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I stopped at the ISB store in DeLand,FL and purchased 2 hot fudge sundays. They were both hollow and you do know what I mean. I told the manager and was informed that this is the way they are trained. You are training your employees to cheat the public. Someday when the public knows what you think of them, the defication will hit the rotary oscillator and we will all celebrate at Burger King.

On Saturday, June 26, 2010 I was on my way home from work and decided to pick up my children from home and then go to the McDonalds on 27th and Ramsey in Milwaukee, WI. My mother was also with us. While I was waiting for our cones, my mother and children had found a place to sit. My mother didn't realize that the area was blocked off and proceeded to sit. The MANAGER proceeded to rudely embarrass my mother and children by stating "That area is closed for a reason." I was completely embarrassed and felt I needed to voice my concern to this manager. Another employee gave us the order and I asked to speak to the manager as follows, "As one professional to another I didn't appreciate how you spoke to my mother or children. It was rude and unacceptable. The manager then stated that he didn't feel it was rude as he never stopped to speak with me and continued to do whatever he was doing. The manager could have said "That area is closed" and that would have been acceptable. He was rude, unprofessional, and in his position he should be able to speak to customers with respect. I will be sharing this experience with friends and colleagues. It may be a benefit to the McDonalds franchise to train their managers how to work with the public.

On 6/22/10 I visited the McDonalds located at 1808 S BELTLINE RD - DALLAS, TX 75253 with my family. I was taking my grandkids because Mcdonalds is one of their favorites. I really need to stress the fact that I am highly upset with our visit. We ordered our food and the amount came to 33.83. We ordered 3 of the Angus burger meals 2 #16's and 1 #15, 2 6 pcs. nugget happy meals, and a # 12. We received our food and went to the table. As we were passing out everyone's meals a ROACH crawled out of my grandson's happy meal bag. I went up to talk to the manager on duty and he did not even offer to comp our meal. I am furious at this point! McDonalds was supposed to be a treat for my grandkids but not only thatitgrandson that is on CHEMOTHERAPY. He has Leukemia so I am sure you can understand McDonalds being a "special" treat for him. He hasn't been able to visit many places with a compromised immune system. Still the manager showed no respect and just made the comment that it (the ROACH) was probably from where they keep the toys. We left and I CAME BACK to talk to the day manager on 6/24/10. She gave me a gift card for a PORTION of our meal only! What is wrong with these people that are named "Managers"? I will be calling the HEALTH DEPARTMENT for INSPECTION of this resturant. Who wants to eat a place while fighting flies and ROACHES while they are tyring to eat? Then dealing with the so called managers that give really lame excuses and have no respect for people in general! I will make sure no one we know WILL EVER VISIT HERE AGAIN! McDonalds paints a picture for kids everywhere don't you want to actually live up to being that "special place" kids really do love to eat and play? My grandkids DO NOT FEEL SPECIAL having dealing with this..

Whom ever came up with the idea for the drive-up employee to hold your order out the drive-up winder while you are paying for it,is stupid. What is the reason behind it?? I do not want my food hanging out any window, it is stupid!!!!

The service at the McDonalds located at 4101 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, Texas is very poor. Today, as with other days, I have tried to use the drive-thru to get a salad. Today there were eight cars at the drive-thru and four customers on the inside. After a 5-7 minute wait to PLACE my order, I finally went around to see what was taking so long. I noticed that the restaurant was taking the order for the drive-thru and the car would drive up to the receiver window to get the food....no other orders were taking until the first car received their food. I went inside to speak to the manager and asked why it was taking so long since there were only four customers inside and such a long line outside. She stated that they were short handed. There were four customer service reps up front and at least three in the rear. I left that restaurant and noticed that the first car was still waiting for their food along with all the other customer in the drive-thru. I went to another restaurant to place my order since I only have ONE HOUR for lunch!

I stop every once and a while if I know that I will be on working a 12 to 14 hour shift. I stopped this morning and got a sausage egg mcmuffin. I got the food in a timely manner and was impressed until I went to open the back and pull the sandwich out and noticed that there were burnt sides from the muffin in the wrapper. I picked up the sandwich and it was as hard as a rock on one side and burnt on the other side. I was going to try to eat it so I started peeling off the burnt parts and realized that I would have torn apart the whole muffin just to get the burnt parts off. I called the store as I turned my car around and it took more than 5 rings for the manager to answer the phone. I explained what was wrong and that this has not been the 1st time and that now I was late for work because I had to turn around and go back to their store. When I got back to the store I drove up through the drive thru and the manager handed me the bag and tried to give me some coupons, but I said no thanks. (Since I only wanted what I paid for and nothing extra) I opened the sandwich to and started eating it and noticed that the lid of the muffin was burnt but the sandwich was not hard so I just ate it. I don't mind letting you know when the other times were in another email because this is not long enough to hold all the information that I would like to explain. I am hoping that I will hear back from someone regarding this matter and the best way to reach me is thru email. Thank you

I live and work in the westerville area in ohio. I went to the mcdonalds at 4435 executive parkway since i have moved here almost 5 years ago.there is a very rude young lady that is mostly in drive -thru .she is a short blonde that wears glasses .i have called the store and spoke to several managers about her discussing sex and other rude things where my 3 young children hear it and nothing has been done. i really enjoy this store and the crew is super friendly but if something isnt done about this one employee i will not come back.PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS MY WIFE LOVES THIS STORE

I am a mcdonalds employee. I've worked for mcdonalds for 7 months I was hired by - considering I've only worked at this mcdonalds- by the worst supervisors in the world. I know you guys care more about your money than what people think but I feel that in order for things to work out correctly we should have some type of confidence and loyalty employers and employees alike. We have no rights to express opinions or anything. I'm not scared to say what I got to say but just because I do not want to take it any further I will be calling the Corp to complain. If things don't change I can take it any further to it's highest point. I know my rights as a part time employee and full time student. I am protected by the goverment. Us employees should not be getting treated in this maner. I have enough complaints from enough people and myself to take it far. I would like to speak to the boss and tell him or her how we are getting treated by his or her two faced supervisors and management. By the way Amy Dario and Orlando are three of those two faced supervisors and if you don't take care of them you can loose a lot of business.

Your store in Newburgh, IN redefines poor service. There were six employees standing behind the counter and none of them could manage to greet me, let alone take my order. Two of the girls were discussing a pair of shoes rather than work. We waited for 5 minutes only becausey 8 year old daughter begged me to stay. We were the only ones waiting in line. Eventually, another woman entered the store and an employee stepped belatedly to another register and asked to take an order---from the other woman. She ordered three small coffees. It took three employees to fill her order-- after dumping out the coffee pot to make a fresh pot for her---we still were not asked for our order. One of the employees finally acknowledged me and took our order. By that time, I had lost my appetite. Is this really the best you can do???

I was at your 328 S. Main Street Slippery Rock , PA 16057 location, this past weekend, there was a basketball tournment being held a the university, so you would think that this location would have been staff correctly. The service was a little prejudice, I was in line with 2 other mom who weren't of color like me. I was last in line, every one else order were taken and filed. My order was taken at 9:34 am and at 9:42am when I notice everyone who came in after me orders were coming up and mines still wasn't filed. I only order : 1 Sasusage Biscuit with cheese, a small coffee, Sausage mcgrdl Meal, orange juice. So when I asked about my order with all the employees listen in on my conversation, even the manager on duty EVERYONE ACTED STUPID AS IF I NEVER ORDER, NEVER SAID SORRY, THE GOFFY YOUNG LADY WHO TOOK MY ORDER DENIED THAT SHE EVEN TOOK THE ORDER, BUT ALL THE TIME I'M STANDING THERE WAITING ON MY ORDER. SO THE PLACE THE ORDER AGAIN OMG IT WAS LESS THEN 2 SECONDS I HAD MY ORDER, MY COFFEE HAD HAIR IN I TOOK IT BACK OF COURSE ONCE AGAIN NO SORRY NOTHING AGAIN FROM THE MANAGER ON DUTY. EVEN THE OTHER CUSTOMER CAME OVER TO ME AND SAID THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING, IT WAS A COLOR THING, I DIDN'T GROW DURING THOSE DAYS BUT DAG WHY ARE WE ACTING IN THIS MANNER. MY MONEY SPENDS LIKE EVERYONE ELSES.

I feel that mcdonalds is not at all customer friendly. I don't feel that mcdonalds have the safety of their customers at heart. I have been in macdonald snd requested fries with no salt and got fries loaded with salt. I have been in mcdonalds that were nasty, the employees were nasty, employees that couldn't properly speak english, floors dirty, employees handling cleaning supples and then handle fooe. I have also ordered carmel suday and got home to realize that what i got wasn't ice cream, nut something with a shiny icy slushy like texture. The employees do not give recipts.. Although McDonalds sell food the taxes in which mcdonalds charge is for non food products, thus overcharging for tax.

The McDonalds at 475 South Oxford Valley Rd., Fairless, Hills, PA serves Hot Cakes and Bacon. You get 3 little hotcakes and 2 of the thinest, narrowist bacon I have ever seen in my life and I've been around for many years. I have asked for 3 slices of bacon and they said they only give 2. It is outrageous because you can almost see thru the 2 tiny pieces of bacon. Three ought to be standard!!! Not stopping again!

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