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I am/was an employee!!! I have worked at Lowe's for about 6 years now and I have seen a change. This change I have seen is not just one store it is the Entire Lowe's experience. When I started working for Lowe's, I was one of Seven associates in the department. As the first year or so went on we dropped one employee from our store to go to a new store. I loved my Job. I helped as many people as I could and I always had someone scheduled with me to help out. Then things started to change! I trained for the department head and got the job. At the same time I was asked to do this job with only 4 below myself. I did this and very well as our LP manager stated to me, just before our store was down sized. Lowe's added more stores around us and now the wanted our store to only do 30% of the profit that we were bringing in. I was let go from my managers position and asked to step down to team leader. I did and Lowe's also decided that {each department only needed Either a "manager or a team leader", Two specialist and one part time employee.} I have seen the numbers of customers go down as the number of employees has gone down. I just quit my job with Lowe's and I know that there were many customers that only came to the store because they knew that I would help them find the answers they needed. most of them will now shop the other stores in the area, be it Home Depot or any other lumber/hardware place. I left my job because I would sometimes "more often than not" be the only associate on the floor for up to 6 departments. Because, if you run with a smaller crew you ware them out! When they a are worn out they get sick and take time off. When they take time off the ones left behind are needing to do their own and the other persons job. After a short while even the strongest of people loose the will to keep going! I am normally I strong fighter and I did right to the end give customers the best service they could get. When you seem to be the only person in the store with a red vest on you get disheartened and you know that you are only one person doing all you can. I could not help everyone that needed me, and still do the work of a retail store employee. I tried to do just my job but customers needed me and then I would get yelled at for not getting stock down or getting freight put away. I thought this is too much but I will have help coming in shortly! wrong they had taken my help to go out on delivery or they would take my help and place them in other departments as they had nobody else to cover those departments. And then I realized "THEY DON'T EVEN CARE!" Every last one of those Managers that Lowe's has trained, DO NOT GIVE A CRAP! if the store is doing good on paper they dont care how it happens and I could not do it any more. I have read some of the other complaints and I fell that Lowe's as a whole needs to Hire more people for many reasons... If You hire more people you will see...... (1) more people helping customers!!! (2) less customer complaints!!! (3) more Compliments and referrals, equaling more customers (4) more customers having the right help means more $ale$ (5) More Sales and more workers means less over worked and disgruntled employees. Seems to me that "even though times are tight" and "without sales you can't hire new workers", If you hire the new workers anyways, you are fixing the whole problem. Again I enjoyed working for Lowe's back when they had teams! I know Your a big company and you claim to be growing still, but if you don't fix the problems when they are small the problems will grow bigger than you will be able to control. Don't let lack of employees take away the customer service that Lowe's customers are dependent on be the tiny pebble that Kills the Giant!

I have never been so disgruntled with a store the likes of Lowes, ever. 1) My wife and I visited the store May 13th to pick out carpet & laminate flooring and get an estimate for install in our home. Because they are two different departments we must pay two $35.00 charges for separate estimates. Yes I know, those charges would be applied to the materials; that is if we decided to purchase from Lowes. We agreed to this but now there will be two separate times a contractor has to come to our house. 2) The carpet estimate was completed on May 18th. We did not get the flooring estimate until May 26th. This contractor had to guess exactly where the carpet estimate would end near the dining room and where he should start his flooring estimate as apparently this contractor is not privy to the carpet detail. He also wanted to know why Lowes did not ask them to provide both estimates. 3) I stopped by the Derby Lowes store to discuss this with one of the installation managers, Karen I believe. I asked if we could possibly have the flooring contractor also do the carpet installation. This way we would not have to have our household disrupted twice by two separate installations (how utterly rediculous this practice is anyway). I was told this could be possible if the flooring contractor could accept the carpet detail estimate. She told me she would contact the flooring contractor and get back to me the next day, 28 May. She never called me back. I had to leave to go out of town that weekend and the whole next week. 4) They had my cell phone number but not once did they try to contact me the entire time I was away. I returned home and to work on June 8th. Finally on the 10th I received a voicemail from a Brian at the store that our details had been complete and they wanted to know what carpet and flooring we intended to install. 5) I was baffled because we picked out the carpet and flooring the day we visited the store, May 13th. Apparently the person that wrote up our request for estimates failed to note which carpet and flooring we chose. So I stopped by the store on my way home from work, asked for a store manager and voiced my complaint about the service (actually the non-service) we had received and asked what I needed to do now. He asked me to show him the carpet and flooring we chose, which I did. All I got was "I'm sorry for the inconvenience." 6) Next I had to wait almost an hour for the estimates to be completed. And when they were completed, I was asked how I intended to pay for the materials. I explained that I would not pay without discussing with my wife first. Lastly) I cannot understand how a store as big a Lowes can treat their customers this way. To endorse a policy that is obviously not customer friendly doesn't make a lot sense to me. To require two separate estimates, by two separate contractors that do not seem to be allowed to coordinate on a job that obviously has implications on each estimate is utterly insane. I do not trust either estimate and will not ask Lowes to complete this transaction. I guess I am just out the $70.00 I had to pay for the separate estimates. This experience will not bring be back to this particular Lowes store. I've never had this problem with the Lowes in Lincoln, NE. Leo Kreifels

I recently purchased a Perfect Flame Grill at Lowes that now does not function. I cannot get replacment parts and the store Manager treated me extemely poorly when I requested help with the product. He said that he could not guarantee me anything and that he could not make the decision to replace the grill. Excuse me, but this is poor customer service and I believe I am just being stonewalled by him. I paid $400 dollars for the grill and I want Lowes to stand behind it's product. I find it interesting that Lowes no longer sells this grill...wonder why? I found a website speaking to the quality of Perfect Flame grills and it was all negative. I believe I could spend double the money attempting to keep the grill going, and will continue to have problems. If this is the practice of Lowes to sell substandard products knowingly and then refuse to stand behind them, I will no longer purchase anything, not even a plant, from Lowes. I will take my business to places that offer first quality custmoner service and second, are willing to stand behind there products.

After having a very bad experience with Home Depot a few years ago i started shopping at Lowes. At age 67 in framingham mass in Lowes 2 weeks ago i needed help with a outside storage shelter and i came upond one of your customer service employee. He asked me if i needed help and i said i wanted an outside storage shelter but it was to heavy for me to carry. He reply to me ill get someone from this department to help you and left for about 20 minutes and never came back. I was getting very angry and i was about to leave the store when a short young hispanic employee came up to me and asked me if i needed some help. I reply to him 20 minutes ago. His reply back to me was i am very sorry but i can help you. After i explain what happend with the other employee, he apologize again. Then i should him what i wanted and he said "wow" and we laugh about it. He brought the shelter down by himself and laid it on a cart and load it in my truck. I thank him for his help and he apologize again. Today i happend to go back to Lowes cause i wanted some tape and cement and i happend to bump into the same employee that help me the last time. His first words were can i help you very polite and i said yes. He took me where the product were and i happend to ask him if he remembers me. He stayed looking but he couldn't remember me. I explain who i was then he remember me and apologize again about what happend 2 weeks ago. I told your employee that he was very strong for his high cause the shelter weight about 150pounds and i had a very hard trouble getting it out of my truck at my age. He reply joking around i drank redbull that day and made me laugh. I asked him if he wanted a redbull or something to eat and he reply no thank you. But this is my job to take care of customer as he did. I dont know if i spell his name right cause he is short and walks fast. Thank you Puablu for your help and making me laugh.

I am dissatisfied with Lowes Customer Service inability to resolve a software issue where I am not able to read my Lowes online statement. I have called the Corporate office and was to receive a call back-it never happened. I have written and called the customer care department-no help. I get answers like not available but no information about what is being done to provide this ability to Apple Mac users. The most recent message I received asked me to call Customer Service. I did, and I feel I was not heard, not appreciated, and brushed off. I am able to read online statements from your competitor using the same Adobe Reader that does not work on the Lowes site. Similarly, I use Adobe Reader to read online bank and other credit card statements. I have spent quite a lot of time on this, and feel frustrated by the lack of ownership and follow up at Lowes. Let me know if you want to keep me as a customer. Sincerely, Timothy Kotsay mtkotsay@comcast.net 303.378.9213

your (1 Star) is way to much for the Bella Vista AR.store. your managers people skills suck

I work for Store 728 in Anderson,South Carolina-Loader 1,and im going to HR tomorrow because the OPS Manager wrote me up on final notice for pushing to many catrs into the cart area,I dont think there is no limit to pushing carts in,ive been there 2years and ive never read nething in the hand book nore the employee manual about how many carts to push in. The Store Manager Is Brian Ficsher. P.S.Im a Good Worker and loading,pulling orders is my job,i could see if i broke a customers orders or damaged it in anyway or hit a customers car with a cart.Now thats a liable reason to terminate me that has not happend because im a great worker.

i purchase a whirlpool refrigerator back in or about april of 2009.I had several complaints to a&e factory service and they never got it right.So i went back to the store i bought it from, talked to Betty Greer,store manger ofloews 2356 she said there was nothing she could do. All the complaints had to do with the freezer and now it is f freezing in places that it shouldn't.please contact me at 803 446 7601 or 803 708 1313 i would like to talk about this farther.

I will no longer buy from Lowe's! Why? I am sick of seeing every sign in the store in both English and Spanish. THIS IS AMERICA! WE SPEAK ENGLISH! One of the requirements of American Citizenship is you must speak English!

Commercial Drive store, Springhill, FL needs a visit by your operations mgr., in disguise, and try to "BUY" a door. Friday June 3, no one in Area. saturday June 4, no one in dept. I went and got an associate from Appliances. He paged two associates, neither5 answered call. He finally called supervisor to come to Dept. He came and looked on the computer of who was supposed to be there.. Ann associate finally showed up and said he didn't have size we wanted. I told him I found in the internet of Lowes..Finally looked it up and it is availabe on special order. Today subcontractor came measured etc.. I called Lowes to tell them to place order. Associate stated that the main man would be in at 1:00..Called at 1:00, he is off today. Told the associate I wanted to order, he didn't know what to do. I suggested he call sub for size of door. He said "possibly" he could and would call me back.. He didn't say what month.. I wanted my $35.00 back for subcontractor, customer service associate very indignant and said no way.. For a sale of $700. + I would take care of the customer.. As a retired Regional Mgr in retail, I would be furious if this was one of my stores..I have bought over $4K this year.. Home Depot might be happy with my business.

I purchased over 900.00 dollars worth of Laminate Flooring from Lowes. (1200 North F.M 1604 west San Antonio Texas 78248.) The price was good and selection was good. What totally destroyed the day was when their employee Jim started to load the material in to my vehicle. He was so carless and rude. He scratched my vehicle while loading, threw my product carelessly denting and breaking some of the floor boards. When I told him to take it easy, he just rolled his eyes. When stopped him to say I did not appreciate him scratching my vehicle, instead of saying I am sorry he just kept throwing the laminate in to the back of my vehicle like he did not care. When I told him I was going to speak with his manager, his reply was oh by all means go ahead. Jim was the worst employee I have ever seen, I would never shop at that Lowes again!!! Don let him load anything for you he is worthless.

I just left the Laurel, MD store and have never been so disrespect by a store employee. I was purchasing an iron and a trash can, but when the cashier (Kristi) rung up the trash can it was higher than what was advertised. She asked the manager to do a price check, and he looked at her like she had two heads. At that time I asked her to refund my money for the trash can. I have never experience this in my life. So I will gladly take my business elsewhere. The manager name was Dave or Danny

This is American and if you are an American Citizen we speak English! I will no longer shop at Lowe's since every sign is in both English and Spanish. I have no gripe with any race or nationality but this is America...

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA 91730 The sales associates are very misinformed. Many associates at the store said if you open a Lowes Credit Card it would be 10% off purchase and 12 months no finanace charge. Went to buy Vinyl Fencing, spent about 2 hours in the store. When all said in done. There is no 10% off purchase and only 6 months no finance charge. The customer service and Manager (Juan) were very rude, did not even greet us.(IT TOOK 25 MINUTES TO FIND JUAN THE MANAGER, HE WOULD NOT EVEN ANSWER HIS PAGE (6 TIMES)) Just said there was nothing he can do. The percetage rate for their card is 23%, my credit card is 13%, why would I even want their card without some kind of incentive. Needless to say, 2 hours lost and we cancelled the card right away. They lost a $3000.00 sale, that would have been purchased with them on my own credit card. VERY POOR JUDGEMENT ON LOWES PART. We will not return to Lowes.

With unemployment at its worse. You should be happy you do have a job and you should suck it up or quit. Quit being a spoiled American cry baby and do your job and stop crying. Be glad you are getting a pay check. So I dont have to pay you unemployment. I am an employee at Lowes 1881, in Williamsville NY. We are now in the one hundred days of hell as we call them, and it was just annouced that we are starting to work 3 to midnight. As a sales specialist I find this rediculous and obsurd!! I didnt sign up for third shift, I have a family and all my managers have to say to us is suck it up or hit the road. Not only do I lose many hours of sales time every week because I have to stay an extra two hours after closing, I am also missing my family. I was wondering if there is anything you can do help our store resolve this isue because alot of people are upset and the moral is low. Lets build a better store!

Compared prices of carpeting . found one we liked at Lowes--GREAT PRICE!...so we thought. We were carpeting a small bedroom 8 x 15 feet. Was shocked at the total price of 531.80... Little did we know til we came home that we had 4 x 15 piece left over. Why?..because the rolls only come 12 ft. No one told us we had to buy 147.60 of extra carpeting. what a shame. We are looking to re carpet the whole house in the fall. Guess where we will NOT be buying our carpeting!

I bought a refrigerator on May 30th at the myrtle beach store(seaboard street)I asked for it to be delivered and they said NO! I live 53.1 miles from that store so I asked them to check the two stores in my hometown and the one in conway(between my hometown and the beach) neither of the stores had it or could get it. They held it for us for pick up. I called customer service about them delivering. they called me back twice saying senior management would call me. In the meantime my husband called the store again to see if we bought the range and microwave to make it worth while to deliver would they. They said YES. We make another trip there to show them the range and microwave just to be told when we got there they did not say they would deliver it. KEEP IN MIND THAT THERE POLICY IS THEY DELIVER WITHIN 75MILES FROM THE STORE, WE LIVE 63.1MILES. by this time I am furious so we ask for our money back. I would never ever recommend the lowes store at myrtle beach sc. If their sign says 75 miles then 63.1 miles fits in that area last time I checked. The managers on duty that night and that day really acted like they could care less and evidently,over all lowes could care less if youre going to spend 2500 dollars with them. this day and time Im sure someone will appreciate our business.

I purchased a refrigerator with a high quality Stainless Steel front. What was delivered was a lesser quality of Stainless Steel than the floor model. BE CAREFUL

I really like Lowe's, but I am very disappointed with they products because they are cheaply made and they want to sell at the same price as if it was made in the USA. The fact is that that the product is not worth the money. The problem is that the stores do not carry more than 3% of American made products. I am also very disappointed that about 90% of their products are made in China. What's up with that? America cannot survive the economic slowdown if no products are made here and Lowe's is in a position to insist in American made products, but they only care about making a buck. I will buy your products only if they are made here.

I purchased a refrigerator from Lowe's in Waynesville, NC on Liner Cove Road. I bought it on Saturday and was told they could deliver on Sunday. I said that was fine but it had to be after church. I got a call from the driver at 10am wanting to know where I was. I told him I was at church. I told my salesman, Chuck, to put it on instructions and I saw him type it into the computer myself. So, I called my Lowe's store. They said it was a computer mistake. Then, twenty minutes later, I was called (while at church again) to be told they were coming back and would be at my house at 11am. Finally, I stepped out of church again and called the manager on duty. No name, but I can find out who was on duty answering phones at that exact time of day. I was told that they can't just work around my schedule whenever I want something delivered. I said I was at church and told everyone up front I couldn't get a delivery until after church. The female manager said their drivers didn't get to go to church either. So, is that my fault? I say let them go to church and deliver afterward. I never asked for a deliver during church hours. Honestly, I don't think they should deliver or even be open until after 1pm so their employees can attend services. IF I had to work, they would've respected where I was at and not called and HARASSED ME over and over like they did while I was at church. I never once heard an apology. I finally told them to just set it on the porch. Instead of acting like I did something wrong, what happened to apologizing and taking responsibility on the part of the business? I did nothing wrong. I was treated like dirt by the female manager and I hope she is severely reprimanded. I also deserve a major apology from the Lowe's Corporation. Rest assured, if I ever get this refrigerator, it'll be the last time I shop there. I won't even buy a light bulb or bucket of paint from such a disrespectful, mean place as that female manager, her driver who was rude on the phone, and the supposed computer that didn't print the information. Pitiful.

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