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My husband is a Vietnam veteran having served from 1966 - 1968. He has an honorable discharge and is a disabled vet. We just found out about the 10% discount that Lowes is giving to ALL veterans everyday and I called a store in Heath, Ohio to find out about the program. I was told that the only accepted form of ID is a Military ID Photo ID Card issued by the Veterans Adm. I asked why his DD-214 (discharge papers) or any other form of id showing that he was indeed a veteran and his drivers license showing his picture would not be sufficient. The "customer service" person said that the Military Photo ID is the only ID that they would accept. I then called Home Depot asking them the same questions. Home Depot informed me that they will accept any form showing that my husband had been a veteran and his drivers license. Can you imagine that!! Home Depot will be getting our business from now on. We are with Mr. Guenther in saying SHAME ON YOU LOWES - you are not honoring ALL the veterans like you should. Active, retired and veterans who have military photo id's are the only ones who can get the discount. What about all the other veterans?? Seems to me that as long as you can show you were a veteran no matter what kind of id you can show should be enough for the discount. Lowes has lost our business - Home Depot here we come!!!!

I don't usually follow up on my good intentions; however I needed to this time. Cassie V. in Store 440 in Ocala Florida, is to be commended. Her service was exceptional. She was friendly, helpful and had a great attitude. When checking out I saw Cassie helping an older woman push her cart. What a pleasure it is to see a young person with such commendable traits. We, my husband and I were truly impressed with her Please let Cassie's manager know what a gem she is. We attempted to speak to the manager about her, but was told to contact corporate.

I ordered a washer on May 4th. Employees were barely friendly. Today is Thursday May 6th. The washer is to be delivered today, it is 9:00 AM and NO ONE has let me know what time they will deliver the washer. I called 45 minutes ago and was told we will call you back with delivery time. I am still waiting....

I purchased a washer and dryer from the Lowe's in Lexington, VA. It was delivered today by Larry Brie and James Smith. I was very impressed with the excellent service provided by these two employees. They went above and beyond what was required to ensure that my appliances were in the correct place. Thanks again!

I guess it all comes down to the bottom line and profit margin BUT! Last year I was buying AquaEZ pool flocculant for a cloudy pool and the product worked GREAT! This year, there is a cheap imposter that does NOT work! I poured 2 bottles of the new stuff, Swimmer's Choice and let me tell you friends, don't waste your money on the new blue water! I called AquaEZ and they advised me that Lowes dropped their product. So much for spending my dollars at Lowes in the future on pool care products. C'mon Lowes, WAKE UP! When you get a good product, customers expect you to stay with it, well, return customers that is. Now, does anyone at Lowes even read these pages??

On Sunday May 2nd I attempted to purchase a toilet seat advertised in the weekly roto at the Bricktown, NJ location. To my dismay, there was no inventory on this item. On Monday May 3rd, the last day of the sale I entered the Morganville, NJ loacation to obtain this same item. There was no inventory at this location either. I asked an associate if Lowe's gives out rain checks or how could I handle obtaining the sale price on this item when it came in. The associate informed me that I should go to the customer service desk and prepay for the item. At the customer service desk, the young woman seemed unaware how to assist me. She accessed her computer and informed me there was none available in the whole district except possibly in Howell, NJ. She offered to call the store, however, after making two separate attempts to purchase the item I told her to forget it. I cannot believe that a retailer would advertise merchandise that it does not have in stock. I was sucked into the store by this deceptie advertising and actually purchased two other items, however, in the future I shall be looking into Home Depot for my needs.

Hello Customer Care, I usually do not take the time to complain about service but I just experienced the straw that broke the camels back. I live within 6 blocks of Home Depot and a mile and a half from Lowe's. Lowe's Of Westminster, CO Store Number: 1989 5600 West 88th Avenue Westminster, CO 80031 Phone: (720) 540-9334 Fax: (720) 540-9335 Hours: M-Sa 6-9, Su 8-8 I started shopping at Lowe's right after you took over Eagle Hardware because Eagle had service, real service and Lowe's had followed the same business model. When you opened up a store at the listed location above I was happy because I had a closer location to shop. Yes, I have to admit that once in awhile I ran into Home Depot for small emergency issues because they were closer but on 99% of my purchases I went to Lowe's because of the great service. Lately over the past few years that service has begun to decline and especially in the delivery service. I used to get my deliveries for free after a certain dollar amount in purchase and that changed to charged deliveries but I didn't complain about that. Then my delivery charges became more expensive and I still did not complain about that. Then my deliveries on appliances and specialty items came damaged with appliances put together wrong and I didn't complain about it. I would patiently bring back pieces that were broken and get replacements. I would take appliances apart that were badly assembled and put them back together correctly. Most of the deliveries I have received were dropped on my driveway with heavy forklifts and destroyed my concrete driveway and I didn't complain about that. I had Lowe's install carpet and tile in my house and they jacked up the installation cost 100% markup over what they paid their contractor to install and I didn't complain. In the past I have enjoyed performing my own work on my properties because in my younger years I was a master carpenter and a master electrician. Over the years I have convinced many others to shop at Lowe's and especially the elderly folks that needed a little extra service but after my recent delivery experience I can't justify doing so any longer. I received a delivery from Eric from the location above. He had nothing else on his truck but my order and insisted on dropping everything off on my driveway. I told him I needed everything in my garage to protect the materials from the weather and he insisted on reading me your policies against doing so. I told him to take the delivery back and I would be in the store later today to get my money back because I was not prepared to carry 10 measly sheets of 1/2" plywood and 30 measly 2x4 studs on my own 10' into the garage. He begrudgingly broke down and helped me do so taking a whole 10 minutes while explaining to me during this time that your larger customers don't even get this privilege. If I wanted to be treated like that I can go to any lumber broker and get these products for two thirds the cost and pay the same for delivery in dozens of locations around Denver. As a typical home owner that spends on average $25,000/year in your stores I should be treated with some common respect if this is your market that you're targeting. (1) Your delivery policy of charging the customer delivery fees is overly exploitive because most of your targeted market is the common home owner and that home owner usually needs deliveries for larger and more expensive items. (2) You need to train your delivery people to be more courteous and careful with the delivered product or give the job to someone who can do these things. (3) You need to train your appliance people in proper assembly of the products you sell. (4) You need to start treating your subcontractors more fairly. (5) You need to do something about your turn over rate because I've had to re-familiarize myself with your staff 8 times over the past 4 years. You have lost your differentiation with Home Depot and price is not the issue with so many suppliers available who service contractors. Your differentiation used to be service which is the primary reason I own so much of your stock!

My wife and I have received very poor service at the west colonial store in Orlando, Fl. in the paint department and asked to see the manager. After the manager (or as we know now the assistant mgr) wouldnt come out, my wife had to talk to him on the phone, and went on to explain the rude and disrespectful behavior of the associate. Once the issue was stated and my wife informed him that being this is a regular occurance , we would never shop at Lowes again and that he lost a lot of revenue, The sounds from the office of things being hit, kicked, and god knows what else, and then the door slams open he storms out all red faced,and he gets in my wifes face and states "WHAT IS THE PROBLEM" To make a long story short, customer service at the corporate level passed it to the district Manager, whom just called me and basically said We are sorry for your difficulty.....and we will look into it..... The embarassment, the Intimidation, the safety factor as to what this individual will do next... ALL UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!!! Be advised Lowe's corporate... this will mot go away and needs to be addressed. I plan on writing review after review after review, letters to the editor, and anyone else that can make noise. THIS IS AMERICA AND I REFUSE TO GO AWAY QUIETLY. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE NOW!!! *by the way .. anyone have the e-mail address for Mr. Robert A. Niblock ? (CEO for Lowes's) I guess i will write a letter.....

Lowes Rte 104 Oswego, NY Are You Kidding Me right now this is the worst store and full of lazy people!!!!! I have had several issues with this store the managers are usually unavailable when there is a problem and then you have to hunt them down. My most recent issue was a shed in the clearance section in the back of the store!!!! I really didn't want the shed I was pointing out a price that I knew was wrong. But the episode that accured and the additude, of the employees changed my mind. Then the manager Troy was busy on the phone and couldn't be bothered to come to the area and they wanted me to walk up the service desk instead of him coming to the other end of the store to address the problem.. They sent about 4 -5 other people who still had to call troy and still couldn't get ahold of him because he was on the phone. Then they sent Denise something to do commercial something thinking she was really hot stuff what a b@$@##$, and I even have a pic that I am sending to the world wide web and the news and what ever and whomever I can to show what the price was mark as clear as day on the product in magic marker, Oh yeah I know what you are going to say, same the the commercial girl said maybe some customer put it there.!!!!! But thaat story failed because the young man that wrote it on there was standing right there and said that he wrote it on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The B@#@$@$ Denise said that Lowes DOES NOT HAVE TO HONOR THE PRICES MARKED ON THE STUFF AND I ASKED AGAIN JUST TO MAKE SURE I HEARD HER RIGHT AND SHE SAID IT AGAIN, i SAID OKAY MAYBE CORPORATE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT THIS AND ALSO THE NEWS AND HER REPLY WAS GO RIGHT AHEAD I'M SURE THEY WOULD SO HERE WE GO! i WOULD SEND YOU THE PIC BUT i WILL SEND TO TWITTER AND A FEW OTHER PLACES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WILL TRAVEL ELSE WHERE TO DO MY BUSINESS AS WE OWN A BUSINESS AND JUST PERSONAL STUFF WE DON'T HUGE DOLLAR NUMBERS BUT EVERY PENNY COUNTS AND THERE ARE OTHER STORES IN THE AREA LOCL ONES THAT I WILL BE DOING BUSINESS WITH. sHOULD HAVE LEARNED THAT WHEN I GOT TOMATOES FROM YOUR STORE LAST YEAR AN THEY HAD BLIGHT ARUINED MY WHOLE CROP, POTATOES INCLUDED I KNOW YOU ARE A BIG CONGLOMERATE AND REALLY DON'T CARE I JUST THOUGHT I WOULLD LET YOU KNOW

I live in Crestview, Florida. The city has only one Lowes, and there are a few "Mom and Poping" stores, and one Ace hardware. When first opened their doors several years ago, they were all about customer service. It did not matter if it was during the day or in the evening, you always had employees asking you for help. However, this has all changes within the past two years. During the daytime, you will often have someone asking if you need help, but not all the time. In the evening, forget it! I have gone in there on numerous ocassions, and the employees look like "zombies" walking arounds. Maybe, and I mean maybe you might have someone after looking lost for twenty minutes, stop and ask me if I need help. For example, tonight I went into Lowes after 5:00 P.M. because I work for a living and usually get off from work around 4:30 P.M.,and when I went to the department I needed, no one was to be found. I had a Lowes employye in a red vest walk right by me, and did not ask if i needed help. I walked around to see if anyone would at least acknowledge I existed as a customer - again nothing! There were plenty of employees around, but most were either together stocking, or talking to one another about something. I passed several people fronting items, and stocking - again nothing. One guy who worked there was walking slow, and occasionally fronting items, and he looked right over at me - nothing! I guess i can keep on about how many employees who were within 10 feet of me, and no acknowdgement that i was even there. You are probably thinking why doesn't she go up to someone and ask for help? Yes I do walk up to someone and ask, and spend maybe twenty minutes finding someone to help me, but it is Lowes policy to at least acknowledge a customer within so many feet, even if they are busy with a customer. I am so tired of going in there at night and the people they hire for the evening. It was not busy, and some of the employees were too lazy or scared to ask a customer if they needed help. I don't know. I guess I am venting because I am tired of always finding someone, and when someone is right next to you and ignoring the customer who pays their wages. This happened to me in 2006 when I was very pregnant. I came in for some water softner pellets, and my husband was deployed (military) overseas. I stood by the water pellets with my basket, and there was an employee not to far away scanning items for stock. He looked over at me, but did not offer assistance. He was not a vendor because he wore a red vest. Yes, i could have "waddled" over to him, but why should I? He saw me, but I guess he wanted to get his job done. A customer saw me, and assisted me. When I checked out, and decided to tell the night manager, and he said he would make sure this was corrected. I know from working in the retail business for many years that he was just pacifying me, so the next best thing - write to corporate. I will be sending a letter to corporate because I am not the only one who complains. Maybe Lowes needs some major competition in Crestview like Home Depot, so they will "Keep on their toes". I decided to shop at Ace Hardware during the weekend,and hen I get off from work. I like their service, and when you walk through the door, they always acknowledge your there. If they are with a customer, they will tell you they will be right with you. I like their service. "Mom and Pop" store will also give you better service, and even thought they don't have the "big box" discounts, you will, for the most part, receive better service. To add, two other customers were also angry about helping them, so I told them to go to Ace, and they did. Maybe the manager needs to work at night amd see what is going on. If someone would "Mystery shop" this store, it would flunk.

I purchased two new doors for my home. The cost was over 1,000.00 for the doors and the installation price was $295.00. I had to special order one of the doors and we were to wait five weeks to have the door delivered to my home. When I asked about installing the first door which was in stock they said I would have to wait until both doors are in and ready to install. I asked if there was a reduced charge since the two doors are being installed at the same time. They said no. “That is the rule”. Even speaking with a manager could not change this RULE. WWhat are you running a retail store or a Gestapo? This did not make any sense to me, the install contractor was making twice the money for one trip to my home, and I could not get the first door installed at my convenience,I had to wait for the install contractor to receive both doors. Who is running Lowes the installer? You have got to be getting a kick back from the install contractor. Who is the customer here the install contractor or me. I run an HVAC and energy savings business. I would never charge a customer a full service charge twice for installing two or more units at the same time. I could not compete or keep my reputation as a service company treating customers in such an unfair method. I spend over $30.000 a year at lowes in cash and charge. Most all my support electronics, plumbing, gas fittings, and lumber for my business comes from Lowes. I am in there so much I know a number of the workers by name. I’ve had small incidents with the store before but I put up with them out of loyalty. I though I was a Lowe’s guy. It is clear you do not need my business. If you are making enough money suckering homeowners let alone your business customers that support you daily then I can’t support that. I'm off to Home Depot. A few cents more but more respect for the customer. John Beatty

I was recently in the Lowes store in Matthews and was getting some lumber. Was about ran over by one of the employees who was attempting to drive a forklift. Some young kid who thinks he knows how to drive. Where do they find these people , I won't go back their again since I was about ran over. My wife also seen him and did catch his name which was Justin. Anybody I guess can drive a 3 ton forklift but you need to respect the machine also.

The sales staff was great at getting me what I needed for a fair price. Could someone at Lowes please tell me why when delivery is running late that they don't have the simple politeness to call and let the customer know? Mistakes happen, things take longer etc but why waste the time of your customers when a simple 30 sec phone call could go a long way in completing a good customer experience. My delivery of appliances was 1.5 hours after the four hour window elapsed. I had to call 3 times to get an answer. Why is this acceptable? It really turned what was a good experience into a poor one.

I have enjoyed shopping at Lowe's but my recent purchase has not been a pleasant experience. On 4/11/2010 I purchased a John Deere LA115 Riding Lawn Mower it could not be delivered until 4/25/2010. Later that day I tried starting the mower, it was totally dead. I called the store to inform them that the mower was not working, possibly a dead battery. The Lowe's employee said that someone would be out the following day, 4/26/2010 to put in a new battery. Well, no show.....called again the excuse was no one setup the delivery. So they promised they would have me a new battery on Tuesday 4/27/2010, after many frustrating calls to give them directions to my house, they finally showed up. After allowing them to borrow a different wrench from me, the new battery was in. Finally the lights were on but the tractor would not start. So the one employee said he would have another new tractor delivered right away to me. He called later that night, he was able to find one but would not be able to deliver the mower until 5/06/2010. Not sure if the tractor is a good purchase but I would definitely not buy it at Lowe's.....you would be better off purchasing a John Deere Tractor directly from a John Deere Dealership. Very disappointed in the service, Debbie McIntire Ohio

Dear Sirs I have purchased 300 bags of red mulch annually from Lowe's for 15 years. 4 weeks ago I had to travel to UK for a family emergency. Unfortunately I missed the 99c/bag sale and have been told by the local Fort Myers store manager that he can no longer honor it. It is now back to $2.09/bag Please would you arrange to do the right thing and extend the deal to me in the extenuating circumstances. Many Thanks Sincerely, Rod Senior

I had Lowes contract two projects at a rental property. The first was a sliding glass door. The store employee entered my name and telephone number in the system wrong. This created a lot of confusion and made effeciency non-existant. It took two months to correct this problem. The door they ordered was the wrong size and took an additional month to resolve. The second project they contracted was for a privacy fence. When the materials for the fence was delivered, the driver drove his forklift into the back yard knowing that the area had just received 4 inches of rain. He got the forklift stuck and rutted out my back yard. I took photos of the damaged yard (the fence still lacks all the hardware that was supposed to go on the gate) and filed a claim with the local store. The delivery supervisor keeps making promises of getting it fixed and continues to tell me he will call me back with a date and time to fix the yard. They never call back. I'm always having to chase them down. It has been 8 months since the damage was done and it has still not been repaired. I will take my business to Ace Hardware and hire my own contractors. Home Depot isn't any better. At least Ace Hardware knows what they are doing and they carry American made products and they do NOT use illegal migrants for cheap labor.

Dear Lowes, I have no idea why I should write to you. No one will pay any attention. I am a teacher and have to meet deadlines and be on time. Many parents would be very upset if I did not. I really used a good deal of effort researching a new clothes washer. I studied water, and electrical use. Yeah, go green! I ordered the best for me. I was told by the associate that the item would come from the warehouse and to arrange for delivery when I paid for it. I PAID cash. I was told on April 22, by the associate, if there is a problem we will call. Delivery was arranged reluctantly, by Lowes, for after four on Tuesday. I finally called when the delivery failed to appear. The first young woman on the phone took my name and number and said her supervisor would get in touch with delivery and her supervisor would call me. That did not happen. When I called back, I was a little angry and the next woman was not pleasant. Finally I was placed in touch with Julia. She found out that my local store wasn't even in possession of the machine on Tuesday. I feel really angry. I do have other things to do and I will probably miss out on the state rebate of $100. It would have been nice to know on Monday that I needn't rush home on Tuesday. I have been very inconvenienced. I have had other little problems with Lowes and this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Doesn't anyone care about customer service? I guess my money doesn't speak to Lowes.

I recently visted your store in Gilford New Hampshire.I haave been receiving a10% off my purchases but was informed without a photo ID from the VA I no longer am able to get it. First let me tell you on dicharge for the services they do not give you a photo I contacted the VA an was told the only veterans with photos are active members or members receiving medical asssistance. I do get the discount from Home Depot so I guess they think more of the men and women that have fought for there country then you.I am older army vet from vietam, member of the America legion and VFW My familey and I will no longer shop at your stores. Please respond with way this took place Donald Fournier Alton New Hampshire E-M Larson764@verizon.net

i paid for a 5x8 trailer on 4-3-10 at lexington n.c. i haven't recived my trailer yet. why would lowes put something on sale and not have it in stock or ship asap if you don't have or can't get it JUST say so. if i didn't need it i wouldn't have paid for it maybe home DEPOT will come to town who knows

Who is in the store during the hours from 9 to 5? Is it teenagers or contractors and retirees? What must consumers do to convince you to shut down the obnoxious music you play through your PA system? During business hours you have professional contractors as well as retired homeowners shopping for home improvement items. Who are you playing that obnoxious music for? There are no teenagers in the store so why do you irritate people with that screeching noise you play? It’s hard to concentrate with that noise in the background. We couldn’t get out of the store fast enough. You tout yourselves as home improvement specialist so why do you play teenage music like a hamburger business? Teenagers are not buying kitchen cabinets or a refrigerator. Lose the noise for a month and I think your bottom line will improve.

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