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This has to be the worst time I have experiance at mcDonlad's. It is 1:am in the morning and i wanted to order 10 piece chicke nuggets and 2 mc doubles and 2 mc chickens and a number 5! She had the nerve to tell me that they dont serve mc doubles and mc chickens after 1:00 am 8/7. So i huss and fitt a little with the manager Denise. she said this a Corporate Rule. That they dont serve anything but Combo meals 2-10 after 1:00 am. This store #1938 has this corporate policy. So What does Corporate Do!!!! I have bought Mc Donalds for over 30 yrs never have i been denied a order!

My following information and comments are experiences endured during a road trip from Florida to Chicago in July this year, 2010. We have always stopped at McDonalds when traveling, for several reasons. Clean rest rooms, good food and a grassy area to walk our little Schnauzer. One stop was in Ozark, AL at the intersection of HWY 249 and Hwy 231 on July 6, 2010 at 12:00 noon. There was standing water on the floor of the ladies room with a note stuck to the door saying "sorry and watch your step". I mean serious water everywhere and messy. OK, got thru that ordeal and then ordered food. Egg McMuffin and 2 senior decafs. Coffee was "old", not hot,bottom of the pot. The sandwich was lukewarm. The lunch area was dirty and messy. Made a mental note to never stop there again. On our return trip to FL we got off I-10 in FL at exit 142 on July 29,2010 at 2:00p.m. This crew had to be the worst we have ever encountered. Customers stacked up back from the counter waiting for their orders, one associate taking orders at the register, one female barking out orders to hurry up, and those working in the kitchen producing little food. One man waiting next to me commented on the chaos and no management around and lack of any organization and he had been waiting 25 minutes. Twenty minutes later my order was called out and I took the bag without inspecting the contents and went to the car. My husband ordered a Southern chicken sandwich with lettuce, mayo and tomato. He got a thin BURGER patty with tomato and mayo and disgusting limp, wilted, "black on the edge" lettuce, and a cold burger. The beverage selected with the meal was lemonade so sweet and "strong" it burned his throat when he attempted to drink it. I ordered a Wild Berry Smoothie that must have been the first for the person who made it. I've had them at other locations and they are delicious. But this one was black as grape juice and only filled the container half way. Also had a chicken wrap, which would have been good had the chicken been hot. This meal had to be the worst we have ever had anywhere. Because of the bedlam inside, we weren't about to go back inside to have everything corrected. Disgusting. Diasppointing. What a waste of our time and money. What is going on within your company? Doesn't anyone check on these locations? We have been customers since the 50's My husband lived in Des Plaines right down Lee St. from the 1st McDonalds. He also had a business and did work for Ray Kroc at his home in IL. Mr. Kroc would turn over in his grave if he saw how things are being run under McDonald's name today. There is obviously a great lack of supervision. Too bad. In today's economy we are selective where we spend our money and there are many choices. If you don't watch out, even the BIG GUY can fall. Thank you for reading thru my comments. If I didn't care, I wouldn't take the time to write. Sincerely, Caryl Pflughaupt 14296 Brookridge Blvd. Brooksville, FL 34613 352-597-2696 p52chevy@aol.com

I was shocked when I visited a McDonalds in Dunedin Florida. The floors Tables and bins were full and it was not busy at all. One patron went and grabbed a broom and swept before sitting down. I am originally from upstate Ny and have never experienced such a dirty McDonalds.

I am a resident of Smyrna, DE and occasion the McDonalds in town. On way to many occasions I have experienced the worst customer service of my life. While utilizing the drive thru I have sat for 15 to 20 mins. and further had to wait after paying, in the parking lot in order to get my purchase. I have had coffee spilled on me, coffee spilled into my car, and the additude that is presented by the employees and managers is the absolute worst that I have ever experienced in my life. I have lived here my entire life and have been visiting this McDonalds since its inception. In the last year, my experiences with their staff has forced me to visit other fast food stores other than Mcdonalds in the area. Until a major change occures at the Smyrna, DE store I will not bring or encourage anyone that I know to bring any business to this store.

I have a problem with one of the McDonald's. I live in Shelbyville Illinois. I have notice that this McDonald's is very dirty, I have seen some of the Mang. and how they are treating some of the employees. I have family currently working here and I have notice along with my family telling me that they are being singled out. I have heard one of the Mang. saying he does not like some of the employees. I have seen and heard one of the Mang. tell an employee to do something and he/she is doing it the Mang. is still yelling at them. Their are a few of the employee that are what you say "cocky" and have a very bad attitude. I would like if something was done about this. Thank you for taking the time to read this. John.

Sarasota FL stores employees ( drive up) just don't listen well. Our order is SIMPLE. cheeseburgers with only sliced onions and 1/2 and 1/2 sweet and unsweet tea mixed. We get everything and then some! One time the iced tea was even moldy. One time it took 3 tries to get the order straight. We saw a person next to us return his order twice. The problem seems to be that the drive up help is too busy asking if you want something and trying to complete the order before it is finished to listen to the order. If I wasn't so polite I'd have told them wehre to put the order many times. The other problem, the inconsistency of the sugar in the ice cream. Sometimes it's too sweet. sometimes it's perfect. Maybe McD's will read these comments. Lets hope the care

The McDonalds in Boaz Alabama has some of the rudest people. I went there one night and when I got to the window I asked if I could add one more ten piece nugget to my meal. The lady working the window rudely told me she had no way to ring me up and walked away. When she came back to the window I said to her "You don't have a way to ring me up?" She put her hands up on her chest and said "I don't have a way to ring you up!" I said there is a register back there at the other window." She leaned and looked out the window and said " And theres like five cars behind you." I would have pulled up and waited for the extra food. I wasn't asking to sit there and make everyone else wait. The lobby was already locked or I would have went in and ordered it. It just kills me at the attitude that some of these people have that are suppose to be leaders in customers service. I will not be back. I know you probably here that alot and laugh and think what difference will that make. I work with the public everyday. If customer service is not there you will start to see the effects of it by the lack of sales. If these people don't need a job, get them out of there and get someone that knows how to deal with the public!!!!

I Work For Mcdonalds Lincoln NH We Are Treated Poorly, often pushed til we can't go anything more. The Female Owner is a A Bully to everyone who works for her though her husband is a nice understanding man who often does not get along with his wife because of her treatment of the employee's we are often forced to smile, I've had to watch as the district manager also the owners best friend slapped a employee's hand as a form of punishment for doing something wrong in the grill, saddest part is there are camera's not to mention grabbing and pulling employee's around. Talking down to us with rude remarks, At Times we watch as they put trash in the bun freezer where the buns are stored til use and have no choice but to remain quiet so we can keep a paycheck. When the owner is angry at us she takes away our hours or forces us to work twice as hard and fast all the the while making rude comments. We Suffer low pay, mistreatment. If Your Service Is Bad Look At The Owner not the employee's if you where ran into the ground just to have a paycheck when jobs are hard to find would you give 100% customer service? i doubt it. try working there for a few months then you will see how they really treat employee's and manager alike

Love the angus burger! And, many others. One of my grandson's favorites. However, we have a problem. He is with the Seabee's just deployed to Afghanistan. We send care packages but can't send enough ketchup packets. All the men love ketchup! I was at the Bowles & Kipling Walmart McDonald's today and all the manager gave me was a small hand full of them. Said they only got in 1 box at a time. They don't have ketchup over there because it has to be refrigerated. McDonald's does so many wonderful things, would it be possible for McDonald's to donate many huge boxes of small packets of ketchup for our troops. My Grandson is my hero! He saved 2 lives within 9 months; donated bone marrow and saved a 19 month old girl while on a humanitarian mission in the Philipines (on his 24th birthday). Has received many awards and medals for his bravery. I have the address to the base there. Will be sending care packages to him soon, but can't send enough ketchup. THIS WOULD BE GREAT PUBLICITY FOR MC DONALD'S - COMMERCIAL MAYBE???? Please email me and let me know what your feelings on this matter are. Thank you.

I went to McDonald's for lunch (store #6798)in Hoffman Estates, IL. I initially ordered ONE apple pie and was charged $.99. I was then told that I COULD have TWO for $1.00. Is there anyone who monitors the FAIRNESS of the pricing? Why can't I have one apple pie for $.50? The math simply is not correct! One pie should be $.50 or $99 but TWO pies should not be the same price as ONE pie. When I inquired as to WHY, I was told that this was the pricing and they AGREE with me that it wasn't fair.

Cwatkins95@yahoo.com, "please forward to the correct department". I live in Nashville Tennessee 4601 Indian Summer Dr. 37207. I regularly visit the 304 Long Hollow Pike and 810 Rivergate Pky 37072 stores and for several weeks have been told that they do not have any of the Ice Coffee punch cards. This promotion goes on until the end of the year and they never have any of the ice coffee cards. I was given the frappe card and I do like frappe but my favorite is the ice coffee. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a couple of the ice coffee cards before the promotion is over. I am a loyay ice coffee drinker and I visit at least twice a week. Thanks in advance..

Iam writing to you because store #5561 Turner McCall Blvd. Rome ,Ga. has the most excuses for their late nights.Example: from June 27 2010,till July 10 2010 you can go through the drive thru to order and this is what I have been told #1- Iam sorry but we only have 1 employee and the night manager so we cant serve anyone. #2- Sorry but we have to pull the register,and it will be at least 30 min.before we can take any orders.#3-We cant take any orders tonight we dont have enough workers to make food come back tomorrow. Having been to the local hospital for an emergency we came back by to get a bite and got told at 20min.till 4:00am. that they were already serving breakfast! 3 cars in front of us were angery to cause we had waited in a line while everyone else got regular food,then we were only to order breakfast items. This restaurant has soooooo many lousy excuses they always have no ice-cream cause its always broke ,along with the cookies they are out of!!!!!! Please speak to the night manager. This happens way to much!!!!!

Reisterstown Maryland. food always decent and employees friendly. I slipped and fell on the big yellow M" painted on the pavement. I went in a nd told the manager what had happened. He took my information down and told me someone would call. No one did, so I filed a complaint with corporate. I'll see if anyone is going to call me back. Seems as if no one really cares if I hurt myself or not. I have been patronizing McDonalds for 40 years. Is this good customer service?? I think not.

I went through the drive-thru at the McDonalds on Court Street in Circleville, Ohio at approximately 1:45pm. I ordered a big mac meal, a cheeseburger with mustard and extra pickle. After leaving the drive thru I discovered that the sandwiches were cold. I called the McDonalds and asked to speak to the manager. I told her that the sandwiches were cold and she replied that thatwas impossible because she was working. I gave her my order along with the dollar amount and she interrupted and stated, "What do you want"? "Do you want your meal paid for"? I replied that I just wanted to make her aware of the situation and she replied and? and I said wow thanks a lot! I wasn't asking for a free meal I wanted her to be aware of the situation was all! 767 Mt. Zion Rd. SW Lancaster, OH 43130

In an Eagan Mn location a year or so ago I was taken back when eating at/in the location being bothered by flying gnats eminating from a waste bin by the drink station and when pointing this out to an employee cleaning up the area said there wasn't much they could do about it! More reciently at a Roseville Corporate store, noticed an employee returning paper napkins to the napkin dispenser that had fallen out from a previous customer that had pulled out a hand full and some fell to the counter. Needless to say these things do not make Me, a Stock Holder very happy! What about all those things the Customer hasn't a chance to see! Hope there are none. BTW could it hurt to do a Split sometine, Iv'e been waiting for many, many years now!

I am becoming very upset with McDonald's Corp. I have purchased a Big and Tasty sandwich WITH CHEESE, twice from 2 different stores over the past month and have yet to receive a sandwich with cheese on it, even though I am being charged an extra $.35 each time for the slice of cheese. I would like my $.70 plus tax (Washington State 8.7%) refunded. I am not dining at McDonald's anymore. (I have receipts for these meals.) The prices are too high for the type of service rendered. Please issue a refund for this to: Karen Aschenbrener PO Box 1982 Veradale, WA 99037

On October 5 of 2010 I went to Mc.Donald's with my friends in Bridgeton Missouri. The Place was not clean at all and the floors were dity. They did not have a wet floor sign out in the doorways. I ended up falling down due to their lack of customer safty. My freinds had to help me up; because the employee's were to busy laughing. Still to this day Mc.Donald's does not own up to what happened. Today my friends and I no longer go to Mc.Donald's. I tell everyone to stay away from that place. They cliam to care about customers but in reality they just don't give a damn.

I frequent the McDonalds on McClurg in downtown Chicago. I work nearby (680 North Lake Shore Drive). My experience at this location is always bad. The service is poor/ management is terrible. Yesterday, 6/30/2010 I was sold a sundae / it was warm/ melting something was wrong with the machine. This location is always out of something. For a while the air conditioner was inoperable. A huge fan was blocking one of the cash registers. In addition, there was an awful smell inside. The staff barely speaks English and for a fast food restuarant clarity is imperative. There is no sense of urgency and most of my colleagues agree. That location is not very clean. I have decided not to patronize them any longer. Something should be done .

My little brother age 14 went 2 purchase 2 chicken select meals and a mighty kids meal with chicken nuggets and 2 apple pies exactly. He called me and told me what the total had come 2 before he even explained to the cashier why he wanted 2 cancel his order he told him no because he had already had it packed!!! I told my brother while still on the phone with him 2 tell the guy I said he can't make him keep the order they got into a slight disagreement about the refund. He ended up not giving him the refund at all!!! Then the selects were old and dried up the fries were luke warm and the babies nuggets were old as well!! I called the manager and explained everything to him, he was very mean and rude he told me that I had 2 save the food which I explained 2 him how could I when I am not in the area anymore until sunday. My brother came to get the food before we left 2 leave. He told me oh well this is his store he owns 3 stores he named the 3 he owned and said if I report him it will do no good because, you all will just report it back 2 him!!! I was highly upset about this and hope to speak 2 someone asap in reference 2 this matter. I felt like I was treated nasty and rude. I also think that just because your a child doesn't mean you don't deserve respect!!! Please call me asap so we can resolve this issue further.

I love your food, and I have stayed in your Mc Donald house's for 66 days when my Son was in a coma. Your the best franchise in the World to me. I'm writting because I saw on the news about someone wanting you to stop putting toys in your kid meals. He doesn't know what it takes to get our kids to eat, your toys in the meal helps. Don't ever stop. No toys for kids??? Thats insane. Maybe the goverment will tell us to stop reproducing too.

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