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I recently applied for employment and had a call back interview. It went well and I am able to work 40 hours a week but being a single parent weekends are hard for me and I guess it is policy that you work weekends. I am a single parent and have to support my child therefore will be at work for those 40 hours faithfully. Saturdays I clean my church and home. My daughter goes to Ohio to be with her grandmother for the summer. So some weekends I could do. Why is it that your company does not accommodate for the single parent?

Store 1647 is great. I have noticed two people in particular who are always busy, working hard and being helpful: Christi and Darlene. I am always pleased to do business with someone who tries to make a difference.

went to buy the cypress mulch they had on sale and they say they did not receive enough and will not be getting anymore in. what a crock that customers cannot even get a rain check for the price they are offering much less get it when it arrives.

I purchased a shed that was advertised on Mother's Day 2009 in the Sunday Lowes Sale paper. The shed was approximately $1,500 installed on property. I paid for the shed and set up a delivery and install date. The next day I received a phone call stating that they could not honor the ad or install of my shed. I live in Florida and the shed was not hurricane resistant. The add should not have been placed in the Florida Lowes flyer or it should have excluded the state of Florida which it did NOT. It took me approximately four trips (over three days) to the store to get them to credit my account. There was NO ONE there who handled delivered sheds (mine you the shed was never delivered to my place of residence). April 15, 2010, I attempted to purchase shed. I found one I liked, but they did not have it in stock at the store where I purchased it. I was promised that it would be delivered to the store by 11:00 AM. I verified the delivery time because I was paying a contractor to assemble the shed. WellI called the next morning and was told the shed was on the truck in route, when in reality no one had even picked up the shed from the other store. I had a contractor sitting at my house waiting. It is now 12:00 PM and no shed. I end up calling the coporate office and they called the store where I purchased the shed and I spoke for the second time to a manager and the sales person. I will be curious to see what time my shed is actually delivered to the store. I feel that I should be compensated for the trouble and time I'm cost.

I recently visited the Lowes store in Farmington, Missouri. I am a USMC Veteran and have been getting 10% off at Lowes (which was great). I was just told today 4/16/10 by the manager that Lowes will no longer except the DD-214. The DD-214 was given to all Veterans who was honorable discharged from the service. (at least this is what I received in 1974).. SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU LOWES for not honoring all vets. Lowes, You Are A discrace for not honoring all of us Vets..... John Guenther (Farmington, MO)

I am an employee at Lowes 1881, in Williamsville NY. We are now in the one hundred days of hell as we call them, and it was just annouced that we are starting to work 3 to midnight. As a sales specialist I find this rediculous and obsurd!! I didnt sign up for third shift, I have a family and all my managers have to say to us is suck it up or hit the road. Not only do I lose many hours of sales time every week because I have to stay an extra two hours after closing, I am also missing my family. I was wondering if there is anything you can do help our store resolve this isue because alot of people are upset and the moral is low. Lets build a better store!

I was researching gas fired hot water heaters. Lowes material is conflicted. The on-line page display says several are energy star qualified replete with the energy star logo. However, I also checked the energy information by clicking on that tab. All the ones I saw said the hot water heater was NOT energy star compliant. What a mixed message. Lowes needs to fix this soon!

I purchased a washer and dryer/washer malfunctioned and it took two weeks of promises and being put on the back burner. I paid close to $2000.00 cash, and could't wash clothes.I was going to purchase a side-by-side refrigerator but now I feel betrayed,lied too, and given the run around that I probably will never buy a major appliance at Lowes. We have always bought our large items at Lowe's but I am very disappointed. I would like to hear a response back from you. There's alol more to this story. My email:wadesheila@ymail.com Gun shy in Willis, Sheila

Please know I am rarely one to take the time to write about a good experience but this so deserved. I would like to let you know of the great experience my husband and I had at the Lowe's store in Southgate Michigan. We needed a roof and Lowe's had shingles advertised with a rebate. We needed 46 square and everything to go with it (tar paper, drip edge, starters and cap, ridge vent, rubber boots, ice guard, tar, staples, coil nails, wood, etc.). Please keep in mind we know nothing about roofing, just what we were told to get. Several employees helped us (not sure of last names), Grant P., Juanita C., Manager Joe, and they were ALL exceptional. Most of all a lady named Rita H., her knowledge of roofing materials was amazing and spent two hours writing down how much of everything we needed, the cost for everything and said for delivery they would get everything ready and deliver when we needed it. That was exactly what happened, everything went smoothly from purchasing to delivery. I would like to thank everyone that helped us and their exceptional service. We have shopped at Home Depot and other Lowes Stores but the first time at this Southgate Store and never had the attention that was given by your employees at this store (escpecially Rita H.). I feel like I am going on and on but I want you to know because of your employees at this store and how well we were treated, we will never go anywhere else and that's a promise.

A glass table purchased less than one year ago shattered. Neither Lowe's nor the manufacturer will stand behind the product with a new table or replacement of the glass. This appears to be a problem with the tempering and should be replaced.

My wife and I purchased a fan for $74.88 at 110 N State Road 434, Located in Altamonte Springs Florida. When we purchased the fan, yesterday LOWES said we culd return the fan ANYTIME. The 20" fan sounds like a B-52 Bomber. It is so loud you can not hear the TV when the volume on the TV is turned all the way up. BECAUSE LOWES SAID WE COULD RETURN THE FAN ANYTIME. I took LOWES up on what LOWES SAID... When I returned the fan today because it is so loud. A lady named AMY said I cannot return the fan. I said LOWES said I could yesterday and THAT IS WHY THE COUSTOMER IS HERE. AMY said I was rude and I can not return the fan. I will challenge this way of doing bussiness and you will see that LOWES will be taking this fan back, REGARDLESS of what lowes calls COUSTOMER FOCUS, Lying to the customer.

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