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Thanks Mcdonalds you made me fat!

macdonalds in greenfield

Im very angry i had a order that was 9 dollars and i paid with a 20 dollar bill they owed me 10 back simple right not rlly they lost it!!!!!! I dont understand it. So in stead of giving me 10 dollars they just too my name and number down and said they wont find it im pissed off!!!!!

Crack heads

Just went to mcd on chestnut at in Washington pa ordered food took 20mins to get it cuz the ppl working we're talkin bout smokin weed an crack. Then they didn't get my order right so had to go back in. Sandwich wasn't cook all the way. Still bloody. Never goin back. Think Wendy's for now on.

Somrthings missing

Why when I go into McDonalds, in general, and order a coffee with my breakfast choice do I consistently have to ask for a stirrer? I've seen people stirring with their fork or knife or finger. They have to be inexpensive so why not put them on the tray?


Every flipping time I come to the mc.ds on 16 and broadway in council bluffs I ALWAYS have something wrong with my food weather there's a hair in my food a finger nail in my food or it's not the right stuff I ordered..... I was just wondering if anything you guys were going to train the people who work for you how to do their job and not put anything extra in the damn food like hair or fingernails that's gorss and I think the health department would love to hear about the hair and the finger nail in the food too.......... Y'all need to fix some things at that store and by the sounds of it cuz I read most of the other comments you need to do a lot of work at a lot of your stores... To bad I can't give y'all a negative rating cuz it'd be a negative 10 from me

working with boyfriend and girlfriend

Can not get serviced wirhout all the kissing in your brentwood long island and comack location you should never have these kids working together playing and messing up orders very bad look please help fix this mess

served old food

your Grayslake, il store serves old fries, dried out quarterpounders, ive been there a few times and its the same problem, im paying for a large fry in the meal i dont think they are giving me a large one. thank you,


The commercial that comes on @5:15am with the boy in the recording booth is NOT what I want to see or hear in the am when waking up. It is both irritating & loud. Please remove commercial or move it to a later point in the am

Sorry Service

Beware of the McDonald's in Wetumpka, Alabama. BAD employees BAD food, BAD service, and certainly BAD management!!!


On 11/10/2013 at 230 am. My daughter and I went to the Mcdonalds on s 84th st w greenfield across from the statefair in west allis. There were only 4 people working the "cook" called in and the manager had a meltdown yelling at the young employes and telling them to deal with it! when asking for food to be made. I waited 2 hours for food. I could not take it and asked for a refund. I Really felt bad for those kids. And that store needs a security guard. A drunk guy almost started a riot in the store! What a mess!


Forget about writing your complaints, because they are NEVER read.

vets coffee

I asked MC.D if they were giving a free cup of coffee to the vets, since today is veterans day,the girl said, NO.. none of the MC.D are. Than in the same breath she said ;;' would you like to donate to the MC D house? I said i always did,,, but as of today ,, i will NOT donate anymore.Lot of restaurants are giving free meals to vets and these cheap asses as MC.D wont even give a vet a free cup of coffee..


I've visited store #20152 in Ohio several times, for breakfast. Sausage Biscuit, was so tough I couldn't chew to biscuit, Breakfast Burrito was tough, with almost no filling. Called store number printed on receipt three times, only to hear fax # connection tone. Poor food and service seems to be the theme at most of the McDonald's stores I've visited. You win McDonald's, I will never visit another store, I will go out of my way if need be, to avoid having to pay to be this disappointed. What a bunch of losers!


I am to the point that I will not go to another McDonalds if all I am going to get is wrong orders and less than hot food, I have gone to the Indianapolis Rd at whitestown In location and the Zionsville In location and each time my food is either wrong and less than what I paid for or its cold or both. I have lodged a complaint before the store will call me and offer free food "hot" then here we go again when my faith is restored. I work down the road from the Whitestown location and live down the road from the Zionsville location. This is crazy. I guess I just need to go somewhere else from now on.,????? This is crazy, Raised up on McDonalds though I am just so agitated with my service and food being right and hot!!!!!! Sincerely Glenda

wifi 3141 Harbor Blvd C.M.Ca 92626

Thank you so very much for offering WIFI! please tell the people that work for you and management to treat us a little better. I was working when my patient fell and broke her Hip which put me out of a job and home. Now I count on WIFI but I recently fell and broke my shoulder, which means I can no longer look for a job. I'm just tired of people treating me differently because I'm homeless. I didn't ask for this I'm 62 years old and have worked all my life. Now I'm treated like nothing. You should discontinue WIFI or give your employees a class on how to treat people that are down and out. I don't know what to rate this office yet. Thank you, Susan Keller A Loyal Customer for many years.

Bad food

Went to 180 endicott street danvers,store 35488.People other side of counter all good but the food was a mess.I ordered fish sandwich and the cheese was on the side where you fold the box over.Did not enjoy and threw out because i did not like the way it looked.That was one of my favorite stops,now i will give it a second though.

bad buisness

lowest form of food and service in america. period.


I really love McDonalds but would you think about putting one in our neighborhood. We have to drive so far to get to one. We have no stores or food places around. 19th Ave. and Shangri La Rd. would be a perfect spot for one right next to Auto Zone. It's on a Main Street with easy accesses,a lot of people and corporate office and businesses close by. Please think about it,Im sure it would do really good in this area. Thank you.

Called a liar

My husband anD I went to a McDonalds in SC on Sam Rittenburg blvd. We received cold fries! Less than thirty seconds from leaving the drive through,my husband goes in and asked for some fresh fries! An irrogant employee then told him that he was a liar with a straight face!!!!! I've never felt so disrespected in a resturant! he offered them his reciept and asks for the manager! he said to the manager "Are you going to let her speak that way?" the managers reply was a lAme "I know sir". as the rude employee continues with her language and stating "If that was me I wouldn't give him any more fries". Ignorant employees!!!!


Hello my name is Janese wright I was recently working there but yesterday I called off because u have two jobs and my second job needed me to stay longer so I stayed longer and called into McDonald's my first job to let them know. But the thing is I have never called in and I get fired on my first call in and everyone told me but the store manager who fired me and everyone else calls in when their pre closer but I get fired off of one call in . I don't think it's fair and I would like to fight for my job back

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