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Group fitness instructors are not certified it is a poorly run chain. 5 years max they will take your money and send you on your way!

Too mad to even type out story. Can only emphasize how dishonest and apathetic this company as a whole is towards ethics and Customer Service.

My locker got broken into at LaFitness and my watch, wedding band and $200.00 was stolen out of my locker. I had a master lock combo lock and they were able to bang it a certain way for it to open, steal my personal belongings, close it up as if it was not broken into and walk off with my sentimental belongings. I'm devasted especially that now I hear this gym has robberies all the time and they are absolutely doing NOTHING about it. They do not have 1 camera up in the whole entire gym as we were told. When I was waiting for the cops I see people constantly walking in the front door and pass the desk without even scanning in. Where is the security??? These lockers are also getting broken into and peoples car keys are getting stolen and off goes there car. I understand that LaFitness is not responsible for valuables, but you need to be responsible enough to watch out for the safety of your patrons. If this is happening all the time, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! For those of you out there reading this make sure you do not use a Master Lock combo lock and do not think that La Fitness will even care when you feel violated on there property. I had to learn the hard way....

On August 11, 2010 my brother, who is also a member, my daughter and I went to the League City branch to use the basketball court. I was stopped at the front desk by a young lady named Valerie. Valerie asked me if my daughter had a membership and I advised her no. I told Valerie my daughter was going to be my guest for the day. Valerie asked me how old my daughter was and I advised Valerie my daughter was 17-years-old. Valerie then told me that my daughter was not old enough to be my guest. Valerie told me I could add my daughter to my membership or pay for a day pass. I advised Valerie she did not make any sense, my daughter is not of age to be my guest, but she is old enough to be added to my membership or pay for a day pass. Valerie told me that was the rules and advised me that I could speak to the manager if I wanted to. I asked Valerie who the manager was and she advised Chad as she pointed to a young man at the sales counter. I stepped over to Chad’s location and informed him of the situation. Chad advised me that was their rules and that he couldn’t help me. I advised Chad I wanted to bring my daughter in as a guest and he told me no. Chad told me it would be unethical to allow my daughter to be my guest. I asked Chad if he was telling me I couldn’t workout and he stated that I could workout, but my daughter would have to wait outside unless I added her to my membership or paid for a day pass. I wasn’t going to make my daughter wait outside in the parking lot while my brother and I went inside and worked out, I don’t know what father would. Needless to say, we all left without working out.

I chose this gym because other gyms in my area were closing down (probably due to the recession) and they have various locations in my area. However, once they have your money, you are nothing but a bar code to them. I signed a 1 year contract that was almost $150 in addition to my monthly $40 fee. HOWEVER, they do not tell you that they bill you for the first and last month's fee at the same time when you sign up in addition to I believe a $50 sign up fee. Then a year later when the training manager, who I'll refer to as C, convinced me to renew if he could give me a reduced rate, he made it seem like he was doing me a favor...little did I know... And yes, they billed me for the 1st month and last month all at the same time, which I expected having gone through the first experience; even though he didnt tell me that. Since then, my life has had some unexpected changes and I was going to cancel my training contract, but was convinced to just freeze it since I renewed udner a "sale," if I decided I wanted training again, I could keep it at that price. So freezing would be better. Trying to get assistance with this took 6 calls and 1 visit for someone to assist me. The first call I was told I had to speak to C, I got him and before I could say 2 words, he asked me to call him back in 5 minutes because he was in the middle of something. Proper business etiquette would have been for him to ask for my name and number and he'd give me a call back. Second call, I called back in 15 minutes and I was told C was busy. I left my name and number and a request for him to call me back that day. I asked for his specific working hours and they said he was there til close, which was 11pm. Third call, I called back at 10 o'clock that evening because I had not heard from C; I was placed on hold while they tried to locate him, the person on the phone came back and said he was on the floor. Fourth call, I called back at 12pm the next day, and when I finally got him, he said that he forgot who I was so that's why he didnt call me right back with assistance. I told him what I needed and he said that he'll have someone, we'll call her L, call me back that day, to which I never heard from her. Fifth call, I called back at 6pm on my own the same day. I ask to speak to the person higher than C because I was getting the runaround. I was told that there was nobody higher than him and I'd need to speak to him. I said I didnt believe that because C did not own LA Fitness so I'll go to the corporate office. They told me that that was my right and I'd have to get the number off the website. Which equally disappointed me that they didnt have it to give to me. I go to this user UNfriendly website to find the number, and it kept directing me to call the location I belonged too. So with no other option I called the gym back (sixth call) and explained to the guy at the front desk my issue and I wanted to speak with anyone higher than C because I was about to cancel my entire membership. He says let me have you speak to J (who is a name I was never told, but should have been told of on call #2) and he'll help me. I try to tell J my issue and he didnt want to be bothered with it. His exact words were, "let's get past that and let me help you." I felt like he was being very dismissive of me. He told me that I'd have to come in for assistance because his computer was down and for my protection this needed to be done in person; which is another way they can get you off the phone or out of their face by blaming it on computer issues. While trying to pull up my account, his computer was having issues again, so he sent me to the front desk and it took the guy 2 seconds to freeze my account. Funny how his computer worked but J's didnt?!?! So when I'm at the front desk having my barcode scanned in, the gentelmen asked me how long I wanted to freeze my account, he said I could freeze it up to 6 months and there is a $15 monthly freeze fee. He did not say that it would be billed up front. He said that if I decide to come back before the six months, they could lift the freeze and then my regular fees would resume. I randomly decide to look at my bank statement, and I see that I've been charged 2 fees of $90. One wasy my regular membership because my account wasn't frozen in time. I'll suck that fee up even though the delay was on them. But the 2nd fee was the up front billed $15 freeze fee. If you can lift it anytime, why are you billed all at once?!?! And what sain person would freeze an account for a 2nd charge of $90 if that's what my monthly training fees were? I call the gym and explained my situation. Of course whom ever was spoke wasn't able to rectify the situation so she said she has to talk to her manager and they'll call me back tomorrow. I said NO, I didnt call you tomorrow, I called you today and I want an answer today because I was charged today. If they do not reverse the charge, I am cancelling my membership and training and will file a claim with my claims department at my bank because this gym and the peole that work for them are nothing but professional scam artists. They are friendly when you are new; but once you are in and financially tied to them, it's like moving Heaven on Earth to get out it. DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM!!!!

LAFitness is a ripoff. Due to personal constraints, I was unable to take the training lessons for which I had contracted for, but I was still required to pay a full year's fee for the training sessions. I accepted this decision because afterall, I had signed on the dotted line. However, when I was told by Alicia the representative for membership, that I did not contact them before a 6 day grace period for cancellation, they were going to still charge me for another month, I was furious at the company's audacity. The final payment according to the contract was today 08/02/2010, so the question is when does the 6 day notification period start? LAFitness is a company of accessive greed and lacks moral scruples. They received membership payment from me for a full year and trainer's fees for that same period and I received no service, but they still want more. SHAME on such an unscrupulous company - LAFitness! Moreover, they are the most evasive company in which to contact directly because they know they are not fair business and consumer practitioners. My next step is to contact the Better Business Bureau. While it may not change the situation, it will put LAFittness on notice that they can't continue to cheat their customers.

I was misled on joining la fitness, by an employee offering me the kids program with my membership. I was told after a few months that this person had left, along with deceiving other people. You would think they would honor this wrong doing instead I had to pay for the kids club which affected my budget. I quit. I have joined a much better facility, and i am very happy.

I am very saddened by the experience I just had at LA Fitness in Douglasville, GA. i signed up on 6-27-2010 and paid the additional $10.00 for the Kids Club. I was told by the fitness consultant that signed me up that Kids club hours were between 8-12 & 4-8 M-F., and Saturday from 8-12. He told me that I could come anytime during those hours because I explained my cirumstances with my 6 yr. old son. I paid my enrollment fee plus first/last months membership only to be told 2 weeks later that there was a 2 hr. maximum per day for the kids club. I then went to the General Mngr. (Bernard), and was told not to worry about it, and if anyone said anything to me just tell them to speak with him. However, here we are 1 month later, and being told that they are now enforceing the 2 hr. maximum rule. I called the corporate office and had the misfortune of speaking with Jack in member services, who informed me that the rules for the kids club were clearly defined in the contract when I signed up for it. I tried to explain to him that I paid cash for the kids club membership, and was only handed a form to sign after I had already signed up. This is the worst experience that I have ever had with a gym membership. Why not just be honest with your members? Are they so desperate for money that they have to lie to people just to get you to sign your name? So, in short...I just paid $150.00 for a 1 month membership and got kicked in the teeth by "Jack-ass" when I called to complain about it. It seems that that is how they are able to build such a nice gym because they have such a high number of members that cancel, and yet are never refunded any of their money!!!

Treated with disdain and disrespect by a life guard and instructor at the Odenton MD Waugh Chappel Road LA Fitness. Equipment is great but I'll not be recommending this gym. Members who pay to use the facility should never be treated in this way and I won't be returning.

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