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Mcdonalds in palmyra pa ... Roches on counter were food is and at my table ... Roches in bathrooms and everywere realy .. Web manager and owner peter ballintine was informed the shruged it off and didn't even attempt to fix problem... Poor servise and horrible management or I should say rude ( Nikki,ashly , joann) but I want no more to do with any mcdonalds establishments it's disgustinng dorsal clean it up

i worked at mcdonalds in clev tenn, and they make there employees sign a paper that states they have to come in 15 min eairly to count the register they will use,off the clock. they have to do this or they wont get hired. if u refuse to work off the clock they will make you pay if money is missing from your register that u didnt count cuz u didnt work off clock. this is horrible. i've told them thats not legal and even if someone signs it they can't make you work off clock without pay. i had even counted the register being short or over before i would get it and they would say its no big deal, but it is if you have to pay for it. and the boss donna is so rude. she treats you like your an idiot. most of the employees there are young and don't know their rights about the registers. donna thinks that makeing people sign a paper that tells you you have to work off the clock will scare people into just doing it just so they can have a job. horrible. this needs to be fixed immedeatly and all the employes need to be paid for the work they did before clocking in.

San Jacinto, Ca (in Wal Mart) 3-5-11. The place was filthy and would be shut down by the State Health Inspector. I asked for something so I could wash the table and was told that I could NOT and that an employee would have to do it. The table had not been cleaned by the time our food did. We changed to a lesser dirty table. It was washed after I asked a 2nd time. I told the asst. mgr.that I should not have to ask even once to have a clean table. The same dirty rag was used to wipe 3 othe tables. The floors appeared to have been neglected all day. The wood edging next to our table was so dirty (with BLACK fingerprints) that I know it had not been washed in months. The catsup dispenser did not work and I'm glad. It had BLACK encrusted goo under the lever and around the spout. I had the asst. mgr. look at the floor, the wood edging, and then showed her the catsup dispenser and she groaned. THEN the manager finally showed up and I was requested by the asst. mgr. to tell her what I had seen and said. I did. The MANAGER never stopped smiling. I told her that this was NOT a joke and that dirt like this could cause illness. I've spent a lot of years in the food industry and have never seen a McDonald's this dirty.

Mcdonald's, has giving me so many problems it's unreal.. I eat at the same place every day 1701 25th ave. gulfport,ms 39501 (228)575-9141 everytime Igo 2 this place they always get my order wrong like 2day it happen again oh my I could have when crazy n the drive and they worry y the pull the cashier out the window they will make u act like that (Mcdonald's)so I open my bag and I don't have my fries ok Let me remind u I order a six piece nugget meal with a rootbeer why she didn't give me any fries and when I ask her 4 them she ask me 4 a receipt ok I haven't pull off r anything now I know they got like 9 screens that displays the order. that pissed me off I'm on my lunch and u can't even read the screen rite but u goin 2 ask me 4 a receipt u might couldn't read that if u didn't get right off the screen. I'm so upset with this food chain. I have 3 kids tyhey love mickey d's so I spend about 21.00 when we all go. I need 2 take out shock I eat there so much... So who every take the time 2 read this I would gladly apperciate there time.... thanks

Store 19617 I have been a customer of McDonalds for the past 25 years and have recently encountered the most rude manager I have ever come across. At the Lake Park GA store, the manager every one calls Lewis is constantly rude. A week ago we purchased a 50 piece nugget along with some fries and drink. Upon getting home we found that the nuggets were hard as can be and found out that they had been over an hour old. Then this week we bought breakfast and the hash browns were soaked in grease, stuck to the paper and Grey inside. All that was said about that is that they knew better than to leave the hash-browns in the grease that long. Then tonight we purchased 30 nuggets, two fish sandwiches, a kids meal and fries. We asked for tarter sauce with our nuggets (as we have always done and have received in the past) and this Lewis manager got down right ugly and stated that we could not get tarter sauce with our nuggets even if we paid for it. Due to our complaint, he made us wait on our food until everyone else in the restaurant had been waited on, going on 30 minutes so I once again was very upset. I finally received my food, and as stated there was not any tarter for the nuggets, but the two fish sandwiches in which I requested extra tarter sauce for was not even the amount that I received when I ordered a normal fish sandwich. This treatment of the customers that go to this McDonalds needs to stop and Mr. Lewis needs to be reprimanded at the least. We spend our hard earned dollars to eat in your establishment and deserve to be treated with respect. I have never been refused to have tarter sauce for any reason and believe me I eat it with just about every food that McDonalds serves. It is the customers who keep McDonalds the number on Fast Food in the industry, but with management like this one it can detour customers to go elsewhere, as it is not only the taste of the food, but the treatment of the customers who frequent the restaurants that keeps them coming back. Sincerely, John and Jeannette Hancock 276 Charles Circle Statenville, GA 31648 229-559-3261

My husband and I stopped at your 4701 S. State Rd 7, Davie, FL for breakfast. I prefer to have a regular coffee put into a large cup and filled with hot water as your coffee is stronger than I like. When ask for this another employee kept saying "tea" whereupon I kept saying "no,coffee". The gentleman in line behide us said to me that they charge by the cup. I guess that ment if I had my regular coffee put into a "large" cup I would have to pay the tea price? I was very confussed as I never encountered anything like this before and have always done it that way. I never have to go for a refill this way. The gentleman behind me then got his order and came back to the counter for catsup as there was none on the self-service bar. The lady who kept say "tea" to me told him that would be a $1.00 pkg. I knew, or figured she was, kidding. I didn't hear what else was said until he said he had been going there for ten years and that he would go to Burger King after this if that is the way they were going to treat him. I ask for a cup of water so my husband could take his medication and was told "no they couldn't give me a cup". I said "your kidding" and the woman shook her head no she wasn't kidding. You can't take medication with coffee or etc. I don't think they canrefuse water to a customer but I had had it by then. It was one of the worst experiences I've ever had at a restraunt. Another couple was there and told my husband they refused them a cup for water also. I will think twice about going to any McDonalds again!!!

Restaurant Address: 6875 West Sand Lake Road Restaurant City: orlando Restaurant State: FL Restaurant Landmark: Main Road Comment: To whom this may concern, It was the end of my vacation and i had to leave to go to the airport and decided to get something quick to eat at mcdonalds. I went through the drive through and order a plain oatmeal and a small orange juice. As i was eating the oatmeal i felt this hard peice in my mouth, so i spit it out to see what it was, and it was a finger nail. I was extremely disgusted and after that i decided never to eat at any mcdonalds again! Shouldn't the employees wear gloves when they work? I even have a picture of the finger nail after i had spit it out! I was already running late to the airport and didnt go back, i'd rather not miss my flight. This isn't the first time either that i had a problem from mcdonalds. I live all the way in New York and the one i use to go to i had found a long black hair in my snack wrap. I mean come on, its very disgusting. I told everyone bout the finger nail incident and they were all grossed out about it as well! Just though i'd voice out my experience. Thank you


I ordered the oatmeal today-- got to my office and it was not cooked (raw) looked like milk was added, which I am allergic too and no brown sugar! it was so disgusting! This was the store in Lake City GA at the intersection of Jonesboro Rd and Forest Parkway.

yalls fries r the best so yall cannot change anything about them


I've gone to lunch almost everyday for the past 4 months at the McDonald"s location at 4706 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Parkway Kissimmee Fl. 34746. WHich is one of the ones that serves Disney World here in Kissimmee. That means there are a huge number of overseas tourists that come in on and from their way from the Disney and Universal parks. Also a huge number of elder Canadian snowbirds that are staying in the area RV parks. This location has a number of problems . The Golden arches sign that sits atop the pole outside the store for weeks if not months was not lit at night,now it has a hole in it on one side. Also some of the spotlights that are used to lit up the parking lot have been out for weeks if not months. The is always trash in the parking lots and the outside trash cans are at times overflowing. I have seen employees walk by trash laying on the ground in the parking lots and not pick bend down to pick up an empty bag or drink cup. But last night was the worst I came in at appox 9;30pm to get a cup of coffee and there was a young(16 or 17 yr) old male who was trying to hide that he had a pitbull puppy under his shirt. I told him that he would have to take the puppy outside because unless it's a service animal dogs are not allowed in food restaurants. He asked me if I was a policeman. I replied no just another customer but that if he did not remove the dog I would tell the manager to ask him to leave. The manager at this time was working the front counter and saw all this but did not say anything to the youth with the dog. The young man put the puppy outside the door (with no collar or leash) and then waited to place his order and then receive it and leave. Wondering why the manager did not take action himself and left it up to a customer to do it??This is just one of the problems that has occurred over the past 4 or 5 months in this location. Some of the managers at this location are very very very poorly qualified to work in a supervisory position. I have sent a number of complaints to the local office via email about this location and all I ever get back is a letter thanking me for bring the issues to their attention and they send me a gift card for a free meal. But it does not seem to do any good. Place is always understaffed and not well maintained and this is location is a corporate store not a franchisee.

Restaurant located in Midland TX (Andrews Hwy). I now know why i never go there. The one and only clerk they had waiting on folks was a giggly young man who kept giggling and saying he'd only been there 3 days. His boss a 'Fredrico' was a hustler, which is a good thing - but it took him close to 30 minutes to refund my money for a VERY soupy oatmeal ($2.00) item. I had remind him 3 times - and he kept saying okay i will do it in a minute. finally i said i needed to go and i needed to get my refund. It also too way too long to get my pancake syrup warmed in the microwave. The girl kept standing there staring at ME - instead of warming the syrup. I finally asked 'Fredrico' where my syrup was and that it shouldn't take that long to heat some syrup (little packages) for me - he went back and asked the girl and at that moment she gasped! Apparently the moron left it in too long and it exploded or something. What a mess and what a poor McDonalds experience. Also, everyone there sounded and looked puerto rican or mexican. I felt like i was in a foreign country. No one spoke english and this is in Midland, TX!!

We are frequent visitors to the store in Round Rock, TX since I have two kids. Not after today! After eating a cheesburger my son has had severe stomach pains. He is only 2 and is haunched over. No fever so I think its food poisoning. Will not going there again. I have reported to the corporate location as well.

I Think the South Utica Mcdonalds is the best Mcdonalds I've ever been to. when i was there there was this kid that works there and looks like hes 12, he promptly cleaned the whole dining room and did a very good job at a fast pace....and he memorizes many customers' orders...also the food is prepared very well and food is given fast even when there is a huge rush

Your location on Skyline Drive New Jersey is the worst restaurant in New Jersey. I must have tried a dozen times to get yogurt parfaits at this store, and am regularly told "we have no more". When I inquired as to why they couldn't make more, I was told "no yogurt". This is the response regardless of the time of day. If they are too lazy to make them, why leave them on the menu? This goes for ice cream as well. I now realize it's any item that requires a little work to prepare or clean up. Please take a look at this store as it truly projects a very poor image of your cooperation. I will guarantee I'm not the only customer who refuses to ever go back.

Ringwood NJ, worst McDonald's ever........stay away!

mcdonalds dont even deserve a star no where poor workers yuour stoers should be in mexico and your worker in irac.sand monkeyes all of you

Hi, I just want to say that I love your food and ate your food for a long time. I have eaten at this location for years and never had a problem until NOW. I visited this location at between 7:15-7:30PM. I am not quite sure about the exact time because the manager on duty never gave me my receipt for my meal. Which leads me to the problem? I walked in with a coworker to order a #3 value meal that was supposed to come with a FREE Big Mac or Quarter Pounder, but the jackass of a manager would not give me the FREE Quarter Pounder because he says “you did not ask for it”. (There is a flyer or ad that explains this offer) The ad or flyer does not say that I have to ask for the dam Quarter Pounder to did it for FREE. I checked. I can scan the ad or flyer for you, but you do not seem to accept files like that. I was hoping to my meal, but it very hard for me. You should check the video surveillance and then you will understand. I just want what was promise to me and I think this company or location should have to honor what they advertize or I may have to seek help. I mean you the hell does not honor what they advertize, what the hell kind of message are you trying to send to people, because all I got is Dreadful experience and I left very Frustrated and Dissatisfied. I am keeping the ad or flyer as prove in case I need it. Why should I continue to visit your company if you cannot even honor one simple promise to your customers? I could just visit Taco Bell or Checkers. Kyle This the second time I have tried to contact someone in this company. I would like to resolve this issue as fast as possible, but you seem to be non-responsive and unhelpful. So maybe you can contact the regional manager or owner of McDonald’s and have him apologize to me or make it up in another way. This is make me very frustrated and you do not seem to give a shit or seem to be acting on this issue, so I am think I may have to seek help outside of your company. If your company cannot honor their ad I would like to know why. This waas the worst experience I had with this company.

On February 2nd, 2011 I stopped at the McDonalds in Sanders, Kentucky. I ordered a double filet Value Meal. The person taking the order did not tell me how much the order came to. The smallest bill I had was a Fifty ($50.00), so I handed it to her. She gave me $42.00 and some change. As I was driving down the road, it occured to me the price I paid seemed really expensive. I pulled off the road and looked at my receipt. The girl punched in $49.00 instead of the $50.00 that I gave her. Why would I give her $49.00, when the bill was $6.36? Her actions led me to believe that she was stealing from me. If she's stealing from me, I'm sure that she is stealing from quite a few customers. I immediately called the McDonald's and asked to speak to the Manager. I explained to her what had happened. The Manager just wasn't smart enough to realize that this girl is scamming their customers, nor did she seem to even care, or maybe the Manager is in on the SCAM! Oh, she said the next time I came by to stop and they would give me my $1.00, but she mised the whole point! So, I am telling you BEWARE WHEN YOU VISIT MCDONALDS, KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR ORDER IS AND MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE ENTERING THE AMOUNT THAT YOU GAVE THEM! I WON'T EVER GIVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO STEAL FROM ME AGAIN!

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