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Poor attitude from manager BILL at Chillicothe Ohio store.Poor customer relations.Just do what you tell people you are going to do. Customers are not near as dumb as you think.Lowes will appreciate my future business........


Menards stores are only as good as their employees are trained. Most are not trained the value of customer service. It is amazing to experience low quality services and low quality employees. Best of luck to Menards. There will only be Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware in Home improvement centers. With high unemployment, improve selection of better quality employees must improve the stores. But it's the blind leading the blind. I am not surprise by the low ratings. John, best of luck with your business! If you don't improve your customer service in your stores, you will be acquired by your peers at a devaluated price.

this is not a review of me but a complaint as an employee are u aware of the coverups at the kewanee store. It involves a one Carlos Ortiz. He showed up to work on Saturday the 28 drunk. I noticed this decided to see what happened. After i left it was observed he was sent home by the Assistant GM only to have him come back in 6 hours to cover his position. Policy number 141 states in Illinois if show up under the influence u are to be terminated. This individual has gotten away with alot of things since showing up at this store including poor attendance and abuse of his position. u need to deal with this problem there is alot of things that go on in this store and this is a major one

Done wrong by your store

Bought a stove from the Menards in Superior Wisconsin. Less than 2 years have passed and the oven went out. Called the store and got the run around. Today I paid 168.00 to have the stove fixed. I spend about 10000 dollars a year at Menards. That ended this afternoon.

Poor service

I intended to purchase a storm door at the 43rd street store in Milwaukee. Not one person would wait on me. Too busy stocking shelves while two associates in the department were chatting behind the counter - mind you, they looked right at me, never acknowledged me, and continued visiting. The only person who stopped and asked how I was doing was a Direct TV rep. Went to Home Depot - excellent customer service and spent $402.82.

Supper Bad Service

I tried to return some siding I had bought, because it had severely warped. I had four pieces of siding, fourteen pieces of J-Channel and ten pieces of undersill trim. I was siding my whole house. I needed these few pieces to finish my job. I did not have my receipt. The Manager treated me as if I had stole it. All I wanted to do was exchange it. I feel if I had not been Black, I would have gotten better service. I am 61 years old and I can tell what that laughing behind my back means. I got so mad I did not know what to do. Therefore, I just threw what I had spent my hard-earned money on the ground. I have been shopping mainly at Menards for over twenty years. I do not know if I will ever go back.

Shitty Manager Attitude

Was overcharged at the Mt. Pleasant Michigan Store. Went back two days later was treated like crap by the "Junior" Manager. i THINK Menards in Mt. Pleasant needs to take the time and effort to TRAIN their so called managers the finer points of customer service, and give them a copy of Michigan's law on overcharging procedures. I know Home Depot was happy with the way I was treated at MAYNARDS aka Menards because they sold me the laminated flooring that I was going to buy at Menards and got my 1500.00 Signed never a "Maynards" customer again,

Very Dissatisfied

Lack of accountability and service for the inconvenience of their customers. We have done a lot of business at Menards and have in the past purchased several materials for a fence and went back to purchase for the next section. We were told that the materials would take approximately a week to come in and it has now been 5 weeks. Menards refuses to adjust our bill for the inconvenience that this has been to us due to the fact that "they can not be responsible for their vendors short comings". Sorry, but my contract is not with the vendor, and nor am I concerned for the reason that the items are not in the store, but yet the "fact" that they are not in the store ready for pick up. We should be accommodated for the inconvenience and lack of timely service that we have received. We will be taking our business elsewhere.

Military discount

It's a shame Menards dont take Military ID. They say they take all other competitors like Home Depot, Lowes and Sears discounts.. Guess what Menards, these stores take Military ID and will give us VETS up to 20% off. Your lieing when you say you will take competitors prices..!!! It's a shame you will not support us SOLDIERS !!!!!! Shame on you !!! I'll take my business where I'm appreicated.. And too think I almost spent 150.00 tonight in one of your stores. When I asked if you took Military ID, the young man said no. I asked to speak to a Mgr and she wouldnt hear anything to do with it..I layed everything there and walked out... I went to Lowes and got the samething WITH my discount. :-)

Never order online!!!!

Tried to online order from them. Not only did they mess up the order, they tried to charge me an additional $300 on my card. I could NEVER get a person on the phone, their "Customer Service" will "only deal with issues through email" and now I see why!!! Absolutely unconscionable that they make unauthorized and fraudulent charges and then you can't talk to a human being to get a straight answer?? I have shopped at the stores for decades with no issues but they run a piss-poor online side of business!! Absolutely no excuse for this at all! Even with a mere AAS in Business Management I could do 100 times better at handling things then they do as a million dollar Corporation! Get your act together or you will lose another customer!

customer service

I have been trying to find out if there is a Menard's store close to me, I need to return a product I bought there. It has to be your store... I just called your corporate phone number and after two rings I got that disgusting sound associated with sending a fax. I have been frustrated at every turn. I am not impressed with your store website!!

men liars (aka) menards

I asked for pool sand for the filter & was told several times what they sold me was the sand they use for pools to put in the filter. It was wrong. It ended up costing me $ 200.00. & several days getting 250 lbs of sand out of my pool & filter. The manager said he would refund my $ so I told him I would be back to do that after a Dr appt on that same day. A few hrs later when I returned, he had a change of heart & told me the conversation was over when I said I didn't want to take it to small claims court. I figured a refund & maybe an "I'm sorry " with a gift card would have been a nice guesture. After all they did assure me the sand was the correct sand for pool filters. I'm so dissapointed with the store that I wont be back & I will tell all my friends & anyone that will listen about the new name of menards is Men liars! Lowes will be getting my money from now on. Even a police officer said it wasn't right & that I had a right to Pickett the place.


I was in your Davenport Menard on 6-12-13, was checking out and used my debit card, clerk said the system was down to try again, I did and did not work. I went across the street to get cash from atm, the clerk said my debit transactions would be suspended, but it was not. I have $223.20 deducted from my account, I have been in touch with Menards on several occasions, with no success. I need this money, it has been a month. Please respond!!!!!!!!!!

Common Sense Conservative!

Dear Menards Execs and Anyone Else having to do with the advertising you're doing on the Rush Limbaugh show---Bravo! Caterpillar has apparently stopped funding the Boy Scouts of America because they don't allow homosexual Boy Scout "leaders." Allowing homosexual Boy Scout leaders makes as much sense as purposely placing weasels in a hen house. I don't expect Menards to enter the "culture war." They need to stick to doing business the best they know how, AS DO ALL businesses. But where a company chooses to advertise is another matter to me, and again, I applaud Menards for advertising on a show that is very much about common sense. I was already shopping Menards frequently. I will do even more there now.


I want to know why my sister had to quit her job. They hired her in Joliet as a "manager trainee", then sent her to Menards in Morris, IL. In the past week all they had her doing was dusting, and cleaning the spiders off of bricks outside with a bottle of window cleaner and a roll of paper towels, while the other employees heckled her. The store manager is out of town, and the next in charge refused to give me the district manager's phone number. When I called your corporate office, all I got was a switch board operator that refused to let me talk to a human being. On your main page, there are endless complaints of employee abuse. How do people get away with stuff like this in this day and age? I been in retail management for over 20 years I swear I never heard of anything so outrageous.

Customers should not shop here you are hurting the employees

Employees are overworked and paid poorly for our exhausting work efforts. Our breaks are too short and we are monitored how long we are gone to the restroom. No annual rewards, contractors get free lunches and the employees get nothing. Employees should be rewarded we bring the money into the company by helping customers. Please stop shopping here it will make our lives much better.

Treatment of employees

I started work at the store in Scottsbluff Nebraska in May. When I was in the interview the general manager made a comment about me being a firefighter. I told him that as a wildland firefighter I could be called up at anytime to go out on a federal fire. He told me that if the country was burning up then I should go and put it out. On June 23, 2013 I was called out to Colorado, when I spoke with him on the phone he acted like a 2 year old and told me I couldn't go 2 weeks without a job there, he then kept asking if it was for the military. When I told him no and that I was only scheduled for 14 hours that week and I can't live on that, his reply was "whatever" and hung up on me. So glad that he acted professionally....

Tipp City

While in the few months I've been employed with Menards I've seen a number of fellow employees move to other departments thinking it would be better, or Quit! Which I'm now looking for another job as well.And to get the HR involved forget it.. she's company through n through. When your Dept manger calls and ask you to come in 3 hours later and then sends you home after being there for only 2 hours. That's hardly worth the time or trouble let alone my gas .Plus you have a GM and an AGM who are nothing but bullies, who intimidate,threaten,and abuse their positions.Something needs to be done @ this store. The management is awful,myself once having had been a manager for years. I know this isn't how you run a productive and motivated team.No wonder they insist you wear a ear piece so guest don't hear them cussing and ranting.Very hard to work for management that acts like 5 year olds.Throwing temper tantums and telling employees we will be here all night !!!! The only reason I gave this one Star.. is because there wasn't anything LOWER!

accused of being a theif

Bad is to high a rating. The person that helped me counted out the Crestone Blocks 11 and came up with 50 which was correct. The guy at the exit counted them and told me I had 4 to many. I told him who had counted them twice and it was 50. is attitude changed to that I was a thief and was talking 4 $.89 blocks I told him to take out what he wanted because my back was killing me and I needed to get home to take some pain pills. My wife helped me unload and we are 4 short. I called the store and got their run around. The last person told me they had never had a problem in the 20 years he worked there. God is lives in the Sioux Falls store on Shirely AV.

Green Bay

Try fing loading help in the yard. Four employees standing around talking, I walked over to ask for help, they split up when they saw me and each walked away. It took me forever to find help. Not an isolated incident, this has happened over and over. Forget money back for returns, in store credit is probably their best way to get return customers back because the service is soooo bad.

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