $10k each throughtout the year. Not huge numbers I know but I would think your missing out $. Also about 6 months ago or so My wife got a store card from you. We finished paying it of March 6 2013, March 7, 2013 I saw a new bill for $12.15 for interest. Where did that interest come from and a day after it was paid off? Needless to say, I tried to call someone during hours of operation and only got phone recordings. I paid it off on March 8th and will cancel card as soon it clears. I will NEVER use Menards for large purchases again. Store front gets 4 stars for helpful people and decent supplies, lees than 1 star for credit services, worst ever. Zero customer support for credit services.

Board of Directors needs to investigate Cust Svc

I too have had horrible cust svc issues with Menards. We bought two hose reels at aroung $130@. One of them had a busted fitting. I wrote to Cust Svc to ask for name of mfgr. in order to pursue replacement for just the fitting. It has been two weeks now and I have gotten is the run-around. They come-on as if they are going to help...but they just keep asking questions instead of getting the issue resolved. POOR, POOR customer service. I am shocked that the company's Board of Directors would tollerate the miserable customer service reputation that Menards has acquired (as evidenced by this website). They should be replacing some senior level executives for allowing this to go on. Lose your customers, and you lose your business!!

You will not catch me shopping in your new Richfield, MN store. I can't believe you are not a disability friendly company. A friend of mine shopped your store and was asked to leave because she had a service animal. The ADA gives her the right to have her animal and go in your store. Yet she was asked to leave... went into a seizure which the dog was there to help her with and you gave her a no shop citation for a year. Well you lost my business for life, but I bet you don't care.

Cabinet Handles

I had a problem at my local Menards. I e-mailed the corporate office to complain. They took care of my problem completely. I was totally satisfied

wheel chairs

I broke my foot and can't walk, when I went to Menards I saw 8 handicap parking .spaces but only one wheel chair, pretty upseting they have more handicap parking spaces and can't supply more then one wheel chair.


Service is terrible. If I ask them if they have something which is almost daily.. They say they don't have it. Must be part of there training. I find it show them and they don't care. I ask them for something before I go get it on purpose just to laugh about how lazy the employees are. Oh.... There corporate line is a fax line. Uncle Sam they will need a bale out!!! Restarted corporation spend way too much money there and waist too much time and fuel to ask them for something just to have to leave and go to LOWES. If anyone lives in Rapid City SD just save your time and go to Lowes. And I dont like supporting huge corps like Lowes but Menards give me no choice any,ore. I'm done

Just picked up a (new?) Yard Sport today. I was told this was a special order item and it would be delivered to the store in 7 days. After 2 weeks I was contacted that it was in. Picked it up, got it home and discovered that it had 78 miles on it, broken grill, wrench had been used, engine was dirty and it leaned to one side. I do not call this new!!!! This was a $7000 purchase and they will NOT take it back. I will probably no longer shop here!

dont buy gas powered items from menards

Bought $600 snow blower from menards. Had to special order it too. Took two weeks to get. Got it home put together added gas and oil tried to start. Won't start!!! Took it back but they won't take it back because we pit gas and oil in it. How do u know if it works if u don't put gas and oil in it. They want me to take it and have it worked on. I should not have to take something new somewhere else to be worked on. I have a $600 paper weight and I will never spend another dime at menards again even if they were the last place on the face of this earth.


Menards is selling truck loads of their broken and damaged goods to a business in russelville Arkansas at Truckloads of odds and ends at 3820 South arkansas Ave and the truck loads are being inspected by the feds because the one ordering the trucks, named Ladonna is not even a store or business owner as she states to Menards at the above address and reselling the junk to unsatisfied customers. These truck loads to this Arkansas business should stop before the feds close both businesses down and prosecute!

Menard's Product

Please DON'T purchse or even consider purchasing a Yard Sport UTV. You will have NOTHING but problems with it. You'll get very little, if any, support from store management.

customer service sucks

Went to simply make a payment and it took 3 people to approve my check because it was over $200. The second gal told me it wasn't a normal check, she had never heard of that bank. Excuse me, these are my everyday checks. Here I am trying to give you money and I'm treated like a criminal. Last month I purchased a vanity, the one inside the box was NOT pine, like the outside of the box said. It was oak. I had to drive (from out of town) to return this and asked for a discount, after all it wasn't my error. The GM wasn't very friendly and told me they don't give discounts for gas.

Repeated disappointment

It is unclear to me how Menards stays in business with its poor customer service and mediocre products. I will occasionally forget why I dislike shopping there and make the mistake of going back so they can remind me.

Poor service

I drive a semi I was at the Menards in mattison il I arrived at 5 am witch is what time they start unloading trucks. When 5 or more trucks got unloaded before I did I asked the gard what is going on he dident no I talked to another guy that worked in the yard and he was vary rude he said that I'm just a truck driver and can wait they will get around to it. So this is the last time I haul anything to Menards. They can suck it

Poor service

I have spent thousands of dollars in home renovations at menards and am quite disappointed in the service I received today. Usually they are helpful and reasonable at the Holland, mi store, but we went to the wyoming, mi store, because we moved. The product I needed came in a 10 pack, but they were out of those, but they had individual packs for more money. Previously at the Holland store they gave me 10 individuals for the price of the 10 pack. We are talking the exact same product. It is not my fault they are not up with their inventory. After being a faithful customer for so many years, I will no longer be shopping at menards. I guess a few dollars to them is worth losing a customer for life! There is good news, Lowes had the exact same product I needed. Thanks Lowes!


Forest lake mn menards doesn't hire family which is bogus because I am in need of a job and the lady set up an interview with me if she new she couldn't hire me then why would you set up an interview me this is rediculous officially hate menards plus management sucks

Friend's termination

Never going back. A good friend was recently fired for disarming a customer who had a concealed 9 mm. Protocol called for her to call over the head cashier, the head cashier was not available, what to do? She is retired from the Omaha PD and was quite capable. Anyway she was fired for taking this action and possibly saving lives.

Embarrassed and Belittled

My girlfriend has shopped at Menards for years and always said it was her favorite store to shop at. They recently mailed out shopping bags with a 20% off for everything you can fit into the bag. She went to the store on HWY 61 near Maplewood, MN on News Years Eve and filled her bag with light bulbs, etc and a couple of throw rugs which retail for under $3. The clerk said the rugs were sticking out of the bag and also mentioned the bag was ripped. Another clerk thought it was OK, but this particular older lady clerk would not discount the rugs. My girlfriend was embarrassed, with other customers watching. She left the items there and walked out for the LAST TIME! SO Menards lost a good customer for life, along with myself. We will shop at Ace, even if it costs more. At least the staff at Ace treat their custmomers with respect.

rippd off at Menards

Got ripped off at menards. They took my item away beause I did not have a retun receipt and they could not locate it. $200 roofing nail gun. Stay away from Menards stores. Called corporate office and they gave me the run around. I will NOT BUY THERE AGAIN

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