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I recently purchased a 1999.00 Samsung Induction range at Lowes, there was not a users manuel in it or regisertion card so I called I was very rudely told I could get in on line and print it out my self. When you are a Senion Citizen some things just aren't as easy for us. I tried calling samsung the 1st Young thing I talked to I ended up calling her a ----- and hanging up on Her I never dealt with anyone so rude from a company. We went to a different Lowes and couldn't even get anyone to help us answer any questions anyway to my story short we also needed new dishwasher,hoodrange, sink,faucet, granite tile for cabints. We could not get help in any department. We left went to Home depot purchased some things there, then on to Sutherlands for the rest as I know this won't bankrupt Lowes,I just thought you might like to know you lost about 3000-4000 dollars in sales.

I tried to no avail to order a commode to fit my bathroom. It took almost two weeks to get it to San Antonio, and upon arrival it was in pieces. I was told by the sales manager that it would be another two weeks to get it. Needless to say I have cancelled the order an have gone elsewhere. You suppliers are a bunch of idiots. Great customer service dosen't happen at your store. My credit card has ben cut up and it will be a cold day in hell before I use Lowes again. Lowes location in San Antonio IH 35 and Oconnor.

I purchased a Jelwin Hurricane impact full light door from Lowes May 3, 2010. To be installed in 4 – 5 weeks. It is now July 12 and still no door. No phone calls from Lowes no communication to tell me it is delayed or why it has been delayed. Everytime I call, I speak to the rudest people ever telling me they have no control and they can’t do anything to assist me. I feel I should have interest on my money Lowes has had for 11 weeks or at least something! I had 6 hurricane French doors and 16 hurricane windows installed, remodeled 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and had my whole house tiled in the time it has taken Lowes to install one door! Needless to say Lowes has received over 10 thousand dollars from me to date! Very poor services, delivery and customer service. At least here in South Florida. Just though you should know just how bad you stores are!

Dear Sirs or Ma'am; Iam currently a Lowe's employee at your Americus,Ga. #2674. I have been an employee for three years. I know you do not really get this very often an employee that enjoys their job. But I really do look forward to getting up and going to work. I work in the lawn and garden center. I don't know if you will even read this but I need some help. You see last year I was told I have Fibromylgia and sevre curvature of the spine. It is very painful and hard to even move around alot of the time, needless to say. I do miss a lot of work. I recently had to drop my Lowe's part-time insurance because it is no good, I have been paying on for more than two years. No dcotors in the network that i can afford. I have been researching this for a while, you see my husband has been laid off for the second time since the ten years we have lived here.Several other people that I work at lowe's with have also dropped their insurance. We were told by HR dept that it was no good. Well in the begining told that it was excellant. that in it's self very misleading when you have lost your coverage for your family as well as yourself from spouses job.Not to mention I have been threated with termination countless times.Even told that I was being untruful in my situation. Well I resent that remark. I have the medical records to prove it. I do want to keep my job at Lowe's. In the past I wanted a full-time postion, but I can not even think about that until I can get some medical coverage that is affordable. to recieve treatment that is going to help me. So I can continue to be able to keep the job I love. I have some wonderful customers that see how proud I am of my work, regular customers that visit the garden center several times a week. I have tried to contact other help thur lowe's but have not been successful. I have also contacted a lawyer for help. Please help me. I went home early this past saturday 07/10/10, because that morning when I got up to get ready for work I did not even hear the alarm, because i was in so much pain the night before to get some sleep. Well mediacation I'm on is trammadol very strong, I called in that morning and talked to store mgr., Phillip Blocker on what was going on and he told me to get as quick as i could. Iam on pain meds. not safe to drive any where but i did just to get to work. because of the meds i have been on I confused my schudule on 07/11/10 thinking i was off ,but was supposed to ,work from 7-4 sunday 11th july I did call in to resolve the problem and talk to Nancy Hill one of the head cashiers. sorry to have taken up your time. I can be reached at this #229-937-5414 or email address yankneck99@yahoo.com, thank you Rebecca D. Welch-Johnson

What is Lowes corporate policy on handicap parking for employees. Store 243 in Tulsa, Oklahoma does not allow their employees with handicap signs to use the designated parking. Obviously those employees with handicap signs issued by the state of Oklahoma have a medical reason or they would not have the signs. Isn't this against the Disabled Americans act???

I am a regular customer of Lowes Waikele branch in Hawaii.I buy almost everything I need on the store to fix/update my rental properties including my own residence.I dont complain about the merchandise I buy from the store.I am writing this complain about your customer service.On that day July6,2010.I went to buy some more items.I went to the front and I notice the line is soo long and I was there for maybe half hour.I heard the cashier on the stores intercom asking for help.She even mention some names maybe hoping that they will come to help her,but NOBODY came down.To my frustration I went to the back and return the merchandises I am suppose to buy only to find out that some of your employees are only standing aroud,some are sitting down talking to other employees.Lowes is one of the TOP OF THE LINE in our area but I am pretty Sure that your Lowes Waikele needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL Please forward my complain to that store and do something about it.......For further information please email me at...inesb001@hawaiirr.com ..inesb001@hawaiirr.com

Over the past year my wife and I have spent over 5K at lowes in Tacoma, WA. I purchased a troy bilt weed trimmer and attachment ($200). The trimmer makes this loud poping noise when you pull the rope. My day started with a phone call to lowes, who refered me to lowes advantage who refered me to a repair shop, the represenataive of the repair will not touch the weed trimmer without a $50.00 deposit, Wow why should I leave deposit on an item thats under warrenty?????? I've lost about $300 dollars in wages today, 1hr on the phone, another hour driving to and from the repair shop, another phone call to lowes corporate headquarters.... and still nothing has been resovled.....

We bought a refrigerator from lowes recently and they damaged our entryway flooring. The floor was bought at lowes and installed by lowes our side of town. The refrigerator we purchased at another store 6 miles away. Neither store will take responsibility for the repairs. We are screwed on the entire deal and I waited 12 years to get new flooring....I will never purchase any thing from lowes again. Rotten stinking customer service.

we went into your lowes store in New Braunfels,Tx today july 8 2010at about 8pm. We were looking for a part for a hose to connect our washer. I went to our customer service desk to ask for help and the hispanic lady was helping a customer that was purchasing some sevice for about 12,000.00 and being rude to her at the same time. i was gona tell the other customer to go to home depot were they wouldnt treat her like that. I asked for her to call someone to help me look for what i needed i waited for 15 min and no one came. your employee passed by didnt ask if i need help so i asked her to call someone again and i guess told her they we busy so we just left. i dont understand how you all claim that you are here for the customer. i just got my house foundation fixed and i had planed to buy all my products here but after tonite i will be taking my business across town to home depot. this is not the first time this has happend it had been our 4th time but i kept going back because you are just down the street but never mind. you need to retrain all your staff at your new braunfels, tx store .

I purchased a Whirpool washer/dryer in 2007. With it I purchased an extended warrenty. The washer started showing codes 70 and 71. I called for service on Monday, 6/7/10 and was scheduled for service on 6/9/10. To make a long story short, the service guys showed up on 6/14/10, said they installed one out of two parts, because the wrong part was sent. Said they had ordered the new part to be shipped overnight. It is now 7/6/10, and no part, no service, no washer. I have a family of six, so it is costing me between $55 to $60 a week to go out and do laundry. Multiply that by the five weeks my washer has been broke, plus the cost of buying a useless extended warrenty, and I could have bought a cheap washer, and stayed at home during this spell of 100 degree weather! Not to mention the fact that our clothes are being ruined by the laundromat! Lowes keeps giving me the same lip service over and over again about how they have to get in contact with the people who did the service before they can move on and fix my washer. They have not been able to contact them, and neither have I! This has gone on for two weeks now. I am calling our local news station to get some public attention to the fact that Lowes service sucks! DO NOT PAY FOR AN EXTENDED WARRENTY! ALL of mtero Richmond Virginia will soon find out how much Lowes does not stand by it's products or provide good customer service!

Lowes employee store 1753 Huntington Beach California,please fix the A/C in our store it is humid and wont kick on till it is 77degrees also no A/C in the breakroom thanks!also Breakroom is filthy!

I would like to congratulate you for the great customer service you have provide here in Lawton, Oklahoma (we have purchase several items thru the years and we continue to do so). We are glad to informe you that we (family and business owner) are a satisfied customer. Keep up the good work.

I am also a former Marine who was recently told I must have a valid military ID (not a DD214) to receive the 10% discount. Like other former military, the DD214 is the only documentation of my service. In three months alone, this has cost me $1200.00 or more worth of discounts. I would glady stop shopping at Lowes (switch to Home Depot) but there are no other options within a reasonable driving distance, and I have a huge project underway. It sounds like us veterans should ban together in a class action suit to recoup the verifiable discounts that we have been robbed of. In fact, there are multiple court rulings that almost guarantee a favorable response from Lowes. lkhiggins@suddenlink.net

On Tuesday July 29Th. Me and my fiance went shopping at lowes located in West Bridgewater Ma,. After making our purchases we walked out to the parking lot to enter my truck when i noticed that my vehicle was vandalized. It was keyed on both drivers side doors. I imediatley went back into the building and asked to speek to security officer or a manager. I waited patiently and finaly was approched by a manager. I explained to this man names Ryan what had happend and asked if they could check there outside camera video to help me. Ryan checked the recorded video and explained to me that it showed mt vehicle being damaged by an unknown man. He also explained to me that the man is shopping in the store right now. He exp[lained to me that it was against the law to point him out and instructed me to call the police, which I did. The manager then explained to me that the man mad a purchase and exited the building got into his vehicle and drove away before the police arrived. I asked the manager why he did not simply walk outside and get the license plate of the vehicle so we could have this information for the police. He replied, I did not think of that. After the police watched the video the officer explained to me that it was clear the man damaged my vehicle but the security camera was not strong enough to pick up the lic. plate of the vehicle while watching it drive away. I feel that the manager could of and should of atleast walked outside and wrote down the lic. plate of the vehicle. I am in hopes that someone will read this and reach out to financialy help me afford the cost of having two doors repainted. We are fixing up our home and need more supplies from lowes and I am in hopes that we can recieve some kind of gift certificate to help balance out the cost of my vehicle repairs. Please e-mail back to. pats0004@comcast.net

I am sub contractor for Lowes in Kentwood,Mi and install carpet and they are a joke. Nobody at the store knows one thing about carpet unless they are talking to me, then they know more about installing it than me and my 20 years of experience. They are always changing managers and there is a carpet installer that works for them that I have replaced countless jobs for his poor craftmanship, yet he will never be fired. He had his helpers come in drunk and pick up carpet, yet he is still there. It is all about politics, not how good of an installer you are. They have customers rate us sometimes from a 1 to 7 and little do the customers know that anything below a 5 is equivalant to a 0. And the bad taste in their mouth for Lowes always effects my scores. 50% of the jobs have a problem because of Lowes. Either from their salespeople, or not checking if the all the carptet is there. And now the new district manager thinks that the installer that is always drunk and knows little about installing carpet is the best installer in the world. I dont bring in donuts to kiss butt, I just do my job, and I do it to perfection. But that is not what they want at Lowes. I used to tell everyone how great Lowes is and to shop there and they have great customer service and satisfaction, but now I can't bring myself to lie to my customers anymore. Because in all honesty, if they hate Lowes as much as I do, why lie? They are my customers too, not just Lowes and I want them to have me install all their carpets regardless of where they purchase them. I would suggest to Lowes to hire people in skilled trade areas that actually know something about the skilled trade and didnt kiss butts to climb the corporate ladder. I wouldnt shop at Lowes if it was the last store on earth.

I bought a carpet 6 months ago, and it is the worst carpet ever.... The carpet just keeps runnng so the installer comes out and patches it... yes Patch it... and pulls you have to glue... so now I have glue marks all over... the sales man should have ask if you have a dog, don't recommend this carpet I would go with this carpet... something just say something instead of taking money... so now i have all these pulls from what they say is the dog and runs in doorways they are suppose to fix but of course no one calls you back.... Im tired of this... I have never been so unhappy. I will give one more day and i will go to store and i will call corporate headquartes

Unfortunately, I am writing because my local store # 1769 in Jasper, Tx. will not honor their committment made over a year ago. We totally remodeled our kitchen through Lowe's spending in excess of $15000 including new appliances in 2008/2009. We have a few problems which in all fairness, the local Installation Department took care of even though it took almost a year. However, a washer and dryer that I had purchased with a service plan/replacement plan in 2007, had numerous sevice calls with no resolution for the out of balance/filter problem. I was told by Edna/Debra that they would replace these defective products. In the meantime, I purchased a new refrigerator in December 2009. Immediately, following delivery, I phoned and advised that the freezer would not close tightly and that the gasket was splitting. They replaced the refrigerator with an identical one. I mean it also has a torn gasket. For health reasons, we moved to Florida in February of this year. I have been trying to communicate with the installation dept continuously but they are not returning my calls. I have well documented calls with the factory service department, Lowes service department, installation dept etc in excess of 20 calls on these defective products. I was told that you no longer carry the washer and dryer combo that I purchased because it was defective. In all I have spent approximately $2500 in defective products and believe I should either receive replacement products or a refund. Please advise

I went to return my vacuum cleaner because it broke again. It was the 3rd one i bought at Lowes in Wheeling, WV. i ask for cash back because it seams like their selling junk sweepers. i bought 3 sweepers within, not even a years time period. I told the employee Jamie i would like cash back because i want to take my business else where because i don't want to keep coming back to return the vacuum cleaner. i already did it 3 times once was a Hoover, next was a eureka, and the 3rd was also a eureka. Jamie agreed and said she would try and give me cash back, but she couldn't so she paged the manager, he approved it from his office. she still couldn't get it to give me cash. then she had the head cashier, Joan, try to do an override. still didn't work. so they called Kevin the manager, after the fact he approved to give me money back, he denied me and said no i have to give u a card. i told him i am tired of returning vacuum cleaners, but didn't matter to him what was being said.i am very upset with Lowes anymore they used to be all about the customer but its seems it all about money anymore! It looks like I'm not going to be shopping at Lowes anymore.

I was told that Lowe's gives Veteran's a 10% discount, but then when I asked for it I was told I needed to prove that i was former military. I went home a made a copy of my form DD 214 and took that to them, and now it seems that the dd214 is not acceptable. I was discharged in 1959 and do not carry a military I.D. simply because there isn't one for ex-military unless your being treated by the V. A. Hospital. I resent the level of distrust aimed at people who claim their former military. and I believe it is a slap in the face to veterans. If for no other reason when you say you can't take our word for our service to our country, that's the same as calling all vets liar's. Your competitors give this discount without the hassle, so why don't I just shop with them from now on?

A great shopping and customer experience at Store #0784, Las Vegas, NV. We purchased a grill as a gift for our son and his family. The grill did not heat probperly as verified by a plumber and local gas company. Since the grill was tried twice we thought we would have trouble with the return. A store manager, Jason and the operations manager Jordan were just super in helping us with the return. We will continue to be loyal customers at this store as this episode just continued our good experiences with all the employees.

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