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Glacier Mist sold in St. Paul Minnesota (green and yellOW label)

This product is distilled water. It is not pure. A white residue appears on a hotplate when evaporated. This is not the case with Nice! brand sold at Walgreens. A similar residue appears when tap water is used. I think it is toxic.

Poor Management

I recently went to purchase material for a bathroom remodel . $645.00 . I spent over an hour shopping . The employees in the departments I shopped , plumbing , electrical , doors , were extremely helpful . Then I arrived at the check out with 3 carts and had a specific request . A will call from my friends of 15 years / my landlord also . They live in Illinois and I'm in Michigan . And they have done this in the past using their Menard card . I was told you cant do that . Instead of trying to resolve this they just got even more rude and ignoring me , basically wanting me to just walk out . The assistant manager finally got a hold of my friends and , while still being extremely rude and the original head cashier rolling her eyes and being rude . Then at the end I was told I couldn't have receipt . They said the customer would have to come in with their card if there is any thing to return . As I mentioned they live in Illinois . Long drive to northern Michigan for that , I finally said contact the manager , They gave me a copy . Being treated so rudely . I asked to speak with manager . He arrived at counter . Same attitude as the others , extremely poor !!!!!! He said it was a security issue . If that's the case they don't have a very good policy . They had no idea who I was never asked my name or any information but let the charge be made to another customer . I would at least get whos buying product , their information . So for being so rude , they better get better training on customer service and think of what security issue was involved . if customer says they didn't approve sale , who would they contact ? They never even asked my name . For they attitude of management I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN A MENARDS EVER AGAIN !

new home depot customer

was going to complane but after reading other post evedently THEY DONT CARE. will spend my money elsewhere.... Terre Haute, IN, is terrible the store managers don't even care

I will NEVER enter a Menards store again. The disorganization and service I received is unacceptable. Actually it was no service at all. Many of the employees are not equipped with the accurate information to help customers, which in turn caused many problems for myself. They expect you to know how their store works without having all the information needed for the process.

Des Moines location SE 14th st

The store manager at this location was great in handling a situation we had on a special order. After I spoke with him, he had it resolved before we ended our conversation. He was not at the store when I was able to get there but he had the manager on duty and the customer service staff up to date on the situation and they had it completed within 10 minutes of me being there


I went for a job interview in bolingbrook IL and filled out app. When I got there it was me and another man filling out apps. The person (shelia) sent the other person who was (white) upstairs for an interview, but gave me a silly interview of 1 to 2 minutes and then told me to have a nice day. This makes me very angry...I hate that racism still is around even on the jobs

Poor service

I guess Bismarck, ND Menards does not like to give customers there products even if they purchased it 6 months ago and did not pick it up right away. Sometimes things come up. The manager of the store does not act like a manager at all. I thought they were dedicated to service and quality

Poor service

I guess Bismarck, ND Menards does not like to give customers there products even if they purchased it 6 months ago and did not pick it up right away. Sometimes things come up. The manager of the store does not act like a manager at all. I thought they were dedicated to service and quality

Store SE 14th Des Moines and Corporate problems

I have been trying to get someone from Menards corporate and from the Store I do business at to help me with a situation. No one in Guest corporate or the store will help and keep directing me to guest services. Guest service answer to my problem is to bad. I spend over $25,000 a year in this one location and this is the way they treat their customers. I guess Home Depot will accept my money as I will never step foot in a Menards store again

Calling Menards Corperate

Do not try calling Menards Corp if you have problems because they will not answer. The phone number is the same as the fax machine. The fax machine takes over only after you hear three rings. I had issues on a recent purchase, and want to add the customer service is not acceptably.

I have never had any trouble at our store in ontario ohio, but i do have a beef with there so called rebate they keep the money so were is our rebate they still get it regardless. rebate check made to them... wont ever buy anything with this option. i still go to lowes,carter and even home depot some places just have different items not all stores have it all.

Problems at 3 stores

I called the closest store to my home to order siding. They said they were out and didn't know when they would get any in. Called a second store a bit further away. They have the siding, but their truck is broke down and they don't know when it will get fixed. Called a third store, and their phone rang forever with no one answering. Called a forth store to see if they had another number for the third store, and they said that stores phone hasn't worked for the last couple of days. So much for wasting my time, I'm DONE.

Lousey service

We use to shop at the Marion Ohio store. We have spent thousands of dollars there. We own a small construction business. We like to shop local when we can. But i must say, our business will be going back to Lowes, and Carter Lumber.We have found the customer service at menards, to be very lacking in the service. The good workers are few and far between. Material deliveries are never on time, and when you have to go out to the yard for anything, the wait time is outrageous. The last time we were there, we picked up 3 pcs. of osb and a few 2x4's. We were in the yard for almost and hour. We do many new roof installs, and home renovations. We will no longer be recommending menards to our customers either.


Called Crystal Lake IL staore and asked if they had quarter sawn lumber and guy in building materials said "what's that?" Asked for GM he had NO IDEA either---- unbelieveable!!

They dont care

No one at menards gives a crap about any of these complaints. They think they are to big to be brought down. But trust me when a town comes together, big things can happen. And if they give a crap about the people that keep them in business, they would take action. But they are just like any other big box store. They just dont care. But our town has something big coming for the menards store. We will see how your business does then :)

Lousy customer service

I called the 96th Street store in Indianapolis to ask if they had kerosene heaters and was told they had three left. I drove there and was told they had none. When I told the store manager, he said "You must have not communicated well". Very rude. Lowe's and Home Depot are customer oriented.

Life Time Customer

I visited this site out of curiosity to find surprisingly unfavorable reviews. I have been a Menards customer my whole life. I have shopped at the competition only to find I end up going back to Menards. I shop at the location in Stillwater, MN and have never had a problem.

Dedicated to service and quality -NOT

We purchased a large dollar amount of cabinets and appliances. We encountered numerous problems with the cabinets and have now been without water in our kitchen for over 2 weeks. When I contacted "Guest Services" and told them of all the issues we were having I received a one sentence reply basically saying they couldn't help me. I will make sure that everyone I come in contact with personally and professionally is aware of this also. Its interesting to know that in these hard times that they can afford to lose customers. I will be switching my business to Home Depot or Lowes.


I have been working with my local Menard's for a few months on a project for a charitable organization. It is almost impossible to communicate with the decision makers of this organization. They make a lot of promises but they are empty promises.


I have been a loyal customer at Menards for over 7 Years and have spent a good sum there having bought windows doors and other items throughout that period. I have always preferred shopping at bMenards that is 9 miles from my house in preference to shopping at Home Depot which is less than a mile from my home. I have a bonified reason to complain to Menards. I find that everytime they run a special ad as they did for March 8 thru march 10 th. For the fourth time now I have gone to get an advertised item on the first day of the sale only to have them tell me that they are sold oit and will not offer a rain check. I find this very deceiving advertising and as this happened to me 4 times now I must say that I have no intentions of ever doing business with them and willass this on to ally friends as to their deceiving advertising.

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