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McDonalds steamrolls community in Australia

shame shame shame on you McDonalds. great example of "working with the community" today. Massive police force, search and rescue extraction of one lone girl from the roof, and scab labour breaking community blockade to destroy historic buildings. I think you have proven once and for all that you don't care one speck for the community in Tecoma. It is all about $$$ and you will do ANYTHING to get your hands on it.

Mc Donald's n Frankfort IN

August 2 2013 We have had a lot of service trouble at the Frankfort location , They are slow n mess up orders all the time. Our breakfast this morning one wrong sandwich and both were burnt. We don't have time to go back inside to fix it. We drive 30min to work. We got there at 5:40am did not leave till 6. The drive thru was packed. I went inside to be faster but did not. Our friends got a kids meal there was no meat on the cheeseburger. Come on!!! Really?!

terrible management!!!!

I stopped by to visit mcdonalds in lakeville, MN. I walked into the lobby and I could hear someone yelling from the back crew needing help. I think that it us very rude to stand there and yell about it instead of going and helping them. The crew I saw were doing their jobs, but did need help at the time. This is not the first time I have come in and heard that same manager yelling from the very back. This is not acceptable for both me, the customer and for the crew that were working at this time. Please do something about this, or I will stop coming to this location. This is not the first time this has happened, but today it got out of hand. I have enjoyed the service of the other managers in the past, but I do not think that this person is qualified to be a manager.

watch out

Went to the McDonald is Spanaway Washington and my son got stick in the month with a piece on wire , I looks like part of the fry basket. I called them and they offered me some fries. lol not going to cut it Ronald


sup it holden again, the mcrib sandwitch is delishous.. keep doin yo thang micky ds. i would drank that sauce. word life son


i took my baby moms out to mcdonalds for our 15 year anniversary dinner.. as i expected, great surface, exquisite food (i had a big mac and a double fish filet, the mrs. had 20 peice chicken nuggets) I am not usually a big spender but she deserved the best.. i even treated her to a sundae and 2 apple pies.. (i had cookies) .. we already decided that our 20th anniversary we be going here again.. ima need to start saving up the cash flow.

Racial profiling

4780 yampa street. Denver, Colorado 80249, I'm born raised American, Spanish/German descent. I've been twice spoken to in Spanish there and I do not speak Spanish. Is this Mexico. Or America? I'm embarrassed to return tree as thy look at me tepid when I do not reply back in Spanish. If this happens again I will take this to the news and file suit!!!

How do they have us in such a trance?

I went to the McDonald's in Romeoville. The place was filthy. When I got to the counter, one of the workers was actively eating a sucker while touching things, while the manager stopped to talk to her. He took my order & when I asked him if he thought that was gross, he seemed put out and said, "I'll take care of it" with no apologies. YET, we continued with our order because I didn't want my girls to be sad that we left without the McDonald's we promised them. Uugh!

I don't work there!

I'm truly done with all of the McDonald's restaurants. I can't understand how they mess up simple orders every time I go there??? The last straw was the other day after placing my order, I was told to make sure everything on the screen was correct. It was all correct. Then after I rolled up to the pick up window, and retrieved my bags, I was told to check all of my bags to make sure my order was all there...really?? Isn't that the employees job? However, I checked them anyway and guess what, I was short a fry and missing my apple pie! I'm done! Allen, TX.


I was driving around Washington Dc on route 495 grandson had to use bathroom we stopped at first McDonalds of 495 went into the men's bathroom what a disgrace, filth is kind. I walked out and will never go into a McDonalds again. Someone needs to be fired no one could ever work for me who runs that unit period.

Corporate office rude

Called the corporate office to try and get information about who to contact regarding procurement and purchasing information ......and was told by some wicked witch ....being kind, that they "don't need any new equipment" .......and then when I challenged her statement was told she has no knowledge of any such department. Very sad, and so unprofessional for a company such as this.

Unacceptable policy change

I have worked at McDonalds for many years,and have been on the receiving end of several unacceptable policy changes,but this tops them all--I'm being told that "employees that work less than 30 hours a week are no longer eligible for paid vacation time." Is this even LEGAL?

all foods not the same at each resturant

in Hollywood fla. I went to 3 different mcdonalds reaturant 1 at hiatus and taft -there chicken wrap was awesome!!!! really great!!then I went to the one resturant on university just north of taft st. and had the same thg chicken wrap--it was no-good not even close to the one I got at hiatus store- then I went to the store on 441 just north of taft..had the chicken wrap it was aweful also... corporate should pay attention to this these places should be able to make a wrapthe same at all mcdonalds.. not just one all within 5 miles of each other thx D>

My grandchildren and I were at McDonalds in Sturgis, SD. When we arrived, there was a young man arguing with one of the drive-up girls--things escalated rapidly and the 'air' became very BLUE--more 4-letter words than I ever want my grandchildren to hear and there were other children present. Management appeared to be ineffective. The scene was horrifying with this guy and gal going at each other unmindful of the customers. Hopefully they will be terminated.

Poor drive thru service

I went to McDonald on 28 bypass in anderson sc and went Through the drive thru and placed my order and paid for it. When I went to the next window to get my food, I had to ask For hot mustard 5 times and they gave me hot sauce. Ordered a small fry and it was missing. I had to give them my reciept so they knew what my order was and things were still missing. I waited 15 min to receive hot mustard, finally just drove off. I want to know why are there slow and stupid people working at a FAST FOOD restaurant? Let alone working in the drive thru and can't keep up. Corporate needs to hire smarter faster people who cares about customer service.

lazy worker

yes my name is page and I love mcdonalds mostly on days that we are to tried to cook from working. but for some reason we always go to the one that's closer to our house and we go always after 10:30pm and im telling you the service is bad they dress bad some of them don't even brush their hair. and the food is always cold and nasty. tonight was it I will not return to mcdonalds again we will go to burger king or something. after seeing my son (6yrs) ate a chicken nugget that was so old and hard now that piss me off. the fries were cold again food just NASTY I call up their to get a rude manger so I called crop but they were closed. I don't understand why during the day when the big boss is their the food is great but as soon as night shift comes in its total different. SORRY MCDONALDS YOU LOST OUR SERVICE!!!!! (LAZY WORKERS) store in terre haute Indiana #1886 5 stars for the worst place to eat at sent it wont allow me to but no stars

mold on soda machine

Mcdonalds in Charlotte Mi, appears to never clean their soda machines in lobby or back, when asked to get a soda from back because there is black mold on the underside of lobby machine they was told that the one in back was worse and was never fixed


I went to apply at a job in ogden utah and the manager was very rude I got a interview and before we sat down she told me sorry but we don't hire people like you with all those tattoos I looked at her like areyou serious and went on about my day its mcdonalds not a 5star restaurant. Anyways worst place to go to after this happing

no equally

I'm mexican and I no were hard workers but when I walk in to mcdonalds and someone who can't speak english takes my order its like are you serious font get me wrong I love my peop loo e but hire different racis to not just them its kinda embarresing plus u no have of them don't have papers this is for all 50states

Best Mcdonald's

The absolute best Mcdonald's in the world can be found in Sylacauga, Alabama...best service...best food...and cleanest restrooms! 5 stars.

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