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i work at lowes as an assembler. i am seasonal and considered part time even though i work more than 40 hours a week. today i was pulled from my duties and made to go stand outside and run a mower clinic in the parking lot. its 80 degrees outside and when i requested an umbrella and water the store manager told me to stop being a sissy. i was out there for 6 hours alone and never got to take my two 15 minutes breaks, or my hour lunch. customers were giving me water because they felt bad for me and decided that they would rather shop at home depot if this was how they treated their employees. this is not the first time that i have had to do this. there are many more stories like this that happen to me on a weekly basis. i will be quitting this job as soon as i can. i DO NOT recommend LOWES to any one.

I bought alot of Items from your store in 2007. 2 Refrigators, 2 stoves, 2 dishwashers, 2 washers, 2 dryers, 1 6' ft. fence, lumber for my deck to be replaced, and many other home items to outfit my home, yard, and garden. A month ago, my mother called you about getting another receipt because your sales person said that she would keep a file with our receipts in it at the store, knowing my mother and I had been involved in accidents a year or so before that and our memories both had problems. In this, my mother called the store and talked to the sales Manager because we were having a problem with the refrigerators, even though we had extended warranties from your company we have had more problems getting them fixed then I want to admit, (one still isn't fixed to this day). They did give a courtesy visit and fix one refrigator. Then the fun began, my mother called to see if the receipts were still being held in this file at the store, the manager proceeds to tell my mother they had been sent to corporate six months after we bought them. My mom called corporate immediatly and they asked for the exact date the items had been boughten. My mom said it had to be within August 20, 2007 (when we moved in the house) and September 18, 2007. She was told they could not look this file up without an exact date, so my mother gave them three days she thought it might be. They wrote her in an email that those weren't the dates. So she called again, and told them all the information off of the invoice that she had from ordering them, also gave them three more dates that she thought might help that were in between the dates I wrote earlier. They sent her a letter this time, saying that they regreted that they still could not find a file under my name, or the information my mother had given them off of the invoice.

I am sorry I hit the submit button before I was finished. I would like you to find my file that has all my receipts in it and mail it to me or at least a copy. I would like to get my appliances I purchased from you repaired before the warranty runs out. Or is this why you frustrate people so badly, so you dont have to spend the money to fix whatever product you have us put a warranty on. I know that maybe I should have not trusted your employee to do the right thing and let me know that she would be sending my file to your office, but I did and now I would like to get my appliances fixed. Your company may think that oh, 45,000 dollars being spent there on your products isn't important, but you have just lost a good customer. Because your filing system is the worst system I have ever heard of. You can't look up a person's name and find thier file or the invoice number? That makes no sense to me. You have to have a specific date to find anything. This is puzzling to me that such a large company could be so simple minded. My name is: Sonny Symes I live at: 11706 East 60th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64133 My phone # 1-816-255-3991 Please contact me if you have any questions This was purchased at your Lowes in Independence, MO # 1-816-795-7443 on Valley Park

Also, a remark was made that my mother over heard by your sales person when she came out to see why the gates we bought, had not been installed correctly. Her name is Susan Given, she also worked at the Independence store, She told the other sales person that came with her that our home, she bet would not look like it did in six months, like we were going to trash it or something. I would try to train my employee's to be polite, or at least if they were going to say something negatory, to hold thier tongue. I have had nothing but problems out of your company here and would never recommend it to anyone. Thank you: Sonny Symes

I purchased a Task Force 2000 last summer. First the variable spray nozzle broke. After several hours of trying to contact TF I finally got someone who then sent me the wrong replacement part. Then the wind up handle for the hose broke and, today the electric motor wont start. I again tried to both call and "chat" with absolutely no luck. This piece of merchandise is "crap" and you shouldn't be selling it. You should also try to help your customer, me, in getting some satisfaction from the manufacturer.

I am an employee of your store 2645 in Gonzales, Louisiana I have had to deal with an employee harassing me on the job to the point that I was in tears. I have gone thru the chain of command and nothing has changed. I also tried to talk to the store manager who told me that he is to busy to talk to me that he has a store to get ready for the weekend. I thought that we were important to the store as well. I need help I love working for Lowes and would like to continue working there. Please Help.

My rating reflects Lowe's advertising for Memorial Day which declares that Memorial Day is all about projects and fun. Not! Memorial Day is all about honoring those in the military who went through hell in war and died to protect our freedoms. Remember them first, then have your fun.

Waited for more 1 month for my window shutter to be installed. They installed May 8th and did not finish the job because hinges are missing. Keep calling Lowe's Williamsburg asking when they will finish the job, I always call after work, and everytime I call they will say that AJ's are closed and will have somebody call me. Never heard from AJ's. Finally after talking to a lady named Marsha early this weekend she called back and said that the hinges will come on June 1 to the installer. She's the forth person I spoke to. I told them that I'm not going to wait another month for them to finish the job. She told me that that is not even a month. OK from the day they install which is May 8th they should order the hinges, and if it is coming on June 1 to the installer I still need to wait for them to install. It is not acceptable. It is not our fault that they are missing hinges and I don't think those hinges are coming from other country for me to wait for more than 23 days from the day they installed and supposedly order the missing hinges. I just spoke to the Manager and he can't give me any answer because he's manager for administration and will have the installation manager to give me a call, how convenient. Manager don't want to here my complaint because he can't do nothing but to have another from installation call me back. We are have some company coming over and my window in the living room is half way finish. WHAT A SERVICE.

I always go to Lowes. I went today to get 1 quart of paint to cover a 2" X 3" area that had a nail hole. I went with a good size chip of paint & the old guy, probably a painter on the side, told me it was to dirty & I should repaint the entire 2400 sq ft. of house??? I had to tell him that was the most rediculous recommendation I've heard. They need to do drugs screenings at these places because this old fart was high on something. I absolutely hate wasting my time & that's exsactly what happened today & a few previous visits. Sure do wish there were "hardware" stores near by where people knew what they were talking about. I HATE WAREHOUSE STORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my husband and i recently went to the store in huber heights ohio to purchase unfinished cabinets for our kitchen. first let me say that i had to go behind the wall where the cabinets were to get someones attention to give us some help getting products off the top steel. second, after loading up three of your carts not shopping but the big roll around types, we were offered no help in getting any of it up to the front of the store,no help in loading our purchases in the truck we rented and just overall incompetent staff. I work at a leading retailer as a member of upper management and understand the importance of quality customer service or at least a little help but none was given us. we spent a total of 1200.00 dollars at your store but i can tell you that from now on i will take my business elsewhere like menards or at least to a different location. i will not recommend anyone to go there. customer service needs to be checked at this store and good customer service needs to be drilled into your staffs head. I'm not asking for anyone to wait om me hand and foot, just pushing one of the carts would have been helpful though. this store has lost a customer and i am just very dissappointed.

To whom it may concern, I am writting in ref to our experience at the Marianna, Fl,, Lowes, we went there to buy a lawn mower , a zero turn mower, we ended up purchaseing a Troy Built one, we got an account through Lowes so we could get it that day, that was a nightmare, then we decided to go ahead an buy a trailer to haul it on, great right, Not, when we got ready, come to find out all the trailers of the size we needed had been sold even the one that was still on the lot sitting outside to be sold. Well it didnt stop there, we then get told they will have to order us a trailer ok, it will be in by Monday, well it took two weeks, we were able to get the mower delivered, yee haw. Ok we finally get our mower and now have a trailer, well the mower on the third time used, starts smelling a little funny, husband looks and it is a pully that is messed up. So we call the number given, we are told it may not be covered under the warranty , we had even purchased extra warranty, because everything sounded so good when we were talking to the sales guy. Now Western Auto has the mower for repair because that is were we were told to take it per Lowes, that is who does there repair work for them, it has now been a week, so my husband calls to see what the problem is why taking so long , now Troy built is asking for the part to be (the messed up part) returned to them so they can decide if it will be covered under a warranty, WE WILL NOT EVER BUY ANOTHER THINGS FROM LOWES, PERIOD, NOR TROY BUILT, WE ARE SO LET DOWN BY THE SERVICE THAT WE HAVE RECIEVED , WE HAVE NOT EVER HAD SUCH A BAD EXPERIENCE AS THIS ONE, WE WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANY ONE TO BUY AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THE BAD EXPERIENCE AND IF THEY STILL DECIDE TO GO THERE WATCH OUT FOR WHAT IS TOLD THEM AND SOLD THEM, I was so prepared to buy garden stuff for this year and porch items and we were going to do some remodling, I had already picked out some things for a bathroom remodel, I'd rather shop at Home Depot. We will never shop again with Lowes, it all started at the store. Do you people know what to do or check, remove something or put a sign on it that it has been sold, something! Lowes could never take back such a bad experience!!!!!!!!!! It is a shame that you have one of your stores doing such bad business with the public, we work hard for our money, and at one time even enjoyed going to Lowes, however we experienced a nightmare, instead of being able to think about what we could get to fix up our home from Lowes. Shame on yo

I live in North Port, FL..On 5/19/10 I got an estimate from home depot and lowes for fencing...Lowes was alot lower so I purchased it there. First delivery was delayed a week which was excusable. Then when the guy i hired to install it came to work, we discovered we didn't have alot of the items we needed...This is not alright as I asked if they could take my measurements and give me everything I needed to install it and was told yes he could do that for me. ....We did at least 4 trips back to the store for more items.Also they sent the wrong size posts which had to be exchanged, which required another trip to the store to exchange them..I was very upset as I was required to put more money up front as they were not picking up the wrong ones until the next week...when I found we needed to exchange them also, I decided to return them in person so I could speak to the manager about the poor customer service...The exchange receipt lists the manager as Rob Vecker, but the person I talked to was a woman who said she was manager, but didn't give her name.....Everything I told her that happened, her answer was that it was my fault...I should have known what I needed and what was delivered was not right..She told me that over and over again...I was so frustrated I cussed at one point and she threatened to call police on me......I usually don't cuss but was so upset it just came out...I am a 63 yr. old women with serious health problems who lives alone..I feel I should have been able to get all I needed the when I purchased it ..I think they have a program that they can put in the type of fence and measurements and get a list of all needed to do the job down to the screws...Home depot does as I watched him do it when he gave me the estimate..If your stores don't you should.....After all the material we had to go back for the fence I purchase which was on sale at the time cost me almost the same as the other store......I can tell you i don't ever want to do business there again and the guy that did the fence for me is a local contracter and he said he would do no more business there either....

You would think that in this economic climate customer service should #1. Lowes needs to understand that customer satisfaction keeps them coming back. I heard in a study of human behavior people tell at least 10 other of their experiences good or bad. Lowes sold me a lawn mower that only work for a season. I took it back to the store and they offered to repair it. It took over three months to fix, maybe even longer because when I just so happen to go in to make a return I inquired about it. They are supposed to call the customer when repairs are completed! They would not have called me cause they don't care. I feel like a number not a valued customer. I Spoke with the store manager Orlando and requested another mower which he suggested I go through the manufacture. I called them and they will not exchange. In the area I live there are no repair shops within 150 mile radius. lowes store 2502 will not help me nor the mower company Troy Bilt. I plan to make it a priority to tell as many people as possible my experience at Lowes. I will no longer shop or look to them for improvement purchases.

Boy don't look like things are going to well for Lowe's... Lowe's in Vernal, Utah: My first experience we had ordered a carpet that took forever to get installed (waiting on outside help referred by Lowe's) plus we had paid extra for them to move the heavy furniture and put in back after installation.Didn't happen! They installed the carpet with a couple a wrinkle in the carpet and also snags in the carpet going up the stairs. They proceeded to tell us it was against their policy to move furniture!!! "UMMM we paid extra for you to move the carpet!!!". Well, finally got that done. Now we return to Lowe's to purchase materials for a deck. Mr. Dave Garcia was asked to help us, he proceeded to tell us which isles we could look for the different items, wasn't too excited about helping us. We then decided what we wanted, go home to get the truck, return to the store with a list of what we needed to purchase (that we found within ourselves), he took the list and said to return at 1:00 p.m. and he would have everything ready. We wanted to pay for the items in which he said no that was ok "Just to pay for them when we returned to pick them up". We return at 1:00 nothing ready and Mr. Garcia was out to lunch and he would return our phone call. No call! We then decide to call him back after not hearing from him at 7 p.m. The person that answered the phone got the night manager and guess what, not much help from him either!!! He said Mr. Garcia had gone home for the evening. He called back a minute later and said nothing had been put together for pick-up and many of the items we had on the list had been purchased by another customer earlier in the day, that we "should have paid" for our stuff in order to be saved??? We explained everything to him and he informed us there was nothing we could do, we would have to order the items in which it could take months to get??? He asked us to call back tomorrow and speak with Mr. Garcia or he would be in at noon and we could speak with him then.... Wow, excellent customer service. I will never return to Lowe's and I made my purchase at 81 Lumber. From the sounds of things you should probably start looking for some new, responsible, and somewhat customer oriented employees...

I was in the Louisville, CO Lowes yesterday to buy a over the stove microwave. I knew what I wanted but could not find anyone to sell it to me. The one appliance salesperson was with another customer and said they had been in twice, so had I. He didn't offer to find someone to help me or say he would be with me as soon as he could, nothing. When I went through the checkout with other items the woman behind the cash register asked me if I found everything I was looking for. When I told her I wanted to purchase a microwave but couldn't find anyone to sell it to me, her only comment was sorry. Not let me get someone to help you right now. I can't believe that the customer service is so poor at Lowes that they lost a sale and a longtime customer. I seriously doubt that I will go back.

I visited your store in Vestal, NY in late April with a sample of tile, cabinet door and laminate . I asked a sales associate in floor coverings for help with grout and "the stuff" to lay the tile. I was told it was thin set and to purchase 8 bags for the sq. footage I needed. He also sold me a grout that had a part A & B for it. It was over $200 . I thought it was a lot but needed that color. Later when the tile was installed, it was the wrong thin set and all of tiles began to pop off in less than 24 hrs. I took the products back to Lowes and was given a refund b/c the sales person "Craig" sold me the wrong product. My tile was porcelain and apparently we needed a different thin set than what was sold to us ( Laticrete). SO, the next day my g.c. had to remove the tile, sand off the excess thin set that didn't chip off from the durarock. All of this took 13 hours and two men. The cost was over $800.00. To make a long story short, the store is only offering me $400.00 for which I had to pay over $800.00 in excess labor because of their employee selling me the wrong type of thins set for porcelain tile. Hmmm.... why should I have to eat this cost. I thought the customer was always right and it is obvious that the associate, who was new I later found out, was in error. I have spoken with the flooring manager and one of the store managers and was hoping for more resolution to this matter.

Just a rah, rah to the excellent service I received today at the Lowes on Bellflower Blvd in Long Beach California. I was looking for a ceiling fan for a bedroom. I asked for assistance and Dan, the customer service manager came to assist me and my daughter. He bent over backwards to assist me, even calling the Corp office to see if he could locate a fan that was not in stock. I decided on a choice of two other fans so he took the time to make sure it was what I wanted and even went as far as to walk with me to the light globe section of the store to pick up bulbs. Also another employee named Butch the electrical manager joined in. It was way beyond the call of duty and Dan should be given a pat on the back or a comendation from the Corporate office of this valued employee.

I work at store 0082. I was run over by a forklift 2 years ago, I worked for 6 months, took medical leave for 6 months. Prior to the accident, I worked Outside Lawn and Garden. When I went back to work, had to take a phone operators job, and now out of the blue they are making me a cashier again, I have health issues and they don't care, it is a horrible place to work. They never done anything to the guy that ran over me, he had to be on drugs to do something like that.

Hello, my name is Alyssa Glace. My husband and I currently got married on April 24th and as a wedding gift my parents purchased a brand new washer and dryer from Lowes in Butler at the Moraine Point Plaza on a Tuesday. Now they offer next day delivery but we told them to just deliver it on Thursday. That gave them two days. So my husband waited for them at the new trailer and they called and said that they would be there at 12:30pm. He had to be at work at 3 and he waited till 2. No one showed or called to tell him that he would be late to deliver the products. Now when my husband talked with the manager a couple days before he said that we were the first delivery of the day but our money was not good enough that they had to go deliver to slippery rock university first. They showed up at 6:30 pm. The got the products delivered and installed. Now we have owned them for maybe three weeks and our clothes have not been drying. It would take a single load almost three hours to dry. So we figured the dryer vent needed to be replaced. My husband went to pull the dryer our and it sparked and caught the front of the washer on fire. So our uncle came over, (who is a certified electrician and has been doing it for 30 years) and looked at the dryer and it was wired up wrong. He said that we were lucky that our trailer didn’t catch on fire. He is not happy and neither are my husband and I. We have an extra five year warranty on the washer and dryer. We called lowes and told them what had happened and my husband said that we could have died and do you know what their response was? They said “well you didn’t so we can’t help you.” This is wrong. They are having people install these products and they are not installing them right. I am not happy and I have already spoken with my attorney and I will see that something gets done about this.

I am trying to report credit card fraud

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