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I have visited the McDonalds on Yelm HWY in Lacey, WA several times since it it very close to my house, and almost everytime I get poor customer service. I have complained to the store manager several times, I have spoke with the regional manager, and he will not even return my calls anymore. I have had everything from not getting sweet and sour sauce, after specifically asking if it is in the bag, to not having any chicken on a chicken sandwich. I have been to McDonalds all of the country as well as several throughout Europe and have never seen a McDonalds that screws up as much as this one. I know people now that just assume that their order will be wrong. You guys really need to have some type of secret shopper program.

I own a small business inside of a walmart in La Quinta California. This walmart also has a Mcdonalds restraunt. I have never in my life had a worse customer experience at any food origanization that here. My children received some halloween coupons from their grandmother that allowed them to get small items like a hamberger or small ice cream cone. They went to use them at this location and were refused. The manager said that they were not a participating Mcdonalds because they were a franchise. She not only denied us using them but also had the nerve to yell at me in front of about 10 people in line when I told her we would not be coming back. I had read everything on the back of the coupon before sending my kids to get their hambergers and there was nothing on the coupons that says that it is only accepted at certain stores.

Your store in the masa mall has the werst supervizer she doesnt let the employees use the restroom at all when at work their not alowed to have anything to drink shes rood with the custermers and employees. she also removed the papper with the corporates phonenumber on it so custemers and employees cant call and complain and also so they would have more room for advertisements. she makes the employees feel like there in prison or to be more frank a roch hiddin from the exstermanator shes like helter scelter hunting to emprizon u or like shes big brother watchin ur every move. now do i need say anymore "u suck!" oh yeah and i thought oklahoma mcdonalds was bad well i guess all of them are. and i wouldnt even rate u as a 1 star store but thats the loest ull let me go so once again u suck

I live in Springfield, Ohio and everyone was happy a McDonald's restaurant had been built on Derr Road, near our neighborhood. What a disappointment that place is! I was waiting in line for my order on one occasion, getting napkins and straws when a fat COCKROACH energetically crawled up the counter, then merrily hopped over the top and into the food prep area. I mentioned this to my friends to warn them of the DIRTY conditions when they all told me their own HORROR stories. One of them recounted getting a frozen COCKROACH in their Mc Flurry. The staff is RUDE, talking on cell-phones while working. If you order an extra sandwich while inside, they slam food on the counter...without being bagged and through the change down, all without a "Thank You". One staff member confided to a friend that if a burger falls on the floor, they throw some "Angus" seasoning on it and serve it anyway. The running joke is called "The Long Ride", teenagers pick up Taco Bell food next door to the Micky-D's, then park and watch the SAME car waiting in line at the drive-thru for 20 minutes or more, while finishing a whole meal. I should have known how bad it was when a former custodian recalled his cleaning behind a storage cart near the drive-thru counter he found MAGGOT infested chicken. If McDonald's is "Doing it ALL for us"...we're NOT "Lovin' It"!!!

We were traveling from Los Angeles to San Franciso about 8 PM on 11/27/10. We stopped to buy coffee and use the rest rooms. This was the McDonalds at Kettleman city. Ladies room was supposidly being cleand, but no one was cleaning! 2o women and children in line, liitle ones wetting their pants....we were told the "cleaning" guy was on his break. Right! I finally pushed the cleaning cart away, and went into the bathroom. The "cleaning" guy came back and said he would call the police! By then there ere at least 10 people in the bathroom and 10 more waiting. Police Right! What great publicity for your company. Whis I could speak to someone about this location! Some one from corporate needs to check these places out while they are at their busiest. What a mess.... By the way, not one employee at the Kettleman City McDonalds could speak understandable English! when I asked for a name and store # the guy said he knew no english. No more McDonalds for me! I think I will go elsewhere in the future. By the way, where was a manager? I asked, but could not get thru to the guy. I do not speak Spanish.

Sometimes a company gets so big they lose control of what they are about and I believe McDonalds has finally gotten there. Customer service is horrible and the attitude of many of the employees is either arrogant or "I just don't care". My experience this morning at a McDonalds in Springfield, Mo was the worst customer service experience I have ever received. I stop at the same McDonalds every morning and order breakfast at the drive thru. Today, after ordering and driving to work, I realized that they gave me the wrong order, so I drove back and went inside the McDonalds where the manager greeted me. I showed him my receipt and showed him my order and explained what happened. Without an apology, and with a rather rude attitude he turned and asked the young lady if she recognized me. She acknowledged that I had driven through early and then he told one of the other employees to get me the correct order. He then turned and through the other food in the trash. When I asked him why he did that versus offering it back so it would'nt be wasted, he told me that I didn't order it. After that I was rather upset by his complete lack of social grace and bad attitude so when he finally gave me my correct order I told him I didn't want it and I would just take a refund. He refused to refund my money and told me to leave his store and never return and if I didn't leave right then he would call the police. He called the police and after waiting 15 minutes for them to arrive I finally left, without my money and without my food. In conclusion, I will never spend another dime in a McDonalds, all because of one rotten employee. Happy Thanksgiving McDonalds...

please show your cashers how to give back your change after a purchase. what they do is take your dollar bills & receipt with the coins on top and shove it out the window!! Coins slide from paper real easy like it does almost all of the time they do it. plus when it does fall to the ground nobody that works there won't pick it up & there is not enough room in the drive up windows to open the doors. The service from your kid employees is DUPLURABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would like to complain about my store i have ben working there for two year now and i have ben asking my boss for an rise i use to work overnight and they told me that i would be getting a dollar for that they made me sign paper work an so fort up to now i have not recevice that rise of an dollar today the i had mation it to her she told my that she dont remember then i asked her about an rise she also told me that she will havean talk with her then she told me that he was on vacation then i ask her how come i dont have forty hour her answer was i dont know so i tasked her is she the one who made the scheal she said yes i said ok then there and other problem she is spanish and i understand an little spanish she was having an convertion with someone else an she mention she hate black people so i am black so ok then she alway tried to get me fied like the other black people there an question if u didnot get suspened or fried so fort what do that say to u i help please

This is to inform you of a most uncomfortable situation while waiting in the drive thru line at the Casper's Company Mcdonalds located at 2205 E. Fletcher Ave., Tampa, FL 33612. It was about noon and I had left work to grab a McRib to take back to the office. I was probably about the 5-6 person in line. Out of no where this poor, pathetic, homeless person starts his trek down the line one by one asking not for food..but spare change. I felt like a victim. I could not pull out of line as I was braced in. I, as well as most people these days don't carry cash for the most part,but either credit or debit cards..and I had to look him in the eyes and tell him I was very sorry, but I had no change. He them walked over to the exit and starting asking the same cars again. Out of the corner of my eye, I see 2 others sitting beside the trash can. I am not an unsympathetic person and do on a weekly basis give out money, a couple of dollars, to those less fortunate than me standing on corners asking for help. Today I had no cash. This situation made me feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable. What crossed my mind was...what if he is so desperate that he truly starts acting out...it did not happen, but that was my coping mechanism, a plan B, if you will. I do have a suggestion. I would rather pay 25 cents more for each and every item on your menu, and your responsibility would be to take that money and institute some kind of "McDonalds Mercy Squad" who will give these people something to eat and drink at least once a day. I know you are not a soup kitchen, but your company is not bankrupt either and it is our responsibility to pitch in and help each other. Many of these men I believe are Veterans..as the VA hospital is right round the corner. In essense, I am not asking you to feed them from your pockets, but take the extra coins that all the customers would contribute in the form of increased dollar menu items and help those who are unable or cannot help themselves. This particular Mcdonalds has several homeless people sitting near or around the building at any given time. Perhaps this Mcdonalds Mercy Squad could target the stores that are in desperate areas and start there. Thank you for your time.

First of all, I like the sausage muffin without the rubbery egg and the greasy hash brown. I get that order at least 4 days a week at the William Street Mcdonalds in Cobourg Ontario Canada.Now just this last few weeks, I have been having a problem with the drive through window WOMAN. She has been very rude and IGNORANT. My window has been giving me attitude and would only go down so far so handing the money out the window was only so far and do you think the window casher would stretch a little to get the money .NO. I even told her that I can only stretch so far because you have these pillars in the way.I ended up hurting my arm. But what really upsets me is that she had no problem hanging out the window laughing and joking with the next customer behind me.I put in a complaint to the Supervisor the next morning when she totally insulted me. She told me to drive around to the first window and when I got to the first window to stop and that is where I will hand her the money out my car window to her.She talked to me very slow and very clear as if I needed instructions and directions.She treated me like I was HANDYCAPED. I again put in a complaint against her.No one has done anything about this WOMAN because she is still being her IGNORANT self. I went through the drive through this morning aroung 10:20 am,November 15th 2010. I order the sausage muffin no egg, 2 hash browns supper sized and a brito, plus 3 small coffee, 1 sugar and 1 cream. The same WOMAN is on the drive through window AGAIN. She asks me how many people are in my car. I said What. She asked me again, how many people are in my car because of the number of coffees I had ordered.I told her that it was none of her buisness how many people were in my car and I drove up to the second window. I had the money in my hand as the man open the window. He handed me my food order as I asked if he was a MANAGER. He told me that he was. I was so angry.I told him that I have been having a problem with her for a few weeks and I have put in complaints and nothing has been done so far and I said to him that I want something done with that B_ _ _ _ . I said she is now telling me that I can only have 1 coffee because there is only 1 person in my car.I said to the MANAGER that she can see my car and see who is in the car as I am pointing up at the little tv screans behind them. ALL HE KEPT SAYING IS NO SHE CAN,T SEE WHO IS IN YOUR CAR. I said that I want something done with that B_ _ _ _, and take my money and give me my food. I called the MCDONALDS at the Walmart location for the 1 800 #. I called the 1 800 # and told the woman on the phone what had happened up til today and I told her that I called the WOMAN a(_ _ _ _ _) to the manager and I want something done about her.I told the lady at the 1800# about her asking me about the number of people in my car.The lady at the 1800# explained to me that MCDONALDS HAD A FREE SMALL COFFEE THING ON. The manager at the Cobourg location should have explained to me the reason why she had to ask about the number of people in the car because I was not aware of the FREE COFFEE thing.The 1800 number will not being doing anything about the WOMAN at the COBOURG store now because I called her a _ _ _ _ _. She told me that she will take the complaint but WE DON'T TOLERATE THAT ON EITHER PARTIES. Well if you can pass this on for me to the right PARTIES. I will no longer talk to a box at the MCDONALDS drive through. I WILL BE ORDERING MY FOOD DIRECTLY FROM THE SECOND WINDOW FOR MY BREAKFAST, AND I WILL BE PAYING FOR THE FOOD AT THE SECOND WINDOW AND WHEN THE FOOD IS READY THEN I WILL MOVE MY PARKED CAR OUT OF THE DRIVE THROUGH. THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING.........ROXANE DAY.

Murfreesboro McDonald's is the slowest fast food restaurant I have ever seen. No matter when you go through the drive thru you are asked to pull around to the front to wait for fries, hashbrowns etc. to cook. The twenty minutes you spent waiting already is ample time for hashbrowns to cook. If you go from this small town to a larger town you don't have to pull around front and wait, so why do you have to do that here. Get rid of all these people that cannot manage a restaurant and get somebody in here that can manage a restaurant. They were closed for three days because the town's water supply was bad, during that three days maybe an inservice would have been beneficial. People in this town work also and need to get their food in a timely manner so they can get to their jobs.

I am a employee at Mcdonald currently. I am mistreaded in that Mcdonald I work at. This Mcdonald is owner own. Its store 10088 in Lancaster California. We were very happy that we were not going to see this store manager cause they promoted her to supervisor, but now I heard she will be back to the store as the store manager cause the person that took the place of a nice smart lady does not know what she is doing so they are taking her out and bring this lady that use to be there before, this lady is very mean she never says hi good morning or nothing. She yells in front of crew and managers and customers she humuliates everyone. Everyone hates her and some are afraid of her. we already complain to our supervisor and owner, but they do not do nothing they do not tell her to stop she has no skills to be a store manager cause the way she talks to us. I am scared of her also I do not know what to do. I hate the fact that she is back to that store. I do not enjoy working there anymore. Its so tense no body likes her she is mean and always yelling hitting even the walls with her fist in front of managers and crew she is made managers and crew cry she is crazy when she gets mad she crosses all the bounteries as a manager. She things cause we need the job she could do this. And the owner and supervisor knows how she is. I am just asking to help us we do not want that kind of enviroment just come and talk to the managers and crew but please keep our names annonumus I am afraid to lose my job or it to be worse at work. My mother and aunt want to yell at her they are so mad that nobody does anything they been complaining about her for over 2 years nothing has been done. Also we have customers that complain about her the ways she yells at crew in front of them but no body does anything. Please help i love working there but she is back and we are scared she started again to yell and be in a bad mood. She is a bad example to all of us and managers too. Her name is Zita but I can not spell her last name right but its with a Aq thats all I know. The store number is 10088 in Lancaster. Do not know what to do my mother wants me to quit. Thank You:

I have been to the McDonald's in Holdrege, Ne twice this week between 8:30pm and 9:00pm and both times I went to get a mcflury and both times I was told that the ice cream machine was shut down for the night. This is not acceptable to customers when the place is open till 11pm

why dont you bring back mighty wings ? they were realy good there good for does who like to do low carb diets.

I want to first tell you that I have been a fan of Mcdonald's for as long as I can remember, to the point I worked for you for 20 yrs.So I know of where I speak. First of all, your food no matter how hot I get it, (the fries also)it doesn't taste the way it used to and that's not good. It makes me want to go less and less. I still like the food but I have to be in the mood for it now, where it used to be almost an everyday thing. I see now you have brought back the Mcrib, I haven't had it yet but will as I used to love it back in the 80's. Now I wish you would bring back the mighty wings!!!!!!!!!! That would definitely bring in more customers that you are losing to Popeye's and KFC. There are a group of us that have been asking about the mighty wings to no avail and with no response. PLEASE BRING BACK THE MIGHTY WINGS!!!!!!!!!!

I have been in Macdonalds Resturants before, but the resturant located at the South Deland location in Florida (Winn Dixiwe Plaza) is by far the WORST service I have ever had, and has gotten progressively WORSE since I last went in on October 28, 2010! The managerial staff talked about the other workers in Spanish, they are constantly shouting and threatening the workers with not paying them and fussing with them in front of the customers. They constantly get orders wrong, and sometimes refuse to correct the orders. They had a couple of really good cashiers, who were trying to help, but the managers were so rude that it didn't matter. I saw one of them ( a black female) being cussed out in the parking lot on my way in for bringing the wrong order out. Although the cashier came back in and started taking orders again smiling all the way, I could see that she was upset, but the managers did nothing about it. Another cashier, a male, took the order out again. The customer left, tires squealing. Last Saturday I went in and they had a FISTFIGHT going on in the lobby because one of the cashiers was allowing people to skip in line (the lobby was full of people complaining. I will NEVER go here again. It is the noisiest, loudest, rudest Macdonalds I have ever been to.

The worst experience I've ever had at McDonalds or any where else happened last night. I paid for my food with a twenty dollar bill, and the male I paid took my twenty dollar bill acted as though he did NOT owe me ANY CHANGE. by my calculations: A happy meal and a coke do not cost TWENTY DOLLARS!!! It is unclear to me whether this incident occured because I am a white female, or because my hair is white. In any case the edge of descrimination cuts both ways. The anger I feel is not for your corporation, but for your lack of discression in choosing your employees. I am however informing my friends and relatives of this unscrublious behavior. Your McDonald's reputation is far more important than hiring a dishonest employee who potentially gives your company a bad name. This person took things a long way over the limit in every aspect. I am to put it mildly,shocked by this behavior. My friends and I did not rear our children to behave in this repugnant way.

This weekend I went to the McDonald's in Cullman, AL. I ordered a 6 piece chicken nugget meal with a medium drink. The total was around $5.00, which was okay because I was expecting to get the monopoly pieces. When the order before mine was called, I went to the counter for wait for my meal. Then, the lady handed me a Kid's Meal, in a Halloween pail, with some stickers. I politely asked if this was the correct order. She repeatedly told me that it was "basically the same". And if I didn't want the Kid's Meal, all she would do is put it in a different bag. Other customers were telling the lady she was wrong. She insisted that I "take a deep breath, and go some where." She also called me a whiner and gave me a small drink, refusing to give me what I paid for. THEN, she had the audacity t act as if she were kidding the whole time. She laughed and tried to pulled me in for a hug... across a counter, which turned into yanking me by my neck. I was in utter shock that she treated me like that. She then asked me if I wanted a cone to make it better... I wanted the correct order and monopoly pieces. To make matters even worse. This woman was the manager. DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY.

My husband and I have travelled extensively in North America and Europe and generally enjoy a visit to McDonald's. However, we visited the GLASS HOUSE located on I44 in Vinita, Oklahoma and were absolutely appalled with the McDonald's facilities....filthy dirty, garbage everywhere, surly staff!!! I44 is a toll road; there are no rest stops or other facilities for those in travel; the McDonald's facility is solitary; one gas station is located on the same property, not well-stocked and also rather disreputable, but a welcome relief from the horrendous conditions at the McDonald's restaurant. So, two things here......State of Oklahoma, build some rest stops on I44 to accommodate the travellers, send a representative from your Health Department to the Glass House; McDonald's.......clean it up before someone gets ill from the unsanitary conditions!


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