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Bought a french door Samsung refrigerator on 7/1/10 from the Downingtown PA Store. I was told they were "coming in on 7/5 and delivery would be 7/6/10. Downhill from there!!!! I received a call 7/5/10 at 6:25 a.m. and was told by appliance was on the truck and would be delivered by 8 a.m. I said "TODAY??" Ran downstairs took everything out of the old fridge and packed 3 coolers including meat. Eight came and went nine came and went then 10:15 i called the number back (from the 6:25a.m. call) and got a recording in spanish. I then called the Downingtown store and was told that there was a mistake. Delivery would be 11-1. Not 5 minutes later I got a call from the delivery service stating delivery would be 2-6???? WHAT?? I told them about the other calls and they claimed another mistake and my delivery would be by 2:00. They arrived a little before 2:00 and wanted me to sign an "AS IS" receipt. WHAT??? I check the fridge and it was dented from side to side on the bottom freezer door. I refused delivery and called the customer care number. They called the local store and "Andy" called. He PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF IT! He stated that their delivery wouldn't be in till later that night, which is what I was originally told. Threw the stuff back into the old fridge. About 2 hours later "Dave" called from the local store. He apologized and claimed this was NOT how Lowes does business and that they had tried to deliver the floor model. He was SO SORRY that he promised that when the new shipment arrived at 10:00 P.M. he would personally examine the appliance and give me a call to schedule delivery for 7/6. Shockingly NO PHONE CALL that night, HOWEVER I received a phone call from the delivery driver at 6:12 A.M. on 7/6. He said I was scheduled for 8:30-9:00. Ok...unload the fridge again. 8:00 a.m. phone call from delivery service saying I was schedule from 11-1:00. I told them if it was here by 10:00 to KEEP IT, THIS WAS NUTS!!!! Long story short I called the local store and Dave tells me that due to all my trouble they were discounting the fridge 10%. Ok, Ok it finally arrives (delivery guys were the ONLY bright side) and I have a new fridge. EXCEPT I find out 2 weeks later that it's an energy star with a qualifying rebate of $75.00 from PECO electric. PERHAPS Lowes could have mentioned that? Also I received the statement on 7/25 and surprisingly there was no discount noted. I called Customer care AGAIN and they now had "MICK" from the Downingtown store call, he claims he is personally taking care of issuing the credit??? Only time will tell, but I WON'T HOLD MY BREATH! Nothing but problems and empty promises. Be careful Lowes, theres a new HHGreg and also PC Richards in the area.

just like walmart,i will take my money somewhere else.your credit people have closed my card,with 0 balance.i have not had a balance in 6 months.i paid my dept.i hope your stocks worth goes to 0,and you can kiss my ------- ---. best of wishes,jamie

DO NOT BUY FROM LOWES. i purchased a $500 grill from there already assembled. When i open the grill the wrong manual was in the grill. when i hook up the propane to the grill. The grill caught on fire a almost blew up.

I had a leak in my kitchen and water leaked through to the basement causing damage to only a few cieling tiles. Being the do it yourself guy that I am I headed for Lowes. I found Two 2' x 4' cieling tiles laying on top of an open box. So I picked them up and a couple of spare cross tees along with a razor knife. When I got to the check out I found a clearance rack with a piece of clear plastic light cover panel 2' x 4' . Perfect I thought since the other one was cracked in the panel removal process. . Now I have all I need to do my home repair myself. However.... when the friendly cashier began to ring up my items I was informed that I could not purchase the cieling panels as they were to be sold only by the box. ?????? Hmmm I thought . Should I just go ahead and buy a gross of cieling panels only to use one or two. No I dont think so. The cashier was very pleasant and said she would contact the manager to let him decide. Nope sorry buddy cant do it. Against policy he said. So I only bought the discounted item and left the store in awe at the ridiculous policy. I went to HOME DEPOT where they happy to hear of lowes silly policy as they sell them to you in any quanity you want. Oh yeah this is a home improvement store. I will be sure to share my story on facebook and perhaps a local repair blog to let everyone else know that lowes has failed at the high standards they claim to abide by. In case you would like more info on the store and the transaction and the ill mannered manager ,here it is. Store : 1055 Terminal 28 07/25/10 18:10 hrs

store 2828 in Ruckersville Va has some serious management issues. No 2 managers seem to know what the other has said to an employee and main concern lately has been, let get our work done so we can get out of here early. The moral at this store is terrible, employees sit in break room and talk about how much they did not want to come to work because of all the turmoil. Another problem with poor management is that employees have been leaving left and right, leaving double sometimes triple the work for other employees, its awful. Some of us need our jobs and have no choice but put up with the problems, but I think it would be in corporate best interest to check into this store and ask the employees about the things that go on in the store, not the management

I work in a lowe's store in delaware and have been there for four years. I enjoy my job and experiences that present themselves to me there. There are a lot of regular customers who are genuinely happy and satisfied with our service. In the last year or so, I have noticed that a lot of customers (mostly those from out of town) are extremely dissatisfied with our service. To the point where they are getting terribly rude, nasty, and sometimes violent with the employees. Now bear in mind, some of this dissatisfaction stem from military discounts (we do offer a military discount to those who are ACTIVE or RETIRED, not simply honorable discharges, so DD-214's are not a valid form of I'D, nor are legion cards and vfw cards, since need not necessarily have served to be a member). This is a 10% discount. I find myself being screamed at (quite literally) for a ten percent discount. Sometimes, only for a total discount of twenty cents. I do not refuse them the discount, I get yelled at when I simply explain this policy. Several times a day. We also get ripped apart for backup on special orders. Please, be assured, the employees really on the phone with our vendors daily, screaming these poor people because your special order refrigerator or commode is not here yet. We really do the best we can. However, screaming at us will make a difference to the vendors or delivery of your item, it only succeeds in putting yourself and the stranger in a red vest in a very miserable state of mind. What I get tired of, is that people leave their humanity and common decency in their cars when they come into a lowe's store. Believe it or not, we are usually in good moods before you come in and yell at us like we're misbehaved children. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Everyone can have a good experience at lowe's. If people can learn to be reasonable and display a little good sense. Thank you and come again!!! (By the way, the lead time your refrigerator just extended another fourteen days, would you like to order a different refrigerator or just wait for the one you want? Because we are not going to Texas to pick your refrigerator up for you, so stop yelling at me)

I was given a gift card for $80.00 from a co-worker as a wedding gift. The gift card was stolen so I went to the Lowes in my area and the lady told me that they couldn't read the receipt's bar code since it was purchased at another Lowes (about 20 minutes from them) but that once they could verify the amount of the card it would be replaced at the remaining value. I call the 800 number she gave me and was told that the card still had an $80.00 balance. My co-worker (friend) went to the Lowes were she purchased it and they said they couldn't do anything for her even if the 800 people were able to verify that the card still held a balance but they agreed to contact the corporate office. After a few days the corporate office (according to the store where purchased) said that they couldn't do anything about it. Now how is it that the information that comes with the card indicates that "If lost or stolen the card will be replaced..." but yet this doesn't seem to be the case. My friend and I have agreed that we will never shop at Lowes again. Home Depot is much better and I have many gift cards from them that I bet they would replace if this happenend again. Sorry Lowes you lost a couple of good customers.

Sept of 1999 we bought a patio doors-steel hinged probilt. form store 2650 belmont nc. It was a bad day, my purse was stolden form our truck at the lowes store dock. My receipt was in my purse. We waited so long for them to bring the door to the dock. then I asked for the receipt. no oew new if it was rang up or what. The gastonia Loves called belmont to see if they had the door. We told them were on our way. Nothing was done. I went to customer service, no one new what was doing on. I wasted so much time. We had the french door covered covered in the shed. We had the door put in 3 months ago and they are telling me the doors are warped????? Metal door don't warp.. What are we to do????????? We paid $752.10 for the door. Your there to take our money, how about being there when we need help> I would appreciate a reply asap. e mail is eabbeysr@bellsouth.net

I purchased a home and hired my girlfriends son and family to remodel it for me. We went and got a CC so they could charge and when we applied told them I get a Military Discount which you advertise. By the way where in the ADVERTISEMENT DOES IT SAY ANY THING ABOUT A PICTURE ID They told me to make a copy of my discharge card and drivers license, that all we needed. We plan on spending 25,000 - 30000 dollars Come to find out Lowe's in Bellfontaine , Ohio will not honor the card because it does not have a photo ID. When I asked to see a manager, they sent the head cashier, she then called two manager and neither one had time to come and talk to me. Talk about rude and inconsiderate. I think they should rethink the stupid rule for a picture ID, or just do away with the military discount. Back in 57 they didn't have picture id, just a card. So to me this is discrimination toward the older generation of men and women that served their country. I think we will get rids of the CC and take our business to a company that will at least talk to you about the situation. It is very obvious they do not give a damn about their customers or their military. If the corporate office would like to respond to this you can contact me at kstannard@rtecexpress.net

My issue is: A position was posted for Head Cashier-full time and part time and five (5) cashiers applied plus one individual from Receiving, is it standard procedure for the HR and/or manager to personally call a cashier whom did not apply for this position in to apply, interview them and hire them for the position and not even consider, out of courtesy, to at least interview all applicants that applied. Although their minds may have been made up about who they wanted to hire but it's not fair to others who took out the time to apply but never interviewed. The three (3) individuals hired were the only ones interviewed and I don't think that was fair to myself nor the others. If you have any questions, you may contact me @:(601)276-9511 or trandrews@bellsouth.net

My wife and I purchased new appliances in November, 2009, specifically a Sanyo refrigerator, Sanyo range and a Broan hood range. We experienced problems with the installation of 2 of these items--the refrigerator and the range hood. When the refrigerator was installed, the installer broke the connection end of the water supply line. He insisted that the problem was a broken connector to which the supply tube was to be connected. He said that we needed to call a plumber to have it fixed. The plumber that was called to repair the problem stated that it was simply that the installer had broken the end of the tube--and that it was not the fixed connection apparatus. In addition, the Broan range hood that was installed was defective. The electrician who installed it said that one of the bulbs that was provided with the unit did not work and we simply needed to return it for a new one. We returned the bulb to the store where we purchased the unit and received another bulb. That bulb also did not work. Despite repeated attempts to reconcile the problem with the unit, we have been unable to get anyone to address the problem. One customer service representative stated that it was not Lowe's responsibility--that Broan would have to warranty the unit. Broan representatives won't install another unit or repair the faulty unit. They offer only to send a new part (lamp socket)--with no offer of installation. Follow-up calls to Lowe's are not addressed. One customer service representative offered to take care of the problem but never called back. My wife are I left with the feeling that Lowe's doesn't take legitimate complaints seriously at all. For that reason, my wife and I will shop elsewhere when replacing home appliances and other home-related repairs. Thankfully, we were in the process of getting estimates on a new roof from Lowe's. That certainly saved possible problems with that potential purchase!

I went to buy an American Flag from your store yesterday and was shocked to find that it was stamped, Made in China- What’s the deal!!! At the very least we should be able to buy a Flag pole, and mount kit made in the U.S.,and you call yourself an American company, man up!!

I spent thousands of dollars at Lowes building my deck. I used Vynal for my railing and steps. When the job was complete, I had a few pieces of railing left over of which I tried to returnd. The lady at the return counter told me she was unable to give me a refund. I told her I did not want the cash back, just a credit slip of which I was going to use to make other purchases that same day. Since she could not help me, I asked to speak to her manager. A person by the name of KRIS LOWERY came to the counter, he would not offer me any thing in exchange for the items I wanted to return. In fact he was very RUDE-COLD-AND UNCARING. I told him he was going to lose a good customer, it didn't matter to him. This kind of conduct is inapproiate in today's retail climate, and this manager should be demoted. I will never shop Lowes again, and further more I will do everything in my power to BAD RAPP this company till the day I dye.

I purchased a Whirlpool Gold bottom refrigerator on July 1, 2010 from North Fort Myers, FL Lowes. None in stock, so ordered from Orlando, FL, and delivered on July 10th. They removed my old refrig which was still working. On July 11th, the new refrig was blowing hot air and had was not cool or cold whatsoever. Spoke with Lowes Store Manager, Spencer, who supposedly ordered another refrig from Orlando for delivery on July 17th. To follow-up, I called Lowes again on July 13th and spoke with Charlie in Appliances who sold me the unit. NO REFRIG HAD BEEN ORDERED! The next delivery from Orlando would be July 24th. What concerns me is the lack of customer satisfaction and no one "ever" returned my phone calls. Spencer had offered a loaner on July 11th, but with the promise of the new refrig to be delivered July 17th, I declined. My fault and poor judgment. I have been living out of a cooler since July 10th. I am sick to my stomach over this situation. Nobody seems to care about anything any more. I work for an attorney, and if I did something incompetent or displayed an uncaring nature, I'd be fired in an instant. And the kicker is, this is my 3rd refrigerator from this specific store in 27 years. And each time they delivered the "new" refrig, the same thing happened - never got cold. Guess I'll never buy anything more from Lowes. I've certainly been patient.

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator from Lowes in Southfield , MI on sunday 7/18/10 and it was delivered on Monday 7/19/10. The problem began with the delivery personnel not being able to get the fridge in the kitchen. The only thing left to do was not accept the item and have it returned to the store. Which is what occurred,I then went to the store and explained the problem and was told at that time that I had to wait 14 days for a refund. I had paid with a check. I could accept that I would have a brief waiting period for a refund. I must say that I was totally unprepared for to hear that I would have to wait practically 1/2 month. I can accept that it would take up to 5 business days for the check to clear. I don't know of any bank or financial institution that it would take 14 days for a check to clear. Maybe if the check had to travel by mail then the wait time could be 14 days. However with the current ability that companies have with transferring funds electronically there is no way that I should have to wait 14 days. I can accept 5 days as a reasonable time in for a company to withhold a refund. I seriously hope that Lowes join us in the 21st century and change this 14 day return policy for merchandise that is paid for with a check. wlc1@comcast.net

On 7/18/10 my husband went to lowes to purchase lumber to build our front stairs. After looking at the 16' lumber pieces they were garbage they were warped or cracked. He looked around and found a whole bundle of "good wood" up on the storage rack. He asked one of the associates if he could bring down that lumber since the wood available was garbage. The young man went to the register where the chunky older lady was working and called the manager and the manager told him he had to buy the wood that was down and he would not be bringing any more wood down. My husband lest his cart full of purchases right there in the middle of the lumber area and left. He went to MENARDS.... Thats where I told him to go in the first place since we have had poor service and quality issues at the Lowes on Airport Hwy before. It seems in this day that customer service should be at its best since the economy is down and funds for home improvement projects are hard to come by. I will never go to that lowes again. Its a shame that you are treated like crap when you are in that store. Why should I have to spend our hard earned money on garbage because they are too lazy to stock quality products. SHOP MENARDS they stand behind there products weather it be lumber or just a plain old light bulb.


I have never taken the time to write about a store before, but I am so pleased with Lowes that I have to tell you about it. In May of 2008 I bought a Samsung Refrigerator from the lowes,store # 2538 and in Oct of 09 it stopped working. I called your service dept and they sent a repair man out to look at it. He said that the circuit board had burned out and that it would take a week to get one from Samsung.It came in and they fixed it. Now here it is July of 2010 and this thing is broke agian I called and they sent out a repair man again only to tell me that the board is no good I called Samsung becuase this is twice in two years that this Refrigerator has broke down. Samsung blew me off and told me that I had to take it up with Lowes as they are the ones who sent the repair men out. I felt that it was Samsung's promlem as they are the ones who make the junk and all lowe's did was sell it. Well I went back to lowes and asked to speak to the manager, I waited about 10 minutes and the manager Kyle came and asked me what was wrong I told him what the problem was and asked if when this protection plan ran out in two years was I going to have to come back and buy the protection plan again. The Manager told me to go back to the Appliance dept and pick out a new Refrigerator and he would take care of all the paper work and he was sorry for all the problems that I had with this one On top of all this the next day they brought me a loner refrige until my new one comes in. I am very pleased with the service that I got at your Store and that is the only place I will ever shop for home products again. I am very thankful for all the help that I got from your employees. Thank you Again

I was at the Lowes Store located on the corner of Hwy 52 and the Ross Clark Circle in Dothan Alabama. Myself along with many others have been working real hard for the Honor Flight and wanted to set up a table for donations outside of this store. The female I spoke to was the Operations Manager and I was informed that no organization is allowed to solict funds at Lowe's. I am concerned that this country of ours seems to forget that if it was not for the WWII Veterans Lowe's, Wal Mart and many others would not even be in business. We have had 4 Honor Flights out of Dothan and this is going to be our last. The Honor Flight (just in case you do not know) was set up to take WWII Veterans to Washington DC to visit their memorial. I would like a answer from Corporate Headquarters before I write my article for our local Newspaper on this issue. It is great that you give us 10% off the items we purchase but this kind of policy not helping vets to raise funds for vets will not go over very well in this military community. Waiting for your answer. I have checked with Home Depot and we will wait and see where we take our business from now on. My email is arthur068@centurytel.net

I live in Texas an have been to lowes a whole lot. If I am looking for something that they have in stock they are great to help. My complaint is I ordered a washer & dryer from them and they kept changing the due date.They even said it might be the next year so I had to cancle my order. I needed it now not a year from now. Now I decided to give them another chance so I have ordered a door from them. They said it would take about 17 days,so I said to order it. They called me last week and said it would be here on 7/12/2010. I called them on the 7/13/2010 and they said it was not in. It should now be here by next Friday 7/23/2010. I told them about the incident with the washer & dryer and it better not be like this again. I still need some more things for my home and I would like to get it from Lowes but now I am begining to wonder. Jimmie Johnson is the main reason I am using Lowes and I would like stay with you. I would like some kind of responce from the coorporate offices to let me know why this is happening. The lowes is in Burleson,Texas that is giving me so much trouble.

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