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McDonalds- Store#6321 is THE worst Mc Donalds I have ever encountered. Tonight I was waited on porrly, not refunded $1.06 for a sandwich I never received, the store itself was disgusting and the staff indifferent. I will never go back here and may not return to a McDonalds ever. Definetly "Not Loving it."

Waited in line patiently as some kids that must have came from soccer on 10/3/2010 about 6pm.As some of the girls cut in line and since they were all together I was fine with it because Iam sure they were eating together.As the girls ordered away a man that was waiting in the background finally stepped up to order for his family but stood in front of the register.His order was taken before mine even after I was waiting.So I left.Bad service ok food!!!!!

I worked at McDonald's for 3 months and have experienced so much racism from one of my managers. She has the worst manager skills I have ever seen. She is always yelling and hollering at the employees and even the managers. She even went as far as sending a manager home the other night. I think that is uncalled for. She took me into the playland area and yelled at me in front of other customers. She is always making racial slurs and says she does not care if I get my break or not. Yesterday she claimed she could not find my paycheck. This is ridiculous. She is always singling me out from the other employees. I told my parents and our first action is to contact Corporate to let them handle it. And if nothing is done then, then the matter will be in our hands with a lawsuit. She has certainly not heard the last of my family and I.

Today, Monday, September 20, 2010 … I visited McDonald’s Located at 160 Broadway, New York, NY 10038 My experience today was not a good one. The french fries were so salty they could not be consumed. I also order an Angus Burger … The Angus Burger was also very, very, very salty. My visit to this McDonalds was very unsatisfactory … I could not eat what I ordered because it was so salty … I spoke with the manager who just shrugged his shoulders … What happen to customer service from the Manager … it was definitely lacking.

i went through your drivethru in pinebush ny and half my order was not in the bag when i got home. i am sure that the company really doesnt care, but is none the less annoying.the rest of my family did get thier food.thanks for the food that i paid for and did not get

I go to the Library almost every day and the absolute longest it takes me to get onlnine is 3 minutes.................I have for the second time stopped off at your Mcdonalds here in North Port Florida and for the second time I have finished my 2 burgers and fries before getting online. The only reason I come here is to get online, I only order the food out of courtesy........I will not be ordering anymore of your food here or anywhere else.

Your McDonald's in Albany Ny, located at 106 Wolf Road is by far the WORST restaurant by far. I recently was a manager there. And the GM, Lisa Sikoskie, cannot handle her job. I got demoted for not being trained right. When it was her job to train me. And then I get sent home for not having my shirt tucked in, when it was. I fell in the freezer, she did nothing about it. I feel that I should have something coming to me. Something needs to be done about this. She can't continue to treat people like their nothing.

We just visited the Effingham ILL Mcdonadlds.I was not loving it.We asked to have the breakfast burritos very hot as all mcdonalds dont know what warm food is.They were cold and I aint lovin it.Why is Mcdonalds corp not montoring stores in USA.Its a joke !I aint lovin it ,its sad as its a easy fix !!

I am complaining. Not that you actually care or even give a damn because inspite of my unpleasant experience you will still sell us consumers your products. US 1 and 17th street in Fort lauderdale. I went in for a Big Mac Meal. A coffee instead of a soda would not compute. So off the dollar menu I got a small fry, rubber chicken sandwich and a small coffee with cream and two sweetners. I sat down and tasted a fry, it was cold, so I went back and asked for another. 25 seconds I was told and out it came. I told the clerk I was waiting for new fries and he gave me another cold one. By now I was embarrased to ask for another but did out of principal. to which I was told they just came out. So I handed him the fries and told him to keep them and left extremely agitated. I had the coffee and when I started to drink it there was no sweetner in it. I know I don't count but Mcdonalds will never see my body cross through any of their establisment doors ever again in my life, nor will my family. One day Americans will finally have enough of this "shove it my way" mentality with fast foods. I know I have. Shove it up your big mac Ray Kroc because I have been Mcbentover once to often....Mcseeya.

i stopped at the mcdonalds in copperas cove tx a couple of months ago and got a burger and some chicken nuggets. the chicken nuggets were for my 1 yr old niece (by they way). when i got home she didnt want them so i bit into them and found myself quite the little surprise. there was a an orange piece of plastic in the nugget which cut my gum and chipped my tooth. now had the baby eaten this she could have choked. i called the store location and got the run around. called corporate and they said would investigate and have ins claimer call me. this was 2 months ago and i havent received even a phone call. be careful what you purchase and definatly check the food like halloween candy before your children eat them. you never know what you might bite into. and trust me they wont fix it.

Dear President and CEO of Mcdonalds: I heard on the news that you were considering borrowing money from China. Is this true? Why? It's bad enough that our Government saw fit to borrow from China and put the taxpayers of America in debt for generations to come, but Mddonalds? If you must borrow money then borrow it from an American bank or one of our billionairs or millionaires. Let's keep the money in America. Thank you for reading this. Mmetutor@AOL.cm (A American CA senior citizen)

i am from middletown ct. and have been to both your stores. the one on south main st and the one on washington. i am very upset on how they treated myself and their employees. i hear the managers yelling at the crew like they were their children and degrating them alot. i am very upset that u would allow people to be treated this way. Your company claims to be all about the customers and the employees and u have yet to show it. these people work hard at their jobs and to see them disrespected like that is wrong. Your company needs to take a look at their store managers and their other managers and maybe sit down and actually talk to the employees to find out their complaints. If it was your son or daughter being treated that way you would have already done something about it. so why let it happen to someone elses. Your employees run your stores without them your stores would go bankrupt. you need to look into these stores asap and start letting the hard working employees get what they deserve.RESPECT. If i could give u a star lower then one i would.

In Monday I was sitting in the drive-through at McDonald’s in El Centro on North Imperial Avenue with my wife and daughter waiting for my food order when I noticed the window cashier pouring soda from a 2-liter bottle (Sam’s Club soda brand from Wal-Mart) into a large cup. I could not believe what I saw. I asked the cashier if they ran out of Coca-Cola. She stated yes. I asked to speak to her manager. The manager came up and asked what the problem was. I said I think it is wrong they are using a different brand soda when the machine is down, and not telling customers. I sat and watched them pour it, from a personally bought store 2-liter bottle. The manager stated that her supervisor told her to do that. With all the money the McDonald’s Corp. makes, I cannot believe that a supervisor would go out and buy (Sam’s Club soda) and have customers think they are buying a regular Coca-Cola. I contacted McDonald’s Corp. and demanded an answer to this situation. It’s sad that a multi-billion-dollar company resorts to this type of customer service. Is the economy really that bad for this location to fool customers with a non-brand soda, just to save money when they run out of “the real thing?” — Upset Customer, El Centro We’d sure like to know what McDonald’s Corp. had to say, because we’ve been trying to get a corporate media relations spokesperson on the phone since we received this letter. Twice now we were promised a response by deadline and two deadlines have since passed. In a bit of luck, we did get a confirmation that this actually happened by the store manager of the Imperial Avenue McDonald’s. “Yes, we were using the soda, but other than that I’m not allowed to give out any information,” said the manager, who refused to give her name and referred us to corporate. Before we hung up, she also denied giving an employee direction to buy soda from Wal-Mart. We did get in one good question — “Was this fraud perpetuated on the public?” — to which she answered, “I don’t know,” but that’s because she was busy looking for the corporate phone number so she could get off the phone. At least she confirmed it happened. With a company like McD’s, which has such strict franchise and corporate store rules (that’s how they stay king of the hill), we were surprised they didn’t get back to us. We also imagine someone is at least getting yelled at on this one. For one, Coca-Cola has exclusive rights with McDonald’s, so that company would be pretty mad, too. Hopefully we can get a response from McDonald’s soon. EL CENTRO, CA. 92243

I can`t believe that the person who handles the money also handles your fries! It is absolutely disgusting, they should be wearing gloves after handling money or washing their hands. Money is one of the dirtiest things you could ever handle and to see this woman grab my fries from the top bare handed just blew me out of the water.I was at store #12032 in Spring Hill, Florida on 8/18/10.They need to change their standards, I really don`t think that is very healthy.I for one would rather not eat who knows what,and when was the last time she had washed her hands?They should be ashamed.As far as friendly, just as everyone else has stated, there isn`t one in the bunch. With the economy the way it is they should be happy they have a job right now.

The McDonalds in Island Lake, Il. is the worst in the area. I go every morning to get tea to start my day it took 10 minutes from the time I placed my order till i got my order through the drive thru. You would think at 5:45 A.M. nobody around just yet or in line at the drive thru. it would take less the 10 minutes to get food. As I was looking through the drive thru window I noticed the workers were standing around chit chatting instead of working on my order. Then when I do get my order its wrong. Today my friend I work with went to this McDonalds they also got her order wrong she said "I hate that Place" the always get it wrong. You can go to this place and pay one amount one day and they raise the price the next day for the same thing you ordered the day before. I think they are pocketing the money thats why they dont give your reciept most days. and dont get me wrong im not prejudice but if your working in a place where you need to talk to people shouldnt you understand and speak good english!

McDonalds @Foster and Sheridan(5130 N. Sheridan Road) No one should Have go thru Hell or high water for food customer service very poor, you take our money for food half the time they don't know what your saying then your order is wrong while I stood in the Line I notice another angry customer who brought his order back asking where is my meat!! on my order that was it for me I told them to give my money sorry mcdonald you need to get it together next we will boycott your place maybe then you will get it right.

The McDonalds in Mooresville, In has to be the worst. I wonder sometimes how they get their employees because most of them don't seem to care. My husband many years ago used to be a shift manager at this store and it was the only time people were happy. My daughter visited this store on 8/15/10 at about 1:45 am. Threee male employees were outside on the playgroud smoking. Nobody insdie (except for the manager I guess wherever he was). It took forever to ask for their order (they saw them drive in ), went to first window was ask again for the order, then they left, went to second window to pick up, took forever again, kept being asked what their order was and what drinks. They had to ask for straws, never any napkins in drive thru. The order was for 8 McDoubles, # large fries and 2 cokes. The fries were half done, no salt on them. I went today and told a shift manager about thie (didn't get her name but it was a lady) she apologized and said it would be mentioned. She never ask for my name or offered any kind of free drink or food or anything. We work hard for our money and spend lots of money at this restaurant. This is very poor customer service on your part and I am very disappointed because I do not find friendly people or friendly service like your ads claim. VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8651 NW 13TH TERRACE (W*M #2091) - MIAMI, FL 33126 - (305)592-8220 There is a Pregnant woman who works in the window of this McDonalds and Yesterday morning I ordered my meal and as I waited she went on and on about how Cuban People just dont get along with Central Americans. How the attitudes just clashed and how she felt that there could never be an understanding amongs those countries and the Cubans of Miami. First and foremost I work for the County and I felt ashamed to have heard this from this Pregnant woman. She should not be working under that stress and worst be serving the public any food. God knows what she can be capable of doing to it.

Well McDonald's off Mississippi ave just before safeway and the firehouse, by the Waffle house shows again why the company reeks at customer service. I was waiting in line to order some food, when three teenage boys walked into the store. They asked if they could go ahead, they wanted to get some water. Considering it was 90 degrees today I had no problem with it. These boys were talking about football and look extremely tired and sweating from the heat. They asked the lady behind the counter if they could get a cup for some water and the lady stated "No" we do not do that and the boys went to sit down. I started looking at the DVD's and a young man walked in and asked for a cup for water and the lady gave it to him. One could say maybe McDonald's did not want a bunch of teenagers in there just sitting around or some other moronic thought however this was not the case. The 2nd young man was about the same age, though there was a difference between the two groups. The first three boys, two black men and one white man (teenagers) and the second teenager who walked in was hispanic, the lady behind the counter was also hispanic. Imagine that RACISM in McDonald's I was so agitated at this I mentioned it to the lady behind the counter and her response was it was none of my business and then, under her breath called me a pendeho (spelling). Well seeing as RACISM is paramount in McDonald's I am no longer going to eat there. I would encourage other people to not buy anything from this racist organization.

The Smithville MCDonalds in missouri off of 169 is probably the worst McDonalds. As an employee we are treated like trash. No matter how hard anyone tries to do something we always seem to fail in their eyes. Managers will yell at employees on a regular basis. We are not allowed to voice out opinion on anything.

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