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Customer service

The phone is mostly busy. Have yet to reach anyone about a complaint.

What's Going On

LIsten I was given half information about my membership only to find out later what all was intelled. I wasn't told about different memberships only to be told after printing literally 15 passes, that i could have a brought a membership for that, of course for the same price as a membership? So instead of paying 30 dollars i have to pay 60? I'm cancelling my membership, this place operates too shady, plus I'm telling all my people, ALL my people. Plus who does a system update 9 in the morning?


I see I'm not to only one with this problem, Contract Personal Trainer issues, I went in with my daughter and asked one question by the time I knew I was being told one thing from one of the rep and being charged wrong off the bat then went back to ask why i was being charged do much apparently that first person was wrong, then this rep from one question about a trainer cause the first rep made it sound they help you and this 2 nd rep started telling me about money and as much as I said no he was persistence kept on and on cutting down payments and splitting payments and on and on we'll I was signing when I shouldn't have, not once since I step into that place did I touch a equipment in there I didn't get the tour of this place til I went to complain about the charges the 2nd rep ask and shook his head couldn't believe it but show me just rooms not much and even after I told them I have back issues cause of an accident I have had ,but I was a just $$$$$ signs to them and I was just going to deal with it, but I had an accident I fell a from my stairs and re injured my self and was told to basically rest and I'm in no condition to do any thing now basically on my own, I have not ever step foot at that LA Fitness place just those two times finally the membership I got that cancelled but the trainer keeps withdrawn funds from my bank and I have sent all the information and to this day haven't heard anything nor got my money back I don't have the funds nor can not afford this and have they ever called to see why I don't go to these supposedly trainer sessions NO!!' But they can withdraw funds that are for my lite mother utilities, I leave day by day and when they find it so easy just to steal money that I have called to the corporate office and done my part and till this day I haven't receive one phone call from this place LA Fitness is just unjust and I'm being treated unfairly, who is going in my place I would like to no cause I know it's not me. I'm just an old lady that can not do this nor afford to have my money taken from me especially when I haven't ever use your services ever nothing Period.

shame on this co.

We as super seasoned seniors are appalled as to why we cannot be admitted into your fitness center as members of Silver Sneakers.Some time in your life you-all will become seniors and then realize what rejection feels like.Thank you for this consideration. Sincerely,FRANK LAVIGNA

Nasty, Dirty, Broken

Minneapolis Uptown LA Fitness: Always dirty in mornings, equipment broken on average for 3 months, cancelled CNN because it's "left wing," managers hostile & full of excuses as to why equipment can't be fixed. One screamed & physically got in my face; the other thinks it's my responsibility to write to corporate to get equipment fixed. All female members with whom I spoke have experienced the same problems.

member but not for long

I go to the LA Fitness on wade green road kennesaw georgia , because they want to ripp us off for personal training we will be going to another GYM , my girl friend thought she was signing up for three months of personal training , but it turned out to be a year , they would not let her out of her contract so she had to close her bank account , I plan on posting a lot of reviews telling every one what a ripp off la fitness is .

Just cancel your card or put a bogus card on file like a prepaid. Then they cant charge you for training and nothing will happen they cant report it because the way they set it up. I know my buddy friend works there.

la fitness you suck for security

no security in parking lots, numerous break ins on a daily basis in spring Texas. class action lawsuit is needed

member but not for long

I am a member at La Fitness on Wade green road in Atlanta , La fitness is a big rip off , I am going to spend one hour a day posting every where i can on the internet , letting people know what a rip off La fitness really is , I would hate to see any more friends get con on there personal training


I am currently at the Northridge LA Fitness and I am so tired of them deducting my monthly dues direct from my account and they cannot fix anything at this gym, .. the only they will tell you is call corporate office WTH! The air conditioning are not working, smells bad in the gym the most of the equipments are not working properly, but the reason why I am posting comments is that I love to take Cycle class but their biggest problem is getting someone there on weekly basis to teach and also the sounds system does not work properly .... I AM SO SICK OF THIS GYM ...

Kids Club/Day Care

The Kids club at La Fitness Altamonte Springs , Florida is dangerous. They let my ex husband who is not even a member come in and take my kids while I was working out. The OPS manager Jenna didn't even call me back. I'm speaking to my attorney.I heard I'm not the first one.

What do they really care about?

It's like this. If members or non-members complain, the personnel at the corporate office do NOT really care. If any associate at any club reports a member by entering notes into the members account, someone at the corporate office contacts the member and gets on his or her case. See where I'm going? LA Fitness cares more about their staff than us members.

Family Membership Problem

Signed up as a family and put just me and my husband down as my kids were not old enough at time. After two years of paying and barely going, my son wanted to start up. I went in to ask about transferring my husband's name for my son and they said no it was corporate policy. My son is part of my family but nothing could be done about it. I asked if I could close this account and open a new one with me and my son and they said I had to wait 90 days to do that as it is considered transferring memberships. Really, do you want to make it that difficult for me and my family to be members. Wait 90 days, I'll find another gym in the meantime, you are not the only game in town...

Note of Appreciation

Dr. Romeo Stockett To: Jermaine Williams, (GM), Michael Eubanks, and Terrance Wooley, of LA Fitness, Stone Mountain On behalf of myself, family and the city-wide racquetballers, I want to thank you for hosting my Annual Birthday Racquetball Reunion Shootout. The turnout was great, your staff were great host, the food and trash-talking was plentiful, and lots of great racquetball. We finished the event with a playoff using some of the original racquet from the 60’s and 70’s. It was a great time and everyone says Thank You! Sincerely, Romeo Stockett, friends and family

Assis.Manager Domonick

I had an altercation with another person (Male) about the stairmaster. I got on the stairmaster and couldn't get the time to reset to 0 so it showed 35 min. Well he thinks I was on to long and started call me a lier. No one calls me a liar. I tried to explain to Donomick but he wouldn't believe me. He was ruude and said things I never did. This man does not belong in a management position.

Same old CRAP!!!

Once again cant get free weights to do my workout! Talk to the manager and he cant help. Aerobics teacher has class members come out and take weights off floor to use in class. They have their own under lock and key!! Not a new problem. Been fighting this for two years. Membership up for renewal may not be back. The managers dont want to do their jobs. All to young and none have a backbone!!! Corperate not much better. Never deal with the problems.

Funny they picture a basket ball court; it has been out of commission for years. I have belonged to this club for a few years now; it has continued to go downhill since. Management needs to care more about the customer rather than buying their competition And closing them down. Complaints to management about issues accomplishes nothing. The bench in the sauna has been broken down for months. Equipment repairs are very slow to get done. The place is always a mess. Beware if you intend to join this club. Make sure you get what you pay for. This organization needs new leadership that understands the needs of the customer.

Just killed a roach in the ladies locker room at the LA Fitness in Centerville, Ohio. I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of cleanliness and maintenance of this facility and now have to worry about roaches. Disgusting!! When issues are brought to the attention of staff and management, they claim everything is controlled by corporate and they can do nothing. What a shame!

Rude customer service agent rushed off the phone.

Dirty Facilities

I visited the Sweetwater facilities today in Chula Vista Ca and found the folks at the front desk, including the general manager to be very friendly and helpful. Proceeded to the locker room to find rusted out lockers and general dirty condtions. I believe this place is beyond cleanup and needs replacement of the basics; flooring, lockers etc.What a disappointment based on what you are sold.

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