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The Service at the McDonalds located in Kanab, UT (there's only one there) - is Ridiculously slow. This is a small town and the customer toll raises during the summer as its a seasonal tourist town. However, even during off peak season - they are SLOW - like waiting 15 minutes in the car lane for a single order. Managers need to be aware of this problem. Being from Kanab area, its embarrassing.

Big Brother 15/CBS

I don't understand how a respectable, most visited, popular and the biggest Fast Food chain in the world, where Blacks, Gays and Asians are consumers, sponsor CBS Big Brother 15 after they make horrible racist comments. Below read my comments to CBS Big Brother. CBS Network has lost all my respect toward their exceptional, entertaining, intelligent selection of magnificent TV shows and series. I don't understand how a serious network like CBS has allowed some disgusting members of the Big Brother 15 houseguest to remain in the house. Their racist comments are so degradable and full of hatred that disgust me and everyone I know that is a follower of this great show, or should I say, used to watch show. I sincerely hope that CBS does something to resolve this disgrace, before viewers and the nation boycott CBS. For the record, I'm not African American, Asian or Gay, but I grew up in a decent family that taught me right from wrong and good from evil.


I was a current employee at the McDonalds in Warsaw, Va .. I've been working there for about 2 months , I'm a great work , always positive , the ideal worker for you restaurant .. So today , I went to work and saw my name was scratched from the schedule , because I called in sick two days ago .. I think it's very unprofessional , that a manager would do that without talking to me.. Your company really missed out , I was one of the best workers.. You all need to consult with the manager .. I feel very disrespected .. And Im going to recommend that no one seeks a position there !

bad service

On a rainy 4th of July me and my 2 boys went to Monroeville Alabama to get a meal, so I went through the drive through and ordered 3 combo meals, I ordered a 10 piece Mc nugget combo, a double quarter pounder combo, and a quarter pounder combo with cheese only and 5 apple pies,it was on the screen correctly but when I got to the window and receive my order looked in my bag the whole order was incorrect then when I tried to get it straight I had to pay more money for there big mistake, and most of the time I go there my order is no correct, leadership must be taken to fix this problem at thestore 4393.And one more thing my card was swiped twice, and that is not professional at all.

youth at work

Linden Blvd Mc Donalds. the young lady was not nice, the store entrance i aways jammed as a senior citizen i wait on line until some come behind me and i tell them i will sit in the first booth until it is my time to order. "next she calls i get up and go to counter you are not on line" yes i know but i told the men i was in front of him and i am next. "stand in line i do not know who is next if you are not on line> I can understand that but i walk with a cane and it is hard to stand on a long. long line. . i place my order of sweet. When i went to sit down i noticed i had tea with out ice. the tea was warm not cold., i had to get up again to get some ice. She gave me a small cup of ice. I know you want letters but i am going one better i am going to write the the owner and manager of that Mc Donalds,

Last Paycheck

This has never happened to me before, I recently quit my job at McDonald's due to me getting a better paying job. I was to start right away, and did not have time to give my 2 week notice. I turned in 2 shirts, name tag, and a hat that was handed to me at the beginning of my employment. I now went in to pick up my last payroll check and the manager on duty could not find it. It was not in the envelope, and not in the safe. However there were 4 more checks that were left in the envelope. So how is it my check never made it. I quit on Monday, which was payday, so I gave it a couple days til I had the day off from my new job. I went in to pick up my check and its not there. So I have worked for the past month gotten a few checks and now, I do not receive my last check. I guess I will contact my attorney, and corporate office in after the holiday.

Horrible service, food and employees

Order was wrong, returned to get it fixed by a manager and was purposefully given the exact same wrong order again. Will never spend another penny at a McDonalds and I hope all McDonalds go out of business soon. I want my $20 I just spent back also.

didn't use soap or dry hands off

Hello, we are on our way to Branson Missouri for a few days of vaction. We stopped in Mexico Missouri at your McDonalds, while in the mens room one of your employee's came in used the urinal and then rinsed his hands for a couple seconds and didn't even dry them let alone use soap. My wife was in line and I told her let's go. We left and I won't be coming back to this McDonald's again. Thank you, Ron

Horrible McDonalds in Red Wing

the McDonalds in Red Wing Mn. is a horrible place to eat. we are budgeted , and decided to go there today at 6:00am, for a quiet breakfast. And the girl who waited on me, didn't have an answer to the question I asked about the menu. She said she wasn't sure instead of asking someone else. We were charged &12.09 for the worst dried out breakfast and cool hash browns. I asked for an extra muffin sandwich with a #1, and she gave me a muffin with nothing inside. I feel I deserve my $12.09 refunded in cash. I wouldn't want a free meal. We wont go back again.

Rude service

I take my kids and nieces and nephews to get kiddie cones and treat myself to a sundae and ordered two shakes and as i order the kiddie cones the girl who is takin my order thru the drive thru says to me is there really six kids with you....that is very rude and innapropiate and totally uncalled for i am reporting this to a manager and someone in corporate office. This happened at the one in oxford,Ohio


I find it disgusting that you allow a person that is cooking chew gum and" blow bubbles" ,wear long hair down, and put only one person on the front line and 6 at the drive through .

overworked employees and bad mgt.

I would like to say that my sister works for mcdonalds they work them 12 or 14 hrs a day instead of the 8hrs I don't think this is right and then the mgrs. cuss at their employees and I don't think that should be allowed. this is horrible I don't think ppl like that deserve to be mgrs. if something isn't done about this situation I will be talking to the wage and hour board about this..and this is in Fredericksburg texas..


Disappointment is is one word I would use to describe customer service @ McDonald's or lack there of. Every restaurant continually gives wrong order but staff is rude when u ask for correct order. Besides having to wait 15minutes for fresh fries in drive through during busy weekend night near lake, when staff member came out to deliver food she bypassed our vehicle and gave our order to the car behind us. The order that was Finally given to us was wrong. I went in to the restaurant and got my order, saying what it was and they still got it wrong! No apology but rude attitude! Also this same location store # 19476 continues to give my type 2 diabetic fiance sweetened tea which he can't have or he could go into diabetic shock or woors

Card swiped twice

Bought 1 burger and looked online and there was an additional order for $6.18....Cld store ..was given wrng # to Branch Office ...cld back ..given another number....told to dispute w bank and then finally told they would send me a check out ...next day Branch office called and asked what I was wearing when I made my purchase???...what the what !!!!! I have my receipt with all info on it ....

poor order accuracy

every time i go to mcdonalds there is always something missing. Today I ordered 2 saus & egg bisc meals. No eggs on the bisc and the hash browns were missing. Very poor order accuracy. when i did go back they gave me two under cooked greasy hash browns. Date 6.11.2013, store number 32078 Newport News, Va

The mangement

When me and my kids went into the McDonald's in mt.vernon ky the girls on register was rude in rolling there eyes and facial gestures of aggregation and guys making the food was not wearing gloves and dancing around and cussing . The managers was a young guy and a old gray headed woman and she was screaming at them and the guy was high on something. But I can say one thing about the two lobby ladies that was there that day that they worked there tails off and the lobby was clean. But me and my kids will never be back to a place such as this one

The store at 14529 Military trail, Delray Beach, FL is not very sharp. Slow, talkative to each other while customers wait, sometime forget what you ordered, very sloppy housekeeping with dripping messs of ice cream on floor. Senior wife orders hot fudge sundae & overflowed, messy AND price UP by about 25 cents or 17%. Wouldn't it be wise to get managers on the ball, see what employees are doing and reduce prices or we go elsewhere (McDonalds is not the only fast food service.

Thank Heaven for 7-11 Thank God for McDonalds

I've been going to McDonalds since I was a child in the early 50's, around 57 0r 59 and it id the finest fast food restraint globally to be found.

Thank Heaven for 7-11 Thank God for McDonalds

I have been going to McDonalds since the early 50', sometime around 1957 or 1958. It is the best fast food restaurant globally. And I find that those that complain, go again, perhaps it is just that they need something to complain about! Or some may have truly had a bad experience with an Employee of McDonalds. But rest assured I know for a fact the if Corporate knew the employee the matter would be satisfied to the complainant's satisfaction.

Does no one care about customers anymore?

I have lived next to the Lee dr. location in Baton Rouge for well over a year now and all of my experience there have been negative. Employees and managers are very rude and slow to act. The food tends to be old and can be hard and chewy at times. The store has gained a bad reputation throughout the whole community and I have seen friends drive past this store and down the road to the next one to get big macs. How can a store get so bad that people are willing to go out of there way to go to the next one over on a regular basis?

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